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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Jeans, Stripy Tee and Jacket - #chicandstylish #linkup

Hi there - how are you?
Right now I'm getting acquainted with my hotel in Abu Dhabi, relaxing with a drink or two and chatting with friends.  Sorry if I'm making you jealous, I'll try not to rub it in.
Do stop back in the next few weeks I'll be sharing my experience with you.
But back to the matter in hand, my over fifty style ideas.

I seemed to have slipped back into my old ways with this outfit.  I had a hard and fast rule of three-colour-styling before I started blogging, but have tried hard wanted to get to grips with more noticeable ensembles … Alas not today!  You see old habits die hard, and I still think plenty of my styles look bloody great!

Okay, okay I know what you're saying - it isn't even in my three-colour-rule book it's more like two! But I really like the basic jeans and tee shirt style, and to be fair I'm wearing ivory boots so technically that counts as three tones right? - lol 😂


Monday, 12 November 2018

It Started with a Joules Scarf + Motivational Monday.

Morning my fellow over fifty bloggers, how are you and everyone else for that matter?

I'm so excited as my holidays begins in two days - eekkk!
Nearly everything is packed or ready to be packed, just need the last little bits and pieces to be added then I'm off!  The diet will be taking a back seat for the next week, I want to enjoy to the full everything the all inclusive hotel has to offer.  It has some 12 restaurants incorporating a dine around system, which is going to be right up my street!  Fingers crossed I don't undo all my hard work & gain any many pounds.😓
I never used to have any trouble with my weight, luckily keeping fit and running round after five children kept me in shape.  However over the last maybe 5 - 10 years & reaching fifty weight loss seemed to pass me by - adding pounds whenever I even thought about attempting to diet.  So after the past few years and being squeezed out of many of my clothes I felt enough was enough!

My son had been following a Ketogenic diet I found this website helpful** resulting in him losing over 6 stone (85 lbs) I thought I'd give it a try....


Thursday, 8 November 2018

Feeling fresh in Krisp Clothing #chicandstylish #linkup

Hi there lovelies, how are you all?
I'm getting rather excited, you see next week I'm off on holiday to Abu Dhabi!!  Yes I can't wait.  I have to admit, I've already started packing my suitcase!  When I was younger I always started packing weeks before actually going away, but since having the children that's normally been left to the last minute, although fortunately never (except once) have I left anything at home!  So I've worked out what dresses I'm taking with me, and all my swimwear has been set aside along with what sandals I'm taking, the only item I need to get is a long dress to wear to and from the beach - not much chance of finding one in the shops, so I'll be checking out what's available online, otherwise I'll just have to go shopping when I'm away - shame! 😉
Okay back to today as I'm still a few days away from escaping this Autumnal weather!
I was recently contacted by Krisp Clothing, & from their exciting collection of fashion garments I was asked to select a few pieces - this cute jacket caught my eye immediately.  Check/plaid pieces are everywhere this season, so it felt right to include this in my top pick!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday, 5 November 2018

One blouse three ways x two = six styles.

Hi there - how are you all?  What's happening in the world of over fifty blogging?
Well I can fill you in on what this blogger has been up to - let me know what you're all doing!

Back in April I got together with Gail (found on her blog Is this Mutton?) when we shared three different personal looks with one M & S blouse. We had fun with this idea and wanted to try it again - last month we picked several items from the online shop and with fingers crossed swapped our choices hoping we would again pick at least one item that we both liked!  Fortunately we did, so the two of us promptly bought the gorgeous red satin blouse and set about bringing it to life styling three contrasting looks.

This pretty blouse has umpteen looks just waiting to be found.  With cute round collar and long sleeves it has an interesting white floral leaf design over it making it eye catching and likeable.
The tiny covered buttons which are also on the cuff add an expensive feel to the soft blouse.  At £27.50 it's reasonably priced and is anything but average, scoring high in my fashion stakes.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Brining grey to life with sunshine yellow. #chicandstylish #linkup

Great to have you here on my blog for over fifties - but you're all very welcome. Hi there - how you doing?
Last week I was busy with birthdays, meals out and a photography course, so have welcomed this so far quieter one.  However looking towards the weekend we are having the grandkids to stay which will be somewhat louder, busier and packed with toys, food and clothes everywhere!  I'd like to say there will be some downtime, but if you know kids they'll be on the go all the time till they get into bed, when hubby and I will probably do the same - lol.  For those of you who don't have grandchildren there's nothing like it, my princess can twist me round her finger, just last weekend she's found a box of chocolates that I'd hidden (not very well) for Christmas, she asked if she could have one, much to her delight I obviously said yes!  I have to replace them in the week, because all the family dived in too!  Not sure what we'll get up to but I'll buy a cake mix so we can bake some sort of goodies, she likes baking and it will keep her occupied for a couple half hour or so!

If you follow my Instagram stories you may have seen I went bowling with all the family.  Middle daughters birthday and whatever we do we always have fun.  Bowling is a great family outing for any occasion, everyone gets their competitive side out, getting really grumpy if they roll a "gutterball".  I came …. nearly last, I was scared of getting my thumb nail stuck so didn't hold the ball properly, and then promptly got my nail ripped off!  Fortunately it wasn't painful, but looked wonderful - not!
Scrolling through IG a few weeks ago an outfit jumper out at me & wouldn't leave my mind.  The lady was wearing a striking pair of jacquard yellow and grey trousers.  They left me thinking about the colour mix and I knew I'd got the colours so tried it out.  Having already worn grey trousers with a yellow blouse I figured these yellow trousers were due an outing and would brighten up my all grey outfit.


