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Monday 30 November 2020

Style Not Age - A Touch of Sparkle.

Hi there my friends.
Hope you're all well.
Turn's out I was right, my area will now be going into Tier 3!  I guessed this would happen as the figures are so high, I also know people who've had the dreaded virus so It's only a matter of time before someone close gets it - I just hope it won't be too severe. 🙏🙏
I'll be concentrating on my Xmas present buying from now on as I had expected to be finished by now! After taking a few weeks off of blogging and doing anything other than essentials its put me somewhat on the back foot! 

Being the last Monday of the month it's time to take a look at the gang from Style not Age.
We looked to Anna for November's title and she didn't fail us with her festive and up-lifting choice 
of ....

A Touch Of Sparkle

When I looked for outfits to wear for this month's challenge I realised I don't have that many sparkly things in my collection - well I do have two rather old cocktail dresses that I've been hoarding for a special occasion, guess what?  I couldn't fit into them so they will have to go!  
This sparkly top is about the only thing I have!  It was a present from the girls and you might have seen it before on the blog last year.  It's what I wore last NYE with my faux leather skirt.  It's a really nice top.  It's an easy-to-wear-and-looks-good-with-anything kind of top.  I had planned on wearing it with jeans but so far the occasion hasn't happened!  
So for today's challenge I paired it with wide leg trousers and high boots.  Looks good I think, so it's been earmarked for my next party.  That's when we can party eh! Catch another version of my Oasis top here in the sale!

You can't go wrong with a pair of palazzo trousers, and there's always a space in any wardrobe for a black pair.  Mine are from F & F, but you'll pick a pair up just about anywhere - I love these from Oasis for a snip at £23

Let me share some details about my top.  It is covered with stunning sequins of blue, mauve, silver and black.  These run down the sleeves and cover the front of the round neck tunic. It has a flattering chiffon under layer and a plain back.  It looks just as nice tucked in as you can see on my aforementioned post. 

I've gone for a dangly earring, and they have a bit of sparkle on them too.  I tend to wear studs most of the time, but on the odd occasion I love to have a bold earring to make a statement.  Here's a pair I have my eye on from Debenhams. x

Now this was Anna's challenge and I knew she'd come up with some delicious creation.  I was delighted when this appeared from her! Anna can be found on her blog nestling on the Scilly Isles.  Find out more about her and today's look on Anna's Island Style.  Anna never fails to give us some good eye candy, I never know what to look at first they are always so appealing!

Next up it's Gail - Is This Mutton?  She's wowing us with her sparkly pink and grey ensemble and is just ready for the festivities don't you think!  All the pieces can be worn in other ways, but this look is by far the best.

Hilda's turn next, she's showing us an outfit I would be happy to wear.  Well actually I could wear this outfit because I have the same sparkly jumper that I fell for too - great minds eh Hilda - find more of the back story on her blog Over the Hilda.

Finally meet Emma - Style Splash.  Emma has a brilliant way of putting colours together like no other.  This interesting mix is just perfect for party season, but I think it'll look just as good entertaining in your 'bubble' Emma. x

Don't we all look fit for our festive parties!  Shame there won't be any this year - but as sequins don't date were'll be good to go next year!
Esther Ruby took my photos - thanks sweetie. x
See you on Thursday for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP and a good look at those black boots.
Bye for today. X



  1. Same. I have one sequin dree and I love it. I think the glare of the sequins can be ageing if your not careful. Love this black duo. I've invested in quite a lot of black this black friday! xx

  2. Can't go wrong with black sequin sparkles! It seems like 3 of us have the same jumper as Hilda! It doesn't work very well with my colouring though xx

  3. Lovely outfit, Jacqui! And you chose such a pretty spot to photograph it. Stay safe!


  4. The sparkly top is perfect for the holiday season.

  5. Such great outfits! I particularly like that lovely green blouse.

  6. Jacqui, you look absolutely gorgeous! I love the sequinned top, it's divine!
    Suzy xx

  7. I love all the different colours in your sparkly top. It is hilarious that 3 of us have that jumper. Would have been funny if we all had used it for this challenge. I think you are all
    far more sparkly. Stay safe Jacqui. xx

    1. We all look super, so pleased with how the challenge ended up. x

  8. I love your elegant take on this challenge Jaqcqui. Wide legged trousers are perfect paired with this lovely sparkly top. Bring on the next challenge!

  9. What a great top, Jacqui! I really like the colors in the sequins. Perfectly chic for this holiday season!


    1. So pleased with it, it's a workable piece that I can wear and re-wear. x

  10. Beautiful, classic outfit Jacqui! Your sequin top is so pretty!

    Emma xxx


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