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Thursday 28 December 2023

My Christmas! - #Chicandstylish #Linkup

Good morning and a big hug for joining me today. 
How’s your Christmas gone?

It actually seemed to come and go really quickly for me. 
There I was enjoying Christmas Eve in Canterbury for a last minute shop, couple of drinks and fantastic meal in one of my favourite restaurants. The next I’m sitting here preparing today’s blog post!  The town was very quiet to be fair and I reckon most people completed their shopping by Friday! Even the supermarket wasn’t that busy, which made getting the last minute ‘essentials’ easy! By last minute essentials I mean sweets and chocolates … lol!


Monday 25 December 2023

Style Not Age Show how to Dress for December!

A Merry Christmas to you all!
Thanks for stopping by I appreciate your time. 

I’ll be in the throes of celebrating with the family, opening presents, cooking & eating dinner and most definitely having a glass of fizz, if you read this on Christmas Day. 

You will be familiar with the Style not Age ladies and our monthly challenges, this months fell on the big day so we all agreed we’d go ahead with the challenge so long as all the photos were swapped prior to the weekend. We all managed to do it in time (mine was late Friday afternoon) and what a lovely collection of outfits we have produced. 

Our topic was set by Gail who decided upon the title ….
December is for Dressing Up.


Thursday 21 December 2023

Khaki Green & Navy - #Chicandstylish #Linkup

Morning my friends. 
How’s your run up to Christmas going?

This week seems to have flown by, so much so I didn’t have a post ready to share with you!  I went out with my three daughters last night and arrived home late and only then realised I’d not done it! So please forgive me this one might seem a little rushed. 
I’ve been busy getting ready for the big day and enjoying an evening out for dinner and a quiz with the girls last night. 

Let me share a bit about my evening. It was a last minute idea to venture into our local  restaurant chain and join in the weekly quiz! We had a nice meal for a very reasonable price with a cheeky glass (or three) of fizz. I decided on a burger without bacon - who on earth has bacon on a burger? 😂 I passed on a starter mainly because I wanted the dessert, anyone else work backwards on menus? I spotted a sticky toffee pudding so that was a no-brainer for me. I opted for custard not ice cream and boy was that the best choice. As it was only down the road we walked there and back, picking my eldest daughter up on the way and dropping her off upon return. I hate walking alone at night and don’t like my daughters doing it either!  Such a sad world to think we have to be like this! 😞 
Me and the girls came a respectable 3rd … out of 4 teams, well at least we weren’t last! 😂

I wore an old faithful which you’ve seen before. My faux leather trousers came out to play as did my festive top that ticked all the right boxes. I neglected to get any photos therefore today I’ll show a recent outfit featuring green and blue, a colour combo that used to be frowned upon but now it classed as the height of fashion. X


Monday 18 December 2023

Sequins and Silky Top.

Hey there,
How’s your weekend been?

Another fab one for me, and I’ve actually been out out!
On Saturday night I went with friends for dinner and dancing to a band at a local venue run be a publican friend. I went with David and two other couples, who we usually try and get away before Christmas for a cheeky weekend break (last year we went to Baden Baden).
I decided weeks ago to wear some sequined trousers I’d found in Matalan and was rather pleased with the outcome. I teamed the black sparkly trousers with a plain silky top and black jacket also from Matalan! 


Thursday 14 December 2023

Casual Combo - #Chicandstylish #Linkup

Hello, how are you?
Is your week going well and how’s your preparations for Christmas going?

I managed to wrap all the presents I’ve bought so far  yesterday and got the my Christmas cards written and posted the day before, so things are going quite well for me. Do you send cards? All my daughters have been really helpful as well, so I’m not too stressed this year. I do hope that continues! 🙏

I’m out on Saturday night with friends for dinner with a band, so there might be some dancing too. We’ve decided to exchange our secret Santa gifts then too. We’ve not managed to get away this year which is a shame, but you can read about our trip to Baden Baden last year here
I’ve got a super sparkly pair of trousers to wear which I plan to team with a silky short sleeve top and sparkly shoes, I’ll share the look when I can, I do hope it looks okay. 👌 

I’ve been otherwise occupied over the past few days so today I’m sharing this casual combo with you. ❤️🖤🤍


Monday 11 December 2023

Styling the colour of the season - Red.

Good morning my friends. 
Hope you are well and getting excited for for the big day!

Things are getting ever busier for Mummab as I’m sure it is for all of you. Present buying is going well and I’m well on the way to being finished. I do need to get some cards bought, written and sent and plan to do that within the next couple of days.  I’ve bought wrapping paper so will engage David to help wrapping the presents I have got which will make it things easier - I might have to entice him with a glass or two of Bailey’s!

I’ve finished putting the inside decorations up now and am really pleased with how festive my house looks. Am I the only person who wishes they could stay up all year round? David put the lights on the Hawthron bush relatively easily, there were no dramas and no breakages which is a good sign, let’s hope we can take them off just as well.  We had a roast chicken dinner yesterday and although a mad house it as good fun, just wished both my boys (and families) were there too!  

I’ve recently shared a very festive colour on Instagram, you may have seen my reel on Instagram , but if not thought you might like to see some interesting ways to incorporate red into your fashion equation. ❤️


Thursday 7 December 2023

Styling my Faux Leather Trousers - Chic & Stylish #LINKUP

Hi there everyone. 
Hope your world is good and you’re getting ready for the festive season. 

I’ve yet to really get going.  I’ve purchased a few gifts already, but need to get loads more plus cards, wrapping paper, table decorations and all the food … the list is endless!
I’m planning on a trip to the outlet on Friday so fingers crossed I come home with bags spilling and empty lists! 

