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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Remembering my Candy.

Happy Tuesday Morning.

This post is somewhat different from the normal,  I wanted to share with you a little acknowledgement for my little dog Candy.

Its been a sad few months for our family.  Friday last week, was an end of an era for our 8th little family member.

Candy came into our lives some 15 years ago.  Having lost my much loved father-in-law, my husband decided it would be a great idea to get a puppy,  he wanted our children to grow up with an animal around them as he had as a child.  I was totally against the idea, having already got a house full with five children, I didn't need the hassle, upset and mess of a dog!  When I was a child I did also have a much loved dog, but it always fell upon my mother to care for her, and knew it would be the same for me. 
After much persuasion and nagging along the lines of " they need a dog in their lives"  "I'll bring a puppy home and you won't say no", eventually I agreed and said go ahead.
Bad move on their part as I fell in love with Candy and she was my baby, my Candy-girl!
Coming downstairs in the morning it would sound like this.
"Morning" in turn to all the children and hubby, but when greeting Candy.....
Hello my lovely, how are you, stroking, playing, how are you, how's my girl, my Candy -girl???
For anyone who owns a dog, you may understand this and appreciate the response I got.  Tail wagging, licking, barking, running for her toys and jumping up and down.  She truly appreciated me.


Many stories have been repeated over the past few days, of how she would attack my youngest son's feet - for no apparent reason!  He could be sitting far away from her, but she would always aim for his feet!
When she was much younger the kids let her creep into their beds at night, but soon regretted this as by the middle of the night, she was comfortably settled between their legs above the duvet.  They, however were pinned down and not able to move, and if they did she would go for them.
If she didn't do this, Candy would snuggle up so close, they'd be on the edge of their bed and she would have all the rest of the space!  Fun times.

Candy 2016


I was told by the vet about a year ago, Candy had dog version of Dementia, she started just plainly weeing on the floor, then throughout this past year got progressively worse, with symptoms such as getting 'stuck' by an obstacle that she couldn't get past, or work out how to turn around.  She had gone nearly blind and couldn't hear me call her.  Flinching if I picked her up, wandering around in a world of her own.  It was so very sad to see my little Candy, gradually loosing her vigour for life and merely existing.
This recent hot weather seemed to speed up the disease, leaving her unable to find and drink her water, nor eat her food.  I knew that the time had come to say farewell to my darling, but It was still such a horrible decision to make. 
As having a large close family, we always discuss important family issues and this last week was no exception. It became a very emotional subject, and also an important one.  We decided the time was right and I made the heartbreaking call to my vets.
Last Friday will be etched on my brain for ever, Candy made such a mark on me and my family and things will never be quite the same again.

We have her daughter Roxy, who is wandering around, slightly lost without her mum, but she will be totally spoilt, by the family, especially me!
I think it's time for walkies now!
So long my Candy-girl..xx

Roxy 2016



  1. I am sooooo sorry for your loss. What a sweetie Candy must have been for your family. People that don't have pets just don't get how special they are! Pure unconditional love!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  2. Thank you so very much for your lovely comments. It has been a very hard time for me and my family. She was very very special..x

  3. So sad for you. We have a dog and he brings me joy every day! Unfortunately they take a piece of your heart. Keep strong and love and spoil Roxy. ❤️��


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