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Thursday 29 September 2016

A Grey Day.

Hi there,

Well the weather was grey today, and so was my outfit.

Grey trousers and bag to be precise.

Today was dancing class day, where I attended an adult ballet class, not a full on ballet class for the likes of Darcey Bussell, but a ballet class for a group of 50 old year olds, enjoying movement, music and keeping fit, all tied up with great conversation, support and laughter.
We also partook in a trial class for modern/contemporary dance, that did cause lots of laughter, imagine a group of 50 - 60 + year olds trying their hand  (and feet) at dance moves such as isolated rib movements, finger clicks  and hip thrusts, to be fair I think Bob Fosse would have begged us to dance for him!
We did have some laughs, but we are all happily returning next week for a second go, so it can't have been that bad!  I still maintain you're never too old to start a new venture.

Once I'd returned home and completed my chores, I re-dressed in clothes more suitable to running errands and quick visit to my mum.
I chose this grey outfit to match the grey sky.  Autumn has most definitely arrived today, along with the wind and showers!


Tuesday 27 September 2016

Between you and me - I've found a mustard jumper!

Morning fellow bloggers, and how are we feeling today?

What's your weather like? Is it playing fair?  We've been rather spoilt in the UK over the recent months, but I'm sure there will be some pay back on the scene before long! Ha ha.
I don't know about you, but I'm so looking forward to getting full swing into the likes of boots, jumpers, coats and scarfs. 
Since I've started blogging (only been since March) I've gotten so many ideas and inspiration from fellow bloggers, IG and the other social media that goes hand in hand with writing a blog.  Ideas of clothing I wouldn't normally wear, colours matched  in a way that I wouldn't have dared dream about and outfits I would not have had the courage to wear.  It's still early days, and don't get me wrong many things I've still resisted to try out - basically cose they freak me out and I KNOW they wont suit me!  But, hey - Rome wasn't built in a day!

Without any more rambling here's today's look.  Casual jeans.  I'm going to try very hard no to fall into the trap of jeans every day now the weather is cooler.

Watch out for No jeans challenge  in the next few weeks!

I attempted this back in May See here,  here  and here, which lasted a few days and was interesting to see what ideas came forward.  So I might try this out again, please 'watch this space.'

Back to my jeans today, these dark denim straight legs are from M and Co a couple of years old, but still looking good and bold.  My previously worn H and M tunic in cream, navy and the ever popular mustard looks great over the top of the jeans, mustard cardigan is playing a big part this season, although I could swap this for the mustard jumper that I've just found in my drawer!  Forgot all about that one ;-)
Cream patent loafers had their first airing this season, and I must say how comfortable they still are.  These are from Debenhams a few years ago, but the shops are full of them so they're yours for the picking.
Love these from M and S here black loafer/mule style on line for £29.50, but selling out in large sizes.


Monday 26 September 2016

Day out in London - What I wore and what I did.

Hey there, want to know what I did yesterday?
Well if you follow me on IG you'll already know, but for those who don't  (why not?) here's what I got up to.

A wonderful day trip to our glorious city - London Town!

Living so near, about an hour away there was no need to leave at the crack of dawn, so a more acceptable ETD at 10am left me with plenty of time to get the house in order and get myself washed and suitably dressed for a date with the capital!

Parking locally we took no time in taking our place in the queue to alight the Emiratesairline cable car that took us across the Thames.  Seeing London from this vast height was amazing.  As the weather was as fabulous as it's been for the past few days we could see for miles,  Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the O2 Dome, Canary Wharf, The Thames Barrier, The Cutty Sark and The Royal Observatory where amon other equally iconic buildings and attractions. The smooth crossing took about 12 - 13 minutes, and also had an information video running throughout the ride.


Saturday 24 September 2016

Removal Man - another string to my bow!

Hi there, Hope Saturday has been a great start to your weekend.

Mine, oh mine I've done a spot of removals, Well not totally being honest there, I helped by looking after princess and making sure she was safe with the doors and windows open.  I did. however, carry a few bits through (long story but they are moving next door!)  Consisting of a few clothes, some groceries and kitchen items, oh I forgot to mention they are all toys!  Lol, well they have to be moved too.

