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Monday 30 November 2020

Style Not Age - A Touch of Sparkle.

Hi there my friends.
Hope you're all well.
Turn's out I was right, my area will now be going into Tier 3!  I guessed this would happen as the figures are so high, I also know people who've had the dreaded virus so It's only a matter of time before someone close gets it - I just hope it won't be too severe. 🙏🙏
I'll be concentrating on my Xmas present buying from now on as I had expected to be finished by now! After taking a few weeks off of blogging and doing anything other than essentials its put me somewhat on the back foot! 

Being the last Monday of the month it's time to take a look at the gang from Style not Age.
We looked to Anna for November's title and she didn't fail us with her festive and up-lifting choice 
of ....

A Touch Of Sparkle


Thursday 26 November 2020

My first proper go at pattern mixing! - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my lovely friends.
Thanks for stopping by today.
How's your week going?  I've got everything crossed that we come out of lock-down next week and have a bit more freedom.  I want to get my shopping sorted as I hate buying online (remember I told you that before lol).  
Mummab's household is looking rather festive with the installation of my Christmas tree and some outside lights.  I'm gradually adding to it and love how warm and inviting everything looks.  Have you put any decorations us yet?  I haven't bought any more ornaments this year (although it's still early - but don't tell the kids) but I have purchased some new lights.  My tree has been covered with three sets over the years, but with a set failing last year and the numerous plugs needed I thought I should be a new set.  Lidl have opened a new store down the road and I found 1000 lights for only £24 - bargain.  They have a few different settings and are a homely warm white which looks fabulous amid my gold and copper baubles. You can't purchase Lidl online, but here's some from Amazon that are very similar.

Now shall we take a look at my latest attempt at pattern mixing?  This is very adventurous for me as I don't feel this is my "thing" - but it doesn't look too bad does it, my friends!


Monday 23 November 2020

The Rudi Mask Collection.

Morning my friends.
Hope you are all okay.
Hello from a very quiet house today - yes my daughter and her family have moved out!  I'm not going to lie I'm looking forward to having more time to blog, but hand on my heart I loved having them here and will miss them so much.  I'm so lucky to have had them here with me when so many families couldn't hug and kiss their loved ones.  I don't think I quite realised just how hard it is for people unable to have contact with their extended family - we all thrive on human contact don't we!  
With three vaccines available in the not-so-distant-future I'm going to be first in line & pray we can get back to normal.  It's not even the holiday's, eating out or going to the pub that I'm missing (although I wouldn't say no) it's the contact with friends and family that I'm missing the most.  Will you be having the jab?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. X

Masks are an everyday accessory for us all now aren't they.  They come in all sorts of designs, patterns and colours.  We've started to use them as an extension to our outfits and if like me you've been trying to match them to your outfit, this post might be right up your street.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

They are an exclusive range of Italian, handmade masks which offer peace of mind and comfort as you go about the 'new normal' way of life.


Thursday 19 November 2020

Chic & Stylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends
I really hope you are safe and well.
You may have noticed I've been absent from the blog for a few weeks.  The reason being my family has suffered a tragic event that I don't want to elaborate on but I needed to take time away for my family and for myself.  I've decided to ease myself back into blogging today with an easy #LINKUP.  So please forgive me for not adding more.
I'm planning to get back to regular posting next Monday so hope you'll pop back to join me. 💓


Tuesday 3 November 2020

Show Us Your Skirts - #LINKUP

Hello there my lovely friends.
Are you surprised to see me today - yes I don't usually post on a Tuesday, but today for one day only I've joined forces with Gail - Is This Mutton to co-host the #7DaySkirtChallenge
Do join in the special #linkup below sharing a particular skirt or skirts you have been wearing over the past week.
It will be interesting to see what you have all chosen!


Monday 2 November 2020

October Review.

Morning everyone.
The beginning of another strange week for us in the UK.  We are going into lock-down as of Thursday.  This is for a month or possibly longer!  I think the aim is to get over the spike and return figures to a better level in order to have some sort of normal Christmas.  Like everyone else I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, but hope and pray it will be a positive outcome.
You will have read I had a busy week with plenty of birthdays to celebrate. On Friday my middle daughter turned 30!  She had a quiet meal with her hubby on Friday evening which she loved.  Saturday was another day of surprises with cocktails at a local bar with me and four others.  It was a ploy by her husband to get her out the house so he could decorate and prepare food (most done by my other daughter - Little Berry Bakes)  She came home to an intimate little family gathering with drinks and snacks and a celebration cake.  
Graze boards seem to be very popular these days and that's just what Sophie did - she spent most of the morning cooking, baking and arranging everything on the board - it looked amazing as you can see below!
Sunday was a slow day as you can imagine.  I'm actually looking forward to a restful week, although lock-down is taking it to the extreme isn't it!!!
So as it's the beginning of November today I'm sharing my October Review.  You can catch all the posts you might have missed here. X


Great to have you join me today.  Do stop by tomorrow as there will be a ONE OFF BLOG POST for the #7DaySkirtChallenge with Gail - Is This Mutton?  Do pop by and join in - it's a skirts only linkup though!


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