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Friday 12 August 2016

Have you got the Friday feeling?

Afternoon .... hope your Friday has gone smoothly and you're looking forward to a restful weekend, but whatever you are doing have fun!

Today enjoying the sunshine that has re-energised my body, and is relaxing my mind, all ready for a weekend to chillax with my princess and enjoy a birthday BBQ.  I'm so looking forward to it.

Visit to the dentist today - urghh!  Everyone hates the dentist, but it must be done to have healthy teeth.
I have made a little purchase today, well I took something back and exchanged it for a cute little blouse!!!  I needed a white blouse.  After going through my wardrobe this was on my list - so when I saw this one I just had to have it.  With beautiful details on the sleeves I knew it would be perfect to match with a skirt I'd bought in Matalan a few seasons ago.  They look great together and I'll be showing you these in the next few days as I'm planning on wearing this to the BBQ.

So here's what I wore today - with no children at home to take on job of chief photographer, I've opted for a flat lay.

The skirt I wore reminds me of an Aztec design.  Neutral colours worked well for me today and I even couple a comment on how nice it looked!

I matched a cream Matalan blouse with the cream and black skirt, this was from Select and I've had it years, still looks as good as new though.  Dune espadrille wedge sandals finished off my look, these are now so pleasant to wear, however when I first got them they were so tight I had sore feet whenever I wore them!  I pushed some big winter socks into them which stretched them so I could fit my fat little feet inside.
They fit really well now, but look a bit 'old' now - isn't that annoying!

So, hope you like today's outfit. 
I have a bottle of prosecco with my name on it, so I'm off to have a taste - just to make sure it's alright - honestly!!!

Bye for now. X

              Jacqui B.



  1. I am definitely feeling the Friday pull, and I might just be taste-testing a new Cabernet Franc tonight myself! Love the sweet scalloped bow on those wedge sandals. Cheers to the weekend!

    <3 Liz

    1. Why thank you Liz, thanks for your lovely comment..x

  2. Those white wedge sandals are darling, especially with that scalloped detail :)

    1. Sheela, thanks for you comment, I love these wedges - so comfy now!

  3. First off, I've with you re the dentist! I avoided going for years - bad experience as a kid but luckily my then boyfriend (now husband) convinced me to go to his dentist who's really gentle and patience so I mind less about the regular checkups! I hope your visit went well.
    The sandals old? No, no, no, think of them as being retro! And like Sheela, I love the scalloped detail of them.

  4. Dentist visit went well, thank god! I like the sound of retro not old, thanks for your comments PSV..x


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