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Monday 31 October 2016

Weekend catch up.

Morning lovelies,

Well what a whirlwind weekend that was!
I don't know about you, but that extra hour we were rewarded with (we were getting it anyway!) yesterday was much needed and coveted by me especially.  How did I spend mine?  In bed!  Well after two late nights on the trot, fatigue was starting to take over.
Anyhow - here's how I filled my late nights.

Friday, being my lovely mum's birthday, had a fun filled night at hers. Chinese take away for ten.  Not all the family could make the gathering, but everyone who came had a great time nonetheless!   I normally drive, but on this occasion I managed to guzzle a couple or four proseccos, followed by some port!  Suffice to say I did have a little headache in the morning!
I opted for casual on this night.  Not totally happy with the colour matches, but it had a relaxed look and feel to it.

Saturday was a rather lazy affair, so much so I stayed in my dressing gown for most of the morning.  Cuddles and games with my darling princess in the afternoon, before popping out for a couple of 'essentials'.
The 'essentials' were beer and prosecco. The venue we were visiting doesn't serve alcohol, but you can take your own.  You'd have thought I'd have learnt my lesson after the previous night but not me another night of gorgeous food and fizzy beverage!
Hubby and I had the pleasure of eating in one of our favourite fish restaurants.  Wheelers Oyster Bar is such a unique dining experience where you can not only sample the delights of Oysters, our favourite beer battered oysters make for a wonderful pre-starter, the signature dish of lobster lasagne, crab cakes and sea bass with homemade breads to tickle your taste buds and some mouth watering deserts - you can imagine I nearly rolled home!
I have to say if you ever have the pleasure of eating here you be in for a treat and spoilt for choice for sure.
So have I filled your appetite for food?  Then let me fill your mind with my chosen outfit for the night.
I thought I'd wear this super lace skirt, previously worn here and here.
I love this skirt, and being so comfortable it proves to be a winner every time I wear it.  I feel a plain black blouse suited the evening, but this blouse has a lovely neck tie that makes a really subtle statement.  The cross over blouson effect is a good one for me, covering a tummy that has eaten and drunk too much over the past few days!  My ever faithful black suede block heel sandals came out again, but when you know how comfy they are is hard to say No!
This blouse has cute little gold buttons on the cuffs to add the statement - saying I'm all you need, no jewellery required!

Onto yesterday after my extra hour lazing in bed, I was greeted by a very quiet house, with three children working, one in London for her birthday - found me chilling all day.  I'd planned to do so much, but took full advantage of the calm and tranquillity of a house without children!  It wasn't long before it was back to normality once they'd all returned home and we were busy getting ready for the third and final night out!
Prezzo in our local town had the pleasure of our company last night, all except eldest son - who was working.  The Italian restaurant  fitted the bill for our little gathering last night, serving us pasta, pizza, prosecco and beer, oh and ice cream for princess. 
I took birthday cake and candles not to embarrass my daughter (which I did) but more for princess to sing and blow the candles out - her face was a picture filled with excitement and amazement - kids love birthdays when they're young don't they!
Last night I went for casual with comfort.  Long flat boots, thick black tights, checked plum pencil skirt, along with black jumper and beads.

Skirt from Tu in the sale now for £10.50!
Jumper from Matalan for £14.00
Opaque tights here for £4.50
Long flat boots from Debenhams - Gabor for £160

I hope you all had super weekends, taking full advantage of that extra hour.  If you were lucky enough to have it, how did you spend it?

See you tomorrow, oh and I just want to add please check out my blog on Wednesday as I've got something rather special happening!!!

              Jacqui B.

Thursday 27 October 2016

Throw back Thursday - Styling a long dress with booties.

Hello, how do I find you?  Hopefully all good.

Today has been rather busy, but most importantly spending some precious time with my princess.
She is sooo adorable, just love being with her, and to say doing nothing when she's around is an under-statement!  Suffice to say everything could and did wait!
Hence now I'm blogging into the night, catching up and planning for the next weeks.

Therefore today I've nothing to blog about, nothing, nada, zilch!
So I was thinking how about sharing a post I had the photographs taken for back in the latter stages of the summer - yes that seems like a lifetime ago when in - fact it was merely a month ago!  It was on a Thursday when the photos were taken, on a sunny warm day at the end of September, so a throw back Thursday of sorts!

