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Friday 23 September 2016

Lazy will not do!

Oh dear, oh dear, lazy will not do!
Good evening, It's Friday and I've not completed a blog for a few days. 

Do you sometimes have days when there's so much to do, along with brain block so blogging is put at the back of the queue.

Making amends today though.  Blogger back on duty, and feeling very positive after my afternoon out today.
I can't tell yet, but within the next few days I'll be spilling the beans on what I've been up to!

So without further do what do you reckon on my dog walking outfit?

I've worn these wide leg trousers more times than I really care to remember similar here, but they are spot on for comfort.  Just right for the in between weather when it's not too hot and not too cold.  I grabbed this little vest top similar here which I love, mainly for the bling.
It's been in my wardrobe for yonks, but it matches these trousers perfectly - the white spots match the white shiny 'diamonds' (let's think expensive and go with it)!  White ballet pumps see here work well with this outfit firstly the colour and secondly the fact they are flats fit the length of my wide leg trousers.

I've survived the Pilate's class and the ballet lesson this week, but starting to feel achy today,  so sitting blogging is the perfect excuse not to anything else!

Have a great weekend fellow bloggers and whatever you are doing, do it in style!
Don't forget it's the Next sale tomorrow from 7am in store and 8 am on line.  See what delights are on offer.
Oh and look it's prosecco o'clock!  Cheers. X

                           Jacqui B.



  1. The post is just fantastic! Have a nice day:)

    1. Many, many thanks for stopping by, so pleased you like it. Have a great day too. x

  2. Haha! Prosecco o'clock, I love it! Those pants look super comfy, and your dog is absolutely adorable. Thank you for linking up with We Are Fashion.

    1. Thanks for stopping over Mallory. She is a cutie, and the pants are so a favourite of mine. x

  3. Dear Jacqui, hihi survived pilates and ballet. I know what you mean :))
    You look amazing and your dog is cute.
    Thank you for linking up to with tinaspinkfriday

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Thanks for stopping by. x

  4. chic with dog♥
    greetings from germany

  5. Dog walking has to be comfortable doesn't it? Doing it with style here Jacqui x

    1. Yep for sure Laurie, Thanks for your lovely words Laurie. x


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