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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Testing a Chinup Mask!

Morning everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you find today's blog interesting, not only that it may give you a little chuckle.

I was recently contacted by Chinup Mask, asking if I'd be interested in receiving a sample to try.
Well you can bet this over fifty blogger said yes straight away!  After all some of us need all the help we can get - lol!

Chinup Mask* is a 30 minute face mask that you can wear in the comfort of your own home, claiming to reduce the appearance of double chins, sagging jowls and the dreadful turkey neck in minutes, but lasting for days.
Chinup Mask* state and I quote
"Using 5 of the best cosmetic ingredients, 10 natural fruit extracts and our very own patent-pending Skintronics serum, Chinup Mask* is designed and produced to provide maximum lifting and smoothing effect to your chin, neck and jawline."

I had to see how this worked and couldn't wait to start the trial.
In the sample pack was an instruction leaflet, tape measure,  the sachet with the serum mask, along with the slimming band.

Asking Esther Ruby to take photographs for me, I set about gaining a better looking chin and neck.

Firstly taking measurements, this was rather difficult so I was glad Esther was there to help, we registered my measurements;
Starting from ear to ear I measured around the chin, my reading of 25cm was taken,
The second again from one ear to the other gave 21.5cm.

Now to open the sealed sachet.
My first impression was of a large baby wipe with cup-out area which went up towards the ears.
It felt squidgy and somewhat slimy, but didn't have any offensive smell which is always a good thing.
I placed the mask upon my chin and neck smoothing out the bubbles that had formed between the mask and my skin. 

Next it was time to put the band around my head and secured tightly with the Velcro fastening, two openings encircled my ears, this felt better as I could hear and it didn't feel uncomfortable.

This I left on for about 35/40 minutes, and after the initial muffled chuckles from me and the rather louder laughs from Esther had subsided I relaxed on a sunbed with my Kindle letting the serum soak into my chin and neck. 
You are recommended to use as little jaw movement as possible to obtain the best results.  Maybe the best time to use the mask would be chilling in a hot bath - what joy - that'll be me next time I use mine!

The warming sensation is totally normal - that's how you know it's working.  I thought it may have felt itchy but not at all!  If anything it was a calming feeling.

Once thirty five minutes had elapsed I removed the band and mask, gently rubbing in any of the excess serum - this soaked in quickly so there was no need to wash or wipe anything off.

Measuring again I was pleasantly surprised to read I'd reduced both measurements by 1/2 cm!!! 
My face felt and looked tighter and firmer, wow, I hadn't expected that!

I feel using the Chinup Mask frequently will give an even better outcome, & now I know exactly how easy it is to use I'll be happily trying this out again - very soon!  What do you think?

Two treatments start at £29.95 including the slimming band, with seven treatments costing £49.95.  Top up sachets are £59.95, you can also buy a replacement band for just under £8.  All this is far cheaper than going under the knife and much less invasive - I think I know what I'd prefer!

You can see plenty of other results over on Chinup Mask IG why not pop over to check them out?

Whilst I chillaxing with my chinup mask I was wearing silky floral robe with matching shorts and cami top both from George @ Asda Similar here and similar here.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are my own comments and 100% my own.

Monday, 17 July 2017

MummaB - Style Steal!

Hi there, ready to face another week?
Having had a rather different weekend from the normal, I'm looking forward to getting my week back on track - the reason being hubby has been away to Dublin, helping the Stag celebrate his last weekend of freedom as they say!  You can catch where the hens went here!
It's like having my arm cut off not having hubby at home.  The children were around some of the time, but it's just not the same as we do so much together.  Missing him - an understatement!

When looking at other fantastic blogs I follow, I noticed more and more outfits that I'd love to wear  & realised I could re-create many of them with clothes I already have in my possession, maybe having only to buy one or two extra pieces to complete a 'copy'!

I've decided that on the 3rd Thursday of each month I'll be featuring a Style Steal, copying another bloggers look.

First up has to be the delightful Catherine from Not dressed as lamb winner of the UK Blog Awards for fashion & beauty 2017.
She encourages women to wear what they want and look fabulous doing it.  Winning many accolades for her high street picks and individual style, along with blog post featuring health, beauty and fitness issues. 
Catherine's blog, is a go-to, up-to-date, informative site for the over 40's, & many people including me love to visit.

This outfit got me thinking ...
I had red linen trousers somewhere in the wardrobe along with my ever faithful cream sparkly baseball trainers I was half way there.  The ace up my sleeve this dainty lace top all the way from Spain, on my earlier visit to L'Escala.  

Having a double lace layer, see-through in places, with a discrete covered in section in just the right area.  With a pleasing scalloped edge on both the sleeve and the hem, the exquisite detailing married with the cream colour makes this beauty timeless and functional, therefore it'll be winner with so many of my outfits in the future.  Be prepared to see this darling again and again!

How about the cute flower pattern in the lace - isn't it pretty? 