Monday, 29 October 2018

Style not Age - Frill Seekers!

Good morning.
How are you?
Being the last Monday of the month means today's feature is the ladies from the Style not Age collective.
My turn this month, and I've had this one up my sleeve for a while - Frill Seekers!  Obviously going down the frilly route and as this particular fashion is still popular it wasn't difficult to find my outfit.  Having already got plenty of frills in my wardrobe I ditched them and bought something new.  Two reasons - the first being you've seen all my frilly pieces on the blog already - I didn't have anything new to share. Secondly I needed an additional dress to take away to Abu Dhabi next month.  Resulting in buying a new dress with frills that I could take on holiday.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Monochrome with my blue pleated skirt - #chicandstylish #linkup

Hi there, how you over fifty bloggers doing?

Do you recall I shared the fact I'd been dieting?  I've actually been on the Ketogenic Diet, now I know some of you will say it's not a good diet, but honestly it's the only one I've lost this much weight on.  It really is down to changing one's mindset.  I've been raised having carbs with every meal, sometimes carbs on carbs!  But all this stopped a few months ago and I'm really pleased with the results.  There's plenty out there on the web to point the right direction, with substitute recipes for almost everything.  This evening I had shepherds pie, the mash switched to cauliflower mash smothered with cheese.  I can still have the odd G & slimline T, and really the only things I've missed is a curry, rice & the odd prosecco!  I did have a cheat meal last Saturday and relished the takeaway I'd been hankering after.  So whilst I carry on finding these tasty meals and shed some more pounds I can feel happier & slimmer in my clothes and any that are too big I can enjoy shopping for new ones - win, win!! 😉

On Monday I featured my Style Steal, sharing a copied look from my blogging friend Anna.  Let me know what you thought of my bright version of her vibrant ensemble - I love hearing from you.
I mentioned I'd got another style waiting in the wings for my blue pleated skirt and here it is...

My monochromatic outfit was easy to style from picks in my wardrobe and fortunately the separates matched perfectly.  With the drape of the blue and white scarf I was good to go!


Monday, 22 October 2018

Style Steal - Pink and Blue - my kind of colours.

Morning lovelies.
Hope you're well.

So happy you've joined me today  - since it's the third Monday in the month I'm sharing a Style Steal.
The two colours I'm featuring today really are two of my favourite ones - pink, always has been & cobalt blue a recent addition.  I tended to steer towards red when I was younger feeling it went better with my colouring, but since seeing a program on tv a few years ago I've somewhat changed my mind.  The stylist showed that with a bit of a tanned skin blue can look just as good if not better!  I'm not even sure that pink suits me really but as it's always been at the top of my colour chart I always gravitate to anything in it's tone, and I love it so basically it has to suit me! Lol
So let's see what I'm talking about.

I've been styling this dainty pleated skirt a different way each month and there's another look coming your way on Thursday, but I wanted to use it today for this Style Steal too - so there's two looks with this Primark skirt in one week!  Kind of a twofer.  Also see it previously styled with a mustard lace top and worn casually here. 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Eva Trends cotton & lace dress - #chicandstylish #linkup

Hello and welcome to the blog.
What's happening in your world?
Still enjoying some warm weather here in the UK, honestly I don't know what to wear from one day to the next!  Yesterday I opted for white three quarter jeans and a sleeveless top, but felt slightly out of place because everyone had jumpers and dark jeans on, yuck!  Today opting for my stripy wide leg ankle swingers from H & M (recently reduced to £12 & they actually look great) and a tee shirt with my denim jacket, but I felt slightly chilly - please mother nature make up your mind!

Last week was such a busy one, with an even busier weekend, so this week it's been nice to slow down slightly, catch my thoughts & do a bit of day-dreaming.  I'm dreaming about my next holiday - we've booked to go back to Abu Dhabi with the same 6 friends and I literally can not wait!!! In my mind I'm perusing what dresses to take with me, along with everything else I might need, swimsuit, day dresses, something practical and respectable for days out & trips to the mall.  This is where my last piece from Eva Trends comes up trumps.
Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

For the second time this month I decided to step away for my usual look and feature another smock style dress from Eva Trends.  With some mixed feedback about the last dress, I'm not sure this is a style I'll go for again.  It's not really making me feel confident, but I love the look of the dress especially the block of lace on the hem, so what do you all think? Will it make the cut and be added to the suitcase … 🤔

