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Thursday 31 March 2016


So how are you all on this Thursday? Looking forward to the end of the week, although it has been a short week it does seem to have lingered for a long time, maybe because I over did it last weekend (embarrassed face emoji).

Ok so who has this problem, I'm between sizes a 14 is too big and a 12 is too small, do fashion designers make inbetween sizes I'll  be a 13?  We are all individual in personality, taste, facial looks, colourings and finally sizes.  We have different lengths in our trousers and jeans departments, so surely there's going to be inbetween options, right?  Can anyone let me know where to find them? And whilst on this subject who stocks half sizes in footwear?  Clarks have this option in their footwear and I normally find a suitable 6 1/2 to fit, but sometimes the choices are a bit limited. Good old reliable M & S do have half sizes I know, but they don't always hit the spot. So I'm looking forward to seeing if there are more inbetween/half sizes on the fashion front.

Today as I have no fitness class, I'll be catching up on ironing! with six adults in the house there's always plenty. Have a fun day everyone. X

Matalan pea coat, Next necklace.
Next jeans, H & M Army green blouse, Primark scarf.

Wednesday 30 March 2016

What can Wednesday bring?

Hi there everyone, wonder what Wednesday can bring?

I'm very new to blogging and it's so interesting seeing how all you lovely ladies wear your outfits and what you've put together.  For me assembling an outfit with my three colour rule works, but I have found of recent times wanting to add that pop of colour like so many of you do. Occasionally thinking out-side-the-box and adding in something different, something intriguing, something contrary to what is my 'norm', and I want to thank you all for this.
Different styles of clothes, colours and textures can play such an important part in todays fashion and how lucky are we to be able to have such an lineup of choices. So maybe it's befitting for us to open our minds and embrace new styles and see what that can bring to our lives, our look and our feelings. So in answer to 'what can Wednesday bring'...maybe a newer, better you!  How can you do this I hear you ask?  Well when out shopping look for colours that you wouldn't normally buy, try on an outfit that you don't totally 'love at first sight' it may look different on you. See how mixing in textures works, for example suede, leather, fur, cotton and beads....the list goes on and on!

So today thinking out-the-box here's my OOTD it's taken me so long to decide on this - a very hard task and i'm not sure i've got it right! Let me know what you think.
Up to 30% off everything at See here Dorothy Perkins online and instore...lovely. X

Malataln skirt, Peacocks jumper snood/necklace/bag previous seasons.

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.
Henri-Louis Bergson.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Another short week - woo hoo.

Happy Tuesday, I hope you've all had a wonderful long weekend and are suitably full up with chocolate?
 Well what a weekend that was, are you all in one piece after that terrible Storm Katie?
 She certainly blew a few cobwebs away, but with cloudy, possibly sunny weather and with temperature roughly around the 12 degrees mark we may be able to resurrect our spring wardrobes and start adding to it from all the wonderful bargains around at the moment. Still got on my mind a stripy outfit, so next shopping trip won't be too long away I'm sure. I don't know about you though, maybe I'm just a little old fashioned but I still like to feel the fabric and try the garment on rather than shop online.  I'd love to say I'm the perfect size ten, however that's not the case, being a traditional pear shape I prefer to try both of the possible sizes to find the correct fit and see if it suits/fits me, I can't bear having to order two and then sending one back, and after all there's nothing like coming home with your precious tangible bag of booty!

OOTD is this Apricot long tunic top, black with beautiful teal, cream and beige butterflies, cream scarf, long beads with tassells, black long sleeve T shirt, leggings and black Clarks ankle boots.

Just to add Clarks have 20% off full price adult styles until mid-night tonight, hurry, hurry.Click here
Bye bye for today. X


Monday 28 March 2016

Happy Bank Holiday Monday.

Morning ladies, hope you and yours are all intact after Storm Katie!  If you're out and about wrap up warm and tie your hair back!
I'm chilling today after a very hectic weekend. A Roast beef dinner on the menu today - looking forward to that, then time to catch up on some R & R!  Hope you're extra long weekend has been filled with fun, food and flowing with chocolate, oh and the odd glass of Prosecco!
Very casual today in my old faithful H & M jeans and flower top from Primark and basic t shirt. Together with my Deichmann flowery slip on casual shoes click here, all in all a cozy outfit for a lazy day.

