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Monday 15 July 2024

This stunner is from Girl In Mind!

Hello and welcome to the blog. 
Big apologies for the late post today. 

Hope you’ve all had a super weekend. I’ve had a busy one this week. 
Friday was my wedding anniversary.  David and I celebrated 38 years married and went out for a fabulous meal out in a local restaurant called Birdies which is in the heart of Whitstable and is always busy! They have a divine menu and have always been renowned for their beef wellington and lobster with garlic sauce. Both David and I had these choices and I can confirm they were very tasty. 
After a few too many glasses of fizz and a couple of Jäger Bomb’s (don’t judge me),  I had a pretty bad morning and wondered if I’d make my visit to London on Saturday night!!

I had some food and a little nap before getting ready for the afternoon train and felt so much better. I vowed to take it easy this time, which I adhered to, well done me!
I love visiting London, there’s just something exciting about being there. With so much going on and plenty of people buzzing around I’m full of awe. I wonder what everyone is doing, where they are going and where they have come from, I’m just such a nosey person. 
We were with friends celebrating both David and my birthday’s. They’d booked an Italian restaurant called Circolo Poplare who have many restaurants over Europe and are most certainly popular dining choices - it was packed!
We had such an amazing meal highlighted with the notable carbonara served from a cheese bowl and the lemon meringue pie which was a-maze-ing! See piccys below!

I’m always on the hunt for new dresses and after seeing a friend wearing a similar style I just had to ask her where it was from. 
Girl in Mind is a new-to-me website which offers unique and interesting designs for that special occasion and once I saw this beauty I just had to buy it! As I was a new customer I enjoyed a 15% discount which made the stunning dress under £40!!! Have a look on there as they’ve got loads of lovely styles to muse over, let me know what you’d pick!💕


Thursday 11 July 2024

Monochromatic Green - Chic & Stylish Linkup

Good morning everyone. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

How’s your week gone? Another few days that have been a whirlwind, but without anything major happening!

I’m still getting used to my new gym classes. They seem to be going well and I’m getting settled into the new routines, trouble is one of the classes I’ve been going to for ages that has the same instructor is still as hard as when I started it. I did an exercise on Monday that had my feet against the wall facing out in a straight arm plank, moving backward into a bear squat and then forward to a press up! Well honestly it’s one of the hardest exercises I’ve ever done and yesterday I was still struggling to walk properly! I look like a 90 year old, wobbling around and needing to push myself up from even sitting!!! What’s that all about, I thought I was fit!!

Last night I just had to watch the football last night, the thrilling game had me on the edge of my seat, in fact the whole family were in a frenzy at times. We did it!  I'm not quite sure how, but we did it! England are through to the final , so I guess we all know what I'll be doing on Sunday now! Did you watch any of the games? 

Today’s outfit started off with a watch, my new watch it be exact and I’m thrilled with the design and colour. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Monday 8 July 2024

Summer Essentials with Bonmarche.

Good morning everyone. 
Hope you’re doing okay. 

Is it me or are the weekends getting shorter? Blink and I almost missed it, which is so annoying because I didn’t do very much either! What did you get up to?

Friday was my second week back to ballroom dancing. I realise I really did miss having all that time off and am excited to get back to normal. We’ve been learning the quickstep and it’s another I’ve grasped quite well and enjoy the speed of travelling across the floor with chasse’s, quarter turns and  fishtails. Are you a fan of ballroom dancing? I love any sort of dance and can usually pick up routines quite well. I started classes again to help with my memory, there’s nothing like a ballroom or ballet routine to keep the cogs turning, and whilst that’s happening fitness is improving at the same time!

Saturday I was in the garden addressing the hedge.
I vow every year to keep up the trimming so it’s not such a major job, and to be fair I think the reason I leave it is because the wet weather makes my garden so wet and squishy the tower I use just sinks in and it awfully hard to move. I’ll try to do the last cut before the wet weather arrives and after the growing stops! An easy dinner for me with another takeaway, I opted for a burger and chips and devoured it as I was so hungry after all the strenuous work (I cut the front lawn too!)