Monday, 15 October 2018

My weekend antics and #wiw

Hi there, how are you all my lovely over fifty blogging friends?
Busy weekend for Mummab!  Meeting a friend for cake and a cuppa on Saturday with an exhilarating walk along the seafront to work it off!  My little town was absolutely buzzing with people everywhere.  It seemed like a summers day especially with the delightfully warm wind blowing off the sea.  People were sunbathing on the beach, although I didn't see any swimsuits.  Ideal weather for flying kites, & I saw a couple of bright flyers swooping and soring high on the breeze.
Stopping in the aptly named Windy Corner Café for an acceptably large piece of Lemon Drizzle and Polenta cake - naughty but oh so nice! Washed down with plenty of tea.  Nice to catch up with a friend like this and it was such a treat because it's not something I'd normally do on a Saturday!
You'll never guess what I did on Saturday night!  It was Esther Ruby's birthday and she had a silent disco!  Yes you heard right (sorry - excuse the pun!) a silent disco.  With personal headphones and a choice of three music channels to dance the night away!  I did think I'd end up in the front room listening to the juke box with the oldies, but had a really fun time dancing and singing all night!  When a new song came through there was lots of pointing, mouthing and pulling one earphone off to shout "switch sides" "hey this is a good one" or "I love this one". Although it was hilarious when I took the earphones off and I could hear everyone 'humming' and 'singing' to their own personal songs! Out of tune & drone came to mind - ha ha ha!

Here's what I decided to wear.  Because of the unexpectedly warm weather on Saturday night I chose to wear a sleeveless top over some black jeans.  I picked up some boots in Florence and Fred (I'll show these in the next few weeks) on Friday and couldn't wait to wear them, super comfy soles meant I could and did dance all night!  These aren't in the photos because I hadn't bought them when they were taken.  The tassel ankle boots look great too so I could have worn them, but they aren't quite so great on my feet!


Thursday, 11 October 2018

Feeling relaxed in a Maxi Dress #chicandstylish #linkup

Good morning lovelies.
How's it going in blogging land?
We've had glorious weather today, I even managed to get the grass cut good and short.  It was hard work, but so nice to be out in the warm air and sunshine - such a shame it's the end of the season and not the beginning.  I do hope we're not in for long cold Winter again!

Over fifty doesn't mean you can't step out of your comfort zone and try something different.
That's just what I did when I picked this dress from Eva Trends.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday, 8 October 2018

Michaela Louisa worked for me!

Hello, how's it going in the over fifty fashion world?
I've had a wonderful weekend, attending my niece's wedding.  I love getting dressed up for a special occasion.  Being around the people I love makes it all the more special.

Here's the outfit I chose to wear.  I looked and looked all over the high streets, wanting to stay away from the Wedding-ey 'Mother of the Bride' shops - I feel anything with wedding in the title puts the price up considerably!  So after retuning too many times disillusioned by the high streets and malls I turned to online shopping!  Yes I know I hate shopping this way!  I know it's the way of the future, but I love to see and feel garments, hold them against me, see if the colours suit me and generally have fun looking! Retail therapy IS good for the soul.


Thursday, 4 October 2018

Eva Trends White Shirt - #chicandstylish #LINKUP

How are you over fifty bloggers - what fashions are you styling this month? Let me know by adding to the #linkup below.
Does anyone else seems to be getting busier and busier?  My life seems to be one long thread of hustle and bustle - I'm far busier than when the children were younger and at school.  Or is it that I can't handle it anymore? That said I've had a couple of days that haven't been so manic so I got a lot done, those little jobs that seem to get neglected and forgotten.  I've posted a few bits on Ebay, delivered a charity bag & generally sorted through clothes and shoes I've left out over the last few weeks!  It's nice to catch up every once in a while isn't it?

Today's outfit is pretty casual, something I'd normally wear from day to day.  A smart but reliable look, that never really goes out of fashion - yes jeans and white shirt.
You may remember I recently shared some pieces with you from the huge selection at Eva Trends.
My lovely lace dress, cotton coverup and a long line cardigan.
These three items proved invaluable over the past summer months and you can check them out again by clicking on the link. X

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

You can never go wrong with a white shirt can you.  We've all got one or two holding pride of place in our wardrobes and this Eva Trends Hugson pleated white one* will be no different for me.


Monday, 1 October 2018

Another look for my blue pleated skirt.

Hi there. 👋
Hope you're well.
So October has definitely arrived, it seems we only have to use the word Autumn/fall & it's well and truly upon us.  Have you put your heating on yet?
Today I'm sharing another look with my charming pleated Primark skirt.  Last month I wore it casually with baseball trainers and a jean jacket, but today I wanted a more elegant style.  Paired with trendy mustard, I'm hearting how nice it looks.  I have to add it's somewhat a copy because my first dabble with mustard and blue came from my Style not Age companion Emma from Style Splash!


Thursday, 27 September 2018

Grey stripes and white jeans. #chicandstylish #linkup

Morning dear bloggers.

Are you feeling the chill?
Yes me too, it got decidedly colder on Sunday, so hubby switched the heating on.  After being away over night and waking up to horrendous wind and rain it was much appreciated when I walked through the door, in tee shirt and sandals!  I'd been with my girls on a hen night.  We went to a spa hotel on the coast for a day of pampering and a super evening meal.  I had one hell of a luxurious facial, leaving my skin fresh and clean - It felt amazing.  I've made a pact with myself to have one every month.
After an afternoon of fun, laughs, relaxation and chatter, I made my way up to the gorgeous room to get ready.  Included in the stay was a three course meal comprising of chicken and ham hock terrine, roasted chicken supreme, tarragon mousse, potato gnocchi & charred baby courgettes with a tomato jus.  This was rounded off with a cheeky lemon posset and an extra glass of prosecco, savoured all the more because I've been dieting!  You have to treat yourself sometimes don't you?
Generally a quiet night with a couple of quizzes about the hen and a show & tell kind of game, giving the hen a gift that means something to both parties, either funny or meaningful.  I was baffled with this one, but eventually remember the time she worked as a delivery driver for a local supermarket - her boss got a call to say she was stuck in a field whilst following the sat nav.  She had to be towed out & I don't think the shopping got delivered. She never really lived that one down!! Lol.

