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Monday, 24 February 2020

Style not Age - Flower Power.

Hi there my friends.
Thanks for popping by today.
You're just in time to check out the latest offerings from the Style not Age collective & guess what?
We have a new member!
A big warm welcome to Gail - Is This Mutton.  If you don't already follow her blog you might remember she was an original member of the 5 Over 50 group.  So she's back with us to share her take on our monthly challenges

Let's waste no time in getting to the challenge.
It fell into the lap of Hilda this month and she's given us a popular choice for the new season ...
Flower Power
Florals play an important part in every season, but I have to say Spring florals are my favourite.  Spreading a happy vibe when worn, they can't help but make us think of warmer weather and bright flowery gardens, bee's and birds floating on a warm breeze & that's where I got my incentive from.


Thursday, 20 February 2020

Grey Culottes with Soft Pink - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
How is blogging land going?
With half term this week my ballet class isn't on, so along with the fact that my spin classes have been stopped due to the room being refurbished (that's another story) I've enjoyed being a little more relaxed and have spent more time indoors - which is just as well as the weather has been atrocious!  I've been blown into the middle of next week when venturing out and my hair has looked, how shall I put it .... like I've been pulled through the hedge backwards. 🤣  Now with weather playing 'unfairly' I've been pushed into a corner and had to wear sensible jeans and boots, but literally can't wait to start wearing more 'season appropriate' clothes like my new culottes I recently found.  I have been a huge fan of them, but since losing weight mine are too big so have been looking for replacements.  Over the winter I have tried to stick to a neutral colour palette wearing rust, tan and blue among other shades, so felt a change was needed.  I spotted these grey culottes in Primark so popped them into my bag knowing I had a few options to play with at home.
Here's the first .... grey with pink. 💟


Monday, 17 February 2020

My Wardrobe Staple - Jeans.

Hi there my friends.
Have you survived Storm Dennis?  It's been a a bit of a washout weekend, the highlight being a family birthday party on Saturday evening and Sunday dinner with my daughter at her house.
As usual Saturday night was a brilliant evening with our family and friends. They have a jukebox which always attracts a lot of attention - it's a push button style that uses actual 45's records and is from the 1970's.  We played songs from the 80's from Abba, Barry Manilow & The Jacksons and also older songs from the 60's and 70's.  They also have one that's wall hung that's a much later style and works through a computer, there are hundreds of tunes from all genres which is incredible for someone like me who likes a mixed bag!  Anyone who likes the sound of having music played on a jukebox I've checked out this one on Amazon which is a really modern up-to-date model, it'll complete your bar or function room with retro style & amazing choices of thousands of songs at the click of a button.

Esther and I took full advantage of Friday's weather and popped out to take photos. The weather was glorious with not a hint of rain & only a slight breeze, shame it changed so dramatically the next day!  We have such fun when we get together which is no surprise that her mum is my best friend.  Which has given me a thought, watch this space for a feature about her and my sister-in-law!


Thursday, 13 February 2020

Guess Who Forgot Their Make-up? - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning my friends.
How are you all?
With Storm Ciara really taking hold these past few days, the weather has been quite awful really.  Although I haven't been put out at all and have still managed to go about my daily business without any trouble, but it's so blooming cold I just want some nice calm weather to arrive, not sure that will happen because we have Storm Denis on the horizon - oh well my Spring buys will have to wait & I'll just have to put all my jeans, jumpers and boots to good use - which is fortunate as I managed to get the Monsoon boots I'd been after! 😜
If you follow my IG stories you might have seen my huge mistake on my recent holiday skiing in Sestriere.  It wasn't until I was going through security at the airport that I realised I hadn't packed my makeup bag ... not a single thing!  No foundation, no eye-shadow, no concealer or any brushes!  I was so mad, the only thing I had hidden in my bag was an old lipstick that had just about nothing left!  Guess where I spent the next half hour!  Yes looking for replacements!  I managed to get away with the minimum amount along with a lovely set of brushes (hubby said I'd done it on purpose - lol)  Read on to find what I did buy - along with my favourite bottle of perfume Donna by Valentino. 😃

This is a sponsored post.


Monday, 10 February 2020

Brighten up with cheery yellow.