Trying not to look like a removal man wearing beige, I thought I'd spice it up with a pop of mustard.
I first showed this mustard cardigan here, but knew it would get plenty of wear for the coming months.
As the weather here in the UK is still around 23 degrees today I've lifted the beige chinos with the mustard cardigan, the floral blouse keeps the look lighter - reflecting the September sunshine.


Friday 23 September 2016

Lazy will not do!

Oh dear, oh dear, lazy will not do!
Good evening, It's Friday and I've not completed a blog for a few days. 

Do you sometimes have days when there's so much to do, along with brain block so blogging is put at the back of the queue.

Making amends today though.  Blogger back on duty, and feeling very positive after my afternoon out today.
I can't tell yet, but within the next few days I'll be spilling the beans on what I've been up to!

So without further do what do you reckon on my dog walking outfit?

I've worn these wide leg trousers more times than I really care to remember similar here, but they are spot on for comfort.  Just right for the in between weather when it's not too hot and not too cold.  I grabbed this little vest top similar here which I love, mainly for the bling.
It's been in my wardrobe for yonks, but it matches these trousers perfectly - the white spots match the white shiny 'diamonds' (let's think expensive and go with it)!  White ballet pumps see here work well with this outfit firstly the colour and secondly the fact they are flats fit the length of my wide leg trousers.


Tuesday 20 September 2016

Two for Tuesday - How I style a red cardigan.

Morning bloggers.

As we're heading full steam ahead into Autumn,  I'm rubbing my hands together at the thought of jumpers, boots, jackets and scarves - oh scarves how I've missed you.
I've felt there was something missing all through our glorious summer, and now I can't wait to be reunited with my comforting friends!

I'm showing, today, this cute little red crochet effect cardigan styled two ways.  However not a full cardigan, just a keep-me-a-bit-warmer in the transitional period type of cardigan.
This cute little crochet piece has short sleeves and buttons down the front, sitting just on the waist it's a timeless piece that can and will be adapted for all sorts of wear.

So here's two for Tuesday:
Beginning with the obvious cropped jeans.  I've turned these up, but they're just as cute without.  I'm liking the dark denim, less likely to show any rain drops if we are unfortunate to have any - ha ha!  Also more of a slimming effect I think.
Along with the cropped leg wear, I've chosen this half silk, half jersey multicoloured top. 
Great colour scheme for fall and any of the colours can be picked out with accessories.
Keeping with the red theme,  I've picked these red beads, they're a little bit different being on a string rather than a chain.  These were a present from youngest son - he's often bought me some useful and stylish necklaces, some I wear often, others not so regularly, but are just what's needed to complete a look.


Monday 19 September 2016

Afternoon all.....

Late post today, been so busy - but not much achieved!

Managed to have some sneaky cuddles and kisses with my beautiful princess today.  Such a pick-me-up to have some special time with a grandchild, she melts my heart.

After running a few errands, I took my Roxy on a rather long walk, I think I've exhausted her she's asleep on the sofa!  Went to see if I could spy the Kingfisher, see my previous... errr..... encounters with said Kingfisher here, but sad to report no luck today.

Here's what I wore today - White three quarter length jeans, old favourites that I'm a big fan of.  I picked out this previously worn mink/grey/burgundy blouse, with a burgundy T shirt underneath.  I had to wear this choker tie necklace today as I felt it perfectly matched the colours.  Grey wedge sandals were the top choice for my feet, with the tie front fastening matching my choker!

These items are all hard wearing attributes to my wardrobe and see the light of day on many occasions, but have been mixed in so many different ways they all feel like new purchases.
This is how I like to style my outfits mixing and matching with bits I already possess, coming up with different looks - the choices are endless - I love experimenting too, It's nice when a new combination is fallen upon.  Does anyone else do that?

