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Thursday 11 August 2016

My husband is sleeping with a younger woman tonight!

Hi all,

My husband is sleeping with a younger woman tonight - ha ha not really, he's sleeping with me and that's our little joke because my grey 'highlights' have magically disappeared!!
OK, I admit I've been to the hairdressers and had my roots coloured!! I think I look younger - woo hoo.
Feeling so much better now after my visit, and I can actually see from under my fringe!

Took my little princess with me today, just for a short while and she went from chatting every second to not saying a single word!  Very shy and quiet and not at all the princess she normally is.  To be fair this only lasted about five minutes and when my middle daughter collected her, she snapped out of her muted self and chatted as normal - why do they do that?

So on to my OOTD...
I woke up with no idea of what to wear, normally having some sort of inspiration conjured in my head - nothing came to mind.  Short of wearing my fluffy pink dressing gown all day (yes it is a bit bright), and defo a no no.
I quickly spotted my silver necklace - my Australian opal in a silver mount.
A present from the children a few years ago, but so special each and every time I wear it.
The colours are amazing, turquoise with a 3d effect of tiny iridescent shiny stars, that reflect the light.  It's such a beautiful piece set in a silver tear drop shape, on a tiny silver chain, stunning.
I teamed this with the only item I possess with turquoise involved - this cute little top from Matalan, with white, navy and pink splodges for want of a better word over it.  This went well with my Next jeans, skinnies to be exact and not too hot for the cooler day our weather allowed here!  No I'm not really happy about the cooler weather :-(

My much loved blue espadrilles from Deichmann were getting another airing today - similar Here from Dune for a snip at £40!

You might have spotted this white band I'm wearing, It does have a bling effect over it, but can't really see this from the photos.  I bought this imitation swarovski in Majorca for a mere 10 euros, its a fun bracelet, at a throw-away price!

So until tomorrow it's been great chatting. X

                                Jacqui B.


  1. Well these colours are right up my street! I adore purples and turquoises and they look fabulous on you. And what a beautiful necklace your Australian opal pendant is - simple, elegant and perfect with the top.
    And thank you so much for adding me to your blog list - so kind.

    1. Thank you Jacqueline, firstly for stopping by and secondly for liking my necklace! You've welcome re blog list, you are worth reading. x

  2. I am letting on Saturday my grey hairs disappear! Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday linkup!

    1. Thanks Nancy, great that you stopped by - Jacqui


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