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Monday 28 December 2020

Out and About with Style not Age

Morning my lovelies.
Well how did it go?
Well I hadn't REALLY anticipated the Christmas I've just had!  I got a present that most definitely wasn't on my list - yes Covid! In fact half the house had it & the other two are now showing signs. For me it's been like a bad cold, coughing and tight chest & feeling very tired. I'm starting to feel better each day and feel I'm over the worst, but it's been a worrying time for me and the family.

I do hope you managed to have an enjoyable time over Christmas despite bloody Covid!
I think there's many preparations for a second Christmas one day when this is all over - let's pray it's not too far away. Anyone had the vaccine yet?  Looking at the calculator I won't be due until May/June time, so that's going to be a long and boring wait eh!
But let's not dwell on that, shall we talk about the last of 2020 Style not Age challenge?
It was left to Hilda to come up with a topic and she's left it wide open with the prompt of ....

'Out and About'

If only I'd been able to get out and about recently but all my plans were scuppered.  I didn't manage to finish my Christmas shopping so I did a lot of online shopping and everything else I just had to give up.  We had a fair festive period and can't wait to see the rest of the family for a proper Berry Christmas. X
Today's prompt has been a helpful one for me as I haven't been able to meet up with Esther Ruby to take any photos, and this outfit was already photo'd and in the bag!

This wasn't what I planned to wear for Christmas, but having the lurgy over the past few days this is mainly what I've been wearing, lounge pants and tracksuits.  The pleated velvet skirt didn't make it out of the wardrobe and will be saved for another day.  I didn't feel like doing much really and we just about managed to pull together an acceptable turkey dinner with most of the trimmings.  Any enjoyment I might have had was cut short on Boxing day as I sat down to my meal and realised I couldn't taste anything!  You can't imagine how awful this is and I'm still suffering.  Everything is bland, tastes the same and is horrible.  So let's hope the next time we talk I'm back to normal!
Shall I tell you a bit about my outfit today.
It's based around the stretchy lounge trousers that were from F & F earlier this year.  They've been quite a good addition over the past few months and worth buying - just wished there was a top to match.
Here I've gone for leopard print, my orange biker jacket and block heels, all can (and was), switched to slippers and cosy jumper.

This stunning biker jacket has been on the blog previously and always makes quite a statement, it works well with so many other colours as you can see here with grey wide legs & flattering my denim jumpsuit.
Bonmarche have this available in gorgeous plum for a snip at £35!

Over to my four partners in crime to share there Out and About looks ....

First up is Hilda who presented us with the challenge.
You can find more about her outfit on her blog Over the Hilda.  Doesn't she look ready for a lovely walk with her family, I'm sure you managed that over the holidays Hilda. 

Shall we see what Emma has to offer, you can find all the back story of Emma's look on her blog Style Splash.  It's the cute little tweed skirt that's got my vote, love it with the long boots and opaque tights.  One to try I think and I'll be ready for 2021!

Now let's see what  Gail - Is This Mutton? has chosen.  The most perfect outfit for running around doing odd jobs and also lounging around reading and relaxing - loving the boots too Gail. x

Last but by no means least here's what Anna - Anna's Island Style take on the prompt is.  All dressed up in this fabulous pink coat Anna looks like she's ready for anything, which is just as well because Anna had plenty to do prior to taking these shots - do stop by to hear of her busy time.

So pleased you could join me today, lovely to have you.
Looking forward to the New Year although I have the little matter of my grandson's birthday to get sorted for - what can you buy a 2 year old just after Christmas especially when one is still in isolation -  do tell!!  
I'm rather sad I'm not preparing for my usual ski trip to the Alps.  I was hoping for a little window for us to travel abroad for a week of skiing, alas the current situation does not allow it!  I do hope there maybe an opportunity before the end of season. 🙏
Esther took today's photos for me - thank you darling. x
Catch you on Thursday for the final #Chicandstylish #LINKUP of 2020.
Cheerio my friends, I'm off to find my taste buds!  X



  1. The orange jacket has some real zing, perfect for livening up winter. Sorry to hear you were/ are unwell and wishing you a speedy recovery. 2021 will be better!

    1. Thanks for your support Gail, much appreciated. x

  2. I hope that every day sees you improving, but remember you do need to rest for a good long time after symptoms lessen. I love that outfit, particularly fab jacket and what a lovely church you have for a backdrop. Jacqui, hugs from Ireland.

    1. Feeling lots better now Hilda, thank you for stopping by. x

  3. I'm sorry to hear you've all been poorly, I hope you're feeling better and that your taste comes back soon - I would hate not being to taste anything! I love your orange jacket, it looks super with the leopard print top. Fingers crossed for nice holidays next year!

    Emma xxx

    1. On the mend now Emma, it's been a struggle, but on the up now. x

  4. Jacqui, I am so sorry that you got Covid for Christmas. Ugh. I am glad that you are starting to feel better. I really like this out and about outfit even for just staying in! The wide legged trousers are so great with the moto jacket. And these colors are fabulous together with the leopard print. Wishing you all the best in the new year, my friend.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Shelbee, happy how this outfit ended up alright in the end. x Happy New Year to you too Shelbee. x

  5. I love the orange and leopard together but I'm so sorry to hear you are sick I really hope you all have very mild cases and you don't get much worse - doesn't sound like a happy Christmas at all! Rest up and get better!

    Away From Blue

    1. Many thanks for joining me today Mica, so kind of you. x

  6. You look fabulous! I love the orange and the cut of your pants!

    Life is a Shoe

  7. I love everything about this look!


  8. Please keep me in mind Jacqui if you ever fall out of love with this tangerine dream of a jacket! I love bomber jackets anyway, but this colour is so very me!

    I do hope that you've gotten over the worst of the virus by now. I suppose there's something to be said for all of your family getting it at the same time...

    Happy New Year sweetheart x

    1. Lol, I will Anna, it's a real statement piece and works well when I get it out. Thanks for your lovely comments. x

  9. I am always drawn to your moto jacket when you wear it. Such a fun color and the pictures are beautiful: love the cypress trees. I am glad you are starting to feel better. Take care of yourself !


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