Now the weather is so changeable Needing extra layers now that Autumn has arrived,  so let me share this cute tunic jumper with you.


Monday, 24 September 2018

Life's a Ball - Style not Age

Thanks for stopping by, you're right on cue for the latest Style not Age challenge.
If you're not familiar with the group let me introduce you: Anna, Hilda, Emma and me - Jacqui have been together since February.  We're of mixed ages but with two things in common, our love of fashion and looking nice …. we've got a lot to share with you, so read on my friends, read on!

Each month one of us sets a challenge around a fashion piece, statement or style and we all develop our own take on it.  So far some of the subjects we've covered are a wardrobe staple - the shirt, had fun with fur, jumped for joy in our jumpsuits and gone dotty for polka dots. Hop over for a quick look at them, I promise there's some cute picks.


Thursday, 20 September 2018

Style Steal - #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there lovelies.  What are you up to?
I feeling rather pleased with myself at the moment.  You see I'm following a diet and so far have lost a stone!!  I'm so shocked because I've never really managed to lose any weight on a diet.  Does this sound familiar, start the diet on Monday, do really well and stick to it until Friday - then it goes downhill with takeaways, prosecco, dinner out, prosecco and a big family roast dinner with more prosecco! 😂 Then I wonder why I've not lost any weight!!!  It's so obvious - you literally 'are what you eat'.  Trouble is I LOVE MY FOOD!  Now this diet I'm following is not actually difficult, you just have to stop eating and drinking the things you aren't allowed and eat what you should - it's not brain science, lol. It's all about accepting a different mind-set.
Anyway - so far so good and I'm chuffed pink with my clothes feeling looser and looking much better! I'll keep you posted how the diet goes.

Okay back to today's Style Steal.  It should have been presented Monday, but I decided to push it back by a few days, due to not having photos ready to use - Opps! Which reminds me I've still to use my voucher for a photography course!


Monday, 17 September 2018

How pretty is this F & F mustard dress?

Thanks for joining this over fifty blogger today - Sharing a dress with you today, and a very nice one at that!
Whilst shopping in Tesco the other day, I just had to have a browse in F & F, like you do, and found this darling little dress.  I wanted a midi in a light colour, but saw & settled on this one instead. Well I couldn't turn down the colour of the year!  Mustard is one of my favourites at the moment, so as it was covered in dainty little blue, red and white flowers I liked what I saw and bought it along with my dinner ingredients!


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Take one pleated skirt - Look I #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there people - how's it going?
September is in full swing with a festive feel seeping in.  Well the weather has turned and the shops have started adding Christmas cards and wrapping paper to their shelves, yes really!
By the lack of comments on Monday's blog post about my new jumper, I figured it was a big fail & as I didn't like it either I took it back, let's see how today's #ootd fares.

Guess what I bought the other day?
I bought another pleated skirt, I just couldn't resist the colour - it was calling me!  Pleated skirts are so bloody flattering for anyone, screaming sophistication and elegance for whoever wears them.
I've got a handful already, and am so glad I added to my collection - this blue number is a keeper!

I love the feel of this pleated skirt all delicate, soft and flimsy,  I always feel very ladylike when I wear them, especially when it's with nice heels and a cute top.  Although just as good with pumps and a casual jean jacket too.


Monday, 10 September 2018

Out of my Comfort Zone In a F & F Jumper.

Hi there.
How are you all?  This over fifty blogger is fine and dandy!
For some reason this jumper makes me think of Star Trek!  I think possibly it's the colour or maybe the deep V reminds me of  Mr Spock's pointy ears - lol, but it doesn't resemble any of the uniforms they wore!!
Anyhow, I saw this knitwear in Florence and Fred last week and nearly passed it by.  You see it's not something I would normally chose, but since starting blogging I've wanted to try and step out of my comfort zone.  I've grasped the art of mixing accessories on occassions, although I still like matchy matchy, like my grey, lemon and leopard print outfit, also attempting pattern mixing from time to time too.  Here's gingham and floral or check out Another way with my Bias-Cut shirt!

So back to the jumper - what do you think?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?


Thursday, 6 September 2018

Bright pink with black and white. #chicandstylish #linkup

Morning - hope you're having a super week.

September for some means back to school.  I remember going back to school  - a new term, exciting chatter of what happened in the Summer holidays. Who went where on holiday, who was 'going out' with who, what everyone got up to - oh happy days.  A new school, and I mean a brand new school, my mum re-married when I was 11, so I left junior school in the July, starting a different secondary school in September not knowing anyone!  August was always filled with finding the new school uniform, a new school skirt, jumper and blouse - there wasn't a regulatory uniform just certain colours - boring blue and pale blue?  The joy of reaching 5th year when the whole year could vote for a different colour from all the rest of the school.  My year chose brown and cream - one of my favourite colour schemes then - Blimey how awful!

