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Monday 28 September 2020

Style not Age ... All Dressed up with nowhere to go!

Good morning my friends.
Glad you stopped by, you're just in time to see the latest from the ladies of the Style not Age collective.
It's fallen into my hands this month and I immediately knew what the title would be since we are all still in semi lock-down with a maximum of 6 people at a gathering! 😠  I was supposed to be out at my sister-in-law's on Saturday night, which would have been right up my street to get dressed up for a few drinks, some yummy snacks, laughter & dancing to the Juke Box, but Mr Johnson and Covid had other ideas.  I worry that all this will have a detrimental affect on our mindset if it carries on! I dread to think of the figures of suicides, abuse, mental issues and the like.  There's nothing to look forward to, no nights out with lots of friends, no parties and no holidays (without the fear of self isolation).  We need to have more than this in our lives - or else what's the point?  Sorry to be so negative, it just gets to me sometimes!  
Despite the inability to go out I had a very productive weekend at my daughter's new property, well I say me I mean my family.  We managed to lay turf in the garden (just in time for wet weather which is helpful) and the boys fitted bi-fold doors on my daughter's new extension.  It looks amazing now and is really coming together, seems it won't be long until they move on. 😢  You'll know when it happens and I'll need all your support my friends. x

So the prompt of All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go is quite apt don't you think, let's just pretend to be going somewhere posh and exciting eh! 

Running my hands over the clothes rail it's been sad to admit over half the occupants haven't been worn this year.  I've almost forgotten some of them I bought late 2019.  To think I won't wear them again until next year is such a shame, there's not even a cheeky little week away in the sun to look forward to! 
I've literally worn this Jacques Vert dress twice, the first time to a wedding and secondly to Reads for our wedding anniversary back in 2017.  This timeless dress hasn't dated at all, mind you I tend to by classic styles that can be worn and worn again and still look chic.  😉
I'm pretty much set in my ways, so I'm drawn like a moth to anything pink and if it's lace then it's a win win situation.  This A line skater style isn't really a choice I would usually make.  It's a good length though and the wide shoulder straps are quite complimentary for a Summer dress & I didn't feel the need for any kind of jacket or wrap.  Wearing a dress is my favourite way to increase feeling feminine and it doesn't really matter if the dress is fitted, floaty or flirty all work equally well in making me feel girly!

I decided to go with my first choice of pairing the pink dress with grey.  I originally wore grey wedges as the wedding venue was in a marquee - always the best option anywhere near grass.  Today I chose heels, these are from Nine West bought for my daughters wedding some years earlier & the shade works perfectly.  Pewter is a neutral so was a good choice.  I matched the bag as well, although not a set they suit each other.

Keeping the silver - grey theme I wore grey pearl earrings and matching bracelet with bigger circles.  I like to keep it plain and simple with accessories sometimes.

Shall we see what the others have donned for their non-events!

First up Anna - Anna's Island Style.  She's looking delicious in her finery and looks like she's ready for a sparkling cocktail party - make mine a porn-star martini Hun. x

Next up it's Emma - Style Splash  who's picked lace like me too!  Her amber yellow lace dress looks like a dream.  I'm loving the sleeve detail, it's flattering and just the right length - negating the need for a jacket - brilliant. 

Hilda's turn.  You can find more details of her outfit on her blog Over the Hilda.  Hilda was saving the off-white jacket for a special occasion, but you can see it's proved a valuable addition over her L K Bennett dress.  There's a fabulous outfit ready willing and able for the next special occasion!

Finally let's see what Gail - Is this Mutton has to share.  Her shimmery skirt once belonged to Carol Vorderman so paired with her Max Mara jacket and sparkly tights, it's all adding up to fabulous ensemble! 

Many thanks for joining me, do stop by for a look on Thursday for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP
Esther Ruby kindly too my photos.X
See you soon.
Love and best wishes. X



  1. I also had a lot of clothes hardly worn at all this summer! Let's hope for a better summer next year. Great challenge again Jacqui, the pink dress is a stunner!

    1. I've a feeling that we aren't the only ones Gail! Yes fingers crossed for a better, friendly and tangible 2021! x

  2. That's a beautiful dress Jacqui! I know exactly how you feel, I'm totally fed up with not being able to go on holiday and just do my grocery shopping without worrying about limits, one-way systems and wearing a mask. Most of the time I just get on with it but this last week has been a low point. Better times will come xxx


    1. Emma, thanks so much. I'm hoping it won't be too long, I keep telling myself nothing lasts forever! Have a super week. x

  3. Oh we heard just on the telly that are rules are being restricted. In dragging this winter so much. How about Christmas for good sake. You see you are not the only negative Nancy here, lol. But you do look fabulous!

    1. Yes such a shame Nancy! With the nights drawing in and cooler weather I agree it's going to be a LONG winter. Thanks for stopping by though. x

  4. I totally understand how you feel, Jacqui. I miss getting dressed up and going somewhere special. This pretty dress fits you like a glove. I totally agree with you, it's timeless and can be dressed up and down depending on your destination.

  5. Jacqui... loved this challenge and love your dress. I am like you ..most of my summer wardrobe never made it off the hanger.

  6. This fuchsia lace is SO pretty on you, Jacqui! I love it!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. It's a beautiful dress! The color is ou amazing on you and I really like it with grey! I am sorry there is not much to look forward to over there. Thankfully here we are still doing our outdoor outings and are going on a vacation soon: apart from the hotel and eating (which we will try to choose restaurants with outdoor seating), all the activities I have planned for us are outdoors and don't require us to be around people. We have gotten together with just the same family members and friends the past 6 months but that is not unusual for us. Wouldn't you still be able to visit and spend time with your daughther and family when they move out>

  8. What a stunning fuchsia lace dress! So chic. Love the color and the white underlayer.

  9. The lace dress is ultra feminine on you Jacqui and I love the grey as your accent colour! Thanks for this fab challenge - it was a great excuse for me to have a little adventure too x

  10. Such a lovely shade of pink on you - that's a really fun lace dress and I like the silver accessories with it! :) It's a shame things keep changing with the restrictions, it will be nice when this virus is gone!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you had a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue


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