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Monday, 15 January 2018

Packing Light & Chanel Styles.

Hello there lovelies, how are you are doing?
With my skiing holiday within touching distance I'm getting everything ready to pack into my case.  There's not much to plan for this holiday, basically I just take about three pairs of jeans with various tops and jumpers, along with a tracksuit - skiing is quite laid-back so no fancy dresses or skirts will be accompanying me, I'll save them for the next holiday! 😏  Hopefully everything will fit into one case then I won't have to take a cabin bag with me.  I like to travel light now-a-days!  But it never used to be like that, have a read to see why!

This is such a funny story involving my best friend some thirty odd years ago ....


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Styling my new/old check skirt.

Hi there lovelies, how are you? 
Hope it's not too miserable and dreary for you and you haven't got the Christmas blues!  I'm getting very excited for my skiing holiday.  For the past 15 years we have travelled to The Alpes for a weeks skiing.  Bundling the kids in the car along with our bags and equipment stuffed in too.  Having five kids there wasn't much room, but hubby was ace at packing and always got everything in.  Every nook and cranny in our people carrier was spilling out stuff!  Odd shoes, coats, bottles of drink, socks you name it we had it!  It worked out financially better for us to travel by car and not fly - plus we got an extra day skiing arriving early and leaving late - result!  Of later years we've taken to flying, much easier with only having to worry about my own case, taking time for a meal & then shopping.  But looking back I'm yearning for our old family fun trips that started as soon as we got to the channel tunnel!

So as I carry on dreaming about my past and forthcoming holidays, I want to share this cute burgundy, black and grey check skirt with you.


Monday, 8 January 2018

I went to the Panto!

Oh no you didn't!
Oh yes I did, with my three daughters and princess. We had a wonderful girls afternoon out, great to have a little girly time!
For those who aren't familiar with the Pantomimes in the UK read on to find a little bit about our Pantomime tradition.
Okay so a Panto is a musical comedy stage production, traditionally for all the family to watch over the Christmas & New Year period.   Modern Pantomimes feature gender-crossing actors, combining topical humour with a story that's loosely based on a well know fairy tale, children and parents are encouraged to join in with singing & shouting out of phrases.  Confused?  yes lots of people are.  We had a lovely afternoon out watching Peter Pan, which was full of dancing, singing, jokes and acrobatics,  we all loved it - although princess did ask when were we going home about half way through!

Do you remember me saying I gain inspiration from my surroundings? 


Thursday, 4 January 2018

JJ's House - My NYE Velvet dress.

Welcome 2018 we've been expecting you!

A big warm welcome to everyone visiting my blog today, new or old friends I hope to see you again throughout the coming months. A couple of days late with my blog post and hope you forgive my tardiness - a very busy Christmas & New Year is my excuse.
Last year flew by so quickly it seems like only yesterday I was cutting the grass and laying in the garden sunshine drinking prosecco!  That being said isn't it fabulous to be at the beginning of a exciting new year?  After having a tiny break over the festive holiday I can't wait to get back into blogging, I have plenty of ideas & goals up my sleeve for my 'baby'!

I was totally spoilt this Christmas, with plenty of wonderful presents, both wearable and useful, one in particular I'm eager to start. A photography course I received from two daughters and their partners.  That's going to go a long way towards improving my blog, I've learnt a teeny tiny amount since I started, so I'm enthusiastic & impatient to find out more.  I'll keep you posted how that one goes.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Lady in Red - Style Steal

Hi there how did your Christmas celebrations go?
It seems I've been away from blogging for ages, I've been so caught up in present buying, preparing and celebrating I've not had much time for blogging!
Back to normal now, just the NYE celebrations to enjoy then it's back to the grindstone.  I've got lots I want to do next year with my blog and hope to throw my all into achieving some new goals.
As I sit here full up with everything I eaten i'm wondering if I'll fit into any of my presents.
With the abundance of delicious food that's been around over the past couple of days I find it so hard to say NO!  So next week I'll be hitting the gym hard to try and lose the gained pounds before my skiing holiday at the end of January.

What with one thing and another I missed out on my December Style Steal, but it's back today for the last time this year.  I haven't had time to study as many blogs as I would have liked so no 'Style Steal' caught my eye this month.  I did see a cute outfit that a talk show celebrity was wearing some weeks ago, and managed to drop enough hints to receive a fabulous Christmas present 'copy' for myself.


Sunday, 24 December 2017

T'was the night before Christmas - Looking forward to my gravy!

Evening fellow over fifty bloggers.
Well if it's not been bought, made or wrapped by now it's too bad!  I'm too late!
I do hope you're all ready to start your celebrations.  My turkey is already to go into the oven in the early hours so that when I get up my nostrils are filled with the delightful smell of cooked turkey.  The pate is made & chilling in the fridge, red cabbage is ready and waiting to be heated - while the beers and prosecco are already nicely chilled in the cooler, but most importantly the stock has been cooked ready to make the gravy - eek the gravy I can't wait.  Phew I've made it to the finish line!

I'd just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  May I suggest you eat, drink and be merry amongst your family and friends.  I'm really looking forward to seeing all your blog posts in the coming weeks to see how your day went.


Thursday, 21 December 2017

Sunday Funday on the RHDR - choo choo!!

Morning - are you excited? only 4 more sleeps till the arrival of Father Christmas!! 
Let's hope I get everything sorted for a silky smooth-running Christmas Day.  I simply adore the main event, but really like Boxing day too - it's so much more relaxed and chilled.  All the stress of making sure everyone has got what they want, dinner is cooked on time and I've not forgotten anything!  So boxing day I can relax, unwind & enjoy the presents, company and what's on telly without any arguments!

Last Sunday I had an exciting day out.  After an evening at a surprise party it was nice not to have to get up and cook a roast dinner!  So a day out with nearly all the family was just what I did.  My daughter had arranged dinner in a pub en route to Hythe.  I'd booked the annual Santa Special on the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway, a lovely family trip that all ages would enjoy.  Along with hubby I was accompanied by both grandchildren, daughters, SIL and son - although my prince is still too young to appreciate the visit, my little princess adored it.  She met Santa, rode on the 15" gauge miniature steam train, visited the model railway (she loved pushing the various buttons to start and stop trains, along with lighting some buildings) grand finale was real snow being sprayed - everyone looked really cute with snow in their hair!

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