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Friday 19 August 2016

Thankfully it's Friday.

Good day all, how are you all doing?

Been rather busy yesterday looking after my princess.  She was an absolute angel as usual.  Had planned to do so much with her, by way of going to the park and possibly baking some cakes, that all went out the window we just played and watched telly!  I can't actually wait for the day when she wants to sit and watch a whole film then we can sit and watch Disney films all day, I just love them and each time a new film is released, so I have a new 'favourite' - see I've never really grow up, lol.

In the afternoon, once my daughter had collected my princess I popped over to the local Matalan - coming home with a couple of bargains and a cute little choker necklace.
I also had a look in another couple of all round shops, the ones that hold anything and everything from toothpaste to extension leads,  I picked up both of these items and also some hangers - one can never have enough of them, or if you do maybe a reason to buy more clothes!?!?

Today more of a lazy affair - just a food shop and lots of blogging. 
Going to dodge the showers and take my little Roxy for a walk, I supposed that's the only good thing that has come from loosing my precious Candy - girl, we get to walk rather than saunter through the paths and alleyways, my little Roxy doesn't know what's hit her all this walking!

Anyhow back to my recent purchase from the Matalan sale.

As soon as I saw this I knew it would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe, I had loads of ideas rolling around my head of what I had at home that I could pair with it and what I needed in order to make other outfits.

My influence for this came from middle daughter and a recent blog I was musing over.
My middle daughter has two similar long shirts that she either wears with skinnies or a jersey cami dress, both look great, so I thought I would try my own version out.

But here's what I opted for so far:

I love the bright red flowers that stand out so well against the black background,  they really pop along with the white flowers.  With no sleeves I can wear either on it's own or with either a vest T shirt underneath or a long sleeve option if the weather is cooler.  Slits up either side making it,
only suitable to wear with something under it, I chose a vest T shirt in these photos along with my skinny jeans from Matalan too. 

My Forever 21 Chanel style bag was the perfect accessory with this outfit, along with my Dorothy Perkins peep toe cork wedge style sandals. (Still comfy as ever!)

The necklace I bought recently was the perfect choice with this look, the white picked out the flowers in the design, I'm so chuffed with how this look turned out, what do you think of the long line over shirts?  Matalan had another colouring in the sale as well, a black and white check which I think would be perfect teamed with red too. 
For a bargain of between £5 and £7 be rude not to go back and get another!

I foresee me getting plenty of wear from this shirt dress, black jeans/trousers and a red roll neck jumper and red shoes/boots would be pretty cute, red trousers with black t shirt also would be fab, there's many choices to be made, and I'm looking forward to wearing this for the rest of the Summer, into Autumn and onto Winter - an adaptable item if ever there was!

So I hope you like this look, If you'd like any style ideas from an over 50 year old who still wants to dress stylishly and modern feel free to email me.  Also I'd love you to pop in your email to subscribe, I can keep you up-to-date with what I'm doing and wearing, and what me and princess are up to!

Until tomorrow, have a lovely day/evening. 

Out with the work girls tonight, can't wait for a catch up.  #wiwt photo will follow.

Bye bye ...X

               Jacqui B.



  1. Hi Jacqui....thanks for stopping by my blog---how fun to meet another blogger in the better age group!!!
    I do love this look for many reasons...first I'm a sucker for white jeans, second, I love the versatility of this long floral shirt and last---I love the choker style necklaces right now!! All fabulous!

  2. Thank you Jodie, great that you stopped by many thanks. Glad to 'meet' up, and that you agree with this look. xx

  3. love the print, so gorgeous!

  4. I do like the bright red flowers especially with that necklace. LauriePOP Where Ideas POP

    1. I'm so pleased I bought this shirt, I'm going to get so much use from it. Thanks for your comments.x

  5. Hi Jacqui
    I love the print of this shirtdress, and they are so verstaile. I am also a fan of white jeans, yours looks great. Love the shoes as well, Dorothy Perkins has some great clothes and shoes.
    thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

    1. Hi Jess, thanks for your lovely comments, so glad you stopped by, and it's nice to link up with you..x


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