Imagine if I could have worn bright pink and black?  How interesting would that colour scheme be!


Monday, 3 September 2018

Looking back on August with love. X

Hello lovely readers.
September already!  How on earth did that happen so quickly - I wish I could rewind to earlier  months for more than one reason.

In August you might recall I went off the radar for a while, my reason - a very big one!  I'm sad to say I lost my much loved mother-in-law.  Although it was somewhat expected it still came as a big shock - we think our parents will be here forever don't we?
I'm so lucky to have had my MIL because she was so much more than that - she was my friend.  Since she lost her husband she spent so much time with my hubby, me and our family - something I will forever be thankful for.  She came on holidays with us, spent most Sunday's with us and came out with us both as a family & when we went out with friends.
I remember one time in particular when we took my daughters' to a gymnastics competition.  We stayed overnight in a hotel with a restaurant next door, we'd had a couple of drinks with our meal and made our way back to the room, getting into the lift for the next floor, once we had stepped out we realised we hadn't actually gone anywhere, we were still on the same floor - fits of laughter ensued and we finally found our room, having another funny story to recall every once in a while. 😊
She was lovely to me, the children and our extended family too.  Her loss will leave a huge hole in our family, and I know it will never be the same again.  I just wanted to share my lovely second mum with you - may she rest in peace. 💗


Thursday, 30 August 2018

Lilla Rose Giveaway - #chicandstylish #linkup

Hi there!  How's your short week going?
I love that bank holidays mean a shorter working week - it means I have my family around me for longer.
Did you do anything exciting?  I'd love to hear what it was.
We were still working in the garden on Saturday, clearing and sorting - but the mind hasn't caught up with the fact that I'm over fifty and sets a pace for a twenty year old!  Quickly reminded on the following days by plenty of aches and pains!  Sunday had us celebrating with our best friends for their 30th wedding anniversary - a night out with drinks and a lovely meal in a fairly local hotel.  Again the mind still thinks I'm a teenager with the amount of drinks and the late night I had - resulting in a slow day on Monday.  Getting home to have nearly all the family round for a long waited and much anticipated roast dinner.  Don't get me wrong I love having BBQ's, lazy dinners or takeaways on a Sunday, but it's so nice to have a full all-bells-and-whistles family roast dinner - followed by relaxing snoozing on the sofa! …. heaven.

Item marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

Talking of relaxing …


Monday, 27 August 2018

Style not Age - Wild about Animal Print.

Morning all.  How was your past week?
Nearing the end of August now, and it's definitely starting to feel like Autumn/fall is just around the corner with slightly cooler mornings and mushrooms popping up in the garden!

This month the ladies of the Style not Age collective are going wild - Wild about Animal Print!
Emma has bestowed the never-go-out-of-fashion element for our latest challenge, and rather happy I was with this task.  I think animal print is rather like Marmite - you either love it or hate it!
Having come a long way since the days of Coronation Street barmaid Bet Lynch donning leopard print "anything" - with the arrival of the more subtle prints such as zebra, giraffe & snakeskin.

As you may already know I love wearing dresses, and tend to wear them a lot.  So it's nice to find a dress that can be transformed from casual to dressy just by adding different appendages.  For this challenge I opted for heels, but fancy trying baseball pumps and a jumper for a basic relaxed feel.


Thursday, 23 August 2018

Again with the stripes! #chicandstylish #linkup

Morning.  Thanks for stopping over.
Come see what this over fifty fashion blogger likes to wear.
After wearing stripes recently by way of some cool ankle trousers I couldn't wait to show off another example of this trendy fashion.  Are you lining up to add this look to your outfits?

With September and Autumn/Fall fast approaching, I'm just about letting warmer outfits filter into my mind.  We can easily let our Summer wear merge into looks for the next season by simply adding another layer.  A tee shirt and cropped jeans needs only a shirt added to turn summer cool into Autumn cosy.


Monday, 20 August 2018

Style Steal - Mustard culottes with cobalt blue.

Hiya, how's your weekend been?
Did you get up to much?
My weekend was filled with family, as usual.  Looked after the grandkids on Saturday morning with nearly all the family congregating at ours in the afternoon.  Saturday evening was a relaxed affair.  We had a fabulous night with my sister and brother-in-law, catching up over a few drinks followed by a cheeky curry!

Sometimes a colour combination just grabs you, picks you up, shakes & wakes up your imagination and leaves you wanting more!   Well that's just what happened when I saw this months stimulating Style Steal .  How striking are these colours together?  Vivid mustard with an equally striking cobalt blue … tempting your colour taste buds or what?


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Joligrace - Storage cases for everything. #chicandstylish #LINKUP

You may remember a couple of weeks ago my internet was down due to a problem with my phone line, which resulted with no internet for NEARLY A WEEK!  Yes it was as bad as I thought It could be.  Luckily is wasn't a complete disaster because I had the chance to get lots of odd jobs done, one in particular I'd been putting off - sorting through my makeup collection.  That was were this beautiful Joligrace makeup case came to the rescue.
Having been asked to select something from their pretty range of bags, makeup cases and travel bags I settled on the obvious choice - yes a pink one!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday, 13 August 2018

Joining the stripe brigade.