Good morning my friends.
How are you all doing?
Can you believe this is my 500th blog post!!!  I'm actually amazed there's been so many, and having looked back at my first few posts I'm impressed at how far I've come!  I've toyed with the idea of deleting these awful early days but when would I actually start from because every day is a learning curve in blogging as in everything we do.  As humans we strive to be better, fitter, nicer and have more.  It's not a selfish thing it's natural.  Some can be happy with 'our lot', but there's plenty of us who want more - not just tangible things but things like experiences, learning and achieving.  For me being over fifty means I have the best of all worlds, I enjoy my family and friends, can spend a little more on clothes and makeup etc, have some wonderful holidays (with more to come) & enjoy learning to dance.  I still go to adult ballet once a week and have been going to ballroom dance lessons for over a year now - not only is it fun it keeps me fit.  Do you have any new hobbies you've just started?

Along with fashion I love learning about makeup & skin care. I love to watch YouTube videos sharing makeup ideas, skin care techniques and specific make routines - I've just found a wonderful lady who specialises in over 50's makeup, she deals with lots of issues from dry lips to hooded eyes and I'm so pleased I've found her.  If you're interested here's her link ... Shake Up Makeup.

With Storm Ciara taking hold this weekend taking photos has been a nightmare, double that because this was the first time I have used my new camera on a remote control setting - let's just say it's a 'learning in progress' situation.  So with the weather being very Wintery I wanted to brighted up my demeanor by wearing something bright - to be fair the sun has been out all morning, but that wind is still so strong!


Thursday, 6 February 2020

I Wish I Was Still Skiing in Sestriere - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there - thanks for joining me today.
Have been into town today and seen plenty that will look better in my house than in the shops!  Bought a couple of bits and am looking forward to seeing how they fit into my collection. I have spotted a cute pair of boots from Monsoon, but wasn't happy with the only pair in my size - so will have to check on-line to see if they have any there.
What have you been buying lately?

I'm actually really pining to be back on the slopes, it seems to get worse every time I go!  It makes me so sad to wash and put everything away until next year (unless I can persuade hubby to go again 🤔).
I've been back just over a week now and even now it seems like a lifetime ago, excuse me whilst I cry into my hot chocolate - WITHOUT BRANDY - I might add!!! Lol.

The holiday started early on Sunday morning, we drove to the airport and caught the early flight to Turin.  It only took an hour and a half to get there, plus another 2 hour coach trip eventually arriving mid-afternoon.  Met by a beautiful hotel, warm bar and pleasant staff we enjoyed some drinks, cakes and cute little couple who sang and played the piano!


Monday, 3 February 2020

A Camel Coat to Finish Any Look.

Morning to you all.
February already!  The weather seems to be improving, with signs of Spring on the way.  Is anyone else in need of some sunshine?  I just need some colour on my skin, so will be reaching for the Dove fake I've just purchased!!
I'm looking forward to seeing what's new in the fashion stakes.  It's always nice to see what colours are popular and more importantly what will be leaders in my wardrobe.
I've been busy writing about my recent ski trip to Italy, so will be sharing that with you on Thursday.
This post is a bit #ootd really - nothing new that you haven't seen before, but just a different way of putting things together.  I'm really trying to add interest to my outfits since starting blogging, I rather like seeing what goes together rather than what totally matches - if you get what I mean.
This outfit is based around the coat - you've seen it styled with tan and blue, well this is similar but with added warm tones of red! Do you think it's interesting enough?


Thursday, 30 January 2020

Evening in London - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
I'm just about getting back to normal after the Christmas period and then my recent skiing trip to Italy.  You may have seen my IG stories about the wonderful skiing conditions and fabulous hotel.  It's a distant memory now, and I'm rapidly wanting to return to the slopes and have another holiday (hint, hint hubby if you're reading). 🤣
I must say my spin class seemed slightly easier on Tuesday, but will have to see how the next one goes to see if skiing has helped my fitness.  I certainly saw a big improvement with my skiing abilities last week and put that down to doing two spin classes a week.  Long may it continue I say!!!

You might also have seen I went to London on Tuesday night, along with my hubby, son and mum we attended a presentation evening at Waterman's Hall near The Tower of London.  Back in September I watched my son compete in the Doggetts Coat and Badge Wager  where he placed second, a wonderful result considering he'd only been sculling for just 10 months! James was presented with his medal at an awards evening with three course meal and drinks.  It really was a splendid evening - albeit a long journey by car, Thames Clipper ride and short walk, but the dinner and complimentary wine were a great incentive!


