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Thursday 28 July 2022

Finally Wearing my White Lace Dress. - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning all!
How's it going?
My daughter's birthday today, so we will be celebrating with a few drinks tonight, with a fish and chip dinner as well. Happy Birthday Sophie - Little Berry Bakes.
Popped into town yesterday to pick up a few bits, the sales are on in some of the stores, but I still didn't manage to find anything that excited me enough to bring it home!  I also didn't buy anything on my recent trip to Greece, to be fair there wasn't that many shops where we went and the ones they had were mostly tourist shops selling leather goods, hats and local jewellery.  Not that I need anything you understand but it's nice to bring something fancy home to remind me of my stay.

You may know how well my husband does at getting me presents for birthdays and Christmas.  Well today I thought I'd show what he got me for my birthday back in May.  It's taken until this holiday to wear it, however there is a good reason why!


Monday 25 July 2022

My Style Not Age friends share their Summer Sizzlers.

Morning all, how's it going?
Back to normality with a big bump, my holiday to Rhodes came and went in a flash!
As did July, it's nearly in August ... blimey didn't that go quick!
My holiday was full on laughter, great food, lots of drink and plenty of memory making.  It's so nice to get away sometimes, but it's so nice to come home don't you think?  It's been good to return to temperatures a bit cooler, but I have missed dipping in and out of the pool though - maybe I should invest in a swimming pool, my daughter recently bought this one and I'm very tempted to copy her!

Let's get back to the post now though.
Today it's the turn of my stylish friends from the Style Not Age collective.  This month our challenge has been set by Anna.  She's given us the brilliant and very apt prompt of Summer Sizzlers, and boy have we been sizzling in the simmering heat we've been experiencing.  I have been lucky to have the idyllic surroundings of Rhodes for my backdrop and I certainly sizzled in the heat we had there.  Everything I did was at a snails pace.  There's nothing worse when you feel hot and sweaty to have to have photos taken, so my outfit fitted the prompt perfectly as you will see below!


Thursday 21 July 2022

Another Wedding, Another Izabel Dress - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello and welcome to my blog.
So pleased you have found me today.

A couple of Saturday's ago I went to the third wedding of the year.  With many people choosing to postpone their weddings due to Covid we had three to attend, none for many years and three come along in a row, a bit like buses as the saying goes.

I needed a new dress and managed to find one from the company I'd got my two previous outfits from and you can see the gifted dress I wore first, and then the one I bought for my daughter's friends wedding.  I was so impressed with the quality and literally fell head over heels for this pretty pink & white tiger print midi.

Izabel London have a stunning selection of dresses suitable for many occasions, and I was delighted when they asked me to review a couple more.  I'd had my eye on this blue maxi and couldn't wait to get my hands on it - do let me know what you think of it my friends.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 18 July 2022

It's Pink and a Bardot Style - Love it!

Hi there everyone.
Hope you are well. x

Good to have you join me today, bet you wished you could join me on the island of Rhodes too because that's where I am today and for the rest of the week!
I've been to Rhodes three times before, once with my sister, once with the family when they were young and 36 years ago on my honeymoon!

I will have two holiday's to share with you when the days become less hectic.  I don't know why my life is so busy at the moment!
Until then, shall I show you one of my outfits for both holidays?  I fell for this jumpsuit big time and adore how it looks.


Thursday 14 July 2022

36 Years, How Did That Happen? - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
It's been another busy week for me, well I'm away on Saturday to Rhodes and I've been getting everything sorted with lots of lists laying around so I don't forget anything.

On Tuesday it was Mine and David's 36th Wedding Anniversary.  If you were quick and had eagle eye's you'd have seen the big mistake I made on Monday's post I put 34 years and don't quite know how that happened.  I saw my sister-in-law the next day who told me about it, I swiftly changed it ... I have to blame someone don't I (can't be my fault), so my proof reader get's the blame! ... aka David. 😂
I can't quite believe where the years have gone, it all seems to go by so quickly doesn't it!  I'm sure it's because we fit so much in our lives and want to achieve more and more as time goes on.  
We went for dinner in our usual venue near us.   Reads Restaurant is an elegant Georgian manor house and the fine dining we experience there is just amazing.

Anyway let's take a look at what I wore on Tuesday evening.

It's a typical summer dress style, shirred bodice, fits to midway between knee and ankle and has a gorgeous puff sleeve and gypsy frill on the hem.


Monday 11 July 2022

Wide Legs and Leopard Print.

Hiya my friends.
How's you weekend been?

Another hectic one for me with a wonderful wedding in the glorious sunshine on Saturday.
The weather couldn't have been better to celebrate the wedding of my friends daughter.  Everything went to plan, with mouthwatering food, drinks flowing and a cool disco to dance the night away.  I love going to a wedding, it's so nice to see everyone dressed up and seeing what the ladies have chosen to wear is one of my favourite parts.  The men looked well presented too, with my husband taking top marks for his new suit and tie - did you see IG for my photo - pop by to check us out, he looks very handsome and I think my choice was rather a winner too!
I'll be sharing a dedicated post to my latest Izabel London dress that you can peruse in the next week or so. 
Today I want to share another look for my wide leg trousers.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 7 July 2022

The dress I bought from a Market in Majorca - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
Hope you're doing well. 

Thanks so much for joining me today.
I'd love you to join the link up below, let me see what you've worn this week or what you've been up to!
I've been back to normal after my holiday to Majorca. Back to the gym, dance classes, washing, ironing and cutting the grass. Groan .... cutting the grass is such hard work & seems to go on forever.  Well to be honest there is hope insight as we are starting our 'new build' in the summer so the cutting area will a little bit smaller than usual ... hooray!

I've yet to do my post about my recent holiday to the Island but what I wanted to share this pretty little dress I found in the local market.

We knew the market was on a Friday, but once we'd walked to the starting point (coincidentally by a fun little bar) nothing was there.  So we started walking along the route is should have been until someone looked backwards and spotted it going the other way along the seafront!  There were the usual stalls selling local produce, unusual jewellery, leather goods and plenty of dress stalls.  I wanted to find something that would be good for the holiday and also great to wear at home.  Fortunately I managed to find this one.  My cotton midi is a striking shade of orange that has gotten me a whole load of compliments, which is brilliant because I've only worn it once!


Monday 4 July 2022

June Review.

Hi there everyone.
Hope you're all well.

Just back from Majorca, and have lots to share with you.
But I have to get back to normal after a week with all the family, so I'll save that for another day!

June came and went in the blink of an eye didn't it.  I hate getting to June as I know it will be the longest day here in the UK and then the nights start drawing in ...urgh!!!  I know we have all of the Summer in front of us, but it still seems to upset me!

Anyway let's not ponder on that, shall we get started on what I wore in June, yes ... let's go for the 
June Review!

At the beginning of June I, and the rest of the UK, were looking forward to the Platinum Jubilee.  Many of us had parties, and get-together's over the four day holiday we enjoyed.  I tried to wear outfits based around the patriotic colours of blue, red and white.  You can read about my memories of the Jubilee celebrations over the past years & check out my loyalist outfit in said colours. 🤍💙💓

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