I wanted to show an outfit based on booties with a maxi dress, which I could happily wear now, however I would add a jumper over the maxi for a warmer, cosier feel.

I bought this maxi dress a few years ago from one of my favourite stores. TK Maxx has so many gorgeous bargains over the whole store, I mentioned many times I buy so many of my bags in there, and also nearly always manage to find a cute dress, some times two!  I call this my boho style dress, with a large frill on the bottom, a frill on top of the bandeau style top.  Whenever I've worn this dress I wear this little lace cover up over the top - making me feel less bare!  The added beads, a real champion in my eyes, are from Primark and I've worn them on numerous occasions, check them out
here and here.

I love these booties, each time I put them on they feel so special, do you ever get that feeling when you wear a specific item?  I think It's because I'd wanted something like this for ages, so when I found them - and they fitted well - and they were a fantastic price - and they look so dam good, the feeling was complete!  These are from Florence and Fred, last season so no longer available but you can find similar boots on my blog post here.

I hope you agree with me about wearing booties with a maxi dress.  Please let me know if you've worn a maxi skirt or dress with boots, I'd like to hear what your opinions are.

These Photographs were taken by my very talented god-daughter Esther Ruby, I think she's done and amazing job and I'm thrilled with them. 

Back soon with a warmer, season friendly outfit - and remember we did have some warmer weather in the summer and it will return eventually.

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Until tomorrow guys it's been fun.   X

                 Jacqui B.


Tuesday 25 October 2016

Camera skills, showing check scarf - Not doing the Highland Fling!


Not much to report today, other than showing you a few practise shots using camera, tripod and remote controller.  I know the old saying practise makes perfect is so true, but I'm so impatient I want to be capturing fabulous 'selfies' now!

Without further ado, here's today offerings, but bear in mind I'm still a novice and I'm no Cecil Beaton, come to think of it chuckle, chuckle I'm no Twiggy either - laughing very loudly now!!

Today had me running around in this,  Zara skinny jeans, these from the sale earlier on in the year - I paid roughly £15 for this dark blue block skinny.  They make a welcome change to the faded and distressed jeans that are my go to favourite picks.

The jumper is from Peacocks, I just needed a neutral coloured jumper for a previous weekend away, when I went canal boating with some friends, check out the post here to see how much fun I had "messing about on the River".  I love how this is such a relaxed looking jumper, with the slouch of the off the shoulder seam & box shape.
The gold beaded necklace is such a fabulous bold piece, I wear it often and always have someone say something nice about it. I received this from my sister-in-law - it's one of those pieces that is just so versatile.
Much coveted are my beige tassel boots!  I simply adore them - and yes you've seen these on many posts See here and here.  Tassels are everywhere, especially booties this season, if you've not already got some I suggest you head off now to grab yourself a pair - you wont be sorry!

Check these stunners from  Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Asos and for a wide fit J D Williams
Paired with some skinnies a jumper and the obvious scarf you're good to go!

Trying hard not to look like an extra in Braveheart lol,  Here's the scarf in all it's glory.  I was drawn to the colour ways, I have to admit I do like 'boring' beige as It's sometimes called, but this is acceptable having got rust orange and blue alongside it.  I know it will go with loads I have already in my wardrobe.
I would have preferred a square style rather than the long rectangle, but as it was only £4 from Primark I figured it'll be worth it's money even if I only wore it a few times.  Anyway I can still look for a square option on my travels can't I??

I now look like I'm about to start dancing the Highland Fling!  Isn't it a lovely choice of scarf?

Are you favouring the check scarf?  Let me know what you think of my outfit, and If you'd like to hear more please subscribe up in the little box for up-to-date info on what I'm doing.  Loving you for that already!

Bye for today, enjoy Tuesday. X

              Jacqui B.

Sunday 23 October 2016

Happy Sunday.

Hope today I find you happy and relaxed.......

After a busy few days I'm having a rest and not doing anything - that's except the washing oh and the tidying, not forgetting the washing up lol.  But forgetting the roast dinner today!  Yes there's been major tantrums over this - but hubby and I are standing fast and not budging, so It's a take away for us and the same for the children or they could always cook for themselves! Ha ha.

A fairly tame evening at the birthday celebrations, and I felt so ill, OK hung-over! I didn't drink but drove, feeling very smug as today I've no headache.

I ended up wearing the thrown-together-at-the-last-minute outfit I suggested on yesterdays post, see here.
I know this looks like a dress but these are separate pieces,  purely by chance they compliment each other and are a great match!

