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Monday 19 September 2016

Afternoon all.....

Late post today, been so busy - but not much achieved!

Managed to have some sneaky cuddles and kisses with my beautiful princess today.  Such a pick-me-up to have some special time with a grandchild, she melts my heart.

After running a few errands, I took my Roxy on a rather long walk, I think I've exhausted her she's asleep on the sofa!  Went to see if I could spy the Kingfisher, see my previous... errr..... encounters with said Kingfisher here, but sad to report no luck today.

Here's what I wore today - White three quarter length jeans, old favourites that I'm a big fan of.  I picked out this previously worn mink/grey/burgundy blouse, with a burgundy T shirt underneath.  I had to wear this choker tie necklace today as I felt it perfectly matched the colours.  Grey wedge sandals were the top choice for my feet, with the tie front fastening matching my choker!

These items are all hard wearing attributes to my wardrobe and see the light of day on many occasions, but have been mixed in so many different ways they all feel like new purchases.
This is how I like to style my outfits mixing and matching with bits I already possess, coming up with different looks - the choices are endless - I love experimenting too, It's nice when a new combination is fallen upon.  Does anyone else do that?

I managed to nip back to Tu in Sainsbury's and return the previously bought top, I really looked awful on so have changed it for another two items, I do like to BOG OFF when I'm shopping lol.
Will be posting on these two pieces in the week, hope you'll be popping back to see what I did return with.

How are you all getting on the change in weather?  Have you managed to get you AW clothing sorted?  I love the change of season and can't wait to try out some new looks with my old and new clothes.
Until tomorrow. X
               Jacqui B.


  1. Still without your photographer, Jacqui, but you're coping well. That's a nice combo you've come up with.
    Yes, like you, I too like finding new mixes from my wardrobe. These past few days I've been putting a travel capsule together and I came up with a mix I hadn't thought of before, it's light grey and jade, can't wait to try that outfit when I'm on my hols!

  2. Wow sounds lovely. How wonderful a holiday to plan for, you're going to have fun getting those bits together. I saw the other day light grey and yellow. It looked fab and then I kept seeing it. Thanks for stopping by too . x

  3. I actually did that in a very similar style today! I paired a tank top with a cardigan, and threw on a choker to match. It made me a little bit proud, and a little bit excited to find a new combination I was happy with:) Love those shoes with the choker, too!

    1. So pleasing when we do that, and a new outfit to boot! Thank you so much for stopping by x

  4. I see you are wearing a choker! I was just given one as a gift and I'm having fun wearing it. It's a nice change to a regular necklace.

    1. They're so 'in' atm, have got a couple and love wearing them too! A necklace really finished off a look, as does a scarf. x

  5. I see that lovely chocker Jacqui! Thinking about purchasing one. Great look x

    1. Go for it Laurie, I love mine, would like to get a black one too. X


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