                                         Happy a happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone. X

Sunday 27 March 2016

Hurrah, Chocolate on the menu today?

Morning to you all and a Happy Easter.
Did we all remember to put your clocks forward?  No my daughter didn't either!
Recovering from night out number three today, last night had a super meal in a local pub, something very unusual and not encountered before - it was a cook-your-own-steak night, yes I was a bit unsure before I got there, but was happily reassured once instructed on how to cook my own steak on a Lava Stone. The steak is seared on the sizzling hot stone to seal in the mositure and flavour and then just cook how you like it. Accompanied to this mushrooms, vine tomatoes, onions and chunky chips, well I can't tell you how nice it was. A wide variety of meat, fish and vegetables can equally be cooked in this way.  Amazon click here stock Lava Stones for home use and they are such a healthy way of cooking, prices are in the region of £70, a bit pricey, but could be a wise investement.
Anyway back to chocolate, have you eaten all your eggs yet? Family birthday today so a big family gathering round a good old take away.  Bit of baking now, a pavlova on the menu, obviously with chocolate drizzel over it!

Just wanted to share last nights outfit with you.  This black and white classic style dress complete with scoop neck, sitting just above the knee, is such a lovely fit and I've worn it many times before, just the right outfit for the night. Sadly this is an old season, but Matalan click here have similar items in most seasons. Worth a look I think.

Back to my pavlova, so Happy Easter Sunday ladies, enjoy your chocolate. X
"A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands".

Saturday 26 March 2016

Happy Easter Ladies..x

Hope you're having a lovely Easter, been a busy couple of days, and out again tonight!  Today I've choosen the H & M multi coloured blouse I bought a few weeks ago, teamed with Next slim jeans and a mustard yellow basic 'T' from Matalan.  I've mentioned before how comfortble the slim jeans are, really good value at only
£22, two colour choices; Dark blue and Mid blue.
Here are the size options:

Standard sizes 6R - 26R to fit inside leg 29"/74cm.
Long sizes 8L - 22L to fit inside leg 31"/79cm.
Extra Long sizes 8XL - 18XL to fit inside leg 33"/84cm.
Petite sizes 6 - 18 to fit inside leg 27.5"/70cm.

Debenhams see here have an 'up to half price sale' now on, also
M & S see here have up to 60% off both in store and online,
Worth a little visit over the weekend!  Next see here also have clearance with up to half price on selected items - why not take a peek and maybe grab a bargain or two.
Keep seeing stripes everywhere, I'm feeling it's a sign I need to buy a stripy outfit - I'll keep you informed!

Looking forward to our little Easter Egg Hunt for our Princess - grass all cut now so fingers crossed for nice weather.  Happy easter egg eating too. X

Thursday 24 March 2016

This? Oh this was on a budget

We can't all afford expensive, designer clothes and still want to dress with style and elegance. So if you are on a budget here's some quick and easy ways to make your outfit look more expensive.

1. Black or White - pick a colour and match everything the same, monochrome it is then.
2. Matching - pick a bag and shoes in the same colour and match with a jumper and possibly a hat.
3. Neutrals - tan, cream, camel and other tones in the neutral scope will give a luxurious feel to any outfit.
4. Tailored pieces -  a stunning fitted blazer and a crisp white shirt.
5. Play with proportions - a plain blouse with a giant bow certainly makes a statement.
6. Metallic buttons and zips - pick pieces with bright shiny buttons or zips will be noticed.
7. Clean shiny shoes - if you only do this, it says a plenty about you.
8. Coat over shoulder look - plainly elegant and chic.

No 2 is so my favourite.

No #ootd today, out tonight with work girls - so I'll post a photo later. X

Hi ladies just wanted to add this photo before I go out, casual/dressy I think,

Next slim jeans, River Island black blouse with cross over detail and neck tie, black L.K.Bennett courts with my big fur neck cape from New Look to finish off the outfit. Byeee...X


Wednesday 23 March 2016

Wednesday = Pearls and Sheer Scarf.

Morning to you all, 

 Off out shopping with my princess today x  Lets see what the shops have to offer.  Still on the lookout for a few 'musthave' items, but who knows what I'll see, open-minded shopping hopefully.

Anyway here's my #OOTD It's a pearl and sheer scarf kind of day, cream/black flower splodge trousers, H & M cream chunky jumper, a 'must-have' item in your wardrobe, with my flat moccasin shoes.

