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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Hot like the med!

Hi there.
Whoa! it's gotta be hotter than the med here!

Have you survived the UK today!  It's been amazingly hot and I'm so pleased it has been.  Did have the chance to go away this week but couldn't go in the end,  so I'm happy the UK has had a heatwave, I bet all the children are enjoying their summer hols in this heat.

So today after a stint in the garden, weeding - cooling down with all the fizzy, still and ice cold drinks I could find.  Filled a bin full of weeds and the garden still doesn't really look any different!

This evening was a very special, last minute, off the cuff BBQ.  I'd shopped for the ingredients for an old favourite, Spanish Pork. an all in one pot dinner, however when middle daughter sent a message to suggest a BBQ I jumped at the chance - well so did half the family.
I raided the freezer for sausages and burgers, hubby collected chicken wings, pork steaks and minted lamb kebabs, eldest daughter prepared potato salad and coleslaw and shopped for buns, cheese and BBQ briquettes,  we lit the Barbie  (well son-in-law did) and waited for the pleasing aromas.
Before long we were all tucking into a mouth watering selection of succulent, perfectly cooked meat and sipping on ice cold prosecco or beer - yes, and on a school night!

Sweltering in the 30's I felt like I was in the Mediterranean today, so opted for my black and white sun dress.  Normally worn in the evening, I felt nothing else would be cool enough too run around in to do my chores.  When I was weeding in the garden I wore shorts and a boob tube, but didn't think I needed to share  the super model look and make you all feel awful ;-)

The sun dress with black and white flowers, I seem to pick these colours and patterns quite often, with shoe string straps and a very full gathered skirt this was just what the weather called for and I felt cool and comfortable wearing it.
Flat sandals were all I could wear today, these from Florence and Fred were ideal!

Off to bed now - sorry this post is so late ..... see you tomorrow. X

                           Jacqui B.



  1. It was so sweltering today the only thing I could wear to travel comfortable into town on the boiling train was a loose linen shift dress. Thank heavens for loose linen shift dresses. I still felt like a lobster though! Sensible to wear your sundress. You could imagine yourself on the beach!
    Last minute bbq's are always fun.

    1. Thanks for you comments, you really can't go wrong with a dress, any style will do in this heat! Wish I was on the beach now lol.

  2. That is a lovely sundress, and so perfect for a BBQ on a hot day. It sounds like such a nice evening :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you Mica, we had a fab evening, impromptu are the best!

  3. I am LOVING that sundress! So beautiful and perfect for hot summer days!

    1. Ahh thank you Lindsay, it's a favourite of mine, thanks too for stopping by.


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