I managed to nip back to Tu in Sainsbury's and return the previously bought top, I really looked awful on so have changed it for another two items, I do like to BOG OFF when I'm shopping lol.
Will be posting on these two pieces in the week, hope you'll be popping back to see what I did return with.

How are you all getting on the change in weather?  Have you managed to get you AW clothing sorted?  I love the change of season and can't wait to try out some new looks with my old and new clothes.
Until tomorrow. X
               Jacqui B.

Saturday 17 September 2016

Good morning Saturday - welcome to the weekend.

Hello everyone, how are you today?

Cold and wet? or is that just us in the UK?
Wow the weather has certainly turned, Autumn is upon us with a vengeance!

Showing today:  How I've styled my Breton T shirt.

I bought this Breton strip T shirt in TK Maxx whilst on a boating holiday to Windsor See here and here.  I quite like the zip detail on it.  In an unusual place it's like a mismatch, but works.  Here I've styled with cigarette style jeans from Next here, I've opted to roll these over to make them more like a cropped length, great for the transitional period. 
White peep toes were the choice when I left home, however upon returning my toes were rather wet!  Hence the reason I won't be purchasing the cute little peep toe booties I keep seeing adorning the feet of fabulous bloggers. Our UK weather just 'aint up to it', lol.
Do you like  the matching necklace and bracelet?  I love them even more because the only cost £3 in the Matalan sale.  You cannot go wrong with a price like that for something that will be a lot of use over the next few months.  Did I ever tell you I love a bargain?

I am still missing something from my wardrobe - a versatile navy jacket/blazer/coatigan.  It's been on my list for ages but I've still not found the 'right' one. Maddening how this sometimes happens, just can't seem to find the style, shade, length, fit I'd prefer.  I ever hopeful though. ;-)


Friday 16 September 2016

Hello Friday, I've been expecting you

Morning.  How are you today? 
Looks rather overcast today, and feeling much cooler, maybe I can get going on the less summery wardrobe.

Yesterday popped back a top, and exchanged for another one, but guess what?  That wasn't suitable for me either,  have to take it back again won't I!  Shame they've not got a fitting room, where I can try before I buy. 

Had a lovely evening with my family last night a lovely meal collaborated by me, my mum and my sister we started with Pate, then Steak, on to Baileys (yes Baileys) cheesecake, washed down with a glass of wine - Designated driver!  No cooking for me last night, and that's one of the good things about having grown up children at home, no need to worry about what they're eating, they can get it themselves!

So today I'm favouring last nights outfit.  Not too dressy, not to casual.  The kind of clothes I feel at ease in.
This gorgeous sleeveless top I bought from Matalan a month or so ago,  has great colours for the Autumn months and when the weather does get a bit colder, a cute back cardigan can be worn!  Love the colour scheme - lime green and light blue - these can be picked out with a similar coloured jacket or necklace. I'm sure this will be worn plenty of times in the coming months.


Wednesday 14 September 2016

Wednesday - black and gold work so well together.

Good day to everyone out there in blogging land.

Can't wait to watch The Great British Bake Off tonight.  Really getting into it even after only a couple of weeks!  I must say though each time I watch it I start thinking I'm capable of anything and can bake to meet the highest standards of Mary Berry!  With all the talk about leaving BBC and going to Channel 4, lets hope she stays around long enough with Paul Hollywood or it could all collapse in the middle and become a soggy mess!

Yesterday I'm happy to report the fact that I attended another class at the gym.  Over the years I've gone from agile, limber and fairly flexible to an older, stiffer and unpliable specimen, unhappy with the fact of old age and less exercise have bought me to this point, that and the fact of the little amount of exercise I do is only using similar muscle groups.
So when I saw this class advertised on FB I took the plunge and booked it, this stretch class was aimed at the mature person!  I was the youngest in the class - granted - but can honestly recommend this to everyone.  Forty five minutes of various stretches incorporating all of the body, it almost felt like a massage, maybe that was the therapeutic music playing softly in the background, but I felt fantastically calm when I left.  This I would recommend for ladies of my age, because as the old saying states "Use it, don't loose it"! 
I'm pretty sure all local Leisure/Activity centres would do a similar class, so It may be worth checking yours out if you are interested.