TK Max bag, this was a bargain last year at £16.  It's always worth checking out the bags in there, if you look at nothing else - I always see plenty of bags I want to come home with.  Designer bags at half the price!

Pearls - well you can never have enough pearls, these, I've worn so many times , from Primark, but really you can pick them up anywhere.  This beautiful white/cream scarf which has embroidery detail on it, was a birthday present.  It gets plenty of use in summer and winter.

 Happy Wednesday ladies, only one more work day and then Easter time! X


Tuesday 22 March 2016


Hello Ladies, how was your Tuesday?

 Hope all is good and you can see the end of this short week.  Today was gym day, but afterwards changed into this outfit.  Infulenced by the warmer, brighter day I opted for my Next skinny jeans, pale pink overshirt, which has long sleeves, suitable for this temperature changing weather, then choosing a pink Primark Scarf with Butterflies and Flower pattern on it. Cream pumps finished off my look - hope you like it.  Photo also shows newly painted 'Hot Pop Pink' gel nails.  I feel human again! 

 Remember to buy your Easter Eggs, and don't leave it till the last minute like I normally do and end up with either a giant Easter Bunnie with no ear or various coloured eggs in an egg cup -  see you've been there too!

Just been checking out the Wallis site the Spring Style event has up to 30% off everything,  free express delivery on orders over £50 - I'm sure I could manage that amount.  Seeing some cute clothes on there,  I've spotted this ivory lace shell top, now £28. Seeing as it also comes in Black and Orange it would be rude not to buy them all.  Happy perusing. X
Also in oange or black


Monday 21 March 2016

Good Morning Ladies.

How's your weekend been?  Mine has been nice and chilled.  Saturday night in with a great curry, this went down very well with a beer whilst watching the rugby.  Sunday family day, traditional roast with most of the family - love, love , love this.  Ending the evening with The Night Manager - brilliant.

Clinique High Impack  Extreme Pink.

  Onto Monday, looking forward to the weekend already, a couple of parties to attend and dinner out what more could you want?  Will be planning what to wear, so as they say 'watch this space'.  What have you got planned? Family time, holiday, chilling or working? Whatever you do try to include a stylish outfit and a bit of lippy!  ( My fav atm Clinique Extreme Pink)

Running a couple of errands today so comfort comes first.  Therefore OOTD -  Zara dark wash jeans, old season Matalan blouse with cami top - had it years and often get good comments about it!  Blue lace scarf from M & Co, previous season and my faux suede Florence and Fred ankle boots.  Liking this look together, only down side that the colour on the jeans does transfer onto other items!  Until the next time have a lovely day ladies. X
 P.S dont forget your Lippy!


Sunday 20 March 2016

Open - minded shopping....

So I wanted to share with you my purchases over the past week. TK Max proved a massive fail this week, nothing caught my eye not even a scarf!  Plenty of lovely bags on show though, but nothing quite what I was after.  You do need to rummage in this shop and some people are put off by this.  I tend to have a browse at a quiet time, maybe first thing in the morning.  Looking over the whole shop is needed and sometimes fantastic bargains can be found. 

 Matalan on the other hand had endless items that I wanted to purchase!  From the white A line skirt to a long pencil skirt with pockets and slit up the front (very 80's) this was a bright pink absolutely gorgeous, and only £14! 

 I ended up with a couple of tops in my 're-cycled' bag.  A ecru, boho style blouse with full sleeves size 8 - 20 only £14 and I picked up a cream t shirt to layer It up with a steel at £5.  Finally I settled on a grey/white long line t shirt.  Both styled with my next skinny jeans.  The grey stripy will be fab for chilling out today, comfy and stylish.  The latter will be great for lunch date with the girls or meal out with friends.  I've also got some super patterned trousers that this will flatter and complement, I love both these tops and hope this gives you some ideas. Happy Sunday Ladies, hope the sun is shining for you. X


Saturday 19 March 2016

Open- minded shopping - a better way to shop.

 Are you the person who goes out shopping for one thing and comes home with something else?  Yes I do too, I found two wedding outfits when I was out shopping for something completely different.

I ended up sticking them in the back of the cupboard and bringing them out intime to style up with necklace, shoes and bag. 