Monday, 27 January 2020

Style not Age - Jewel Brights.

Hi there my friends.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcome to you all.
I'm literally just back from my weeks skiing in Sestriere.  Oh it's been fun, and I'm thrilled at how much I did - WITHOUT struggling with fitness, seems my spin classes have really paid off!
We've had so many laughs, perfect skiing conditions and lots of yummy food.  I've eaten way too many carbs, and drunk my fair share of prosecco.  Back to the diet me thinks, but not before a cheeky curry and a few brandy & cokes!!!

Today is the first Style not Age post of 2020 featuring my wonderful, style soaked friends Emma, Anna & Hilda.  Please do click on the links to visit their sites - if you've not visited them before there's plenty to feast your eyes on!
Anna had the job of setting this challenge - Jewel Brights - it's been erm .... interesting to say the least! 
As with many of our previous posts I had to google the topic and happily found what I'd been imagining in my head - an array of gleaming, lustrous tones that look opulent and regal.


Thursday, 23 January 2020

Grey Wide Legs with Red & Black - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning all.
How are you?  I'm currently enjoying my days on my skiing holiday, throwing myself down a snow covered mountain, stuffing my face with Italian pasta and prosecco along with enjoying some apres ski.  I'll share with you next week if I took my new camera with me and if I got any great shots!

I'm at a turning point with my winter wear, and don't want to buy anymore bits until the new Spring season clothes arrive.  I'm interested to see what will be top colours and styles for 2020 - I feel us bloggers pay a big part in pushing trends forward and have our own take with what's on offer - maybe dictate what's fashionable!
With that said, I'm not actually sharing anything new-in or cutting edge with you today - just an outfit style I'm happy to wear most days when I'm just popping out and about & are fed up with wearing jeans.  Wide leg trousers have always been a favourite of mine and having already shared my black version with you last Thursday I might as well flaunt another pair in front of you! Ha ha!


Monday, 20 January 2020

Style Steal - Now for Something Different!

Good morning my friends.
Today I should be enjoying my first day on the slopes of Sestriere in Italy.  I've planned this weeks posts so hopefully everything runs smoothly and posts go live when they should!
A rather unusual Style Steal today.  You see you wont know the candidate .... she's not a blogger, not a vlogger or on Instagram ... she's my sister and I love her style.  I think she loves my style too!  We often either copy items or an outfit (she's found my pale blue out-of-stock jumper & sweet short sleeved fancy & bought them) or I've bought something she already owns, like my leather look skirt.
We also tend to turn up in similar styles, scroll down to see what we wore to her daughter's wedding in 2018 - catch the full post here. 💟


Thursday, 16 January 2020

Black with White Dogtooth Blouse - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there, how you doing?
I'm getting ready for my skiing holiday and I literally can't wait.  The bag is nearly packed and the beauty of a winter holiday in the snow means comfort over glamour wins hands down.  Now that's not to say I don't like to add some trendy fashionable extras with what I wear, but after a day on the slopes lounging around in jeans and a jumper is my main priority.  I've bought a couple of new tops, to be shared with you soon, so I'll take some nice necklaces, scarfs or earrings to prettify them.

Here's one piece that I'll be taking with me for sure.  I found the black and white dogtooth patterned blouse in H & M last week.  It was in the sale for £9 and I couldn't help but grab it in my size then head off to pay.  It's not showing on the website, but you might be lucky and find one in the store.


Monday, 13 January 2020

Camel Coat from Sosandar.

Morning all.
How are you my lovely friends?
I'm getting my bag ready to go skiing, I've got all my ski gear sorted and the only thing I need is a pair of goggles.  My old ones are well used and last year I knew I needed a new pair because they literally came apart - this doesn't help at all as they steam up making vision nigh impossible.  When I went to Valmorel last year it did prove tricky at times, but I survived the weekend and promised to get some new ones for my next trip.  I've spotted these on Amazon which I might get before I go, otherwise with plenty of local shops selling ski wear I'll buy some out in Italy.

Did you catch my Style Steal last Thursday?  I've been all over the show with my blogging over the Christmas and New year period & I'm really looking forward to getting back to normal and posting a new Style Steal once a month every third Monday - hope you'll stop by to join me, also keep sharing your lovely outfits as I get so much inspiration from you!
Esther and I had a fun afternoon taking photos last Thursday, the weather was very bleak and dreary with grey skies and rain in the air.  I know Esther will bring out the best in the shots, I just hope my outfits keep up their side of the bargain - lol.

