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Monday, 26 June 2017

Gingham Cropped Trousers with Three Tops.

Hello fellow bloggers, how's it going?
Another great weekend for MummaB'. 
Up to the big British City on Saturday - such a fun, lively day in the capital, one word  ... Prosecco!
Sunday being rather the opposite, curled up on the sofa - catching up on some TV and my water in-take!
The reason for our visit to London was my hubby's Christmas present, yes you heard correct Christmas!
You can Imagine how difficult it has been to arrange a date when eight people are free on the same day, so last Saturday was the first opportunity for me, hubby and six of our friends to travel up to London Town for Gin Tasting! 
Heading over to Whistling Shop in Shoreditch to sample gin, find out about its origins and how it's made.  En-route visiting a traditional Pie and Mash shop, a couple of bars and a fabulous tea and cake stop - aptly named Cake Hole CafĂ©
Here I scoffed a mouthwatering cream tea, along with endless cups of the hot beverage, in a cup and saucer from a teapot! - tea tastes so much better from china tea cups and brewed in a teapot don't you think?

Here's the casual outfit I wore on Saturday,  which was basic, comfortable and just the job for a day in big city.  Gingham cropped trousers, paired with white peplum hem tee shirt & I added my pretty necklace and matching bracelet along with my Zara metallic silver bag and gold espadrilles to my ensemble.  As we made our way to our destination I saw this graffiti wall where hubby took this photo, there's nothing like this locally so wanted to include the artwork in today's post.

Honestly, I could of eaten another of these super warm scones, cream & jam, not to mention any of the cakes that were on offer.

The cropped gingham trousers I've had for a while now, are from Dorothy Perkins & fit me like a glove.  Black & white can be paired with loads of colours thus prompting me to try out these three looks.  Which one do you prefer? 

Beginning with the obvious white, which is my favourite.   I picked up this cotton top from Matalan.  I do like lace and the cotton cut-out detail reminded me of giant lace.  This was on the sleeves, across the neckline and round the bottom of the top - or the top of the bottom! Lol.  It could also be worn as a dress if you've got the legs for it - lol.

Feeling more able to match different coloured accessories now-a-days, so the black ankle sandals  worked well with the yellow clutch bag.

Are you liking the blast of colour - lemon?   Since starting blogging and reading fashion blogs from all age groups I've grasped that you don't HAVE to match your accessories.  Different colours, tones and textures can all work.  This will add depth and interest to an outfit, but I'm just a novice on this wave length and often still match my accessories, however it has given me a wider choice in what I can pick!  You may have seen this Primark clutch before here.

Look Number 2, how about the yellow camisole top?  This is from Asda and is a super fit,  I love the wide straps, along with the double layer effect.  This little cami is a wardrobe staple, well worth buying in as many colours as the shop has, because they mix & match, can be worn alone or with layers.  Let's hope they've got other colours because for £5 this is a bargain top.

Finally number three, my least favourite!  Gingham with red surely is a winner - right?  Upon reflection I wished I'd worn a red tee shirt underneath my red cardi and not the chosen white one.  It looks dis-jointed, breaking the fluidity of what could be a stylish outfit.  I'll be trying the red tee shirt soon and see if it looks better - I'll keep you informed.

My black ankle strap sandals are from Faith at Debenhams.  A girl can never have enough black sandals and I was smitten with these as they're very stylish and flattering too.  I picked them up in the half price sale a few weeks ago, well if I'm truthful I spent quite a chunk of my birthday money on sandals that day!

Until Thursday It's been fabulous, and I hope you'll pop back then to see another exciting feature that's in the pipe-line.  I'm super happy with it and can't wait to share with you all.

These super photographs were taken by the ever talented Esther Ruby, she's a star. ✴

Bye , bye.   x


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Lotus Sandals - for a special occasion.

Hello, and how are you all feeling on this Thursday morning?

If you're living in the UK you'll know we're experiencing 'Flaming June' at the moment. Phew!!!
I'm not going to start with the ... "It's too hot"... "we need cooler/wetter weather" I love the hot weather, and all too soon this could be over and we'll be reaching for our woolly jumpers and the heating button!!  I can hear you shushing me now - sorry.
Let's not start thinking of that just yet!

So what are we all thinking of? 
I expect like me, you're thinking of special occasions that normally happen when the weather is warmer; weddings, christenings, days out and the like, a special event that we can dress up in our finery, feeling delighted and resplendent in our 'special' dresses.

That being said who nearly has a melt-down because they can't get shoes to match an outfit or comfortable fitting sandals to pleasure your feet on these long and eventful days out - see, I'm not the only one lol.
Well ladies look no further here's where Lotus shoes can help in your hour of need!
With a sensational choice of footwear, colours, styles and matching bags your quest will be over long before any pushing, shoving and pulling in the stores has begun! AND there's free UK delivery on orders over £40!  Here's where you can see my first encounter with the established brand of Lotus Shoes.
With a wide range of unique styles influenced by current trends & traditional designs making long lasting collections you'll adore through-out each season.

When I spotted these Cute peep toe sling-backs* in pastel pink I fell for them straight away.  I've got endless garments that will match these stunners, but wanted to show them off with both these two dresses that have been long acquaintances with me and my wardrobe.
One very formal from Jacques Vert the other more casual from my favourite store TK Maxx.

Sling-backs are always a stylish & comfortable option so along with the peep toe and heart cut-out motif detail they are just that little bit different to make you stand out from the crowd.  The clutch bag compliments these sandals & gives a really elegant finish to both my outfits.

With a spongy sole plus the mid-height heel both will have my feet purring all day, looking dainty and trendy at the same time.  My heart is all over these hearts - ha ha ha!