Without anymore talk of keeping fit, I don't want to drain you all, here's my outfit choice of the day.  Struggling with the photos as my 'David Bailey' has decided to desert me for Ibiza!

I'm wearing a black crepe jumpsuit that is ages old, but still in fashion.  Being more suited for holiday wear, and with our weather in the UK being the same as many hotter climates in the world - I opted to wear it.

It has very wide legs which are so flattering, a tie belt came with this, however I've decided to pull this black & gold look together with this stunning belt. It's a large band of elastic with a gorgeous gold clasp on each end making it a real stand-outish belt.
The camisole straps on top of the fluted layer gives a lovely finish to the top.  This gold ball necklace, ( a pressie from my sister-in-law) is the perfect accessory,  it sits just in the right place - making it a real statement piece too.
A simple black bangle was the only other piece I wanted for this look.
Since blogging and seeing other blogs I trying very hard to embrace the pop of colour. Think I've nailed this with the pop from the yellow clutch bag -
I really hope so!
 I'm having to think outside the box, as I would normally have opted for a black one! Haha.


Tuesday 13 September 2016


Hello everyone, hope Monday went well, and  Tuesday is looking even better.

Yesterday I was running around getting a few bits sorted,  had a little look around a couple of shops with the middle daughter, helped both sons sort out the bits and pieces together for their 'boys holiday' to Ibiza, feeling rather apprehensive at the thought of the two of them leaving the country.  I'm sure they'll be fine and have a fantastic time, but isn't it a mothers job to worry?

Later today I'm attempting a 'stretch' class, not sure how this is going to pan out or if I might be the youngest participant in the class!  Hopefully it will be a mixture of ages and I wont feel so out of place.
A family BBQ this evening, making the most of the gorgeous hot weather we're still enjoying in the UK now - I don't even think we're even on the dregs of summer yet, this hot spell seems to be staying put.  I should say yay, however I really want to start trying out the AW styles!


Sunday 11 September 2016

Great weekend - cant believe it's Sunday already!

Hey!  Where has the weekend gone, can't believe it's Sunday already.

Last night out, out with four friends to a local 'cook your own steak night' our second visit to this venue, see first visit here and still a fab idea for a great night out.
Here's last nights attire, another previous season, worn on repeat many times, but a dress that makes me feel special as soon as you put it on. 
I bought this from good old TK Maxx a few years ago, but love it to pieces and feel great whenever I wear it.  You can't go wrong with nude shoes and I've certainly got my monies worth with these.  Also from TK Maxx, these Lotus sling backs complete so many outfits, I'm thinking I need to find some court shoes that I can wear in the winter months.

Back to today, I've spent a lovely afternoon with family at my nephews for a few drinks and a little food.  Plenty of prosecco, just to top up what I drank last night!  A little BBQ buffet - including the likes of pulled pork, burgers and chicken tikka fillets - with all the extras from salad, coleslaw and tangy homemade guacamole. Perfect - and all the better because I didn't have to cook or prepare any of it!
Still amazingly hot here -  a little too hot to wear my planned white jeans, so I chose this dress.  It was a little hot in the high neckline this dress has, but I stayed out of the direct sun to keep me a bit cooler.
This striking bright orange dress is made from jersey and has a slight pattern all over the shift style dress.  No sleeves made for a more cooler feel, and sitting just on the knee was just about acceptable for my legs, although I'd feel better if it was slightly longer.

These gorgeous Guess snakeskins shoes were not my first choice with this dress, but when I slipped them on I found they picked  the reflection of my orange dress to complete the look I was after.  These are very comfortable, however a little high for me to wear anywhere other than car to bar!  I must add I did take some flat toe post sandals that were more suited for wear on the grass.
Please excuse the pink toe polish - this is on my 'to-do' list to change for a more autumnal colour.

I love you to do me a favour and subscribe to my blog so you don't miss a thing I've been doing.  Also you can catch my daily Instagram photos Here.