 How often do you go out to look for a specfic item and find something else.  Maybe that's the key, to go out with an open mind, look at anything that catches your eye, and also what doesn't, then try things on.  Sometimes it's good to step outside your comfort zone, you never know what might suit you until you've seen in the flesh what it actually looks like. 

 This two piece I picked up about 6 months prior to needing it,  this was a few years ago from TK Max, and I didn't buy it with this wedding in mind.  It's a beautiful pale green, layered dress with spaghetti straps and matching 3/4 sleeve bolero jacket. I finished off with a long string of layered pearls, pearl earrings, Pistachio suede courts, that I bought with more luck than judgement ( I thought they were cream) and the little cream clutch bag I found in TK Max complemented perfectly.  So ladies be a little open-minded when you're out shopping you could end up with a whole new wardrobe! X 

 Don't forget the 3 day Next sale started today - pop in for some bargains Here

I don't shop because I need something, I just shop for shopping's sake. Cat Deeley


Friday 18 March 2016

Busy, Busy.

So Friday arrives at last, busy busy day today.  I'm checking out the shops today to see what bargains can be had.  Having been through my wardrobe I've made a note of additions I need (yes we need ALL the clothes/footwear we buy).

  I keep spying little Chanel style bags all over the place so going to see if I can track down something similar.  Not sure about the colour, will have to see what attracts me first.  Also on the look out for a black jumper, I don't possess many and I hoping one jumps my way today (excuse the pun).  Tan boots/shoes are another accessory I'm after, along with the obvious...always on the lookout for a scarf!

 Dont forget M & S still has up to 60% off, now isn't that a great reason to visit the store?  Let me know what's on your 'I need list', and what you buy too.

  Ok I'm off to Abs class now - urgh.  Have a super weekend ladies whatever you get up to. X


Thursday 17 March 2016

Hello Thursday.

Top o' the mornin' to ya.... Happy St Patrick's Day.

Todays the day you can dress like a leprechaun, talk Irish and drink plenty of Guinness!  Well I probs won't go the whole hog but you get the jist.  If like me you like to acknowlege other traditions why not mingle in a little green into your outfit today?  You don't have to dress from head to toe in Kermit the Frog green but any little injection, however small will keep you in style.  Anything from a Green Hat/scarf/necklace or belt will do the job. 

 Here's my choice of green - T shirt from H & M, borrowed necklace, along with Black leggings and overshirt.

 To show I go the extra mile I'll partake in a Pint of Guinness to be sure! X

 Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don't want to press your luck.  ~Author Unknown


Wednesday 16 March 2016

Chores and Stores.


So as you've guessed from the title, today I've got some chores to do...urgh, and also to visit some stores.  Interspersed with a couple of visits, so this outfit fits the bill well.  I want comfort, casual and uncomplicated.  I think the chosen outfit fits the bill perfectly.  Next skinny jeans, H & M cream jumper, Clarks comfy ankle boots, finished off with a good old Primark Leopard print scarf.

Whilst I'm typing this 'note to self' - do nails!  I've got a gel nail kit from ebay Here which is invaluable, it gets plenty of use from me and my daughters, and we've got loads of colour choices -  that means we can use it all times of the day, very convenient.  The only down side to this is that it has an annoying bleep everytime you use it!  However  I like to have my nails painted, to me it finishes off my overall demeanor, so I'll just have to put up with the bleep, bleep!

Stores I'll be visiting are TK Max and Matalan, both I love just browsing around in, with TK Max I either come out with a great bargain or two, or on the other hand leave with empty bags! Matalan have some great bits too ...basic cheap T shirts are a must in there starting at £3, you can have all the colours! 

 Shop online for both of them TK Max and Matalan.

  Happy Wednesday Ladies.X

          JACQUI B.

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Leather Jackets...

Spring Must have ..Leather Jacket.

So it seems whatever you age this seasons transitional jacket has to be the long standing Leather Jacket.  Many fashionistas have said there are plenty of cover -ups that look trendy and stylish, which is true but if you want versatility and something that is everlasting the best option is the leather jacket.  Whether its real leather or faux leather it's most definatly something we should all be rushing to buy.

 Now don't be getting worried that you'll have to fit into a little fringed biker jacket complete with badges and chains to adhere to the fashion gurus, there's a style to suit everyone out there.

