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Monday 27 July 2020

Style not Age - My Signature Colour

Morning my friends.
How are you all doing?
Another month has rolled by - days and weeks seem to melt into one mundane blur don't they! Well some of the time anyway.  Although it does mean it's time for me and the girls of Style not Age group to get together again - this month our challenge has been set by Hilda.  She's had our best interest at heart and went with the open title of ....
My Signature Colour.
Well now what's my signature shade ...hmmm let's see.  I've been deliberating this since Hilda sent over the email. I love wearing all sorts of colours and there aren't many I don't call upon. So I came to the conclusion I don't really have a signature colour! I adore wearing any tone of blue and I like to wear red, I also enjoy wearing pink as that is my favourite colour but I wouldn't say any were MY signature, therefore I picked a dress with both blue and pink in it.

I mentioned a few weeks ago I'd been perusing some dresses on the Next website, I found three I liked so proceeded to buy them along with a pair of nude court shoes - altogether they came to £44!  Bargain eh!  I'm happy to tell you they all were stylish, sassy and quite chic AND they all fitted me. *smug face emoji*.
Do you have a particular shade you like to wear?  I sometimes wish I only wore a certain colour or could just wear neutral shades, but I think my FOMO takes over.  I see all the colours in the shops and online and want them all!  There's not many shades I don't wear & as the seasons change I enjoy seeing what's new and 'on trend' then work out what I have in my wardrobe & see how I can pull them together.
Anyway back to the task in hand here's my joint favourite dress which falls beautifully into the slot for My Signature Colour (today anyway) 🤭... blue & pink!

Shirt dresses are proving very popular in my collection & I've enjoyed wearing a mixture of them in the past weeks, both chambray denim and mustard frilly with tiny flowers have been worn last week & I'll be wearing this dainty pastel next week along with this black and white beauty.  Are you a fan of the shirt dress?

The patchwork design has soft hues of pink and dark navy which send out a stylish message - it's calling out to be looked at!  The flattering midi length floats about as I walk and I can't help but feel elegant and oh-so-chic.  It has puffy sleeves that sit just under the elbow - another classy feature.

The soft, slinky fabric is a joy to the skin it feels delightful.  A perfect fit with no pulling or gaping either. It has a matching tie belt that flatters the waist and is lost in the matching pattern - I don't think I'd change this either, I like this little bow I fastened on the side.  It has a collar so I opted for no necklace and statement earrings - I don't like to see both, do you?

Here's a fabulous close-up of the various designs, all of which are in the same shades which makes it easy on the eye.
There's many choices for accessories - here I've picked navy handbag and very pale pink heels, this duo is from Lotus Shoes, both have matching boots & bag and you can see more details via the links.

So pleased with this bargain - it was in the Next sale and well worth the £22 tag this is very similar.
Don't forget to pop back soon, I'm sharing my other two dresses and they are both as fabulous as this one!


Shall we take a look at how Hilda, Emma, Anna and Gail got on?

Let's first go check out Hilda - Over the Hilda who's idea we've worked with this month.  She's gone for this striking orange/red and doesn't it work well with her jeans and dark hair - it really suits you Hilda.

Now shall we pop over to Emma - Style Splash who's gone for red, it suits you really well Emma, mixed patterns like me and something I'd jump at the chance to wear.

Anna - Anna's Island Style opted for an effervescent rainbow of colours as, like me, she couldn't pin-point one particular hue.  Do click the link for the full story.

Finally Gail - Is This Mutton has chosen lilac, and what a super little blouse she's worn - it looks exciting worn with her yellow trousers and I adore the pops of pink - we're both big fans of pink!

Many thanks for joining me, cheers for that peeps!
Esther ruby took today's photos for me and what a super time we had taking them in calm woodland area an abundance of insects, wild flowers and long grass.  Thank you my darling.
Bye for now. X



  1. Amazing bargain Jacqui to get three dresses for £44! You've chosen well, lovely flowing dress and stylish pattern x

  2. What a bargain! The dress looks great on. All of you have great style and I look forward to these monthly posts xx

  3. Aaah you chickened out Jacqui and made you more difficult to analyse. You must have every trait possible in your personality....
    That dress is gorgeous. I cannot believe you got three for that price. There are definitely bargains to be had at the moment. But I am not shopping much... HUGS

  4. Gorgeous dress Jacqui! There are some great bargains in the sales right now. I do love shirt dresses, they're so stylish and easy to wear.

    Emma xxx

  5. jacqui, i love the dress! the color and the pattern! so feminine!
    xo eva

  6. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite color, too. I do love the print and style of this dress, so chic and what a bargain!

  7. Gorgeous! I love that pattern on you! AND such a pretty backdrop!

  8. Well done to you with your Next purchases - what a bargain! But I'm still sticking to my shopping ban and have just featured another new combination that's never been seen before. It was a great challenge don't you think? xxx

  9. What a fabulous dress, Jacqui! I love the colors and the patchwork print. I just did a post with some patchwork things for fall. It is such a lovely nostalgic print. I am not sure what my signature color would be either. Green is my favorite color, but I think I enjoy wearing red the most! Actually, any jewel tones are my favorites to wear. Now if you had asked about signature pieces...I would say kimonos are it for me! Thanks for linking up!


  10. Such fabulous looks! I really love the print of your shirt dress and the shape of your bag. I am a fan of shirt dresses too, and yes, some days do meld in to one!
    jess xx
    thanks for linking!


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