See you in the morning for another week in the life of Mummabstylish!

                         Jacqui B.


Friday 9 September 2016

Yay ! it's Friday!

Hiya .... It's all good here.  Weather may be on the turn, so ...... wait for it,  actually managed a cardigan today! yes indeedy a full on, long sleeve, to the waist cardigan, alright I've had to remove it indoors, but still had it on most of the morning.  I shouldn't jest, I'm really going to have 'the hump' when it's really cold.

This morning I had the pleasure of accompanying my princess and her mum to baby gym.  This at the local gym club.  An hour long, structured class where they can play, learn new skills, sing songs and generally interact with other children.  My princess loves going and at the age of 2 and four months enjoys balancing on the beam, bouncing on the trampoline, hanging from the bars and singing some of the nursery rhymes.  Mummy's and nannies get to join in with the singing, give aiding hands when needed, chat and have a coffee.  Such a fun way to spend an hour.

My normal daily chores followed gym club, and I'm now home having a bite to eat, cup of tea and a blogging session.

This is what I stepped out in today..

This detailing on the back I'm loving, makes a plain cardigan into a statement.
Also the waterfall front gives this piece a softer look and also matches the frill on the Cami top.

Next cigarette jeans similar here, along with this cute top from Top shop years ago similar here and here.
Here's the aforementioned cardigan.  You might remember I mention a while ago about not having many statement coloured accessories in my clothes collection and I wanted to address this.  So when I spotted this in the Tu range at Sainsburys I decided it would be perfect accessory to have.  I knew this mustard coloured cardigan would match well with a few tops I already have, so when I saw the sale sticker on it I popped it straight into my trolley!   I'm sorry to say that this has sold out on line, but the real meaning I'm trying to convey is buy statement pieces in bold colours that will mix with others items in your wardrobe, that way it brings new life to older clothes.  Items such as cardigans, jackets, shoes or handbags will all do the job.

I also spotted and bought a cute jersey top, but found it has a hole in the sleeve, I'll be returning this and will show you in a post when I've replaced it.

OK ta ta for today - happy Friday and look it's nearly wine o'clock!!

                               Jacqui B.


Thursday 8 September 2016

Throw back Thursday - lace dress.

Evening .....It's ok I've survived my keep fit classes and happy to say I can still walk normally!
Somewhat achy I might add, but booked up for next week so It can't be all that bad.

A little shopping trip this morning, but only two purchases - all good they're for the Autumn but not the colours I went out for!!!

Still been a hot day, but I'm chomping at the bit to start wearing autumnal clothes, silly isn't it wanting the weather to change.  I'll be moaning when it's cold, wet and windy, but he ho that's how it is - as hubby says I'm never happy - lol.

Here's what I picked to wear today.  This outfit has now been demoted from 'going out wear' to 'shopping/day wear'.
Does anyone else do that?
Demote something that has past it's best and been seen quite a lot?


Wednesday 7 September 2016

Workout Wednesday.

What are you up to on this first Wednesday in September?
Like you I'm wondering what the weather will be bringing into the 'what shall I wear' equation.
Firstly though I'm actually participating in not only one but two, yes two keep fit classes!!  Having not been in ages I know this is going to be difficult.  The hardest class will be spin/cycle, really it has been more years than I care to remember when I attended these workouts! 
Dripping with sweat with a face resembling an inflated tomato such a good look, such a unfit look!
Straight after I'll be joining the ladies in a class far more relaxed! ... Pilates.  That's going to hurt tomorrow.  Oh well as they say "no pain, no gain".


Tuesday 6 September 2016

Two for Tuesday.

Hi there.

Two for Tuesday by way of two new Autumn/Winter fabulous looks

The first being velvet. Ekk I love velvet.  It always reminds me of Christmas, evenings out, dinner parties and the feeling of luxury.  So when I saw these gorgeous pieces made of the smoothest, softest material that feels great when touched.  I was in my element.  The icing on the cake when I saw this amazing blue crinkle velvet dress from Anthropologie for £108, but being such a classic piece it will be timeless and would be worn again and again - by far my favourite for the season.  I can not wait to get going with this sumptuous fashion.  Layering, adding co-ordinating pearls and leather belts.  So much choice (rubbing hands together a la Fagin).  Are you a velvet lover?  You'll either love it or hate it!


