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Monday 3 August 2020

July Review.

Morning my lovely friends.
How's was your weekend?

Can you believe it's August and we've still got the 'C' word hanging over us - like a big ugly headache that won't go away.  I'm keeping myself to myself and haven't ventured into any bars or restaurants - I don't want the hassle that might go with it. I don't want a two week lock-down as a result.  I know some places are and some aren't taking details, but it'd be just my luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I've shopped in town a couple of times, but honestly felt quite anxious when I did so won't be doing that too often.  Are you going out yet or happy to stay safe indoors?
One thing I am happy, really happy about.  I was lucky enough to be featured in Platinum Magazine.  I'm so impressed with the features and there's so much to read - hope you'll pick up a copy.

Now back at the beginning on the month I shared this gorgeous dress befitting the title mother-of-the-groom, I featured the pleated skirt with a lace bodice combination in very pale pearl pink with a view to wearing it to my son's wedding earlier in June - you all know the ending to that story, yes wedding was postponed so no occasion to wear it.  I wanted to show it off anyway, it's a real eye-catching stunner and I have to say I felt like a princess in it - do let me know what you think! I'm still un-decided whether to wear it in October when fingers crossed the wedding goes ahead.

With wet and windy weather arriving I decided layers would be the best choice, so my Bonmarche culottes really came in handy.  I paired the animal design with bold bright red - it makes the print really noticeable and with the extra layer of my blazer a worthy winner for Autumn too.
I followed this post with another sharing some amazingly comfortable espadrilles from Hotter Shoes  - do stop by to check them out.

In the middle of July I shared a favourite of mine - white jeans.  They work so well in all seasons don't they!  I managed to borrowed this bright blue and red blouse from my daughter - the perks of having her stay with me (there's no down-side) - I can peruse her wardrobe whenever I like! 😉

Next I shared another pair of culottes from Bonmarche - these are just as versatile and will team with so many other colours.  I chose big and bold by way of this OTS sunflower blouse - also from Bonmarche a couple of seasons ago.

For the Style not Age collective I styled a dress from Next that has to be my favourite of the season. I know it's probably more suitable for cooler summer days or the impending new season which is just a few weeks away - and all before we've really had any time to enjoy Spring or Summer!!  The patchwork shirt dress has a mixture of bold navy and pink patterns making up a delightful dress ready for all seasons.

Finally I blogged about another fabulous pair of sandals from Hotter.  Wedges are such a comfortable and easy to wear style and work for special occasions as well as casual shopping when ultimately you want the best!  I paired mine with a cute beach dress from Matalan which was a bargain at £12.50 and now an even better buy in the sale for £8!!!!

I've had such fun sharing July's outfits with you & hope you'll stop by both Monday's and Thursdays to see more of my over fifty style. 👋

Many thanks for stopping by the blog today - hope you'll join me again.
Photos all c/o Esther Ruby - thanks Hun.
I'm off to read the rest of my Platinum Magazine so ...
Bye bye for today. X


  1. I hope that wedding can go through in Oktober! But in the meanwhile ,wear that dress! And that patchwork one is !y favorite, Just love the lenght, the colors!

    1. Me too! Fingers and toes very much crossed! x

  2. I love your dress for the wedding Jacqui, I hope it goes ahead in October for you all. The patchwork dress and sunflower blouse are beauties too. Great blog. Celine x

    1. Too kind, many thanks for stopping by - hope to see you again Celine. x

  3. Well done for the feature Jacqui! We both have good news this week xx

  4. oh wow!!! congrats for the magazine spot! so exciting!
    xo eva

  5. Gosh, I am SO ready for the virus to be OVER! Congrats on your feature. Love all these looks.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Good to look back! Nice selection of outfits. October is usually still quite warm but if temperatures drop you could maybe wear that pretty pearl pink dress with a light coloured cape? Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday.

    1. Yes I think so too! Yes I'm still thinking this is a contender Gail. x Thanks for hosting. x

  7. Congratulations on your Platinum feature!! Great look. Love the icy blue kimono or duster.
    And have a tab open for that stunning patchwork dress. I am beginning to see patchwork for the fall. Throwback to my middle school days. Love it so much.

  8. Jacqui, you shared so many lovely outfits in July! And this damn C word is so tormenting, isn't it?! I get way too anxious going anywhere these days as well so I am content just staying home unless it is an absolute necessity that I go somewhere. Thankfully, my husband does most of the errands and grocery shopping so I don't have to. Hopefully, we can return to normal soon, but we have been saying that for 5 months. Stay well, my friend! And thanks for linking up.


  9. That dress is so gorgeous: I hope you get to wear it for the wedding! Congrats on the magazine feature. We have gone on a week vacation and felt very comfortable with the measure taken in North Carolina but we mostly did outdoor activities and rented a place to stay at so we had minimal contact with others.

  10. A lovely roundup of outfits Jacqui! I really hope the wedding goes ahead in October...the dress is beautiful! I'm trying not to go out unless I have to - both for safety and because I hate wearing masks, especially in the heat. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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