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Thursday 29 September 2016

A Grey Day.

Hi there,

Well the weather was grey today, and so was my outfit.

Grey trousers and bag to be precise.

Today was dancing class day, where I attended an adult ballet class, not a full on ballet class for the likes of Darcey Bussell, but a ballet class for a group of 50 old year olds, enjoying movement, music and keeping fit, all tied up with great conversation, support and laughter.
We also partook in a trial class for modern/contemporary dance, that did cause lots of laughter, imagine a group of 50 - 60 + year olds trying their hand  (and feet) at dance moves such as isolated rib movements, finger clicks  and hip thrusts, to be fair I think Bob Fosse would have begged us to dance for him!
We did have some laughs, but we are all happily returning next week for a second go, so it can't have been that bad!  I still maintain you're never too old to start a new venture.

Once I'd returned home and completed my chores, I re-dressed in clothes more suitable to running errands and quick visit to my mum.
I chose this grey outfit to match the grey sky.  Autumn has most definitely arrived today, along with the wind and showers!

These grey straight leg trousers work so well with the pink shirt.  Long sleeves great for this time of the year. 
I love the way this shirt looks like it's tucked in at the front, but hangs down at the back.
A subtle pale pink, that in some lights look very pale peach.  I'm going with pink today - why? just because. Lol.
Grey court shoes from Deichman similar here were just right for this look, not too dressy - just the look for my jobs today.
I paired plain grey beads to pick up the grey trousers.  These have just the right amount of shine to them, and can be rolled around to make a double layer, as you can see in the two different photos.
The only choice for outerwear had to be my pale pink pea coat similar here, although at times today it was rather warm, but I suffered for the cause of finishing off this look correctly.
Anyway isn't it best to keep warm after exercising????

So how do you like the pink and grey?  Are they colours you'd wear?  I'd love to hear what your choice would be with grey or pink.

So long for today, hey it's Friday tomorrow - can't wait for the weekend, it's nearly here!

Linking up with Jaylynn from The red Closet Diary.

                        Jacqui B.

"And though our arms are empty, our hearts know what to do. Every beating of my heart says " I remember you" Anon



  1. I love pink and grey as a color combo. I just redecorated a room with this color and I also like to wear it. Great outfit. So soft and pretty!

    1. Thanks so much Amy, Ohh a room in these colours sounds great! I'm aiming for lilac and grey in my bedroom for my next colour choices. Glad you stopped buy.

  2. Pink and grey is a gorgeous color combo! Love this soft and chic look!

    Doused In Pink

    1. Jill such nice comments, I'm so chuffed you like this look. Thanks for stopping by.x

  3. Pink and Grey. Perfect combination! We have been so lucky with the weather haven't we x

  4. Pink and Grey. Perfect combination! We have been so lucky with the weather haven't we x

    1. It's such a good mix isn't it? I'm after a pair of grey snakeskin boots for the AW season, having fun looking for them too! Weather was lovely today - managed a grass cut as since a bit of rain and sun it's grown so long! x


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