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Saturday 22 October 2016

Over 50, today feeling over 70!

Hello peeps,

Slow day today to say the least!  Feeling every bit of my 52 years today after a late night and a lot of prosecco!

Celebrating with the whole family last night, some 26 adults and 3 children - taking over the restaurant seemed like the best option, and that we did. 
Eating delicious food and drinking the prosecco we took, chatting and generally having a superb evening.  How great it was to see all the family together, and how lucky that we all get on so well.

So back to today, as I previously mentioned a very slow start to the day and not much achieved or for that matter attempted lol.
Will have to pull myself together soon as I'm out again - out to our besties for a double birthday celebration.  With regard to the 'drinking prosecco tonight' situation, I'll possibly abstain for this evening, but we're not there yet so that could all change ha ha!

Excited to have a little secret project in the pipeline - but I can't divulge anything yet - suffice to say 'excited' is an understatement!  Watch this space possibly around the beginning of November when all will be revealed.

So what's this over 50 year old going to wear tonight?  something in fashion, something comfortable, something thrown together last minute - yes to all three!!

Another black outfit I know, but this is comfort we're needing tonight!

Bye for today, have a good night and I'll see you soon. X

                     Jacqui B.


  1. go party girl! I was out till 3am last night hence I am tucked up in bed! Enjoy tonight xx

    1. Thank you Laurie, felt it yesterday! Wow 3am, hope that was a fun night. x

  2. Looking gorgeous, Jacqui, despite the back-to-back challenge! Is that lovely black lace number a dress or separates?

    1. Mary thanks for you lovely comments, It's actually separates, but quite a good match. x

  3. This looks lovely Jacqui!!


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