I took my black Osprey cross-over bag to complete my style copy - the only thing needed was a hat, well truth be told I don't own one.  I've planned to get one, but haven't seen any I really like, so if you could use your own imagination I'll be very thankful. 😜

Esther Ruby took the photographs in a local play park.  This a short drive away and the first time I've visited for about forty years!  Needless to say it looks very different from what I remember.
This play park not only caters for young children but older youths too.  When we arrived Esther made a bee line for the zip wire she spotted - having a little ride, enjoying every minute - shame no photos!
Not to be outdone MummaB had to get in one the act having a go too, except I couldn't get off it - literally!

We set about taking photos in the park, being careful not to include any kids!
Fortunately finishing just in time, because we were swarmed by a class of school children on a day trip - obviously letting off steam in the play area.  They were everywhere and would definitely have been photobombing my shots! Ha ha.

Have you ever stolen a style?  Would love to hear what yours would be.

Hope you'll join me next month to see who's style I've 'copied'.
So until Monday, thanks for stopping by.

Many thanks Esther Ruby for your super photos. X

Bye bye

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Timepieces and Tee Shirt Dress.

Hi there, how's it going?  Not long now till the weekend, hopefully the weather will get back on track with sunshine & no rain!

It was a special day for MummaB yesterday - hubby and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary.
Marking the occasion with our usual visit to Reads.  You can read about my special date at Reads last year.
We dined on absolutely amazing food, from Ham Hock Terrine,  Montgomery Cheddar souffle, Angus Fillet Steak & Pork with fruit jelly on a bed of squashed potatoes & cabbage.  Divine food that simply melted in the mouth!  Finishing off with a Hot Berry souffle, I was full to the brim!  I did have a little room left to taste hubby's cheese & biscuits.  This was complimented by a bottle of our favourite Champagne Laurent-Perrier surprisingly presented upon arrival and was a touching gift from my lovely mum-in-law, many thanks. X

The last time I wore this Jacques Vert dress was at a wedding, check it out here.  I just adore pink, the brighter the better, & this lace creation ticks all my boxes!
The grey liner peeps through the lace layer, complimenting the hot cerise pink as grey always does.  I matched in grey wedges along with a pewter clutch bag.  Mixing textures will add interest and depth to any outfit, & mine is no exception.
Hubby looking as handsome as ever in his bright yellow polo shirt, I think we look like Lord and Lady of the Manor - lol.
Once we'd returned home I was presented with a present!  Shocked that hubby had bought me one and saddened that I hadn't got anything to reciprocate - I gingerly opened the package. 
Being told once or twice that evening our 31st anniversary represented 'a time piece', oh crikey what had he bought me?  A watch? A clock?  I fell about with laughter (helped by the glasses of champagne and wine) when I opened the box and this was what I found!

Ha Ha Ha - a timer!  Well it is a timepiece!

Onto today's outfit.
I picked this dress up by chance a few weeks ago, wanting a stripy dress for years I took a chance that it would fit without being too tight.
A tee shirt material which is rather basic in style - it's a long version of a Tee you'd wear with jeans. 
I sized up to try and avoid it being too clingy also wore it with BIG knickers to iron out any unwanted bulges.  Both actions came good - the dress, I think looks great.
It came from Primark and I'm almost embarrassed to say it cost £6!!  A real throw-away dress if ever there was one!

A close up of the Tee shirt top & showing the Jaeger necklace.  Circles balancing the stripes!

A cross-over bag works well with the straight dress, my choice of plain black leather to match the suede ankle strap sandals.  The bag is ages old from TK Maxx, they've got a great range of handbags in store, all designer & all smashing prices - I nearly always find at least two I want to buy whenever I pop in!

Do you like the venue?  My daughter found this painted underpass the other week and thought it would be a suitable backdrop - how right she was!

Thank you Esther Ruby for the super photos.
Until Monday - thanks so much for visiting my blog. 
Let me know what you think about my dresses, I love to hear from you. X

Bye, bye ....


Monday, 10 July 2017

OTS dress and doing a u-turn!

Well how did your weekend go?  Have you had lots going on, just chilling or maybe at work!
Whatever you've done I hope it's been enjoyable.

A busy one for me, with babysitting, BBQ, baby shower and birthday party!
Trying to catch some of the tennis in-between was a little difficult, thank goodness for catch-up TV!

Have you ever had a total turn-around on a specific style of clothing?  Hated one and would never entertain wearing it, then changed your mind (as women often do) becoming a big fan?  Yes I believe we've all done that - and I'm no exception.  Here's why.  Never wanting to support the OTS style tops and dresses, but seeing that they are still everywhere, I saw I was missing out on a huge chunk of the fashion scene.  You can see How I wear my OTS top. They don't 'do' it for me - not fitting right or feeling good!

However while out shopping for last minute bits to take away to Ibiza I randomly spotted this. A beautiful patterned OTS dress had caught my eye, how would it look, it wouldn't hurt to just try it on, I quickly headed for the fitting room to see if I would be lucky!