Monday 5 September 2016

Monday means .........Back to normal

Bonjour to another week!

Alright back to normal means kids back to school,  your time is here again.  A little 'me' time.
Well OK I know my children are at work so that doesn't apply to me - but hang on one minute - for me it means shopping with no children in the stores, no long queues full of teenage girls and less holiday traffic on the roads - hurrah!

Sad to say attended a funeral today, seem to be unfortunate enough to have been attending a few of them recently - and I'm not liking it one bit.
Opted for the conventional 'black' outfit with an embossed pencil skirt along with black silky v neck top - both I have to add are from Matalan and have been on repeat over the past year.  These black suede shoes are a particular favourite of mine, a few years young, and from Clarks.  I quite often check out the shoes and sandals in this shop, mainly for the sizes they do my fit of a 6 1/2, and the comfortable padded insoles.
The weather today was typical funeral weather - dark, dismal, damp and depressing!  This could only happen in the UK fabulously hot weather and then on a funeral day horribly wet weather!


Sunday 4 September 2016

Sunday -Family day.

Hello to you all and welcome to my blog.
Had a good evening listening to a TV programme about The Carpenters, that was a trip down memory lane for me.  Made me think about growing up at home with mum, step-dad and my older sister.  My mum loved their music and we always listened to them on a radio cassette!
"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down" wow what a tune!  Funny how music and songs take you straight back to a particular era in your life - a bit like smells, they do that too.
This I avidly watched, listened to and appreciated, hanging onto that warm, happy feeling of remembering my childhood  that seemed only yesterday!

Pulling myself back to 2016 - it's Sunday, family day and yes roast dinner day.
With nearly a full house today hubby and I are in our element.  Roast lamb, roast potatoes, all manor of veg, gravy, mint sauce and home made dessert.  Trying, for the first time a Plum Bakewell Tart, using some freshly picked plums from my mums tree.  Lets hope I do it justice. Let me know if you'd like me to add the recipe too.


Saturday 3 September 2016

Saturday - Dusky pink.

Great to be starting the weekend after a short working week.
My week flew by, how about yours?

After having my fringe trimmed, eyebrows waxed and nails painted yesterday, I'm feeling somewhat 'human' again.  I've been a bit lax with my nails and left them 'polish free' for over a week now - that doesn't happen very often. 
Chose a cute little dusky pink and I think it's going to work well for the Autumnal colours I've seen recently.  So this colour will be on repeat throughout the coming months for sure.
At home in our nail kit I've got a good selection of gel nail colours to pick from, then I use my own machine to cure them see here.


Friday 2 September 2016

Friday feeling fresh in my white top!

Good day to you all - how are we all?

Friday has me feeling fresh in not only in my white top, but in the cooler weather.
Woken up to a cloudy day with a light breeze - oh does that mean our summer is over?

Had such an exciting day yesterday, you see I was co-host for the very first time on Thursday Fashion Files with Jill and Carrie. Being as it was my first I didn't really know what I was doing but after a couple of  "help" messages, a bit of coaching from middle daughter and a little self belief I managed to link everything up without any major issues!  Feeling rather proud with myself that I succeeded. Yay!

Secondly on the exciting front, taking the dog out for a walk yesterday - we're on a mission for her to lose weight, you see I recently had to say 'goodbye' to my much loved and treasured little dog Candy, See here my Roxy had been neglected in the walking department and had put a bit of weight on, so my aim is to take her for daily, longer walks. 
So back to yesterday I opted for a different route, one I used to take when meeting my son from school, this took me over a stream - Roxy stopped for the obligatory sniff and as I turned to walk over the bridge I glimpsed the trail of a fleeting Kingfisher!  Now I love birds - they amaze me and I've got plenty of feeders arranged in my garden to encourage visitors.  I was so pleased.
It was only a glimpse as it flew away but I'm sure that's what it was - a vibrant blue and orange swish, and it was gone!  I'll be visiting that spot again with no dog, soft shoes and a camera!