A previously worn stretchy pencil skirt from Matalan.  Just so cosy, but still with a bit of style and class paired with my recent purchase from Marks and Spencer see my post here. The ever popular Ruffle lace blouse that I've chosen to wear twice this week! 
I just couldn't wear heels last night after Friday night in very high heels, with not just the car to bar aspect, but a walk to the pub and having to stand for ages (OK maybe half an hour!) but long enough for toes to be numb from being squished! 
Worn for the first time this season my long boots,  basic black flat boots are some times a god-send for achy feet, and an extra thumbs up I didn't need to wear tights - hem of skirt met and covered top of boots = warm legs, Yay!

As I told you earlier I was at my BFF house for a birthday celebration.  BFF sounds like we are about 12, but we have been friends since she was 12 and I was 13. 
We actually met in a tap dancing exam - one of our many funny moments, you see we went to dancing classes by the same teacher at different venues, we were the only people taking the exam so just the two of us in the room.  We figured that because we started the dance in different corners of the room we must of been doing different dances, however once the music started the penny dropped and we were in fact doing the same dance!
Just the beginning of a great friendship that has taken us through, school, college, boyfriends, engagements, weddings, children and a colourful array of memories of all descriptions.  How lucky I am to have her in my life, my 'bestie'. x

 Taken in Spain 1984, so young, we often wonder how our parents let us out on our own!!!

I hope you have a BFF in your life.  Here's to another 40 years with mine.

Just to add there's so many sales on now, I hope you're taking full advantage of them - I think I will!

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Until tomorrow it's be great. x

                 Jacqui B.


Saturday 22 October 2016

Over 50, today feeling over 70!

Hello peeps,

Slow day today to say the least!  Feeling every bit of my 52 years today after a late night and a lot of prosecco!

Celebrating with the whole family last night, some 26 adults and 3 children - taking over the restaurant seemed like the best option, and that we did. 
Eating delicious food and drinking the prosecco we took, chatting and generally having a superb evening.  How great it was to see all the family together, and how lucky that we all get on so well.

So back to today, as I previously mentioned a very slow start to the day and not much achieved or for that matter attempted lol.
Will have to pull myself together soon as I'm out again - out to our besties for a double birthday celebration.  With regard to the 'drinking prosecco tonight' situation, I'll possibly abstain for this evening, but we're not there yet so that could all change ha ha!

Excited to have a little secret project in the pipeline - but I can't divulge anything yet - suffice to say 'excited' is an understatement!  Watch this space possibly around the beginning of November when all will be revealed.

So what's this over 50 year old going to wear tonight?  something in fashion, something comfortable, something thrown together last minute - yes to all three!!

Another black outfit I know, but this is comfort we're needing tonight!

Bye for today, have a good night and I'll see you soon. X

                     Jacqui B.

Thursday 20 October 2016

Black and white at the cinema.

Hi there,
Yes It's black and white at the cinema - my outfit not the film - lol!

Off out to the cinema and have a bite to eat.  Have you seen Inferno yet?  To be totally honest is there any film with Tom Hanks in that isn't great?  He's one of my favourite actors, so I'm on to a winner before I've even sat down in the cinema.

A quick round up of the days events, nothing to report really, Ballet class, was...err let's say interesting seeing as I've committed to an exam in two weeks time!!!!  Well I'll keep you informed on how that pans out. ;-)

How we feeling about the black and white - good call or not? 
Not worn these jeggings for ages, to be quite honest they not the most comfortable option, because they have no belt loops, so no belt what does that equal? Falling down jeggings Yes!  I keep hitching them up, doing a strange wriggling dance, some people may think I'm trying to twerk - OK well I'm OK with that. ha ha!

Wallis have some fabulous similar leggings in store or on line here.
I've opted for this spotty blouse underneath the plain black jumper both from Matalan, it's long enough to hang down, to create this on trend look that's a winner in my book!
All that's left to comment about is my high black leather ankle boots.  So old I can't remember where they came from, so take from that the fact of buying something and keeping it long enough it'll come back in fashion lol.

This gorgeous Jaeger necklace comes out to play every so often and it's a real statement piece that was worth the amount it cost!

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Off out now, until next time byeeee. X

                    Jacqui B.

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Fashion blogging for over fifty year olds

Hi there.