Hi there, thanks for joining me on the blog today.  Mummabstylish features my style, this is what this over fifty fashion blogger likes to wear.

Being such a huge fan of culottes & crops, I simple couldn't resist these beauts I picked up in H & M a couple of weeks ago.  Having already got three pairs in my wardrobe along with numerous culotte jumpsuits, I knew I wanted to be wearing them come the colder weather.  So with the weather becoming decidedly cooler over the past week I felt the time had come to share them.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

#Chicandstylish #LINKUP


Hope you are all enjoying August and some fine weather.
Another short and sweet post this week.  I have had a terrible week with awful news so will be out of action for a few days.
I do hope you understand, but would love you to join in with the #chicandstylish #linkup anyway.

"Those we love don't go away,
 they walk beside us everyday.  
Unseen, unheard but always near, 
still loved, still missed and held so dear"


Monday, 6 August 2018

Black Lace with colourful accessories.

Hi there - hope August is going well for you.
We've been busy in the garden, trying to clear the weeds that have appeared.
It's hard work, especially with the hot weather we've been experiencing in the UK over the past few weeks, but better than working in the rain!  It's starting to look tidier already.  Hubby and I have finally agreed to get started on a little decking area outside the kitchen, it will tidy up an otherwise messy area and I can't wait to get going on it. I'm picturing me entertaining friends and family here, so with that in mind here's just what I'd wear for my first get together.


Thursday, 2 August 2018

#Chicandstylish #Linkup

Hi there, welcome to my over fifty fashion blog.  My little space on the internet where I share my style, my thoughts and some of my life.  Thanks for stopping by - you make my day!
Unfortunately I'm been a victim of No Internet!!!  This has caused no end of problems and worries, hence my absence from blogging, visiting and commenting - not to mention, no phone, games station (for my son) or Netflix!!!


Monday, 30 July 2018

Style not Age - Not square with Gingham!

Hi lovelies.
Thanks for visiting today.  The Style not Age ladies are sharing their latest collection today.
Hilda's choice, which is rather an interesting one this month …
Not square with Gingham.
I've only recently jumped on the gingham bandwagon, therefore have only got two items in my wardrobe.  You may well remember seeing three ways with my gingham crops - which I absolutely love.  I also have a rather easy wearing cold shoulder top too!


Thursday, 26 July 2018

Re-living Ibiza. #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello my friends.
Hope I find you well.

Seems like my holiday to Ibiza was years ago.  When in fact I've only been back a couple of weeks! Isn't is a shame how long we wait for holidays to arrive, then no sooner do they transpire than we are back home, back to work and back to normality - feeling like we've never been away!

My weeks holiday in Es Canar with the family was a knockout.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my time away.  The weather was amazing, the food - well the food was appealing, varied & plentiful, the drinks flowed and the company was brilliant.  All of this made even better upon the surprise arrival of my youngest daughter!


Monday, 23 July 2018

Style Steal - White Linen.

Hi there my lovelies - how are you all?
Thanks for joining me today, you're just in time for this month's Style Steal.  If you're not a regular visitor to my little blog let me explain what my Style Steal is.  Every month I try to emulate another bloggers outfit, sometimes a pretty good copy, other times I might just use the same colours with a different angle.

This month has proved rather a difficult one.  You see I've spotted plenty of pretty & stylish outfits, but they all seem to have components that were out of my grasp!  That was until I saw my delightful friend wearing a crisp cool pair of wide leg linen trouser with a dainty slip of a top.
I have had a pair of linen trousers hanging in the wardrobe for ….. well for years!  See when I wore them with my black and white Jaeger top.  My pretty floral top was bought for my recent holiday to Ibiza - blog to follow this week.
This was still too warm to wear so I switched to white shorts for the rest of the day.  Much cooler!  I'd wear this for an evening out with friends, it's such a relaxed look and the linen trousers can be worn with just about any top.


Thursday, 19 July 2018

Another look at The Bias-Cut shirt. #chicandstylish #linkup

Morning, thanks for visiting my little blog space.

Today I thought I'd share another look with my Bias-Cut Shirt.
I don't know what was going on with my hair when these shots were taken, although it was raining, so my hard work of drying and styling were somewhat wasted!
Anyhow - I felt like channelling my inner 'Anna' and doing a bit of pattern matching - please say I've got it right!!
I knew this shirt would work perfectly for many different looks, and figured I could wear it as a jacket.  I picked this dress, but was unsure what the result would be - I reckon it's worked though as I quite like the look.  I definitely needed the extra layer as the rain had made it a little chilly!  My dress is from Matalan a couple of seasons ago, and I have to say I love wearing it.  The thin straps are just the job for hot weather, and the full skirt gives movement and swish when I walk, creating a little breeze wherever I go.  It also makes a lovely circle when I spin round - not that I do it that often, only when my grand-daughter is around - she loves a dancing dress!! 😍


Monday, 16 July 2018

Sharing my Ralph Lauren Sunglasses.