Sunday was a bit more chilled, David was working on the new build and putting some hung tiles on the outside wall, we’re having the majority rendered and the chap is hopefully coming today - weather permitting - have a look at my skills at tiling here!
One of the best things about having adult children who still live at home is sharing the cooking with them. So much so my youngest daughter cooked yesterday. She produced a delicious bolognaise tray bake comp with garlic bread, stick baguette and dips. The only bit I had to do was load the dishwasher - perfect Sunday for me. 💕

I did have two lovely afternoons out last week the first was meeting a friend who I’ve not seen since March. We went to a seaside hotel and had a wonderful lunch complete with a cheeky white wine spritzer - see my post last week for what I ate.  The very next day I went for afternoon tea for a friend’s 60th, we went to a local hotel which was a perfect setting and had the typical sandwiches and cakes laid out on a special stand. Copious amounts of tea was consumed and plenty of talking - can’t wait to do it again now! X

Do you wear shorts? I often save them for holiday wear or staying indoors or for gardening in the summer. But I’ve been impressed with these I was kindly gifted from Bonmarche last week!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 4 July 2024

Lunch in the Hotel Continental - Chic & Stylish Linkup

Good morning my friends. 
All okay?

It’s been a busy week I’ve been out with friends twice!
On Tuesday I met a friend for lunch and we had lots to chat about as I’d not seen her since March! We went somewhere different and enjoyed some yummy food and a cheeky glass in a local venue the Hotel Continental. The weather was pants with wind and rain more in keeping with Autumn! Are we ever going to have nice weather to stay? 
I devoured a prawn and Marie Rose baguette along with salad and chips (nice thin chips that were extremely crunchy with a perfect amount of salt) and yes I ate it all! I did wear rather an inappropriate outfit though, my flip flops and white trousers were very much out of place and I should really have opted for boots and jeans with a rain coat to top it off! (It was pouring)
Wednesday I went with three friends for afternoon tea, we went to Hempstead House which is about 1/2 hour drive from me. The venue was stunning, very chintzy with swags and tails and chandeliers.  We were the only customers so very much had the room to ourselves. It was good to chat and put the world to rights over a tasty Afternoon Tea along with a big pot of tea each! It was for my friend’s 60th birthday, so it was lovely to elongate the celebrations as her birthday was earlier on in the year. 

I’m afraid I didn’t get a full length photo of what I wore for lunch, but here’s the bright yellow top that complimented my white trousers. 


Monday 1 July 2024

June Review

Hi there, how are you?
Hope your weekend went well, did you do anything exciting?
Just a stay-at-home weekend for me. I spent the whole of Saturday in the garden trimming the hedge, it’s still a mammoth job and boy did I ache after stopping late afternoon, (with still more to do) but I’m impressed with what I’d got done! 
On Sunday, typically UK weather and it rained all day, bit of a godsend really as I didn’t fancy more trimming so will save that for one day in the week when I’m more rested!
I cooked a Spanish chicken with roast potatoes, coleslaw, asparagus, salad and corn on the cob. Which, I must say, was very tasty, it’s nice to have a slightly different dinner once in a while, I’d hate to say I was bored with a traditional roast. I’ve got a busy week as I’m out to lunch with a friend Tuesday and have a birthday Afternoon Tea with some other friends on Wednesday. Praying it’s going to be nice weather for both, it’s not nice walking out in the rain is it!

They had a lemon theme this season and I’m sure you’ll find many styles you love as do I. 

June Review.

For the first post in June I was delighted to feature some pieces from the stunning new collection from Bonmarche. They had a lemon theme this season and I’m sure you’ll find many styles you love as did I. 


Thursday 27 June 2024

Sun Dress from Oasis - Chic & Stylish Linkup

Hello nice to see you here.
Hope you're week is going well.

The hot & sunny weather has finally arrived - yippee.  It’s been absolutely glorious here over the past few days and I’ve been loving being in the garden pottering around. Well not pottering as such, I started with the grass, next I strimmed the edges, trimmed some of the hedges, weeded (my daughter did most of it) sorted some pots and generally tidied up the garden. All the time I had the sun on my back and managed to get a bit more colour, shame I’ve still got lines on the front from my recent holiday to Mallorca! Time to sit in the garden and do nothing I think. 
Isn’t it nice to shower after a long day working in the sun. I think that’s the best feeling to get all the dust and dirt off and relax in something cool and comfortable. Well today's outfit is just that. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Monday 24 June 2024

Style Not Age share Dreamy Dresses.

