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Monday 1 August 2016

Monday - still in pink!

Hello, hope Monday finds you fresh and looking forward to what this new month brings.

I've programmed in a slow week, to catch up on my housework, washing, ironing and some much needed work in the garden.
Been so busy running around for the various events that happened over the past few months, so now it's time to relax and start to enjoy the sun!  Ok maybe not the sun, but some warmer weather.

A really casual look today, with the added injection of style by way of my gorgeous wedding shoes, I just had to pop them on again today - just to visit the supermarket!  Made the whole outfit look very cool and sophisticated.  Do you like?

Wearing Next cigarette style jeans, turned over at the hem, they fit like a glove and I love the feel of them.  I paired them with my previous season Primark vest top, the maroon base vest with flowers over it in beautiful yellows, pinks, mauves and orange, is stunning and so easy to wear with most jeans.  I could also pick out one of the colours to match a skirt with.
Here's my wedding shoes that I chose to wear on Saturday, they are so comfortable.  I must go back and see if they had any other colours. I love the way they look great casual too.

Has anyone been thinking of ..gulp.. dare I say it Autumn?  Ok maybe not Autumn but the change of season fashion styles and colours?  I've seen glimpse of navy, army green and lovely burnt orange.  So if you spot anything in these colours - grab it and stash away until you've forgotten about it.  When the weather changes and the autumnal season is upon us, you'll be the first person in the new season colours and be able to flaunt it with confidence.

Until the next time.... bye. X

                       Jacqui B.



  1. Love those shoes and the top looks really pretty on you.

    1. Cheers Nora, thanks for your comments and for stopping by..x

  2. Love the shoes and the colours on the top.

    I consider it similar to winning the lottery when I can find shoes that are that stylish and comfortable.


    1. Oh Suzanne, I totally agree. I really struggle with comfy shoes, I've bought expensive, cheap and mid-range but still never get it right! Thanks for you comments and for stopping by..x

  3. Love your shoes, very fashion and beautiful


    1. Thank you so much Oriana, I'm so pleased with them. Thank you for taking the time to look and comment.x


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