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Tuesday 20 September 2016

Two for Tuesday - How I style a red cardigan.

Morning bloggers.

As we're heading full steam ahead into Autumn,  I'm rubbing my hands together at the thought of jumpers, boots, jackets and scarves - oh scarves how I've missed you.
I've felt there was something missing all through our glorious summer, and now I can't wait to be reunited with my comforting friends!

I'm showing, today, this cute little red crochet effect cardigan styled two ways.  However not a full cardigan, just a keep-me-a-bit-warmer in the transitional period type of cardigan.
This cute little crochet piece has short sleeves and buttons down the front, sitting just on the waist it's a timeless piece that can and will be adapted for all sorts of wear.

So here's two for Tuesday:
Beginning with the obvious cropped jeans.  I've turned these up, but they're just as cute without.  I'm liking the dark denim, less likely to show any rain drops if we are unfortunate to have any - ha ha!  Also more of a slimming effect I think.
Along with the cropped leg wear, I've chosen this half silk, half jersey multicoloured top. 
Great colour scheme for fall and any of the colours can be picked out with accessories.
Keeping with the red theme,  I've picked these red beads, they're a little bit different being on a string rather than a chain.  These were a present from youngest son - he's often bought me some useful and stylish necklaces, some I wear often, others not so regularly, but are just what's needed to complete a look.

Finishing with this:
Grey pleated skirt with a grey cami top underneath the red cardigan.  I've buttoned it up for this look.  It makes a nice little jumper top.  Here I've worn my gorgeous Jaeger pearl ball necklace.  I adore this because it's a real statement piece and also because my hubby picked it.  Do you agree with me - if hubby picks something it makes it even more special?
These Clarks shoes are great to walk in, a very sturdy block heel and some cushioning in the sole - perfect. Grey and black courts work well with this smart/going out for lunch look.
So which do you prefer?  Today I'm going with the 3/4 jeans - only because I'm not going out, but who knows it's only just lunch time - there's still a chance to go out looking smart!

Please let me know which look you prefer, I love to get comments and will reply to all I get.  Also I'd love you to subscribe to my blog for over fifties (or anyone who's interested) it's only one click away!

So long for today. X

             Jacqui B.


  1. What a great cardigan Jacqui!!
    I really like how it pulls the colors together from the floral shirt!!

    1. Yes thanks Jodie, I'm so pleased I bought it, and only £8 too! Love a bargain me. Thanks for stopping by Jodie. x

  2. Pretty red cardigan. I love it with that pleated grey midi.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Hi Amy Ann, glad you agree with me, thank you for coming over to see my blog. x

  3. Love the floral top underneath this pretty cardigan! That pleated skirt is so chic too.

    1. It's an old favourite of mine, it's also very versatile. Don't wear the pleated skirt too often, but feel very elegant in it when I do. x

  4. Love how that cardigan matches the shoes!!!

    I am launching another 3-part collaboration with fashion forward brand STAYING SUMMER this week at the blog - come on over and lemme know what you think!

    Happy Thursday!


    1. Popping over now. thanks for your comments and for stopping by.x

  5. Love the red cardigan styled with the grey pleated skirt! Such a pretty look!

    Doused In Pink

    1. That's so nice of you to stop by and comment. Much appreciated Jill.x

  6. Pleats are my thing at the mo. I love this grey skirt x

  7. Pleats are my thing at the mo. I love this grey skirt x

    1. Feel great in this skirt. Very feminine and stylish, Hope you have a good weekend.


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