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Thursday 29 June 2023

Another Vibrant Dress from Jenerique - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning all.
Hope all is good with you.

Did you catch me and my four friends on Monday?  We styled our jumpsuits for the monthly challenge and you can view mine and find out my reasons for not keeping the 60's inspired abstract all in one!

As you can imagine it's been a quiet week so far (my two daughters and son are away with their families) so I've been getting on top of a few jobs that I've let slip.  I've been sorting through my dressing room and putting things away and making piles for the charity bin and for adding to my Vinted account!  I'm such a hoarder and keep nearly everything.  I'm trying to go through my things and ask myself do I really need it and will I wear it again!  Chances are if it's not been worn for at least a year (yes I keep things for longer than that .. lol) it's probably not going to get worn again.  I just find it so hard to get rid of anything, especially if it’s a loved item that I've worn for a special occasion!  

I've also been trying to up my Reel game on Instagram, and even though I say it myself, produced an enchanting reel featuring some gifted perfumes ... have a look on my page and let me know what you think!

So whilst clearing up I noticed a dress that I've not shared with you and today is the perfect opportunity to feature it on here.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 26 June 2023

Style Not Age Share ... June Jumpsuits.

Hi there,
How you doing?

All well and good here with me, and I'm excited to have a little friend to stay this week, Halle Berry is here with me.  There'll be plenty of walks, weather permitting, and as some of the children are away she'll fill my daytime up so I don't miss the kids.  

The new build is coming along nicely with the roofers putting felt and batten on it to making it a bit more water-tight, just need the windows installed to make it fully weathered in!  I've long awaited to be at this stage, although I know there's still LOADS to be done before we can even think about moving in, but I feel it's a milestone. 

That's enough of my ramblings, let's get back to this months challenge. We looked to Hilda for our title and she gave us a rather nice one to celebrate the hot weather here in the UK.

Jumpsuit in June.

I have a liking for jumpsuits and have often worn them on the blog as they're a real winner in my eyes.  As you know, and I often say, I adore wearing dresses, so for me a jumpsuit is similar but in trouser form.  There's no worry about trying to match items and often forget about a certain top until after the event!  So for me an all-in-one works really well.
Now the only trouble is that as I mentioned above all my jumpsuits have been feature on the blog before, but you can see some of my favourites here .... Coral on holiday, this Floral beauty I managed to find in a smaller size, finding my casual vibe in this one, love these citrus tones over this beauty and this abstract patterned version from Izabel London.

I did a little online shopping and found this flamboyant beauty and thought it looked super - so could be a welcomed addition in the Summer.


Thursday 22 June 2023

Styling A Black Knitted Dress - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there, hope all is good with you.

I'm enjoying a quieter week after a busy period with birthdays, the wedding and the hen/stag weekends.  My youngest daughter is in Glastonbury so I'll be avidly watching the telly to see if I can see her ... lol!
The other two are away with their families on Sunday and my son is also off next week too!  It's going to be very strange to have most of them away, and to be honest I'm not sure I'm going to like it!! Fortunately my youngest is still around but will be working shift work so he'll be in and out.  I'm looking after Halle so I'm sure she'll keep my busy with needing walks and lots of attention.  It's nice to 'borrow' her every now and again, and it reminds me that I don't want the tie of having a dog full time - so this'll do nicely for me.

I must just share this story with you as I’m chuffed to pieces about it. Yesterday I met a friend for lunch and a catch up. Whilst sitting at my table a lady came over from the next table and showed me her phone. It had a photo of me on it (from Instagram) and asked if it was me!  It was and she told me she follows me and just had to come and ask. Her husband also confirmed it was me because I had the same handbag with me that I used in the piccy!  Well you can imagine I was thrilled to bits and felt amazing. She told me her name so I mentioned it on the gram and am now following her too! It’s nice to actually meet people in real life isn’t it and I would have felt the same, bit like meeting someone famous! 

After borrowing my daughters knitted dress the other day, I knew that it was offered in black too, but was a previous season so I set about finding one on Vinted!  There were lots on there and I managed to bag a bargain with this one for £4 BNWT.  I got the same size as Sophie's and am really happy with the fit.  I popped a full slip under it to gain a smoother appearance, and paired it with some new sandals. 