Today I thought I'd better show you one of my Christmas presents.  I've wanted to add to my coat collection for ages, and actually have wanted a camel coat for years!  Neutral caramel shades are a 'must' for us all, and I bet lots of you have a camel coat lurking in your wardrobe somewhere!  You might recall I drop a few loads of hints prior to the big day in hope that I get exactly what I want (not that I'm fussy you understand). 🤣 So let's see if it worked!
Err ... shall I get back to the coat?  I have been seeing an awful lot about Sosandar on social media recently and wanted to find out for myself just what all the hype was about.  You can find out what I think about my latest coat further on .....


Thursday, 9 January 2020

Styling a Leopard Print Pleated Skirt - Style Steal

How are you all?
I'm still getting back into the swing of all things blogging, so until I'm back to normal with my post's it'll be a bit up and down.  After missing the last two months' Style Steal series I've being trying to get to grips with finding a copy and putting one together.  Having a little free time it's been nice to create this one with pieces already in my wardrobe, you've not seen the skirt before - it's from Next and a welcomed addition as I've worn it loads already.  The jacket, boots and jumper have all been featured before too.

Firstly I'll tell you a little about my week.  Friday night I went dancing, and have been up-graded to a pre-intermediate class which is brilliant.  Learning similar routines at a faster pace suits me much better, I can really get into it and enjoy my time spinning around the floor.  I still need a partner (hint - hint hubby) but enjoy the class so much I'm going to continue going.
Saturday we went to a 60th birthday party, I had a really fun time at our friend's house chatting to friends I'd not seen for a while.  There was lots of dancing and drinking so it ended up a really late night.
Sunday, as you can imagine was very s - l - o - w indeed - I actually didn't get up until GONE 12!!! Yikkes!!!  I watched TV all afternoon, and ended the day with a takeaway curry - 😋
Monday I went to my abs class - good fun there, half an hour of intensive exercise really woke me up.  Same on Tuesday at the spin class, which I might end up regretting when I my body realises just how I hard worked after no classes over Christmas!!!


Monday, 6 January 2020

Cold Blue Dress with Glitzy Drop Earrings and Icy Accents.

Morning all.
All good with you my friends?
Well my decorations are down, everything is getting back to normal and I'm just about seeing the bottom of the washing pile. 🤣  Now I'm starting to get a bit excited, you see the countdown is now on for my skiing holiday.  This year we are off to Sestriere, Italy.  The skiing will be fine so long as there's some snow, but it will be interesting to explore the town, restaurants and ... bars! Lol.  There's plenty of bags in the loft with all sorts of ski gear in, guess what I'll be doing over the next couple of weeks?? 😏
But here's one outfit I wont be taking with me, my suitcase will be packed with jeans, jumpers, tee shirts and ski gear - I can't wait!

Do you remember me sharing some sparkly earring and a striking bracelet last week?  I also gave you a snippet of these glamorous drop earrings when I teamed them with sequins & my leather look skirt.
I'd like to show my glitzy gems along with my cold blue pleated dress and icy accessories.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday, 2 January 2020

Styling Black and White - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning and welcome to 2020!
I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you on the blog as I continue my journey.
Well I can honestly say that was a whirlwind few weeks!  It's not until you slow down and have nothing to do that you realise just how busy you have been!  How nice to relax and enjoy some down time without having to rush out and about like a head-less chicken.
We had a fabulous NYE with four friends in a local pub - dancing, singing, drinking and eating was followed by a really slow day.  The kids came round and cooked a delicious meal which was brilliant because I didn't have to lift a finger!!
My blogging year has been filled with plenty: mixed emotions about every aspect of blogging, I've  scrutinized it all!  I've enjoyed some wonderful collaborations, met up with some blogging friends - both new and old, went to my first cat-walk show.  On the other hand I've toyed with the idea of quitting, questioned myself whether I should carry on & been overjoyed with some of my work.  There's still so much to learn, and when I'm busy with the family blogging has to take a back-seat.  But I can confirm I'm still here, still loving it and will stay ... for the foreseeable future anyway!
I have a few ideas in my head, so do stay with me to see how I get on.

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