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Wednesday 24 August 2016

Enjoying the sun - yes or no?

Hello there, how are you?

Hope all in the UK are enjoying our heatwave,
I'm feeling sorry for everyone at work, because I don't actually feel like doing anything in this heat!

Today went for a lovely walk with eldest daughter and princess along the beach front, it was so tempting to take a paddle, but without having towel and appropriate shoes we decided to get an ice cream instead.
We weren't out for long, but we all felt drained when we got home, It's scary to think what the sun can do to you, so making up by drinking plenty!  Yes water as well as wine!

I choose to wear my denim shorts today, along with an ancient frilly, layered cami top.
So comfortable to wear in the heat, and covering a multitude of sins, it was totally the right outfit for today's heat.

The denim shorts are from Peacocks from a few years ago - similar Here.
My top is from New look and I've had it for more years than I care to remember!
Similar Here.

These are the only photos I managed to get today, but you get the jist of the outfit.  Colours are not a perfect match, but I felt it was still acceptable, I hope you agree.

Who's thinking of Autumn fashion yet?  I was already to start looking, trying and buying a couple of weeks ago, but since the gorgeous weather has arrived my summer wardrobe is back in charge and I'm loving the extra wear I'm getting from each item.  I love getting my money's worth!

So new season shopping will just have to go on hold for the time being - Oh unless I see something I HAVE to have in my possession!

Today I am linking up with Tania on Wednesday’s Wardrobe

Until tomorrow ...Bye bye X     

               Jacqui B.                         


  1. Hasn't it been hot ! It gets hotter and my knat bites get bigger! Just starting on the AW now. Hopefully wont need to wear any time soon x

  2. Still hot again today. Oh ouch bloomin' bites! I wanted to buy some boots today, but managed to refrain - not sure for how long though!


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