Hi there, how are you?
Today I thought I'd share a recent birthday present with you.
When my birthday arrived back in May, hubby treated me to a couple of fabulous items, & I knew I wanted a new pair of sunnies, but couldn't find any in our local town.  We decided to have a look at the airport the next time we went away,  I didn't have long to wait as we had a few days in L'Escala a week or so later?  So arriving at the airport I perused the duty free sunglass section. (Love doing this, don't you?)
Here's my choice.


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Asos if you're Over Fifty - Yes! #chiandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my lovelies.
Today is my 32nd wedding anniversary.   It only seems like yesterday I was planning my wedding.  Five children, two grandchildren, two dogs, four houses, umpteen cars, plenty of holidays and a lifetime of happy events, all shared with my gorgeous hubby.  My oh my how the years seem to go by quickly!
Maybe he will be taking me out for a special anniversary meal, but let's just wait and see.
If he does, I've got just the dress to wear! Have you heard of ASOS?

I purchased this ASOS dress last year, happy that they proved a point back in 2017.  Being familiar with this company and assumed (wrongly) that their clothes were only for young girls, probably because my daughters' bought so much of their wardrobe from them, how wrong I was!  You don't have to be young and carefree to wear these clothes!


Monday, 9 July 2018

Something to wear for an evening party.

Hi there - what you all up to?
Home after an exciting week away in Ibiza, back to washing, ironing and catching up on everything.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all been doing too, so I'll be working my way through your blogs throughout the coming week.

Now the hot weather has finally arrived it's making me think of what to wear for evening parties in the summer.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

I'm hooked on these Vionic sandals! #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there lovelies.  How are you my friendly over fifty bloggers?

Are you on a summer holiday, looking after children/grandchildren, working or studying?  Whatever it may be I hope you're having fun.
I'm just about surviving the boredom of drinks on tap, delicious food, sunshine (hopefully) laughter and playtime with the kids.  Yes you guessed I'm still on holiday with hubby, my eldest and her family.  Sorry if I'm rubbing it in 😋  Do stop by next week to find out how it all went. X

Today I thought I'd give another look to a recent acquisition to my shoe-collection, these Vionic espadrilles.


Monday, 2 July 2018

"Out of Office" Tee shirt with DIY frayed Jeans.

Hi there my lovelies.

As the title says I'm 'Out of Office' today and for the next few days because I'm on holiday in Ibiza with hubby, my eldest, her hubby and my two grandchildren.  Rather a different holiday to my usual carefree weekends away, but I'm going to enjoy this one just as much if not more!
We're on an all inclusive hotel, which caters for families, so although that's the case, because it's still in term time, there won't be too many older kids around.  There's a fun swimming pool, with lots of water features and play areas, so I'm sure the kids will be having plenty of fun in the sun.  I'm hoping to visit the beach as the hotel is just next door, but princess keeps saying she doesn't like the sand in her toes (who does) & my prince will probably be eating it!!!

Today as I'm out of the office (house really 😂) I thought I better show you my recent purchase that came back with me from my recent trip to L'Escala.


Thursday, 28 June 2018

Sunflowers with mustard culottes #LINKUP #chicandstylish

Hi there, how are you all?
I'm counting down the days till Saturday as I'm off to Ibiza.  I'm so looking forward to getting some sunshine as my tan is starting to get noticeable - well through squinty eyes, in a dark room and wearing white! 😆  No really I've been away a couple of times already & we've also had some sweltering weather recently so I've got a bit of a base!

Are you a culotte wearer?  I myself love them but have got only three pairs.  I'm needing to add to my wardrobe, but haven't found the right ones yet.  I fancy a patterned pair, either floral or maybe a stripe.  So I'll be scanning the stores next time I shop, until then I'm showing off my mustard pair that came from the sale in George - a store where you can buy a little frivolous fancy at the same time as buying your milk!


Monday, 25 June 2018

Style Not Age. The shirt - a Wardrobe Staple!

Thanks for stopping by today.  You're just in time to see what the Style not Age collective are sharing this month.
You may have seen some of our previous challenges, but if not don't worry you can still catch them by clicking on the following links.  See us styling our Jumpsuit's in MaySharing our rainbow outfits along with Going dotty for polka dots!

This month is a little bit different.  We were approached by The Bias Cut and took on the challenge of  The shirt - a wardrobe staple  all of us were bubbling with excitement to get the task started.  So without further delay let's see what's been created.


Thursday, 21 June 2018

Vionic Sandals - comfort all day long! #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning, welcome to my blog today - how are all you over fifty ladies doing?

Today I'm so excited to be sharing these oh-so-comfortable espadrille sandals with you.  I was recently in contact with Vionic Shoes* and after scouring their website I settled on these darlings.  Drawn by the colour and the ankle tie ribbon.  I've heard so much about this company and wanted to find out for myself just what all the fuss was about!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday, 18 June 2018

Style Steal - White, Denim & Tan, what better mix?

Hi there lovelies.
Thanks for stopping by.  Can you believe it's the middle of the year already?  Only a few days before we have our longest day!  I always feel rather sad when getting to this point in the year because although we have a long hot summer in July and August to appreciate (who am I kidding - lol), the nights gradually start to draw in, meaning we're heading towards cooler weather, shorter days and Winter.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves there's still plenty of warmer, sunnier climbs to enjoy. What's more I've got a whole mountain of summer clothes to wear, and a week in Ibiza too!
Here's my latest Style Steal featuring a look that screams summer - a white dress.

