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Thursday 29 March 2018

Frilly Shirt & Grey #ChicandStylish #linkup

Morning lovelies.
Hope you are well.
On Monday I hope you caught my post featuring the ladies from Style not Age group.  Our task, set by me, was Polka Dots!
I bought two tops, one the cute yellow top from Zara, (that you can see here) the other a dainty blouse from H & M. Initially I had in my mind to return the second blouse, but I tried it on, & now I'm not so sure!
I thought I'd put it out to you lovely readers to decide whether I should keep it or not!


Monday 26 March 2018

Style not Age - Dotty for Polka Dots.

Hello my over fifty and over forty friends & everyone else too. 😍

How are you all?
I can't believe how quickly this months challenge has come round!
Yes it's the Style not Age monthly post and I'm in the driving seat.
My brain has been working overload to find an interesting and topical prompt.
..... and so it appeared after running through a few web pages.

Dotty for Polka Dots.

Polka dots are spreading like measles spots, so why not join the party and invest in an item or two. I bought two tops for this challenge, but as soon as I put this outfit together I knew this was the one.


Thursday 22 March 2018

White with a Kimono & #chic&stylish Linkup.

Morning, hope you're well and ready to face Thursday.

I'm overwhelmed at the amount of lovely bloggers who joined me on my first ever #linkup.
Chic & Stylish went live last week without any hitches - phew, how did I manage that!
So you've arrived in time for the next one and I do hope you'll be adding a post for me to read. X

I don't know about yours but all my Spring clothes are just begging to be worn!  What with snow, rain, wind and a little sunshine I don't know whether I'm coming or going.
So as they are begging to be worn, that's just what I did.
The sun was shining (well sort of) when the photos were taken, so it felt perfect to wear white.  I've started to adhere to wearing them in winter as well as the other seasons, it's what you pair with it that makes it work, oh and the weather has a hand in the decision too!
I wanted to feel brighter and this gorgeous kimono did the job.
I bought this from TK Maxx over a year ago, and as they are back in fashion, were they ever out? it seemed the obvious choice.  And the colours, aren't they striking?  Love the fringing, again this is back on trend - giving sass with a boho feel.
My jeans are a straight leg style which I'm preferring to the usual skinny jeans I wear, more flattering & a little more sophisticated.  The sleeveless sequined vest top wasn't really warm enough, but I'll happily wear this when the weather changes, at least my kimono kept the chill off whilst taking these photos!

Monday 19 March 2018

Style Steal - Pale blue and pink.

Hi there, March Style Steal has arrived! 

Who's style have I chosen this month?  I'm really happy with how this copy looks.  These sweet soft pastels remind me that Spring is only round the corner - hurrah!

With awful weather in the cold winter months, the only thing that seems to lift everyone's spirits is some pretty spring-like colours, as well as a holiday if you're lucky enough! 😉

I do hope you stopped by last Thursday, my first linkup was in full swing, I'm so grateful for all of you who added a post - there were plenty to look through with some wonderful styles and informative blogs to peruse over.   Another #chicandstylish linkup will go live on Thursday - maybe you can stop by too. X


Thursday 15 March 2018

Here's my Red Pleated Skirt Again #Chic & Stylish Linkup

Hello & welcome.
A very excited MummaB greets you today.
I've finally jumped onto the Linkup bandwagon.  Today I'm launching a brand new Linkup.
I know all of you are #chic&stylish, if you'd care to join in I can see all your latest looks, and so will everyone else!
Hopefully things run smoothly with no issues or problems, let's keep our fingers crossed for that then hey?

But before that why don't we take a look at today's outfit?


Monday 12 March 2018

What i wore with Jacquard trousers.

Hello and welcome.

For the mums in the UK Sunday was a very special day - Mothering Sunday, I hope you were spoilt with cards, flowers, gifts, dinner and love.   You can read below what I received.  I was, as always, very spoilt!
What did you get up to over the weekend?
Well I actually didn't do much!  On Friday evening hubby and I met up with the group of friends we went to Abu Dhabi with.  We had a little reunion drink in our local pub, with a delightful meal as well.  Chatting about our previous holiday, made me want to go back!


Thursday 8 March 2018

Leopard Print with Green?

Hello lovelies, how are you all?

How's you week been? I have to say mine has been a mixed bag, back to my keep fit and dancing classes - whoopee, but also catching up on my washing and ironing too - what a bore!
So glad the weather has got warmer, we nearly reached double figures when the photos were taken - woo!,  therefore jacket weather!  Is that a fluke, are we getting another bout of cold weather?  No thank you we don't want more beasts from the east arriving,  I want to break out the spring wardrobe - especially my peep toe booties that I bought towards the end of last season, having seen some lucky ladies in hotter climbs donning there's I want to wear mine now!

Trying out a new combination today, how about green with leopard print?  I was looking on Pinterest and found a few inspiring outfits with said green and leopard.  I wanted to try it out.
I 'found' this skirt in my mum's wardrobe & wore it with her stylish blouse the other day.  It dates back from the 80's, so fits nicely on the waist, which is quite flattering as it holds everything in!

I started with the skirt & leopard scarf, then following my friend Anna's advice I threw some pieces on the bed to see what would work, hey presto this is what emerged!
What do you reckon?

Monday 5 March 2018

Chiffon M & S blouse cream/Lilac

Hello lovelies,
How are you all?
Finally seeing some better weather is peeping it's head round the corner - yay!
Whilst out shopping a week or so ago I was looking to buy a floral dress, I ended up buying something online that I'd seen in H & M, but passed on.  You must see & like this blue dress that  I ended up buying and was a really great choice.

Anyway I digress and what I did come home with was this ....


Thursday 1 March 2018

Pretty in Pastel Pink. Co-host on TFF

Hello - how are you?
Welcome to my 300th blog post!  How did that happen? Although it's been taxing at times, I've actually loved every minute of it, here's to the next 300!!

Finally feeling back to normal and ready to embrace Spring - please *drumbs fingers on table* please!
Have you been buying for the next season?  Let me know what you've bought, I'd love to hear.

Today you've found me co-hosting on the Thursday Fashion Files with Carrie, so glad you could join me, there'll be plenty of exciting and inspiring blogs to peruse so hope you'll add your blog to the link-up then I can see yours too!  It's nice to stop by & leave a comment or two.

Today I wanted to show you my chic French jacket and belt I bought on my skiing holiday back in January.

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