Monday 19 June 2023

A Tea Dress for Brunch.

Hi there,
How are you today?

Glad to have you here, it certainly means a lot.
Who else loves wearing a dress, especially a lovely floaty version that’s perfect for afternoon tea. Well what about wearing a tea dress for Sunday brunch?

I’ve been kindly gifted this feminine beauty from Izabel London recently and decided to wear it on Fathers Day when we had a fun and busy day with the faimly.   
We started off going to a local restaurant for brunch.  It's a venue we've been to before, in fact my daughter took me there for my Mother's Day treat back in March.  It was a hot morning, so we decided to eat in the garden.  There were many people there with a couple of them having dogs.  I don't mind having dogs at a restaurant, especially when they are outside, however the one of them wasn't 'small child friendly' so Max couldn't walk around as he'd like to have done.  The waitress who served us didn't seem particularly 'au fait' with her job and it took a while after she came to our table to place the order.  We must have waited nearly an hour for drinks and then a further 20 mins for our food to arrive, which I must add some things she got wrong!  The food was nice, but the whole experience wasn't up to our usual standard, which the owner explained was a result of us arriving for a 10.15 table (along with a whole load of other customers) and as it was Father's Day service took longer than normal!  At no point did she admit to being sorry and understanding our situation, which has left a bad taste in my mouth and I feel reluctant to go there again!  

Anyway, after having a decent classic breakfast (the sausages were very tasty) we came home and popped to our local for a couple of drinks.  It was nice to sit outside in the fresh air, where David and I could chat and catch up somewhere different.  Two drinks later we came home for me to change my shoes and went to my eldest's house where all the family have a curry delivered.  There was lots of talk about forthcoming holidays, one daughter is off to Glastonbury and the other two are away to Greece next weekend, so it'll be a quiet few days with them all gone, especially with my son & his family are away to Center Parks as well!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Thursday 15 June 2023

Festival Season - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
How are you all doing today?

With June well under our belt we're most definitely heading into Festival season.
Festivals tend to be arranged for the Summer months in the UK when the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny - well that doesn't always ring true here does it and often there's scenes of mega mud pits at the various venues.  To be fair we're equipped to handle that now-a-days and the highest sales are in the all-round products that help out these situations.  Wellies are now firm favourites to purchase prior to a weekend of camping fun, food, drink and music for ‘just in case situations’ as are fashionable rain jackets and hats.  Anyway enough of bad weather talk, let’s talk about what other items are needed for festivals.

My daughter is off to Glastonbury this year after a couple of years not being able to get a ticket!  I like to listen to all her chats about it, like who they are going to see, what stage etc ... Sir Elton John is headlining on the main stage and I'm so envious.  I had tickets to see him many years ago, unfortunately he suffered a throat infection so had to postpone the concert that was at Leeds Castle.  The new date was when we were on holiday so sadly we had to sell our tickets and didn't get to see him, that's one of my big regrets.  I can't wait to hear about Glasto when Sophie returns and I'm sure she'll have loads of stories.

Sophie and her boyfriend have been out looking for tents, they've both decided it will be better to go for a bigger five man version - that's so they've got plenty of room, not so they can share with anyone else! 
I suggested a camping trolly to ferry everything from the car, it's a huge venue and I'm sure they won't want to carry everything.  They aren't taking any food as such, just plenty of snacks that will keep them going.  Also they won't bother with much alcohol.  It will be hard to keep it cold and there's nothing worse than a warm drink eh!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, comments are my own. 


Monday 12 June 2023

Another Jumpsuit!

Hi there,
Well that was a busy few days!

Last Thursday I went to my nephews wedding and what a lovely day it was!  I ended up wearing this dress that I featured for the Style Not Age challenge.  You can see here that I changed the accessories and opted for white rather than the tonal greens.  Do let me know in the comments which one you preferred, although both were very striking.

On Friday after a slow start I went to visit the bride and groom at their house.  They put on another fantastic spread to celebrate their wedding and I enjoyed more delicious food followed by a small amount of fizz and a general chat about the previous day.  Everyone commented upon having a wonderful day and enjoying the whole event, asking could we all do it again please! Lol.

