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Monday 30 March 2020

Style not Age - Denim Directions.

Hi there lovelies.
How are you and what have you been up to?
It's hard to get motivated and wear anything that's sort of resembles stylish at the moment isn't it?  These days I'll be found wearing something comfortable and very casual.  My grand-daughter is staying with me at the moment and asked if she could pick something for me to wear.  When I came out of the shower she'd picked three outfits.  The first was a newly acquired green dress from my daughter, the second my mustard coloured Spring dress and finally my yellow trousers with a pretty sparkly jumper.  I have to admit my first choice would have been the elegant green dress but thinking it through sensibly I ended up wearing a boring grey velour suit with a black tee shirt! Crawling on the floor with the kids and preparing dinner just didn't seem the 'right' occasion - ha ha ha.

Today you find me sharing the fashions' of my four blogger friends who, along with me, are sharing their interpretation for the prompt set by our newest member and previous co-founder of the 5 over 50 collective Gail ....
Denim Directions. 

Do you love denim?  I'm a huge fan and seriously wear jeans at least 70% of the week especially in the cooler days.  I also give my denim jacket the same frequency when a jacket is all I need.  I've had denim skirts in the past of varying styles, but to-date haven't got any that I wear.  So when Gail suggested the prompt I was chuffed as I'd just bagged this lightweight jumpsuit from Matalan for the bargain price of £25.  When you know, you know, and that's how I felt when I spotted this hanging in their store.  I simply knew it was 'me' & just had to try is on, I found it not only fitted beautifully but looked just right too!  What do you think?

I'm sure you've all spotted my rainbow shoes and I know that many of you love them.  They are a bit too high for everyday wear and certainly aren't being worn anywhere ... well anywhere at the moment, but they are ready and waiting for when the time comes.

Here's my lively orange jacket taking it up a notch - I wanted colourful colours to match my shoes.  You've seen my biker jacket before and it's quite versatile and very noticeable, worn on my flamboyant days!

All sorts of nice is this jumpsuit.  From the front opening buttons, to the adjustable trouser length (it can be rolled over and over to make the leg length shorter) - I'm happy with it. It has short capped sleeves, so would need a jacket on cooler days.  Definition can be added by using the attached matching belt to pull in the waist, and I'll be adding other colours like tan or maybe white to change the whole look.

It's also available in soft pink which is really nice, but not a patch on the faithful mid-wash denim I picked.  I fully accept this is a transitional outfit - paired with layered tee shirts and informal jackets, but with the legs rolled up and sandals donned this will work well for summer evenings and holidays too!

Gail - Is this Mutton is styling her denim dress beautifully.  I love the pink accessories and simply adore the tartan tights - a statement indeed.

Anna - Anna's Island Style with her denim jeans look like she's heading in the right direction for Style Street.  I love the matching embroidered coat too an all round perfect combination.

Emma - Style Splash has chosen to pair denim with bright cerise pink!  I love them combination so will be heading in that direction of my wardrobe to copy it!

Hilda - Over the Hilda is heading in the direction of comfort and style in her comfy jeans and jumper ensemble.  You simple can't go wrong with skinny jeans can you!

Thanks for stopping by, I love to have you here and would love you to check out my friends too.
Esther Ruby took my photos - and I have to say aren't they brilliant - thanks lovely. x
Catch you all on Thursday for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP.
Cheerio my friends. X



  1. Stunning photos Jacqui, just love the orange jacket and rainbow shoes with your fab boilersuit! Have a good week (in the circs!) x

  2. This looks great on Jacqui. I like it in the pink too. Everyone looking fabulous and cheered up my morning seeing you all doing this together xx

  3. I love your jumpsuit/boilersuit with and without the jacket. You cheered up my Monday morning.

  4. Jacqui, this might be my favorite outfit ever on you! You are rocking this adorable denim jumpsuit and the orange moto jacket and rainbow shoes are to die for! Absolutely brilliant!


  5. Love your outfit! That jacket reminds me of a jacket I saw many times in a shop in Hastings. When I finally decided I wanted to buy it, it was gone! It's gorgeous!

  6. Love your shoes tho! so pretty and prefect for Spring

  7. Jacqui, I love how you've styled this comfy jumpsuit. This looks like the perfect lounging around wear we need at the moment! Keep safe x

  8. All awesome outfits! Jacqui, you look stunning in your jumpsuit (it makes your rear look good, which is very important with jumpsuits!). Is your moto jacket leather? If so, please send to me ASAP!

  9. wow I'm a fan of Denim and it fit amazing on you! :) I like the shoes as well!!
    Hi would you like to follow each other?

  10. I love how you chose something unique! This is such a fun piece and yes would be fun for summer rolled up and with sandals. Seeing the background of these pictures is making me look forward to when the crazines is over: we will be planning some vacations to the beach and probably abroad too. Now I just need to watch my spending!

  11. Love the look. Your pumps and jacket are so cool! Perfect pairings.

  12. That is such a fun denim jumpsuit and I really like the bright orange jacket with it! I bought an orange blazer on ebay just before the rules changed, so I haven't been able to wear it yet, but I'm looking forward to getting to wear it when things are back to normal! :)

    Hope that you had a nice weekend at home :) Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) I just posted this week's linkup, I'd love you to join again! :)

    Away From Blue

  13. I love the jumpsuit Jacqui! It looks fab with the orange jacket, and those shoes are gorgeous! I tried to comment last week but when I'm not on my laptop it seems a bit hit and miss - all to do with logging in to google I think. Sometimes it disappears when I hit publish and there's no way of knowing if it's pending or has just vanished!

    Emma xxx


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