The Matching bag* will be a great addition to my bag collection and I can see me using this time and time again throughout Summer and into Autumn too.

Visions of tan or navy blue outfits married with blush pink come to mind - pure pink - perfection!
Featuring an internal pocket and chain strap, the lazer-cut detailing this clutch will bring to life so many styles.

Here's the second dress from TK Maxx, it's a heavy jersey that drapes rather well over the inner petticoat - hopefully skimming any lumps and bumps!
The hanging neckline works well with a necklace & cap sleeves cover the top of my arm, which again I feel is a flattering look and quite the opposite to the first dress, but which one do you prefer?

Having been to Ascot a few years ago & remembering the fashions and outfits - both dresses would have been suitable for the Royal Enclosure on Ladies Day at Ascot, these sandals and bag will be right at home stepping out among royalty and celebrities the like, only thing missing is a hat, so maybe it's just as well I didn't attend this year. Lol.

Switch over to Lotus Shoes and have a gander on their site,  where you're sure to find plenty of shoes, sandals and bags, that will be perfect for YOUR special occasion whatever it may be!

Please leave a comment and let me know what and where your special outfit is for - I'd love to hear from you. X

A big 'Thank you' to Esther Ruby for taking my photos again - they're super. X

Bye, bye for today see you Monday...

Disclosure: Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however my opinions are 100% honest and my own.


Monday, 19 June 2017

Two Summer must haves from Bonmarche!

Are you all well, and more's the point are you keeping cool in this heatwave were're having?
It's been blistering hot here over the weekend, so we've made the most of this extreme weather by celebrating Father's Day with a BBQ, nearly all the family joining in, buying, preparing and cooking a scrummy meal, all I had to supply - a garden and a cheesecake!  Off the back of Dads special day, mum had a sneaky day of leisure too!

Am I the only over fifty year old who has wardrobes and drawers overflowing with clothes and shoes, but when it comes to a specific outing I have nothing to wear!
Here's where Bonmarche came to my rescue when I was planning my cheeky break to Spain.
I mean who doesn't love a bright colourful kaftan, not to mention a fabulous maxi dress flowing in the breeze.  I was lucky enough to receive both of these and showcase them on this stunning beach.

If like me you're not happy flashing the flesh, a kaftan is the perfect cover up to spare your modesty, without being too bulky.  Bonmarche have some wonderful examples of kaftans and dresses making the choice so difficult, and when I say mine looked amazing, fitted well, were low-priced and didn't crease  - well that'll have me clicking the 'buy' button for sure.

I packed both pieces in my case, and voila when I opened up, they came out happy with no creases, wish I could say the same about me, I was very happy but my face has a few creases - lol.
The following photos contain exposed legs!  You have been warned - lol.

How super is this bright Paisley print Kimono*? I love the purple and blue pattern mixed with the fantastic orange lace element, which runs across the shoulders and down the rear central seam.
At only £20, there's a bargain that will get plenty of wear both on and off the beach.
I've paired this with a blue vest tee shirt and denim shorts, however I spotted a cute purple swimsuit which would look striking worn under my kimono & only £18!

How beautiful is this location?  So lucky to spend some time here a few days ago.  Oh this place holds my heart and plenty of memories in my head. x

I ordered my normal size 14, however I feel I could have got away with a smaller size 12,  therefore I would suggest sizing down, but we all love fitting into a smaller size don't we?

Sliders, always essential on a sunny holiday - with a bit of padding is even better!

You can see the paisley pattern along with the lace crocheting detail that runs down the back.
A really neat design that's just a little bit different.

You can see screwed up in my bag my Kimono, which hasn't done it any harm and it's a good as new.

Introducing this Sunny Lemon Yellow Dress* which will put anyone, especially me, in a summery mood.
Everyone knows the feeling when you bite into a fresh lemon and grimace.  Lemons are a very sour fruit but gives us a lot of vitamin C, which is good for our health.  Usually mixing with drinks or squeezing into foods, however this lemon is best served with a twist ... on the front of this stunning dress!
This fashionable maxi dress is without sleeves,  and has a helpful tie detail at the back, making a stylish dress also comfortable.
As soon as I spotted this beautiful maxi dress I knew it had a place in my wardrobe,  the colours, the style along with the material this marvel was here to stay. 
I have to reiterate how this does not crease - at all.  Making it the perfect long dress to accompany any vacation or short break ...  and anyway who wants to iron on holiday?

I'm not really sure what was so funny when the photos were taken, something along the lines of peeling off my clothes to change into another outfit, only to be spotted by an stunned passer-by looking in the wrong direction!
I'm going to let the photos tell the story of just how stunning this dress is ... only £30 which will be value for money for sure.  Wearing it Twice over the past two weeks  the cost-per-wear is getting cheaper! Lol.

I opted for my normal size 14, and I'm pleased to say this fitted beautifully.  The perfect length for me as I'm about 5" 4 & I prefer to wear maxi dresses with flats. 
Drawn by the yellow/lime colour, the white and black flowers, I was sure on this dress being sensational in my collection, a dress fitting me well, feeling wonderful and looking simply divine. 

Can you see yourself in this dress standing on a white sandy beach with the wind blowing softly on your skin, feeling a million dollars, that's just how I felt!

Available in sizes 10 to 24, I'm betting this dress will look fabulous on everyone, so with free collection in-store, now is the time to click the button and snatch a great deal.

Esther Ruby kindly took my photos, and now wants to surpass the destination for our next shots!!!

Disclosure: Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however my opinions are 100% my own and completely honest.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, I hope you can stop by I've got a very exciting blog post to share with you. X

Bye for now peeps!
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