Starting to feel very proud of my little Fashion for over fifties blog! 

I have days when I wonder why I ever thought I could do it!  But I realise I'm not competing in any way, shape or form with some of the wonderful, professional and informative blogs I see on a daily basis - I want to run along side them, giving the odd piece of 'real' hands on, true life inspirational ideas. There are so many blogs posted daily, one could read 24/7 if you so wish.

After all we are all individual with different ideas, styles and varying amounts of money to spend on and for our blogs.
I'm just wanting to share my ideas about my fashion now I'm in the 45 -60 age bracket (don't you just hate having to tick that box?) Lol! Adding a little about me and my day gives you an insight as to what kind of person I am.  It's actually so lovely to read and see other blogs from all over the world, different aged people, different cultures and amazing surroundings.  I'm amazed when I check out Instagram to see photos posted in stunning areas such as Yosemite National Park, Austrian Tirol, Los Angeles to name a few.  Equally fantastic to see 'local' photos in blogs from ladies in the UK featuring some of our incredible scenery and views.

We all have our favourite blogs, our go to blogs - to see how it's done, what they're up to and sometimes for inspiration.  There's nothing wrong with that - if I can give someone inspiration and belief that they can wear something, do something or attain a goal and vice versa, well hurrah for that!

Leading me onto fashion for the over 50's - here is today's outfit.

Do you like Chino trousers?  I do, mine from Principles have been in my trousers collection for a couple of years.  Easy to wear, easy to style, and my only criticism they do crease easily and are a nightmare to iron if you don't catch them in time!  The style I've got are a crop ankle length on me - so just about suitable for this changeable weather we're having now.  Worn here with my very much loved baseball trainers.  Make this a casual outfit for everyday wear. 
Now these baseball trainers are still all over the shops and I think everyone needs a pair in their life!  I keep suggesting my mum gets some, but she's so far not taken me up on that idea!
Mine are from Next, I been checking what they've got available now and there's plenty of choices here's some I think are a good start:  silver with toe cap here  blue sparkly here and a bit of leopard print here (the last ones are my personal pick atm)

Paired with this a standard stripy shirt, worn over a nude Cami top. Upon looking at the photos this shirt may have to be relegated to the wear-under-a-jumper pile, look at the creases!!!    I bought this from H and M earlier this year, but I may have been turned off wearing it again.  One to peruse I think. Don't you hate it when that happens?
Now you'll have to forgive me these photos.  First attempt at using the tripod and remote button!  Blimey it's so difficult,  I think a tiny bit more practise maybe needed in the photography department!

So long, until the next time. X

                  Jacqui B.


Monday 17 October 2016

Hello Monday - Weekend round up.

Here's what I got up to at the weekend.

A big thumbs up for the new Marks and Spencer blouse I wore out on Saturday night.
Going along with the ruffle fashion that everyone is agog about I picked this cute black blouse and took a chance on the fit and look on me.  As soon as I slipped it on (OK wriggled into it over my curlers - lol) I figured I'd selected a winner! 
Find this lovely example of fashion, class and style at M and S here.
With it's long lace sleeves, a half lace yolk with a fabulous ruffle detail, making this a real statement piece.
I don't usually like to wear all black, but felt the black lace detail over the yoke and sleeves it changed the whole look and complimented the culottes I wore with it.  Finished off the only way I could with high black strappy sandals - striking!

I have wanted some culottes for months, so glad I finally found the ones for me last week.  I've ended up with black because the blue had sold out and it was the next best colour for my wardrobe.  These are from Dorothy Perkins and you may still find some still available here for only £15!!  The fit on me is perfect and I love the length just below the knee and not too long.  I'm looking forward to styling these lots of different ways, and sharing them with you too!

Busy weekend what with being out on Saturday evening, then Sunday had a day spent with Princess.
Her mummy and daddy had decided to take themselves out for the day, so we had the pleasure of taking princess to see the animals at a local wildlife park.  We managed to miss the rain showers, which was lucky because I didn't know how to attach the rain hood!! lol.
Wildwoodtrust is set amid 40 acres of ancient woodland.
I'd wanted to visit this attraction for a while now and yesterday seemed the ideal opportunity to see the Brown Bears and other mammals, birds and reptiles housed there.
The Brown Bears in particular interested me so much because they are rescued from a sad & neglected life in Bulgaria.
Both bears being underweight and showing signs of stress with anxiety, a direct result of the treatment they had been subjected to.  The supporters and volunteers of Wildwood trust raised over £50,000 to rescue and rehabilitate both the bears.  This has proved a success and the bears are free to roam in a more pleasant home and a better suited woodland setting.
We saw other animal such as Beavers, Badgers, Otters, Bison, Red Deer, Red Fox and Red Squirrel to name a few.  We nearly managed to get all the way round with princess awake, but alas she didn't see the Reindeer - never mind she won't have to wait too long until they make their own personal appearance in there own show! (Jingle, Jingle)

