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Monday, 14 September 2020

My New Skincare Routine with Neal's Yard.

Good morning and how are we all doing today?
I'm okay and settling into September nicely, the return to school for my grand-kids has gone without any major glitches which is a big relief.  My ballet class last Thursday went well and all the proper protocol was followed and we all felt happy & safe.
There were only 5 in the class along with the teacher so we had plenty of room to get the legs and arms working after the long break.  Routines slowly returned to the fading memory and it was nice to be 'normal' for a little while.  We even managed to chat which made it even more like old times.  I'm still not sure about returning to ballroom lessons, there doesn't seem to be much point as I'd be dancing on my own without the help of our teacher or his wife, let's hope things change soon eh?
How are you getting on with returning to your hobbies?

Today I'm out with Esther taking photos, finger crossed the weather stays fine.  Here in the UK each day seems to be different, so deciding what to wear can be a real conundrum can't it!
Today's post is a little different for me, I'm talking about skincare and beauty routines.  Now I'm definitely not a professional and have no previous experience but wanted to share what works for me!

This post is not sponsored or gifted - I paid for all the items myself.

My first thing to say would be what beauty & skincare routine?
I've never had one!  Wow what a statement, I can hear some of you gasp in amazement, however I'm sure there are many of my readers who can totally resonate with it.
Let's go back to the beginning when I was a teenager.  I never had enough money to uphold any sort of beauty routine and there wasn't really a calling for it, pair that with the intimidating, confident and beautifully made-up girls working in the department stores - there was no way I'd be seeking professional help from them!  I wore very little makeup and used what I thought in my skincare regime - top that with the fact I had young skin and looked 'alright' and that's how it continued!  Fast forward some thirty or forty years & there you have my dilemma. Now my skin isn't 'alright' it needs looking after with lots of tender loving care, lotions, potions and facials.
You might have seen my post featuring some Neal's Yard products last month and I was delighted when my good friend Sue suggested I pop along for a one-to-one skin care workshop with her - which I immediately agreed to - maybe this could be the beginning of better (younger looking) skin.

The great thing about this one-to-one was that I did it myself, when you're shown how to do something you're more likely to remember what to do and how to do it!  I started with a cleanser, in my opinion the best one - Frankincense Intense Cleansing Melt it's a new addition to their range & the triple-textured cleanser visibly smooths, softens and renews the skin.  It also has therapeutic aromas to help you relax and unwind.  I can vouch for the fact it gives visibly smoother, softer skin & the calming effect is heavenly! 

I massaged it into my face and neck paying attention to the eyes and neck too.  It starts off a gel which loosens impurities on the skin then turns into an oil to dissolve then lift the dirt. Finally adding warm water on a muslin it emulsies into a milk to be wiped away thus leaving skin moisturised for 12 hours.  It feels warm on the skin, smells amazing and tackles waterproof make-up brilliantly.  I really enjoyed using this, instantly noticing a difference.

I then either tone using the wet muslin or once a week would use the Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish which exfoliates with crushed wild rose seeds (smells divine too), taking care not to get into the eye area. I washed it off with the wet muslin then would used the Rehydrating Rose Toner.  Both of which are on my 'to buy' list and I've made do with products I've already bought.

My face felt amazing, looked super clean and soft and I felt very chuffed with myself as my new routine was starting to take shape.

I've been following this easy routine every morning and evening it literally take 5 mins and I do it in the shower or at the sink with a bowl of warm (but not hot) water.

Next I used eye cream, I decided to use up the eye cream I already had - guessing that using something is better than nothing.  I have the reviving White Tea Eye Gel  on my wish list. It boasts a cooling and soothing cream that reduces the appearance of puffiness under the eye.  Now I've only ever dabbed eye cream on my eye lids but have been corrected to use it around the eye socket with my ring fingers. Using light tapping motions in a circle around the eye from the outside into the inside of my nose - it feels lovely - very relaxing and takes only a couple of minutes.  I continue for about 5 or 6 circles.

