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Monday 2 November 2020

October Review.

Morning everyone.
The beginning of another strange week for us in the UK.  We are going into lock-down as of Thursday.  This is for a month or possibly longer!  I think the aim is to get over the spike and return figures to a better level in order to have some sort of normal Christmas.  Like everyone else I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, but hope and pray it will be a positive outcome.
You will have read I had a busy week with plenty of birthdays to celebrate. On Friday my middle daughter turned 30!  She had a quiet meal with her hubby on Friday evening which she loved.  Saturday was another day of surprises with cocktails at a local bar with me and four others.  It was a ploy by her husband to get her out the house so he could decorate and prepare food (most done by my other daughter - Little Berry Bakes)  She came home to an intimate little family gathering with drinks and snacks and a celebration cake.  
Graze boards seem to be very popular these days and that's just what Sophie did - she spent most of the morning cooking, baking and arranging everything on the board - it looked amazing as you can see below!
Sunday was a slow day as you can imagine.  I'm actually looking forward to a restful week, although lock-down is taking it to the extreme isn't it!!!
So as it's the beginning of November today I'm sharing my October Review.  You can catch all the posts you might have missed here. X


Great to have you join me today.  Do stop by tomorrow as there will be a ONE OFF BLOG POST for the #7DaySkirtChallenge with Gail - Is This Mutton?  Do pop by and join in - it's a skirts only linkup though!


Way back at the beginning of October we were basking in glorious hot and sunny weather, as you can see by the photos.  I'm all over these culottes which have turned out to be top dog in my fashion department.  I've worn them so many times recently and they've looked fantastic each and every time.

I stepped out of my comfort zone again with this post where I shared a pretty bra & brief set.  Playtex had asked me to review their Invisible Elegance range and I chose the set in anchor navy with accents of teal.  It's a pretty set that feels smooth and soft to the skin and looks a picture.

It's been a month of neutrals for me.  I've embraced the shades of stone, cream, navy, white and mink to name a few and rather like the sophisticated vibe they give off.  This outfit is based around my new animal print blouse from H & M.  I layered it over white jeans and this mink duster. Do let me know your thoughts as I'm still trying to convince myself that they suit me. 👍👎

By the middle of October I was happily teaming my stone culottes with an array of other shades - here's two that made the blog.  When I first got them I styled them with this navy ruffle blouse,  but I knew they were begging to be worn with this elegant jacket for a sophisticated lunch date with hubby (I wished).

I'm a lover of wide leg palazzo style trousers and have wanted to try mixing these two colours together for ages.  I've only worn this fern green top once before and because it was a sad occasion I've decided not to wear it again but wanted to share how well the colours work.  Do stop by to read the back story and let me know what you think of this combination. X

Our monthly Style not Age challenge proved a hard one for me this month with the theme of Gothic Romance suggested.  You can tell by the photos that my heart wasn't really in it, and I can't even say when I saw the finished post I felt any better - just ready to put this one to bed and look forward to the next at the end of the month!

Finally last week, among others, it was my mum's birthday.  She hasn't been out to any restaurants, hotels or cafes so I decided to bring an Afternoon Tea to her.  She loved the it and has been boasting about it all weekend, I've often said the best thing to get someone is spending time together, I'm so pleased I did as with lock-down this week I probably won't be able to do it again for a while. 😞

Before I sign off here's a photo of the graze board we devoured on Saturday - looks yummy doesn't it?  I can honestly say it was!

Great to have you join me today.  Do stop by tomorrow as there will be a ONE OFF BLOG POST for the #7DaySkirtChallenge with Gail - Is This Mutton?  Do pop by and join in - it's a skirts only linkup though!
Bye for now. X


  1. Whaaaaa, that cake! It's amazing! Happy birthday to your daughter. Your other daughter makes delicious looking things!

  2. Looks like a great month, Jacqui! I love your animal print blouse with the white jeans and mink duster! A fabulous look. And while I know you didn’t like the Gothic challenge, you did a great job with it imo.

    I know the lock down is tough, but believe me, it’s worse to have a government that denies the science and really doesn’t care how many die. The virus is hitting our rural areas with small and sparsely located hospitals, and people are dying because these hospitals are full and there is nowhere they can get care. It’s horrifying. I hope your numbers come down quickly so you do get to have some freedom around Christmas.

  3. Wow! I agree what a cake! You've been wearing some lovely clothes this month!

  4. I can't believe we're in November! I will try and find a pick for the link up tomorrow and join you xx

  5. The cake looks yum! I liked all the ways you styled those culottes.


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