This was actually the second 'glimpse' of a Kingfisher, the first time on a canal boating holiday on the River Avon - early one morning whilst moored in a quiet spot  my husband in a whispered voice said there was a Kingfisher on a branch over the water - I swiftly reached for the camera to take a couple of shots when my bestie had heard and tried to get a better view from the side windows - well if you've ever been on a canal boat you'd know that this side window is actually two shutters that when pushed open lay flat against the sides of the boat - yes you've guessed it, the sound emitted was similar to that of a 12 bore shot gun - bang, bang! and the bird flew away.  Result no photos and one embarrassed friend. lol.  We have quite a few laughs about this - one of many when we get together!

I digress - back to fresh white top, this I'm wearing with jeans, prompted by a recent blog view.

I love the plainness of this top, with just the right detail and coverage on the arm, white always makes me feel cool and fresh - Trying to find the link on the site, will update if and when I do.

My old faithful next skinny jeans were the chosen ones today - lucky them, along with M and S previous season sling back.  White with small black dot effect to compliment this beautiful white top.
Suitable for just running errands in, but stylish enough to wear with a dress for a date night out.

AW coming in strong now and I'm seeing some lovely bits - keep up with what I like/need ok want on my Instagram here, where I'll be giving you some fab ideas to run out and buy.

Linking up with The-wardrobe-stylist. why not pay her a visit, she'll love you to.
Until tomorrow - it's been great. X

                      Jacqui B.


Thursday 1 September 2016

How I wear my "off-the-shoulder" top.

Today I'd like to show you how I wear my "off-the-shoulder" top.

I've mentioned before that I don't think this style of top works for me, having wide shoulders plus all I see are younger girls sporting this style with skinny jeans and looking so gorgeous, that's two reasons for me not going with it.  However I'm happy to say I can still wear this beautiful blouse but in a different way.
Here's how I wear said style and I hope you agree it still looks as good.

A pencil skirt and elegant blouse is the epitome of femininity and elegance, along with a court shoe and matching bag make for a very stylish outfit.
A recent buy from my local TK Maxx, one of my favourite stores,  an off-the-shoulder gorgeous pale khaki green and cream pattern silky blouse.  I stepped out in this beautiful blouse paired with this cream lace skirt from the Florence and Fred Sale see my previous post here, along with my sling back nude court shoes from a stunning range at Lotus Shoes.

The silky blouse is an off-the-shoulder style that I pulled up onto my neckline in a deep scoop, with sleeves just about finishing at the elbow with a darling little tie detail that I love.  I tied them quite tight for this wearing, because I was eating out and didn't want the ties to drag in my dinner plate - not a good look - haha!

This is the choice I made for my bank holiday Monday afternoon of shopping and dinner for two.  After checking out various restaurants we decided to plump for an intimate little Italian near the town centre. 
I can honestly say we had an amazing three course meal in Osteria Posillipo, consisting of Antipasti, Scallops wrapped in bacon, Salmon pennette, chicken escalopes with Parma ham and mozzarella followed by cannoli - perfect meal for two people - along with a couple of beers! (only one for me as I drove).

Well I do hope you like my way of wearing the off-the-shoulder top. In fashion with a hint of classic.

Until next time - thanks it's been great. X

                         Jacqui B.

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Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files!

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files with Jill at Doused in Pink and Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom! We are excited to have you here and would love to have you link up one of your latest outfits with us.

We are always looking for Co-Hosts for Thursday Fashion Files. If you haven't signed up to Co-Host, but are interested, sign up by clicking HERE.

We now have a Thursday Fashion Files Pinterest board. We will be pinning our top two picks along with our own outfits for that week. Be sure to click HERE to join our new Pinterest board!


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Guest Co-Host:
Jacqui from Mummabstylish is our co-host this week. Be sure to stop by and visit her if you haven't already!
Now let's get linking!

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