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Monday 26 June 2023

Style Not Age Share ... June Jumpsuits.

Hi there,
How you doing?

All well and good here with me, and I'm excited to have a little friend to stay this week, Halle Berry is here with me.  There'll be plenty of walks, weather permitting, and as some of the children are away she'll fill my daytime up so I don't miss the kids.  

The new build is coming along nicely with the roofers putting felt and batten on it to making it a bit more water-tight, just need the windows installed to make it fully weathered in!  I've long awaited to be at this stage, although I know there's still LOADS to be done before we can even think about moving in, but I feel it's a milestone. 

That's enough of my ramblings, let's get back to this months challenge. We looked to Hilda for our title and she gave us a rather nice one to celebrate the hot weather here in the UK.

Jumpsuit in June.

I have a liking for jumpsuits and have often worn them on the blog as they're a real winner in my eyes.  As you know, and I often say, I adore wearing dresses, so for me a jumpsuit is similar but in trouser form.  There's no worry about trying to match items and often forget about a certain top until after the event!  So for me an all-in-one works really well.
Now the only trouble is that as I mentioned above all my jumpsuits have been feature on the blog before, but you can see some of my favourites here .... Coral on holiday, this Floral beauty I managed to find in a smaller size, finding my casual vibe in this one, love these citrus tones over this beauty and this abstract patterned version from Izabel London.

I did a little online shopping and found this flamboyant beauty and thought it looked super - so could be a welcomed addition in the Summer.

There's always room for one more item in my ever expanding wardrobe so when I got the prompt from Hilda for an all-in-one jumpsuit I just knew I had to look for a new one.  I like to scroll through the Debenhams website every so often as they carry a whole host different online shops - lots that aren't on the high street and many are stores I would have often frequented  
Roman do have a shop near me and I like to have a browse in there when I visit the outlet shopping arcade.  However I didn't have time to visit so opted to shop online instead. This blue version caught my eye immediately.  Drawn by the bright colours and noticing the straighter leg I thought it might be the ideal choice for Summer fun when the nights are a bit cooler.

When it arrived I popped it on, but was very disappointed with the look I saw in the mirror, the 60's inspired pattern didn't really do anything for me and I disliked the straight leg on me too!  Such a shame as it looked great on the model and on the hanger!  I can't quite put my finger on what I don't like, possibly the tighter fit, or maybe the attached belt that had to tie in the front!  I did like the fact it had buttons down the front, making bathroom issues no real problem, but for me it's a definite no and is on it's way back!

I pulled out slingbacks for it as I felt trainers just wouldn't look right with the bold pattern.  I picked up my blue bag, but that didn't quite match any of the tones so resorted to my black Daniella Lehavi cross over bag.

Before we head over to see what my four friends have picked I just want to add this pocketed piece is in the sale for a reasonable £36, but sizes are limited!  Hope you can find something else you love if your size has gone!

Shop My Look!

Shall we see what Gail - Is This Mutton? opted to wear? Her Phase Eight Jumpsuit is a striking statement with two sizes of spot over it, and it looks perfect with the red accents of her espadrilles.

Emma’s turn now. She’s gone for a lovely cheerful pink all-in-one and doesn't she look a picture in it.
But best of all is that flirty detail on the top - how lovely it is. See more about her look over on Style Splash. 

Let’s take a look at Anna’s choice.  What a flattering jumpsuit Anna's chosen, and the subtle colours really work well for Summer fun. You can find the backstory of her look on her blog Anna’s Island Style. 

Finally here’s what Hilda - Over the Hilda went for. Although she's wearing an old jumpsuit, it still looks great on her and was perfect for a pre-wedding party.  Looks so cool for the warm weather we've been having, do hop over to find out about that party!

Thanks so much for joining me, I love to have you here and would be thrilled if you'd leave a comment or ask a question.
See you again on Thursday for the linkup.
Cheerio my friends. X


  1. I loved the varied selection of jumpsuits, good challenge x

    1. Great challenge again Gail, shame I didn't like mine! x

  2. I love the bold print and the mix of blue and yellow. I think you look great in it. It's a shame it's not quite right for you - you've got to love it or you just won't wear it.

    Emma xxx

    1. Thanks Emma, think this one is a bit marmite isn't it! Thanks for stopping by and yes it's gone back today! x

  3. The jumpsuit with the bold prints is lovely

  4. I think the print and colors are gorgeous on you. Perhaps it's the narrow leg which is so different from most jumpsuits. But, if you don't like it, you know you won't wear it. I do hope you'll share photos of your build soon!

    1. So very kind Marsha, I've sent it back already! Do checkout my @mummabbuilds_ on Instagram until I get some piccys on the blog. x

  5. You need to be comfortable Jacqui so you are right. Back it goes. And you have lots of fabulous jumpsuits already. xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Hilda, I agree, this has gone back and I'll concentrate on my others until I find one that really suits me. x

  6. I think this looks so good on you so it's a shame you didn't keep it! the heels are perfect with it too :)

    Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link up :)


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