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Thursday 29 September 2022

Styling my Salamander shirt with Jeans - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
How's you week been?

I'm actually out in London today.  I'm visiting The Shard for lunch with my sister, so do look out for a post about it soon.  I've wanted to go there for ages, and I hope the views are worth it!  My friend told me when her friend went the weather was foggy so she couldn't see anything! Lol
That would be bad luck wouldn't it!

I'm hoping we can have a look in a couple of shops whilst we are out, and am looking forward to having fun with her whilst looking at the latest fashions.  Will try popping something on stories for you to see what we get up to! X

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 26 September 2022

Style not Age Show off Their Luxe Layering.

Morning everyone.
Hope you are well.
Can’t believe it’s the last Monday of September! The weather has changed to too, it’s much cooler and the mornings have dew on the grass and a definite chill in the air.  I know that first hand as I was looking after my son’s puppy last week which called for two visits into the garden in the early hours each night I had her. Our garden isn’t very pet friendly and has no gate to have kept her in! I didn’t want to risk her running off so had to take her out on a lead every time!  She’s home now, and I have to say I’ve missed the little bundle of fur called Halle, our second name is Berry!  It’s most definitely confirmed I don’t want another dog and am content that I can have a part time pet when my son and his family go away again. 

On Saturday night we went to a friends house to have a takeaway curry, it was fun and quite sedate really, no dancing but lots of laughs.  We all need that in our lives don’t we!

On Sunday we had the second roast dinner in quite a few months, it was really nice to have the typical spread and the roast lamb and veg went down rather well as did the hot chocolate with dipped marshmallows that followed - bang goes the calorie counting. 

So let's get back to what's on the agenda today. Me and the ladies from the Style not Age collective have been getting to grips with the latest challenge set by Gail.
She's given us the suitable for the season prompt of ...

Luxe Layering.


Thursday 22 September 2022

What to wear to a Christening. - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
How has your week been?

Thanks for stopping by today - great to have you here.
It's been a weird week.  After a very emotional day on Monday, things have to get back to normal don't they!

On Tuesday my son went off on holiday and left me with his dog - Halle.  He was going to get someone else to look after her, but both David and I said we'd like to have her.  It's been nice to have a pet again after the loss of my little dog Roxy back in 2021 and my darling Candy in 2016.  She's very much a puppy and wants to play all the time.  I've been on duty most of the time to take her outside to make sure there's no little puddles for me!  I have to say she's been a delight so far, and it's going to be hard to give her back.  Pets are a tie though aren't they, so having got my 'fix' from her, my desire (at the back of my mind) to have another dog has been well and truly fulfilled!

Today I thought I'd share my Christening outfit with you.  I admit to having many dresses that I could have worn for the occasion, but decided I'd have a look in town when I was picking up some dry cleaning.  


Monday 19 September 2022

Farewell Queen Elizabeth II.

Hello and welcome to the blog on this very sad day for the UK and for the whole world really.  

Today is the funeral of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. We say goodbye, thank you and farewell to our monarch who's reigned for 70 years and most of us have only know her as the monarch.
Our lives will never quite be the same and it’s almost like losing a family member or close friend. 

Here in the UK we are having a very special Bank Holiday, with many places closed and only the people doing necessary jobs actually working.  Nearly everyone has been given the opportunity to watch the day’s proceedings for her majesty’s funeral.  My son is among the few who will still be  working,
He works on the River Thames and will be working for Thames Clippers carrying mourners on the boats so they can watch and feel part of the events.  Are you travelling to London to join the thousands of mourners? It's mentioned there could be a million people - staggering!
I’ll be watching on TV and it’s sure to be a sad and somber day. 


Thursday 15 September 2022

My Weekend in Sicily - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
Welcome to Mummabstylish today.
Apologies for no post on Monday, I just couldn't get myself together and get a post sorted.  
It's been such an emotional week with a few tears shed here and there for our Queen Elizabeth II.
It's crazy that someone I didn't know can affect me like it has, but losing her made me think of all the other people I've loved and lost along the way, it's brought up many memories for many of us - I wonder if you have felt the same?

