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Friday 2 September 2016

Friday feeling fresh in my white top!

Good day to you all - how are we all?

Friday has me feeling fresh in not only in my white top, but in the cooler weather.
Woken up to a cloudy day with a light breeze - oh does that mean our summer is over?

Had such an exciting day yesterday, you see I was co-host for the very first time on Thursday Fashion Files with Jill and Carrie. Being as it was my first I didn't really know what I was doing but after a couple of  "help" messages, a bit of coaching from middle daughter and a little self belief I managed to link everything up without any major issues!  Feeling rather proud with myself that I succeeded. Yay!

Secondly on the exciting front, taking the dog out for a walk yesterday - we're on a mission for her to lose weight, you see I recently had to say 'goodbye' to my much loved and treasured little dog Candy, See here my Roxy had been neglected in the walking department and had put a bit of weight on, so my aim is to take her for daily, longer walks. 
So back to yesterday I opted for a different route, one I used to take when meeting my son from school, this took me over a stream - Roxy stopped for the obligatory sniff and as I turned to walk over the bridge I glimpsed the trail of a fleeting Kingfisher!  Now I love birds - they amaze me and I've got plenty of feeders arranged in my garden to encourage visitors.  I was so pleased.
It was only a glimpse as it flew away but I'm sure that's what it was - a vibrant blue and orange swish, and it was gone!  I'll be visiting that spot again with no dog, soft shoes and a camera!

This was actually the second 'glimpse' of a Kingfisher, the first time on a canal boating holiday on the River Avon - early one morning whilst moored in a quiet spot  my husband in a whispered voice said there was a Kingfisher on a branch over the water - I swiftly reached for the camera to take a couple of shots when my bestie had heard and tried to get a better view from the side windows - well if you've ever been on a canal boat you'd know that this side window is actually two shutters that when pushed open lay flat against the sides of the boat - yes you've guessed it, the sound emitted was similar to that of a 12 bore shot gun - bang, bang! and the bird flew away.  Result no photos and one embarrassed friend. lol.  We have quite a few laughs about this - one of many when we get together!

I digress - back to fresh white top, this I'm wearing with jeans, prompted by a recent blog view.

I love the plainness of this top, with just the right detail and coverage on the arm, white always makes me feel cool and fresh - Trying to find the link on the site, will update if and when I do.

My old faithful next skinny jeans were the chosen ones today - lucky them, along with M and S previous season sling back.  White with small black dot effect to compliment this beautiful white top.
Suitable for just running errands in, but stylish enough to wear with a dress for a date night out.

AW coming in strong now and I'm seeing some lovely bits - keep up with what I like/need ok want on my Instagram here, where I'll be giving you some fab ideas to run out and buy.

Linking up with The-wardrobe-stylist. why not pay her a visit, she'll love you to.
Until tomorrow - it's been great. X

                      Jacqui B.



  1. Such a beautiful white top, I love the sleeves! I also love your hair- your bangs are super cute! Thank you so much for linking up with us and getting it all figured out! It can be confusing the first time.


    1. Thank you too Carrie - thoroughly enjoyed it. Appreciate you lovely comments, just had it trimmed today. Chat again soon and I'll be stopping by your blog for sure. x

  2. I can't believe we are already talking winter wear. Where did that time go ? Gorgeous white blouse x

    1. I know Laurie, and the weird thing is that I'm looking forward to winter wear too! Aren't we supposed to be having hot weather again this week though?!?!

  3. I can't believe we are already talking winter wear. Where did that time go ? Gorgeous white blouse x


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