Good morning
How are you?

All fine and dandy with me, I’ve literally forgotten about my holiday the other week. Back down to earth with a very big bump!  All the washing is done and put away until my next break which is to Portugal in September.  

Warmer weather seems to have arrived and it's been lovely to sit in the garden and enjoy it!  On Saturday evening I went to a friends for a gin and buffet evening.  It was good to sit and chat in their lounge which has a big bi-fold door into the garden.  There's something enchanting about sitting outside on a Summer's night when it's warm, although we did have to close the doors when it got a bit cooler and the bugs started to arrive - I had enough bites on my holiday!  Did you catch my holiday edit?  I shared some of my dresses that I wore in Majorca and talking about dresses, this month's Style not Age is upon us and the title, set by moi, is .... 
Dreamy Dresses.


Thursday 20 June 2024

Broderie Anglais Midi Dress - Chic & Stylish Linkup

Hello and welcome to my blog today. 
How are you all?

My holiday seems a distant memory now, I’m hopeful that the better weather will come and stay. We’ve had a couple of nice days recently although still windy at least the skies are blue and there’s no rain!
I popped into a couple of shops on Wednesday and was pleased to return with a few bits. Two dresses of which one will be featured on Monday for the Style not Age challenge and a cute pair of black thin fabric wide leg trousers. I’ve seen some girls wearing them with chunky flats and little tee shirts so thought I’d try them for myself. If they look alright I’ll share them with you soon. 

I also went to the gym classes, but have been saddened by my normal gym instructor leaving and moving out of the area! You know when you love how someone teaches and going to her classes was always looked forward to, well that’s just how I feel about it! There’s been a change around with different instructors and new classes so it’s all been a bit of an upheaval! I hate change and am a creature of habit, with often going to the same hotel and holiday destination with the same restaurant frequented too! Anyone else like that? 
So on Wednesday I did Body Attack followed by Spin, both went okay although BA was a bit of a shock to the system, however I did them and survived… lol!
It’ll take a few weeks to settle I reckon and I’ve got a couple of others choices to try and see if I prefer them!
Do you like to change classes around or are you like me and like routine?

I’m sharing a holiday dress with you today, I was kindly gifted this one from Izabel London Clothing and think it’s going to be perfect when the warm sunny weather arrives! ☀️

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Monday 17 June 2024

My Holiday Edit.

Morning all!
How’s it going?
Sorry for the late posting, with one thing and another this blog got put to the bottom of the pile!

Back down to earth with a bump afternoon a fun filled fab 10 days in Majorca with my eldest & her family. It was really nice to stay for the extra couple of days, and had I only stayed for a week I'd have encountered disruption at the airport as it was flooded!  I had a couple of bad days with rain and clouds, although it was still hot and I managed to have a great time with the kids at the go kart track and in Alcudia. I've stayed at the hotel twice before once with all the family and the time before that with my eldest daughter again - obviously the children were much younger then so it was nice to watch them having a bit more freedom and enjoying the whole hotel much more.  

I always love to hear what people pack for their holidays so today’s post is all about what I packed!

I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted some lovely dresses and sandals recently, and also some swimsuits that I’d also like to share with you today!

Items marked with* have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 13 June 2024

Jenerique Culottes with White - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there. 
How are you all doing?

As you know I’m away this week, so have planned in advance. I’m on my last day here in Majorca, and for the last couple of days has been raining and cooler temps so I went to Alcudia on the bus. It was really pretty there walking around the marina, browsing a couple of shops and have a drink and slice of pizza. The sun eventually decided to make an appearance so I headed for the bus … along with everyone else! The queue was horrendous with no visible queuing system and signs to say what bus stopped where (they all stopped in the same place) so David and the rest of us decided to take a taxi. Much quicker and so much more interesting, the driver chatted about his country, where he lived and his family. It was nice to hear more about the town from a local and he suggested visiting the old town of Alcudia, this I’ll have to do on my next visit as I’m home tomorrow. ☹️

Who else hates having sticky legs in summer? Chaffing can be a real problem and there’s all sorts of creams, powders and underwear on the market to help. 

This is when wearing culottes and more importantly lightweight culottes comes in handy!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me however these are 100% my own honest comments

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