Yesterday in the muddy woodland walk I opted for jeans, jumper, jacket and boots - pulled together with the obvious - a scarf ;-) 

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Will see you tomorrow, have a lovely day/evening. X

                  Jacqui B.

Saturday 15 October 2016

Weekend Wish list.

Morning ladies ( and gents).

So happy for the weekend to have arrived - rather quickly I hasten to add.  Although that's good isn't it!

Excited to be out, out tonight - dinner with friends we've not seen for ages, so that will be fab to catch up with them, enjoy a great meal and have a 'couple' of drinky poos as well!

What to wear is my brain tease at the moment......
I'm visualizing me in the recent purchase from M and S, a black blouse with lace sleeves and half lace yoke. It also has the very popular frills down either side - it's so stylish, but with a classic base, I haven't tried it on yet so until I do the jury is out on that one!  Either teamed with a skirt or possibly dark jeans/trousers - let's see what fits first!!!

Thinking today I'd share something that's on my wish list with you.

Have you seen all the leather or faux leather skirts on your travels and on the internet?  Been spotting them everywhere from Florence and Fred to M and S, and for that matter most places in between!

Here's a few to get you going.

Starting with Florence and Fred, here's a straight forward pencil skirt in faux leather for the bargain basement price of £16!  See here for details.

How about this from Zara. this has two zip pockets and a high waist (always flattering) for £25.99. See here for all the information.

Finally this stunning dark wine leather A line skirt, coming in at £199, top end for some people but a timeless classic you'll wear time and time again over the years. You can see it here from Marks and Spencer.

So what's on your wish list?  I'd love to hear from you whether it's a leather skirt, leather bag or just a chamois leather for your car! Ha ha.

Watch out on IG here to see what I end up wearing tonight - fingers crossed the top fits!

Bye for now X

                  Jacqui B.


Friday 14 October 2016

Friday - Burgundy Jumper two ways.

Woah, how did Friday get here so quick - that's nice but scary too.

What have you been up to today?

It's nearly the weekend, we all know that means it's nearly wine o'clock!

The usual chores done today, a visit to a couple of shops with youngest daughter, with no sign of my princess today- never mind she'll be nanny and granddad's girl on Sunday Yay!

Thought I'd show you two ways I've styled my new H and M burgundy jumper.  I bought this last week, but once home and about to be worn over white jeans I noticed a silly little hole in the arm,  so I changed this earlier on this week and I'm pleased to say this one is perfect. 
Burgundy is so in for this season, and being a colour that most people can wear, it's a good option whatever garment you buy.  With a cute neck tie, whether tied up close to the collar line or hanging looser for a more casual look.  Coming in at a bargain price of £14.99,  It's a fine knit jumper so it can be worn over a t shirt for extra warmth, or maybe with a gilet/sleeveless jacket.  Check it out here at H and M.

May I present my first offering........

Teamed with a previous season floral pencil skirt from George at Asda, finishing below the knee, with a split at the back in colours of black, blue, pink and burgundy.  This along with black patent flat pumps which have a black faux suede bow on the front for the extra bit of detail. I felt smart and in keeping with the Autumnal weather in this classic outfit.

Second outfit to show.....

The only other option for me had to be jeans - namely skinny jeans in a dark denim. 
This pair are from Zara, they've got a fabulous selection in most branches.  I actually got these last winter in the sale for about £12!  Always worth a visit to check out what they've got and what price they are!
I've been seeing plenty of burgundy, with jeans and leopard print 'something' - so I've picked these old season court shoes from M and S for my leopard print 'something', but I have spotted these Double strap leopard print beauties from M and S too.
Every body's muse at the moment- are they yours too?

 My little Roxy loves to get in on the act!

Are you in love with this colour?  What have you got in your wardrobe that's burgundy?

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So long for now,

             Jacqui B.
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