Now's the time for a little treat, I was recommended to use a Facial Oil and I've been using the Rehydrating Rose which I shared with you previously.  I massage a tiny drop into my cheeks, chin, neck and forehead, this will replenish the skins natural oils and protect against moisture loss.  I only use a small amount which also feels wonderful on the skin.

I finished with a moisturiser.  I've only ever used one and sometimes that might have been literally a Nivea or Olay and that's another place I went wrong.  I need a protector for daytime use AND a nourisher for night time - my friend suggested Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture. 
I massaged in my previous purchase of  Wild Rose Beauty Balm using the following techniques.

  • Thumb and index finger each side of the chin pushing out and up to the base of cheekbone. About 5 - 6 times.

  • Petal shapes above the eyes on the forehead working from one side to the other about three times.
  • Try the eyebrow roll - try to fold the skin under your eyebrow over the top and work along to the end and back three of four times.
  • Reduce tension around the eye by applying pressure under the brow at the top of the nose.

The 'must-have' for night-time is Nourishing Orange Flower Night Cream (on my list to purchase).
We need cream over night to replenish and nourish our skin - this is when it repairs and absorbs all the goodness Neal's Yard offers in their products containing organic and natural ingredients.

Many thanks for joining me today.
I hope I might have inspired some of you to try your own skincare routine and maybe purchase some of the gorgeous smelling Neal's Yard Remedies.
Should you wish to purchase some of my recommended products do so by clicking this link - shop via THIS LINK ONLY to receive any help or advice from my friend who has some 30 years experience as a qualified beauty therapist as well as being a NYR consultant! 
All orders will be delivered directly to you with FREE P & P on orders over £40. 
You will also receive a FREE sample of WILD ROSE BALM with every order.  This offer is available until 20th September.
Catch you again on Thursday when the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP will be live.
I'll just leave you with my little 'helper' today - he couldn't wait to muscle in on the shoot - 🤣

Bye for now. X



  1. Ha ha, well I'm sorry Jacqui, but he is the star of the day! Lol. Lovely read, I always like to ready beauty routines from,, normall,, women. You know what I mean!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sweet little grandson!! I love to read what other's do for their skin: warm water for me and no make up pretty much: I think I am lazy!

    1. Many thanks, yes he is a cutie. Thanks for stopping by I hope I might have inspired you to do a little facial yourself. x

  4. It's never too lat to start is it? Considering what you say Jacqui your skin looks very good! xx

    1. Absolutely Laurie, so pleased I have. Thanks for your lovely comment. x

  5. This is interesting, thanks for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. Thanks for sharing your detailed review! I'm always searching for better skincare products myself. And you look gorgeous! xo


    1. Too kind, so pleased with it and have carried on every day. x

  7. Great review Jacqui and lovely detailed massage techniques,too. I try to do some. Nothing as good as yours....

    1. Many thanks for stopping by Hilda, kind words. x

  8. Jacqui, you have beautiful skin! I need to check out some of these products. I don't do much by means of a skin care routine except for daily washing with soap and the occasional moisturizing. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful products and linking up with me.

    1. Arrh that's so nice of you to say, many thanks Shelbee. x

  9. Your little helper at the end is so cute! it's great you not only have a range of product but also use proper techniques to apply them. I just kind of throw them on, haha!

    Hope you had a great weekend :) Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

    1. Isn't he just. He really wanted to help me. Thanks for stopping by Mica, have a super week. x

  10. Have a great day! Thank you for sharing this post! I think I'll share it to my mom!
    The Wallet Review

    1. Many thanks for stopping by Shauna, kind comments. x

  11. Your skin always looks lovely Jacqui. I sometimes wonder if all the retinol type products do more harm than good. I bet those Neal's yard products smell wonderful. Love things that smell of rose. Thanks for linking at #WowOnWednesday x


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