H & M Biker Jacket
Now £20.99

Wallis Black  Leather Look Jacket
Now £48
Zara Faux Suede Overshirt

M & S CollectionFaux Leather Zip through Jacket
Now £38
Here's my Leather Jacket #OOTD, Black leather look with waterfall fur collar from Florence and Fred (past season), I've chosen my classic J Taylor dress wih a black belt instead of the matching waist tie, this I tied round my neck and let it hang. Nine west black patent courts finished the outfit off. Hope you like it. X

Check out the links online :M & S Here Zara Here H & M Here Wallis Here

Remember 'What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.'

Monday 14 March 2016

How's your day going?

Hope it's going well.  Been painting again and now trying to get some inspiration for dinner tonight!  I've opted for jeans again today, they seem to be my 'go to' most days, they're easy to do chores in, run to the shops and generally slope about in.  These dark wash, skinny style are from Zara - fabulous fit to boot!

 I do still like to dress them up though.  Today sporting flat cream patent loafers and cream thin jumper over pink long sleeved t shirt, neck wear for me, as standard - pink scarf.  This another new attribute to my scarf collection from the Tu range at Sainsbury's.

  Looking through my wardbrobe today I do think it may be time to do some 'spring clearing out'.  You know when you get to that time of the year and it's all in a muddle with winter and summer items all mixed up? Well that's where I am now, so maybe within the next few days I'll be going through it and try to be ruthless with what I do and don't need!  How difficult can that be????  Yes I can hear your answers already. 

 Ok back to dinner ideas - off out to the supermarket now, hoping I can rouse some extravagent menu that will please everyones taste buds.  Catch up tomorrow. x

" I don't think I will ever get tired of wearing pink"...Emma Bunton


Sunday 13 March 2016

Happy Sunday, Lazy Sunday..

Hello everbody, hope all is well with you.

Lazy Sunday indeed.  No Sunday roast in our household today, so needless to say a few miffed 'children'.  By way of a change me and hubby off out for lunch with friends - don't know where we are going to, so hopefully a nice surprise will occurr! 

The option I finished up with was this, my Mothers Day Jacket from H & M, It's a long line jacket with long sleeves, side pockets, is lined but has no buttons. There is a contrasting colour section on the hemline.  Teamed with Next Jeans, yes they're getting some wear this week! T K Max sheer cream blouse and my Nude sling back heels completed the outfit.  I choose my favourtie pearl/gold necklace that my son gave me a couple of years ago for mothers day, a special one because he bought it when he first started work and I wear it with pride.

Caught up with the next episode of The Night Manager, excellent that's all I can say. X


Saturday 12 March 2016

Hello Saturday, glad you came.

Hello ladies hope you're well on this lovely Saturday, bit of fog this morning, but now sunny here, albeit a little chilly.  Been up and at 'em early today - painting some woodwork exciting eh?  No #OOTD today, so wanted to show you one of my Wish Lists.

This Sleeveless maxi dress in an light airy weave,  has an elasticated seam at the waist (for that extra bit of comfort), open back with a metal buckle at the back of the neck.  It has high side slits and a double layer at the top, then lined with a short underskirt.  It's available in sizes 8 - 20 and is only £29.99 from H & M see Here . Also in two other colours. You might need this stunning little Suede jacket for £99.99 to keep the chill off, again from H & M. Why not?

 This I'd match with these gorgeous bejewelled Tan Leather Toe Thong sandals £32, available from Next see Here,  sizes from 3 to 9. 

A Suede Bucket Bag will complete the look, again from Next only £62.

Firstly can't wait to get my wish list and secondly can't wait for some warm weather to wear it.  Hope it's given you some inspiration to make your own wish lists.  Good luck and happy planning. X

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly...Langston Hughes.


Friday 11 March 2016

Have you got the Friday feeling?

Friday has finally arrived after what seems like a very long week.  Today the sun has been shining again and I've been in a pink mood, so this inspired my outfit.  My new pink scarf along with my previous mentioned Next jeans wedded well together with my pink long line jacket and cream blouse.  I've posted a photo of this look but omitted my head as my hair was a mess! 

 Picked up some material in town to make a cover for my grandaughter, that'll keep me busy for a while.  If it turns out well I'll post a picture of it. Fingers crossed it works.  Chill time with the family just around the corner, hope it's a great one for you all. x

"You there Friday?...We've been looking for you since Monday"

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