Drawn by the feminine, floral pattern along with the length, this dress finishes on the knee which is great for me.   Where a garments length finishes on my leg is quite important, not being blessed with great legs I tend to want at least half of them covered when I'm out, and the dress I bought did just that. 
The sleeve has the right amount of arm coverage, so I didn't feel over hot.
We then get to the Off the Shoulder bit - It sat just in the right place on my shoulders and didn't move, it didn't gape, it wasn't tight and or restrictive.
My usual thinking that it would look awful and fit awkwardly hadn't happened.
I felt ok in it, no actually I felt great wearing it.  Have I been 'turned',  would I now be embracing this on-going trend?  My answer yep, and yep!  Oh and just to add I've bought another off-the-shoulder little number that will hopefully be a winner too because I've got big plans for it next month!

Who's not embracing the choker trend that's going on now?  Ribbons, laces, blingy or chain,    they're still on point and are all over the stores.  I picked up my green choker in Matalan a few months ago,  worn here being girly!

Tropical print is big this summer,  this pretty pink floral print fits the bill don't you think?  This dress is very comfortable and is perfect for this warm hot weather the UK is having now, lets hope it lasts a little longer to get the maximum value from the summer clothes I've bought!
Worn with flats, makes this look just right for the baby shower I wore it to.  We had drinks and nibbles in the garden along with the usual games of 'guess the baby's weight', 'due date' and  'guess the sex'.

My blingy flats aren't really supportive enough now-a-days so I really need to be investing in something better for my feet, but to relax in the garden on the sunny afternoon it was they were perfect. Coming from Accessorize some years ago, but they've still got plenty in-store.

My dress is from George at Asda for a whopping £10! - Winner!

Have you ever done a u-turn on a style or garment, maybe a colour you have never worn and now embrace with love?  I love to hear if you have, let me know in the comments box - thanks. X

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Must go now - I'm so pleased you could stop by.

Bye for today, I'll see you Thursday. X


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Wimbledon - Anyone for tennis?

Morning ladies - is it Thursday already? 
Forgive me that I have to ask, but I've had a long weekend away, for those who don't follow me on IG I've been living it up in Ibiza on my nieces Hen Party - yes that's right this over fifty year old has been living it up with the 'youngsters' - doing it for the oldies, and I can say with hand on my heart it's been amazing!
I can't remember the last time I GOT IN AT 5AM!!! I thought that 5am was for getting up and going to the loo!!!!

Visiting many clubs & bars along with plenty of eating, drinking, sunbathing and laughs.   One club in particular, which is frequently visited by plenty of celebrities was Ocean Beach, this is predominantly aimed at the young and fabulous, & I was somewhat apprehensive about joining my young companions.
Worrying about what I should wear, how I should act, would I stand out like a sore thumb or risk embarrassing myself. 
Things are never as bad as you imagine, I shouldn't have been so anxious because everything felt normal, especially when looking around - what did  I see?  Plenty of cellulite!  Yes gorgeous, beautiful young ladies of all shapes and sizes WITH CELLULITE!  My inner demons were crushed right there - all ages can and do have the dreaded wobbly, fatty deposits - lingering undesirably on certain parts of their anatomy.
Visiting Ibiza Old Town was an absolute pleasure, I think I fell in love with this ancient city with its romantic little side streets, quaint restaurants, intoxicating aromas and dramatic castle lighting, making a vow there and then to bring hubby back to enjoy this romantic city in full! 
Watch this space as they say!

Anyhow apart for coming back to the usual chores, I've come back to enjoy Wimbledon.
Do you follow tennis?  I'm not an avid, have to watch sort of fan, more I'll watch if I'm home or if the players are interesting.
So I was thinking I'd have a play around with something I would wear if I got the chance to attend.
It should be an outfit that's summery, but not too short, tight or revealing.  With no shade maybe a high neckline and plenty of sun lotion!

A pair of shorts would be a good option with a cardigan or light jacket for cooler weather.  Jumpsuits are very fashionable this year and are totally acceptable for Wimbledon.

Watching tennis is not the place for extravagant fashion and most of the looks are simple and classic. You can add interest to a solid-coloured outfit with jewellery and accessories.
Sunglasses are so important for a sunny day, they will protect your eyes from the glare. A sun hat is also a fab option unless you’re sitting in Centre Court!

When it comes to footwear, it’s best to go for comfortable summer sandals with a block or wedge heel, even though you’ll probably be sitting down for most of the day. Stiletto heels can be difficult when you’re climbing the grandstand to find your seat and you may have a long walk from your transport to the event.

Here's my choice for a day at Wimbledon - if I ever get to go there.

White shorts for comfort, paired with a white beaded sleeveless top, and a blast of red from the flat shoes, red bag, cardigan and belt, all being a gentle reminder of the strawberries with cream that will be a tempting treat.

As it's not going to be me attending this year I'll make do with my consolation treat: Strawberries & cream, Ham & cucumber sandwiches with a delicious glass of prosecco .... Whilst watching the match on TV!

I'm glad you could join me today, hope you can pop back on Monday.

Photos c/o Esther Ruby - many thanks X

Bye for today. X

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