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Thursday 13 October 2016

What hat are you wearing today?

Morning all.

So today like many mums/daughters/sisters - well OK just about everyone really, I had various 'hats' on today.
There was the 'mum hat' taking care of the washing, dinner arrangements etc
The 'Nannie hat' personally one of my favourites.  It's always nanny's job to take princess to the toilet, washing her face and hands, playing games and hearing all about pre-school (how can she be that old already??)
The 'dog sitter hat' feeding my little dog Roxy.
A new hat for me today the 'amateur hairdresser hat'  Yes I need no applause I coloured and blow dried my mums hair!  Very proud as I've never even coloured my own hair - oh except once when I was about 16!  Having very dark, nearly black hair I decided to dye mine black, yep coal black - it looked awful totally flat, no depth of colour - nothing, except the dark bluey/black stain over my scalp that took ages to go and kept staining my fingers!  Anyway I digress.  Mums hair turned out the warm blond that is said on the box!  We did have a few laughs worrying it would either not take or turn green, but I'm happy to announce it looked great!
Now I've got my 'me hat' on. A little blogging, that is until it's time to create dinner.  Judging by today's results I reckon I'll either have Raymond Blanc or Vogue on the phone to talk Haute Cuisine or Haute Couture! Ha ha!

Today has been a dress-down-relaxed-style day.
Long tunic top in black with bold white spots, this tunic has an elasticated waist with a tie belt, scoop neck with small pleats making a cute little detailed neckline.  I wore a vest t shirt underneath, with my cosy cream long line cardigan over the top.  Leggings accompanied this lazy look, and of course my cream shiny baseball trainers. 

So what hat/hats are you wearing today?  I'd love to hear from you.
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See you tomorrow and have a lovely evening. X
                   Jacqui B.


  1. Ha! Seems like you had a good busy day. I like the comfort of your outfit. Polka dots is great any day any time! :)
    I had on my mami hat and working hat today. Ha!

    1. Yep a busy day for sure. It has been a comfy day - sometimes that is so needed. Yes we all have many different hats to adhere to - hope yours was a good day.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Hun, an old favourite of mine. Thanks for stopping by.x

  3. Iv'e been wearing my relaxed hat today ! I have literally only just switched the PC on ! (Rare for me) I hope you have your feet up now Jacqui x

    1. Good for you Laurie, you deserve it. I did rest that evening - but a busy weekend has followed my week and now I've found it's Sunday evening already! Catch up soon.x

  4. Thank you for linking up with We Are Fashion. Love the polka dots!


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