On a brighter note, on Sunday we celebrated the christening of my youngest grand-daughter Kimberley.  It was a very quiet occasion with about 50 family and friends enjoying the afternoon in our local church and then afterwards in my daughters garden.  We had a lovely BBQ along with a couple of drinks and a large piece of cake!  The diet was well and truly out the window my friends!  How naughty of me!

Do you remember I went away for a long weekend to Sicily a week ago?  Today I wanted to share my fantastic weekend in the absolutely stunning location of Savocca.


Thursday 8 September 2022

'The' Trouser of the Season! - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello my friends.
Welcome to my Over Fifty blog.

Finally the weather seems to have cooled down a bit.  I know I hate myself saying it, but I've really struggled in the heat.  I want to get into my new season clothes and work out what I need new and chill.  I went through a couple of wardrobes last week and have a big pile of stuff that I've been gradually adding to my Vinted site.  It's surprising the space it's released, but I'll have to stay strong so's not to fill them up again!

One thing I did 'splash' out on was these caramel trousers.
I'm so impressed with these elasticated waist comfy's, I'm putting my neck on the line to say they'll be THE trousers of the season!  I've wanted a pair like this for a while, knowing they'll be comfortable and still look stylish.  I saw a couple of pairs in M & S but wasn't overly impressed with the drawstring tie. I popped into my local Primark and found these for the stunning price of £15!  I'm not sure if they have other colours, but rest assured when and if I do find out, I'll be getting them.


Monday 5 September 2022

August Review.

Hiya, everyone.
Hope you're all okay.

Can’t believe it was over a week ago I left for my long weekend in Sicily! I’ve a post planned about it, so will get it published as soon as possible. 
This weekend was quite the opposite! You know we’ve started our new build in our garden and I like to be as ‘hands on’ as I can. So Saturday morning David and I had to spread sand over the plastic membrane which goes under the block and beam floor. I obviously looked a picture and laughed at the contrast from my previous Saturday look! (Obviously no photos of that).

Saturday night I had dinner with my daughter and her family, she’d cooked a delicious beef curry with all the extras of potato and mushroom curry, poppadoms & mango chutney and also a naan bread - it was yummy. I then played with the kids in the garden on the trampoline and then in the tunnel - they rolled me around the garden and thought is was hilarious.🤣 {See our fun here}

I didn’t do much on Sunday which was wonderful, having done so much in the garden on Saturday it’s was good to just relax and blog!

David has been inspired to cook some pasta dishes after having had some tasty local specialities last weekend.  So set about copying one he found delicious at the hotel Borgo San Rocco. it's made with the basic ingredients of bacon lardons, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil served on Rigatoni - it was divine and tasted even better as I didn't have to cook it! Lol.  To be fair i’ve also been looking through my Gino D’Acpo Pronto Let’s Cook Italian in 20 Minutes and have seen some tantalizing meals I want to try.  Let's hope they turn our as good as David's did!!

So let's talk about today's blog post, it's the beginning of September so time to look back on my August posts for the ...
August Review.


Thursday 1 September 2022

Still Wearing Summer Dresses - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello and thanks for joining me today.
Hope you're week is going well, stay focused it's nearly the weekend!

Well this is what September looks like. I'm almost looking forward to the next season are you?
I can't wait to see what new colours and styles will have us swooning over, have you bought anything for the new season yet?

Having just got back from Sicily on Monday I've not had a chance to get into town to see what's around.  You know I hate shopping online, but maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and get looking on there.

It's still hot here, well I think it is.  So I'm still eking out my Summer dresses and this one had to be worn again - with new sandals of course. 😏

I have to admit tying them up took a few attempts and I have to pull them really tight to make sure they don't slip down.  I like everything about them from the little frayed edge to the wedge platform they have.

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