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Thursday 8 June 2023

How to Wear the Chunky Sneaker Trend - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

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Hope you're having a super week so far.

I'm actually at the wedding I've been talking about for the past few weeks. I know you're probably so bored of hearing about it now - but I promise there won't be much more.
Do pop by stories on Instagram to see what I decided to wear and what accessories I found.
It's been a busy few weeks and I'm looking forward to having a quiet more relaxed time, although with my big family I'm not sure that will happen!

I'm happy to share today's post with you all & I for one am excited to say I've actually taken notice.  I decided to style my daughters sneakers on the blog and really like how they look, so much so I'm going to invest in my own for the next season.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this style that's trending right now.

This is a sponsored post.

I'm thrilled to include this guest post featuring how to wear chunky trainers.  This trend has been around for a few years now and I for one love how they look.  Only today I saw a lady quite a lot older than me wearing some bright trainers with a fabulous dress - proving there's no age limit for this stylish trend!

I’m seriously considering buying some chunky sneakers after this post prompted me to take a closer look at them. 
I just what to quickly talk you around my outfit that's based around the striking sneakers.  I had this dress in mind from the off.  It belongs to my youngest daughter and although she's a lot smaller than me, the stretchy knitted dress fitted like a dream.  I popped my faithful full slip under it both to smooth out any bumps and also keep me a tad warmer - the weather is still really chilly for this time of the year, so the slip was a welcomed addition.  I toyed with my new pale blue blazer but ended up with this white linen one that was gifted to me from Bonmarche - you can pop back to read the full post here.

How to Wear the Chunky Sneaker Trend -- It's Easier Than You Think!

Chunky sneakers are in all year long, but if you’re a first timer, it’s important not to stress over how to wear them!