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Monday 4 July 2022

June Review.

Hi there everyone.
Hope you're all well.

Just back from Majorca, and have lots to share with you.
But I have to get back to normal after a week with all the family, so I'll save that for another day!

June came and went in the blink of an eye didn't it.  I hate getting to June as I know it will be the longest day here in the UK and then the nights start drawing in ...urgh!!!  I know we have all of the Summer in front of us, but it still seems to upset me!

Anyway let's not ponder on that, shall we get started on what I wore in June, yes ... let's go for the 
June Review!

At the beginning of June I, and the rest of the UK, were looking forward to the Platinum Jubilee.  Many of us had parties, and get-together's over the four day holiday we enjoyed.  I tried to wear outfits based around the patriotic colours of blue, red and white.  You can read about my memories of the Jubilee celebrations over the past years & check out my loyalist outfit in said colours. 🤍💙💓

I tried to entice the sunshine to stay with my next look.  A bright, sunny yellow and a startling white mix-up was my look then wearing a very popular-on-the-blog pair of canary trousers.  The sleek look of the ankle length trousers have the bonus of two bows on either side.  Do stop by to see the whole outfit my friends. 

You may well know I adore to wear dresses and feel most at home when wearing one.  However I loved this two piece I was gifted recently.  You can find out all about this unusual designed co-ord when I paired it with some comfortable espadrilles and my crochet shoulder bag. 

I had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Berry on the blog for the next post.  He was excellently modelling some outfits for a Father's Day post.  I know FD falls on different dates in other countries, so maybe you'll see something that's a good idea for you!

I styled a dress next, but with a lovely crochet jumper over the top.  It's a great way to give longevity to a summery dress, taking it on through Summer and into the Autumnal months.  I completed the look with a gifted orange bag from David and a fun little pair of espadrilles.

I went all casual with my white jeans and trainer combo next.  The blend of navy with white jeans is a bit nautical, and I really needed to be out on a boat wearing this!  It all fits together quite well and a look I often try to copy.  

My next post featured my friends from the Style Not Age collective who styled outfits based upon the prompt Tutti Frutti.  I had lots of options in my wardrobe but ended up wearing a borrowed dress from my daughter.  
She often comes downstairs wearing something of mine, I just wonder who she gets her good taste from 🤣🤔!

Finally, in June I shared a neutral look with my pastel pink blouse and cream wide leg trousers.  I'm a big fan of palazzo styles - It could be said they are my idols.  They give off a fabulous 50's vibe, and will set you up for a glamorous and elegant look.  Is this a style you like to wear?

Thank you so much for having a look in today,  I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of blogging after my week away.  I have a wedding on Saturday and the following Saturday I'm off to Rhodes.  Such a lucky lady, but now I'm off to get my washing and ironing done.
See you on Thursday for the Linkup, can't wait to see what you're all wearing my friends. 
Bye for now. X


  1. You've had such a stylish month, Jacqui!! I do love the wide leg trousers, but I'm not always sure they look good on me! You definitely look spectacular in them!! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Great outfits! You look great in the co-ord set.


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