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Thursday 28 March 2019

Leopard Pencil & Rusty Frills - #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello there, welcome to my over fifty fashion blog.  Here I share my styles, parts of my days & a little about my family life.
I spent last weekend working in the garden grass cutting, shed building and generally clearing out winter residue to make way for summer excitement.  We got a lot done which is just as well because this one will be a busy fun one!  Saturday morning I will be having brunch with the kids for Mother's Day as we're not all free on Sunday.  Saturday evening we are having a family & friends get together in rememberance of my mother-in-law - it will be an evening of celebration with lots of stories and photos being shared.
Sunday we are going to a wedding with friends, I know it will be a rush as the clocks go forward here in the UK.  Thankfully I know my phone will do it automatically which is just as well because I'm sure to forget to actually change my watches & clock!  I've got a super emerald green lace dress that I can't wait to wear and share with you all.  Look out for that post in the next few weeks as the dress is fabulous.

Laying in bed a few weeks ago, my wardrobe doors were open, basically too much stuff hanging inside and out so the doors wouldn't shut - am I the only one this happens too? *thinking emoji* and this outfit was staring at me - not altogether, but the pieces were pulled out near each other - I liked how they looked so planned the outfit for my next shoot.   Another caught my eye in the same way, but will be sharing that in the next month or so.


Monday 25 March 2019

Style not Age - March Madness!

Hi there my over fifty blogging friends.
It's the last Monday of the month which means the latest installment from the ladies of
Style not Age - this month we turned to Hilda for the prompt - March Madness, and it certainly turned some of us mad!  Scratching my head trying to think of an idea.  After a couple of messages with the other ladies & the help of my daughter things came together, scroll down to see my choice.

How can we nearly be at the end of March?
Already May is high on the horizon, that's when my second eldest gets married and moves out!  Actually I'm dreading it. Fortunately I've been a 'stay at home mum' and have always been around the children (sorry they're adults in their 20's & 30's) loving the fact I could/can always be there for them.  When my eldest got married and moved out I had two years to get used to the idea.  My son moved out (with no prior planning - yes that's boys for you) two years ago, and I have to admit I'm still coming to terms with that! But the fact he's giving me a grandson makes it somewhat easier - another darling to spoil. 💙 Consoling myself that I still have three children at home to 'care for' (stay with me - I know they don't NEED me).  Well that's changed since my daughter's engagement last year when we went skiing.  I told myself I had just over a year to get used to the idea.  It still scares the hell out of me!  But I've given myself a good talking to & here's my advice.

  1. I've been lucky enough to have her around for more years than her sister.
  2. I want her to have that special time, the times when you can do what you want in your own home - have parties, leave your stuff all over the place, clean and clear and have it staying that way. Not having your clothes 'borrowed' and not put back!
  3. She's literally moving 5 minutes away, so I'll hopefully see her everyday having quality time not quantity.  
The silver lining in this means I will have more time for myself.  More time for gym classes, dance classes and more time for blogging!
So back to blogging and the latest Style not Age challenge - here's my choice, let me know what you think.

I've gone down the route of stepping out of my comfort zone and worn pieces that I'd happily wear but wouldn't necessarily put together.

Thursday 21 March 2019

Mother's Day Ideas + #chicandstylish #linkup

Good morning.
How are all you over fifty bloggers & everyone else for that matter.
After a week with Storm Gareth clearing out the cobwebs, it also bought a faulty phone line with it.  I spent half the week without any phone or internet - the phone line wasn't really a problem because I had my mobile, but no internet for nearly four days was pure hell!  Blogging, on-line shopping, searching and generally everything I wanted to do depended on the internet working, I wanted to pull my hair out!  I was a bit like when I was younger & lived out in the sticks - when we had a power cut I'd think of doing things like the ironing!! Come on own up, you used to do that too???

I'd wanted to check out some gift ideas for Mother's Day, both for my mum and for me ( you know I like to drop hints).  To be honest the best present you can give someone is your time.  I love having all the children around me on Mother's Day - heaven!  Although this year i'm going to a friend's wedding, so will spend time with the family on Saturday, hoping to take my mum out for lunch the following week - shushh don't tell her it's a surprise!

For Mother's Day last year the kids surprised me with some boots, not just any boots though, they happened to find just the boots I'd seen in Next and bought them for me!  Yes, you guessed they all have a sixth sense - not really I'd let slip numerous times the ones I wanted - lol.
Since getting my ivory ankle boots they've been the finishing touch to so many of outfits making them a valuable addition and worthwhile present. White boots have been in the limelight over the past year, and seem to be going from strength to strength.  Have you got yourself a pair?

To be honest the best present you can give someone is your time.


