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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Wednesday - black and gold work so well together.

Good day to everyone out there in blogging land.

Can't wait to watch The Great British Bake Off tonight.  Really getting into it even after only a couple of weeks!  I must say though each time I watch it I start thinking I'm capable of anything and can bake to meet the highest standards of Mary Berry!  With all the talk about leaving BBC and going to Channel 4, lets hope she stays around long enough with Paul Hollywood or it could all collapse in the middle and become a soggy mess!

Yesterday I'm happy to report the fact that I attended another class at the gym.  Over the years I've gone from agile, limber and fairly flexible to an older, stiffer and unpliable specimen, unhappy with the fact of old age and less exercise have bought me to this point, that and the fact of the little amount of exercise I do is only using similar muscle groups.
So when I saw this class advertised on FB I took the plunge and booked it, this stretch class was aimed at the mature person!  I was the youngest in the class - granted - but can honestly recommend this to everyone.  Forty five minutes of various stretches incorporating all of the body, it almost felt like a massage, maybe that was the therapeutic music playing softly in the background, but I felt fantastically calm when I left.  This I would recommend for ladies of my age, because as the old saying states "Use it, don't loose it"! 
I'm pretty sure all local Leisure/Activity centres would do a similar class, so It may be worth checking yours out if you are interested.

Without anymore talk of keeping fit, I don't want to drain you all, here's my outfit choice of the day.  Struggling with the photos as my 'David Bailey' has decided to desert me for Ibiza!

I'm wearing a black crepe jumpsuit that is ages old, but still in fashion.  Being more suited for holiday wear, and with our weather in the UK being the same as many hotter climates in the world - I opted to wear it.

It has very wide legs which are so flattering, a tie belt came with this, however I've decided to pull this black & gold look together with this stunning belt. It's a large band of elastic with a gorgeous gold clasp on each end making it a real stand-outish belt.
The camisole straps on top of the fluted layer gives a lovely finish to the top.  This gold ball necklace, ( a pressie from my sister-in-law) is the perfect accessory,  it sits just in the right place - making it a real statement piece too.
A simple black bangle was the only other piece I wanted for this look.
Since blogging and seeing other blogs I trying very hard to embrace the pop of colour. Think I've nailed this with the pop from the yellow clutch bag -
I really hope so!
 I'm having to think outside the box, as I would normally have opted for a black one! Haha.

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So until tomorrow Remember:
'Fashion is art and you are the canvas' -Velvet Paper X

                         Jacqui B.



  1. Love this jumpsuit! The necklace is gorgeous with it!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you so much Katherine, wish I'd got better photos to show the jumpsuit off more. This necklace gets lots of wear I love it! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You have accessorised the jumpsuit brilliantly - and that clutch is the perfect pop of colour :) I really like your statement necklace too :)

    Glad you're enjoying the class at the gym!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks for you lovely comments Mica. I knew there was a great reason to have three daughters - to steal there accessories of course! x

  3. I love black and gold together; it reminds me so much of Donna Karan's beautiful pieces she did in the 1980s which I so adore.

    Gym is so important as we get older. I find I hate going some days, but I so enjoy having been! I feel great after a class.

    PS your skin is AMAZING! xx

    1. Oh yes, it's funny how things come back around. Yes I know the feeling, but it's nice to have a reason for aching! Why thank you re my skin, I think it must be the light - lol, or good genes!. x

  4. I have been wanting to find a black jumpsuit, but I am afraid to buy one online in fear it just won't look right. Yours is beautiful on you and I love the gold clutch with it!! Sounds like you found a great class to workout to! I have been training for a marathon and all I've been doing is running. I'm looking forward to doing some other types of workouts once I run it in October!


    1. Good luck on finding the right jumpsuit, I tend not to buy on line, I prefer to go shopping, try on and buy. Good on you for running a marathon, best of luck to you. I've only just about managed a 5k three times.x

  5. I like your belt! Your jumpsuit is so chic!

    1. And this belt is so old I can't even recall where I got it from! Thanks for you comments Ruth. x

  6. That yoga/stretch class sounds great because maintaining flexibility as we age is so important for good health and well being. Your jumpsuit looks great and I love the necklace. Thank you for adding your post to my Fine-Whatever link up.



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