The weekend was spent in the garden on Saturday, working hard on cutting the grass (me), trimming the hedge (David) and tidying up (both of us).  If you've followed the blog you'll know I have a love hate, hate relationship with my garden.  It's the bane of my life come the Summer months and it keeps me busy every week getting things in shape.  Oh for the days of a small garden ... lol.  With that being said I do enjoy seeing it when it's done, it's quite satisfying and something I'm very proud of. We were thoroughly shattered by the end of the day and sat down to watch the football with a tasty Chinese takeaway meal.

So here's today's OOTD.  I wore this to enjoy the BBQ yesterday at my daughters house.  She's got a big kitchen/family room and enclosed garden which is perfect for the kids, and they've got all their gardens toys to play with too.  It's been a hot couple of days and I'm not really used to it!  I know I can hear you sun worshipers shouting at me, but I need a few weeks to get into hotter weather.  We've gone from jeans and jumpers to full on shorts and t-shirts.  The British weather certainly does keep us on our toes, just don't know what it's going to do next!


Thursday 8 June 2023

How to Wear the Chunky Sneaker Trend - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello and welcome to Mummabstylish.
Hope you're having a super week so far.

I'm actually at the wedding I've been talking about for the past few weeks. I know you're probably so bored of hearing about it now - but I promise there won't be much more.
Do pop by stories on Instagram to see what I decided to wear and what accessories I found.
It's been a busy few weeks and I'm looking forward to having a quiet more relaxed time, although with my big family I'm not sure that will happen!

I'm happy to share today's post with you all & I for one am excited to say I've actually taken notice.  I decided to style my daughters sneakers on the blog and really like how they look, so much so I'm going to invest in my own for the next season.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this style that's trending right now.

This is a sponsored post.


Monday 5 June 2023

Jumpsuit in June & May Review.

Morning all
Hope your first days of June have gone well. 
Birthday Celebrations yesterday for me, it was my youngest who celebrated his 26th. We got together as a family and had a few drinks and a takeaway. The weather was sunny but still very windy so we didn’t sit outside which was such a shame. We all squeezed indoors to enjoy food and drinks.
The three of us popped up the road to our local for one drink early in the afternoon, it was great to relax and unwind in the sun, although we had to move locations as the first table was VERY windy!  I'm just so over this wind now, need some proper summer weather eh!

I’ve had a really busy couple of weeks and the next one won’t be any different! I went out for afternoon tea twice and then took my mum out to lunch with my sister last week, it was a belated Mothers Day treat and we all thoroughly enjoyed our lunch out at Crescent Turner which is about a 10 min drive from me. It’s a stunning venue and offer weddings there too!  There was one going on when I was there which was lovely to see and also quite exciting as I’ll be there for my nephews in the week!  Do you remember I’ve been toying with two dresses and have finally, with the help of David, decided on one to wear.  Do watch out to see which one I picked!

My jumpsuit today has been in my possession for a couple of months now.  I’ve featured it on IG before, but donned it for the celebratory afternoon and loved how it felt and looked. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 1 June 2023

How to Style Wide Leg Trousers - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning everyone
How are you all today?

Well isn't the weather awful here?  Nothing but cold wind and dreary skies, it's hard to think it's the 1st day of June!  I'm doubting we'll have any sort of decent Summer which makes me sad.  I can't even look forward to a holiday of sunshine because both David and I want to concentrate on building the new house.  I've got so many lovely Summer dresses and sandals to enjoy wearing, but all I feel like putting on are trousers, long sleeves and warm jackets like this outfit I wore yesterday for an afternoon out with friends. I had in mind this pretty dress but just could not get my legs out - even if the weather was accommodating my legs haven't had any sun are a paler shade of white and in the cold they'd have a pretty 'mottled' tinge to them ... lol! I seriously need to get some fake tan on - any recommendations?

Anyway more about my ensemble.  I had in mind to wear the trousers once I'd decided a dress would be too cold.  I popped them on and headed to the wardrobe for a shirt.  My hand fell upon this one and I figured the colours would work with my black faux leather.  I toyed with black heels too, but ended up with these lighter coloured feminine heels and matching padded bag, read on for all the deets!

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