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Friday 5 August 2016

Fabulous Friday.

Congratulations you've made it to Friday, fabulous.

The weekend is just around the corner, and it's well over wine/prosecco o'clock!

Yesterday was just what the doctor ordered - when feeling a little down, there is nothing like a little princess to lighten up my mood and my day.  I took my little granddaughter for a visit to feed the ducks whilst her mum had an appointment. 
We had such fun feeding the ducks and the birds, they made such a rabble, screeching and screaming which had my little love playfully laughing whilst throwing her head back and putting her hand over her mouth - I see she's copied her mum, her aunts and even her nanny!
She's at the stage now where she repeats everything that's said, I took her in the cake shop to buy a treat - asking which one she wanted - she just repeated each time I said "this one", "this one" or  "this one" well it's how they learn and she's definitely like a sponge, picking up words daily.  It's fun to see what new words she's learnt each day.  One little, problem we do have to take care what words we use in front of her. ;-O
Onto the park, where we met up with mummy.  Having a swing, slide and a walk on the wobble board/stepping stones - she loved all three, she even let her cuddly toy dog have a ride on them as well!

So with the sun still gracing us with her presence I'm thinking this stripy sundress will be a terrific option for running errands and shopping today.  It makes me feel cool whilst still being classic and stylish.
I opted to wear my classic style white, peep toe cork wedges - I love how these make me feel, tall enough to feel graceful and with the cork wedge still fashionable.  I wondering if they still are available in the tan!!!! Stop it I don't need any more sandals!!!

Now it's defo time for a glass or two ...... see I told you it's a fabulous Friday - Cheers!

Cheers. X

               Jacqui B.



  1. I love your stripe dress especially with the peep toe heels! Thanks so much for stopping by on my post!

    1. Hi Lanae, thanks so much for stopping by and your great comments. xx


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