Who can go wrong with a white dress, a denim jacket, tan accessories and a pretty turquoise necklace?

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Wide leg trousers & Cold shoulder top. #LINKUP #chicandstylish

Morning, are you ready for some w - i - d - e  leg trousers?
I do hope so because I'm sharing these extra wide floral pair today!  Also the #chicandstylish #LINKUP is live today, why not add a post of two?

I had these wide leg trousers for quite a few years now, the girls bought them for me a few birthdays ago.  I consider them quirky and they come out to play every once in a while.  Today I've paired them with this gorgeous, deep coral pinky red top.  I bought this especially to wear with the trousers, picking out the flower perfectly.  I also like the cold should box style of this pretty top. Making it a summer must-have!


Monday, 11 June 2018

Best of the last six months.

Hi there lovelies.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Just back from a fabulous few days away  I feel it's going to take me a little while to get back to normal, although I'm fully refreshed as I knew I would be.  The weather in L'Escala was very favourable for me and I spent three wonderful days lounging on the beach.  This destination is more like going home rather than a holiday.  I first visited Spain way back in 1984, when three important things happened to me.   Getting engaged to my soul mate, buying our first house together and travelling abroad on holiday with my now hubby.  Plenty of things there have changed over the years, and I have some amazing memories of brilliant holidays with my family and close friends.

First day going to the beach ….


Thursday, 7 June 2018

TK Maxx for dresses #LINKUP #chicandstylish

Morning my fellow bloggers.

Thanks for stopping by today, although I'm away for a few days I've still managed to get a blog post out today, woo hoo!  I'm not sure how because I've been soo busy!  Birthdays, nights out and generally running around like a lunatic!
I'm sure at the moment I'll be sunbathing on a beach or sipping a sangria in the bar, either way I'll be relaxing I'm sure!  Sorry don't mean to rub it in lol, but this over fifty blogger needs a little R & R.

Packing for any kind of holiday or long weekend always brings it's own little problems, and I always seem to struggle with what to select.  Getting it wrong more than I get it right!  I either pack to much, not enough, the wrong choice, or just the wrong season, lol!


Monday, 4 June 2018

Impromptu nights out & Hokey Pokey Ice Cream.

Hi there lovelies.
How are you all?
Another birthday is being celebrated today, my youngest son turns 21!  I still can't believe he can be that age especially as I'm still only 18. 😂
I've had a brilliant weekend, you know when nothing is planned and then last minute someone suggests an impromptu walk along the seafront with a few drinks along the way, culminating with dinner in a local restaurant.  Yes we've all had one of those, well sometimes they can be the best nights by far - can't they?

With the weather reaching the high 20's it felt like I was on the Mediterranean rather than the English Channel!  I even went out without, yes you read correctly without a jacket.


Thursday, 31 May 2018

Lanhydrock NT + #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning lovelies.
Glad you could stop by today - please do read further and join the #chicandstylish #LINKUP with a blog post or three!

Last weekend I had a little break in Cornwall.  We took my mum to see her brother and have a couple of nights in the fabulous Pencubitt House, which is situated in Liskeard.  Arriving after a journey lasting roughly 7 hours (yer … I know a long journey) which included stopping for lunch, I had well and truly earned the G & T that was waiting for me!


Monday, 28 May 2018

Style Not Age - My Jumpsuit Joy!

Hi there ladies, how's May going for you?
Today It's time for May's Style not Age challenge.

I've been away in Cornwall for the weekend with my family & only just got back!  After the busy couple of weeks I've had lately it's been nice to take time away to collect my thoughts and relax a little.
The stunning Pencubitt House which is situated in Liskeard played host this weekend.  I enjoyed the surroundings of the countryside in Cornwall whilst partaking in drinking large G & T's, wine and wonderful food - well someone has to! 😉 The silence interrupted by the distant mooing of cows, the flapping and swooping of the swallows building their nests & our intermittent laughter! I'll be sharing a post about my weekend away soon, so hope you'll watch out for that one!
Back to the Style not Age Challenge ….

May's task fell into the lap of Anna.  My Jumpsuit Joy has been one of my favourite challenges so far, and I jumped in (sorry) with two feet.  I did think I'd be buying a new jumpsuit as you've seen all my collection already, here's my snakeskin choice, orange is the new black pick & finally my faux velvet style steal.


Thursday, 24 May 2018

Eva Trends Lace dress, #LINKUP #chicandstylish

Morning lovelies.
So pleased you've joined me today.  Along with the #chicandstylish #linkup I'm sharing my last piece I received from the vast choice at Eva Trends. Having already shown you my previous two choices Cool, crisp linen dress and throw on & go cardigan, I feel I've saved the best till last!

You all know I'm a big fan of lace having worn it umpteen times in the past see, my black lace dress, this pretty lace top from Spain, wearing pink lace for a wedding & my lace patterned skirt.
When this caught my eye on the screen, I didn't realise quite HOW nice it would be!  Screens never really do outfits justice do they?

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