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Friday 26 August 2016

My Pucci Style Dress from TK Maxx.

Hello there.
Wow did any of you experience that thunderstorm?  That was quite a lot of banging and crashing, and a little bit of rain, but we did need that!

Today was still boiling hot after the night's storm so I decided to wear this - my Pucci look-a-like dress.

I had this for a few years now and It's a great default dress, always feels good, always looks great, doesn't crease and It's very comfortable.

I just love the colours, that's what first attracted me to buy it.  With no tight waist band and a good length to cover up, but still catch some rays.

I have also worn this in cooler weather with a black T shirt underneath, but today just the dress was enough.

Wore this with flats from Florence and Fred, however I have also worn my heels with it which looks equally as good.

Have a lovely evening and look forward to a extra long weekend.  Love having a bank holiday, especially if it's great weather.

today Linking up with the fabulous Colorandgrace.

Bye until tomorrow. X
                  Jacqui B.


  1. Nice dress and cool looking for a day like today.

    And I love the words "doesn't crease" My type of dress!

    1. It was so suitable today, and a brilliant dress to sit about in - it looks great at the end of the day :-)

  2. Looks like a great dress to wear during the Summer! Have a fab weekend!

    1. It surely is a fab dress, hope you have an enjoyable weekend too.x

  3. Jacqui, I love the pattern on your dress! And the colors are so vibrant and pretty! Really great look.

    Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge of the Week! I hope to see you again next week. Have a marvelous weekend!


    1. Me too Shelbee, it's a favourite of mine. Thanks for your lovely comments and so pleased you stopped by. I'll be linking up again for sure. Have a happy weekend too.

  4. Great dress Jacqui.I love it when there's something in the wardrobe that doesn't date.This is a winner x

  5. Love it too Laurie, it's a winner for sure. xx


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