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Monday 12 November 2018

It Started with a Joules Scarf + Motivational Monday.

Morning my fellow over fifty bloggers, how are you and everyone else for that matter?

I'm so excited as my holidays begins in two days - eekkk!
Nearly everything is packed or ready to be packed, just need the last little bits and pieces to be added then I'm off!  The diet will be taking a back seat for the next week, I want to enjoy to the full everything the all inclusive hotel has to offer.  It has some 12 restaurants incorporating a dine around system, which is going to be right up my street!  Fingers crossed I don't undo all my hard work & gain any many pounds.😓
I never used to have any trouble with my weight, luckily keeping fit and running round after five children kept me in shape.  However over the last maybe 5 - 10 years & reaching fifty weight loss seemed to pass me by - adding pounds whenever I even thought about attempting to diet.  So after the past few years and being squeezed out of many of my clothes I felt enough was enough!

My son had been following a Ketogenic diet I found this website helpful** resulting in him losing over 6 stone (85 lbs) I thought I'd give it a try....

**Note**  I'm not a dietician, the Ketogenic diet works for me personally.

This diet is carb free, that means no bread, no potatoes, no rice and no pasta.  Certain fruit and vegetable also contain carbohydrates - so many of them are a no-no too.  Meaning I eat eggs and bacon, chicken, steak, pork and fish all served with a creamy sauce (if liked) minimal veg, but no carbs.  I feel so much better for the amount of weight I've actually lost - one stone 4 lbs (18 lbs) and plan to continue eating this way, with the odd weekend cheat day,  in order to lose a little more.  the only down side to this is plenty of my clothes are now too big!  What a nice reason to shop for more clothes. 😁

Here's how I looked last year...

I can't believe the change already, and it's so nice to feel comfortable in my jeans, they don't cut and dig in how they used to.

Are you a white jeans in colder seasons kind of girl?  I'd always worn white jeans in Summer, but often felt way to hot in them which always left me feeling sticky and uncomfortable.  One Winter, after seeing other bloggers don theirs, I matched mine with boots and chunky jumpers/sweaters - since then I've not looked back. I do have to plan exactly when to wear them depending on the weather, but love how they look and feel too.

I built this outfit around the scarf - this was in a gifted goody bag to my daughter from a new local Joules shop, it wasn't her thing so she passed it onto me.
Fancy winning your own Joules scarf?  Do come back and enter the GIVEAWAY next week.  Watch out for more details on the blog soon.

How pretty is this scarf?  The white scarf is covered in graceful swooping swifts.  I've picked out the blue and magenta in my long sleeved Tee shirt and navy boots.  Snuggly and warm in my fur gilet - you've seen this lots on the blog, it was a worthwhile M & Co purchase some years ago.

Just to finish here's a before and after photo of my son, I'm immensely proud of what he's achieved, he looks amazing and with a new found confidence he's like a difference person.  He's the first person to say it was extremely hard to start with, but he was regimented with what he ate, preparing it all in advance (not being hungry is key) taking snacks and water wherever he went, he's been an inspiration to not just me but my husband and two daughters who have all jumped on the keto bandwagon.
Motivating or what? ……

Thanks so much for stopping by today - I hope I have inspired you too.
Many thanks to Esther Ruby for taking these photos. X
Catch up again on Thursday



  1. My goodness, your son has done well, as have you Jacqui. Well done to both of you! Hugs, x.

    1. Many thanks Mary, I will pass that on to James. xx

  2. Great job for your son...and now you, Jacqui!!
    You're going to have such a great time on your trip!!

  3. Have fun on your holiday! It is so great that you and your son have had success with the Keto eating program. I know it's so important to get something you are happy sticking with.

    1. Sure did have fun, many thanks for stopping by. xx

  4. You and your son have some so well. Now go off and enjoy your holiday and one of the local delicacies, just a little of what you fancy does you good! Hugs, x.

  5. Honey you look amazing in those white jeans. I'm not big on white as I would definitely drop my food on it straight away, but you look fab! Well done with your diet and congratulations to your son too. I fancy you'll be off on holiday by now, but I hope you have a wonderful time sweetie!
    Anna x

    1. You are too kind Anna, thank you. Great holiday, been and gone now - looking forward to Christmas!

  6. You look great Jacqui. You both have done great. Love your scarf.

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :)


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