Monday 18 March 2019

Style Steal - White and Gold Re-Re-Created!

Morning lovelies.
How's over fifties blogging land today?
How can we be half way through March already?  Time seems to fly by so quickly doesn't it!
It's the 3rd Monday in the month so that means it's time for a Style Steal - a monthly post where I copy a bloggers outfit and try to re-create it either copying the outfit, the colours, the style or the idea ( I have been know to copy someone's blog title too!)
You'll remember this lady from last month, well she's done it again.
I fell for this one back at the beginning of February.  Just when I was sorting my copy for February, Andrea - Living on Cloud Nine went and threw this into the mix, I then had two fetching numbers to emulate - result. 😃


Thursday 14 March 2019

Cheeky Ski Weekend to Valmorel + #chicandstylish #linkup

Morning, how are you all?
I'm on a bit of a downer after having a smashing whirl-wind weekend away skiing.
Since our earlier ski trip to Tignes hubby and I had missed the slopes so much - sad that we'd have to wait another year until we'd be enjoying skiing again, so much to the kids disgust (they wanted to come too) we booked a cheeky weekend break to Valmorel in the French Alps.

Last Friday we drove down through France after an early (5.00am) Channel Tunnel crossing, arriving at the foot of the alp around 4pm.  We started our descent up the mountain, wary of the brown, bland scenery that definitely lacked any snow.  As we climbed the narrow road, we were eventually greeted by patchy snow that made way to full on snowy peaks, paths and roof tops.  We found the Hotel and parked the car, enchanted by the sight of the quaint little town.  It's central walk-way was covered in snow, and sparkly festive lights hung through the middle, I anticipated how pretty everything would look in the dark - it did, alas I didn't get any photos!  At the far end of the town were trampolines and a fun merry-go-round - all for families with kids to be entertained.  There were also plenty of ski hire outlets with everything you'd need for fun and safety on the slopes.  We hired skis for a reasonable price prior to leaving & also purchased our ski passes in advance - which came in the post some weeks ago!
Enticing shops and restaurants lined the side walks, I looked forward to musing the menus to find the best places to eat and peruse the little shops selling cheese, wine and saucisson to take home.


Monday 11 March 2019

Ted Baker in the Rain!

Morning my friends.
I'll be travelling home from my skiing weekend now, let's hope technology works and this post is published!
What have you all been up to?  I've been on the slopes and will fill you in on my little adventure in the next week or so.
Shooting photos in the rain, is there anything more disheartening?   Apologies in advance for the wet hair - (note to self take an umbrella next time I take shots in the rain). Lol


Thursday 7 March 2019

Third year of blogging! Zara Long Line Blouse + #chicandstylish #linkup

Hello my lovelies - how are you all?

Well there's no one more surprised than me that I've reached my third year of blogging, I popped back to view my first ever blog post - crikey how bad can one blog be???  It's awful, it's short, all over the show and very vague!  I'm proud to see I've come on leaps and bounds.  Please don't go visit, it really is s**t! Lol.
I made a point of planning this post way in advance because I managed to miss my 2nd blog-aversary so wanted to make darn sure I didn't miss this one!  I got so involved with blogging last year that I didn't notice what date it was (not that I knew when it was) so the anniversary came and went.  That's not happening this year - I've got flowers, the fizz and lots of fun ideas! 😂

Happy blog-aversary to me! Mummabstylish has been alive for THREE WHOLE YEARS!!!


Monday 4 March 2019

Negative Comments!

Morning, how are you all my lovelies?
After telling you all I've had some relaxing weeks my weekend has turned out to be rather busy.  Friday evening I went ballroom dancing - I have been learning the waltz.  It's very odd dancing alone (hubby's adamant he won't join me) so I either dance solo, with the teacher or his wife - it really makes a difference having a partner to dance with so will have to keep badgering hubby to come too! 
Saturday night, after a day working in the garden, we had dinner with friends, a fabulous evening made easier because we all took a course of food.  My choice of pate with a selection of anti pasti for starters went down well, but I kept picking which is a big downfall for my diet!   Sunday arrived way to early after a late night, getting up to bake cakes for the baby shower I attended.  This was for my daughter-in-law and went very well.  We answered questions about mummy-to-be, guessed her waist measurement with string, tried to work out who the baby pictures were and ate lots of party food.  Home to chill after the busy weekend!  What did you all get up to?

Red has a habit of cheering me up.  It's an emotionally charged colour as it's the colour of blood and life.  It's associated with power, passion, love and confidence.  Red will lift your emotions & is a good choice for instilling confidence - something that will give you the edge when you're lacking it.
I picked this red outfit after recently receiving a negative comment - it really was a pick-me-up shade and helped big-up my ego.

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