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Monday, 14 June 2021

What to wear to a Summer BBQ.

Morning everyone.
Thanks for joining me today - so good to have you here.

What have you been up to over the weekend, do tell all!

Friday night I was ballroom dancing again, it's been lovely to get back to a normal'ish' way of life and great to catch up with friends - especially my best one.  We have been learning the Rhumba, it's been an easy routine to remember & I like the fast pace of learning in this class, but it has been a shame to have to dance alone.  
Saturday hubby and I visited an Aunt in Harlow, Essex.  We had a wonderful couple of hours reminiscing old times and having plenty of laughs along the way.  It's awfully sad to think times have gone when she used to come to stay with my dear MIL, we would go out for dinner and they would come to ours on a Sunday for a roast with all my family.  She's always been full of life with plenty of funny stories to tell - alas times change don't they.  We have to embrace the present, now is the time we make tomorrows memories.  

We also visited the local Robin's Pie and Mash shop.  It's a traditional East End dish comprising of minced meat pie (different pastry for top and bottom), mashed potato and green liquor ( made of parsley, potato water & eel jelly)  Obviously we bought home Pies and Liquor for the family, its a real treat in my house. 😀
Sunday was good fun too.  My best friend's birthday so we were invited to her's to make pizzas and have a few drinks (alcohol free obviously)  You may have seen my stories on IG showing me making pizzas.  What a brilliant idea, they were easy to make, I put on my choice of toppings and slid them into the oven.  Some five mins later they were ready, smelling super tasty I enjoyed mine with some salad.  
Oh yes and there was also the option to make sweet pizzas with chocolate, strawberries and biscoff spread - yep I can confirm they tasted awesome.  Here's the oven my friends have. 

With weather in the high twenties yesterday, I was melting.  I thought my shoestring strap floral black and white dress was the best option.  I didn't want sleeves or anything too tight.  I would probably have been better off in shorts and a bikini top, but that wasn't really the look I was aiming for!!! Lol


Thursday, 10 June 2021

Culottes, Tan Blazer & Pretty White Blouse - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
How's it going?
We've had some brilliant weather here in the UK recently, I hope you've been blessed with some warm rays. 
I'm getting the garden into shape and today after ballet I'm off to the garden center to pick up some new flowers.  I really enjoy being in the garden and would happily work outside than do any housework or cooking!  As it was so hot yesterday we had a BBQ of burgers and sausages, we all agreed a basic menu like this is sometimes all you want!  
I'm on day 10 of no alcohol and calorie counting - it's going well so far - so I'm hoping I can trim down again.  I'm also back to my spin classes, I absolutely love working out and even though I find it bloomin' hard work I know I feel better for it.  My dancing classes are open again, so I've been having fun getting back into the swing of them too. 

Did you miss any of last month's posts?  You can catch them all in one on Monday's post featuring my May Review.

Had my 2nd jab on Monday, all went well and we even managed to have a bite to eat in a local restaurant.  The little Italian called Posillipo is in the center of Canterbury and was rather busy for a Monday night.  We had a table inside and devoured our dishes washed down with a beer (zero for me) - no wine on a school night of course. 😆  I wonder if you saw my dishes on Instagram? Hope I didn't make you jealous?  I had Scalopine Di Pollo with a side order of Spinaci - what more can I say it was delicious. 

I've been wearing lots of dresses over the past few days, it's been too hot to wear much else.  I wanted to share this pretty blouse with you today.  I need to wear it with a pretty white skirt, but first I need to get a pretty white skirt - lol. X


Monday, 7 June 2021

May Review.

Good morning everyone.
Thanks for stopping by the blog today.
How you all feeling?

Isn't the year flying by!  I can't believe it's June already, without a hint of a holiday or break away on the horizon.  Have you managed to escape somewhere interesting and exciting - do tell!
My season of birthday's has finally eased with only one birthday late next month.  I'm certainly all caked out now which doesn't help with losing weight - lol.

As it's the beginning of the month it's time for the May Review so in case you missed any you can catch them here in this concise post.

I've started a new monthly series called At Home With ..... did you see it?
If you would like to be featured please do let me know, I would love you to join in. X

So cast your mind back to the start of May.  The weather was typical for the UK and very changeable, so I was between wearing trousers and boots with coats to wearing dresses with trainers and pretty jackets.  My first look is my shacket, my opinion did a full 180 with this trend & now I love them! 
This is from my local F & F and I think it smartens up jeans and these faux leather trousers perfectly.


Thursday, 3 June 2021

Neutral Casual Chic - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my lovely friends.
Hope you are all well, are you enjoying a four day week?

I had a super weekend and because the sun was shinning everything & everyone seemed happier.  I actually sat in the garden on my new-last-year rattan furniture, haven't managed to do that yet this year!  We even ate dinner outside on Monday.
It's half term here in the UK and the town has been really busy so I try to avoid it unless I pop in early.  I met a friend on Wednesday, we went to have lunch at our local which is in walking distance - we've not seen each other since the beginning of lock-down and it was lovely to catch up with her.  Sitting in the pub garden, in the sunshine, eating and drinking was pure heaven, I'm not going to take things like this for granted anymore.

On Tuesday I returned to my spin class at the gym, I was worried I wouldn't be any good - but I surprised myself and finished the whole class not coming in last but with quite a respectable score.  I'm pleased to have booked another class this morning - wish me luck!
I also have a trip to our local wildlife park booked today - I'll be going with my girls and grandchildren, I'm excited to be visiting Wingham Wildlife Park as I've not been before.  There's lots for the kids to do, so the fun and adventure begins as soon as we arrive. 

Now let's tell you a little about my outfit of the day.

The long necklace I fancied wearing works really well - it's got a bit of everything going on, wood, beads, gold and chains.

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