Today I’m out for lunch with the ballet ladies, we’re off to a local chain for a festive meal and glass of fizz, it’s just down the road so not far for me to travel. Not sure what I’m going to wear though, but it will be festive, I’ll try to post some piccys on Instagram for you to see.  Have you been out for a Christmas party yet? Let me know if you have or are, and do share what you are wearing! 

I might give these super smooth trousers a try. I’ve worn them once already, and you can read on below to find out why they are so lovely. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 4 December 2023

November Review.

Morning all.
How’s your weekend been?

Can you believe it’s the first week in December? I know I say it every year but this month really does seem to have flown by. It’s been a busy one for me with the new build going up and my daughter and her family moving in the weeks have all merged into one!  I’ve not been away since the hen weekend so I think that’s made a difference too, normally I have a couple of weekends breaks and a week or so away, and looking forward to those usually makes the time go slower doesn’t it!

However with all that being said plans are being made for the annual ski trip and although thin-on-the-ground with numbers still hope to have a super time with those who are able to participate, I’ll keep you informed as to where and when I’m going. 

Remember I mentioned on the last post I’d been buying a few pieces in Vinted? Well do stop by on Thursday as I’m sharing some cropped faux leather trousers that I bought BNWT from Marks & Spencer’s via them. They are gorgeous and look amazing on, and I’m showing you another stunning top from Salamander Shirts. 

Now as it’s the first Monday of the month, it’s time to look back on the last months looks for the ….
November Review


Thursday 30 November 2023

How to Style a Slip Skirt - Chic & Stylish #LINKUP

Hello and welcome to Mummabstylish today.
So good you are here.

How are you today on this last day of November? 
The big day is edging ever closer and I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made re ‘present buying’, So if I keep up the good work I might be finished in time to enjoy the run up to Christmas Day. 😉

I’ve been having a bit of a spend up on Vinted and have bought a stunning pair of M & S faux leather trousers, a pair of red culottes and also some long wide leg trousers. I fancy pairing the red with leopard print as I know both are very fashionable this season. 

I had a lovely day out with my mum, sister and her granddaughter on Tuesday, mum had a dentist appointment and after that we went to a local garden centre to have a look around. We went last year and I came home with a fancy Christmas tree ornament, this year was no different and I returned with a pair of sparkly gold ballet shoes. Upon putting them on my tree I realised the decoration I got last year was a similar pair in white! Are you always drawn to the same sort of things like I am?
They have a sweet set of singing reindeer in the store, when upon pressing the button they sing Christmas carols and move their heads. I adore them and would love them in my garden for the festive season here’s a quick peak of them on my IG account. 

The weather has gotten quite chilly recently so I put on warm and comfy jeans, jumper and boots with a classic blazer for my trip out, but last week I styled this gorgeous slip skirt and wanted to share my look with you to find out what your thoughts were. X


Monday 27 November 2023

Style Not Age are Inspired by Autumn Leaves.

Morning all.
How’s your month going?

Anyone else in shock at how quickly November went? It’s nearly December for god’s sake! I’ve failed at getting all my present buying done by early December and as usual with be frantically looking for gifts right up until Xmas Eve I expect. I have put nearly all the decorations up and it’s looking very festive in Mummab’s house. I need to get a tree for outside the front door and David has still to put the lights on the Hawthorn tree - that’s always funny to watch as it always end’s in tears - both meanings … lol 😂 

So as it’s the last Monday of the month, it can only mean one thing … the post from the ladies of Style not Age. 

This month’s topic is right on time for this season and one you can appreciate for the colours we are sharing, autumnal tones for the prompt ….

Inspired by Autumn Leaves. 🍁 🍂

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Thursday 23 November 2023

Styling a Tweed Blazer - Chic & Stylish #LINK

Hello my friends and welcome to the blog today.
How's your world going?

I’ve had a bit of a cough going on, you know the ones that don’t come to much but are really annoying!  I’ve still been to the gym, so it’s not that bad at all. I’ve been adding to my Christmas decorations over the past few days and my house is looking very festive I can tell you. I’ve also been buying more baubles, but don’t tell the kids! 😂

I’ve also done a bit of shopping, online and in store. I’ve found an elegant cream tweed jacket in F & F (featured today) and it’s a dreamy one for sure. Another purchase was an additional slip skirt (I’ve a blush cream to share soon) which is black and is going to be a versatile little skirt for dressy and casual outings alike. My favourite purchase though was a stunningly sparkly pair of black sequined leggings, I’ve got plans for them for a couple of Christmas evening outfits, I’m so excited to wear them and have been tempted to just pop them on indoors for bit of fun and excitement - who else does this?

Here’s that blazer I was telling you about, looks very chic & made me feel like I was wearing a Chanel beauty. 


Monday 20 November 2023

Leopard Print with Grey!

Morning everyone. 
Hope I find you well. 

What have you been up to this weekend? Well let me tell you what I did. Can you guess?  Yep you’re right, I put the Christmas decorations up! Too early you think? Not in my book, I love to see everything festive and need the happiness it creates to stay around for a long time. 

Will you be investing your time in the new I’m a Celebrity this year?  I probably will be watching it just to be nosey really as I hate watching the eating and crawling-through-bugs challenges. I feel I’d be okay at the heights though, although the first one walking off of a high rise building might be a no! Just as well I’m not doing this time then eh! 🤣

I cooked a delicious roast pork dinner yesterday complete with cracking and Yorkshire puddings - tell me I’m not the only one who has them with nearly every roast!  I also used up the egg whites from a Carbonara I had in the week, as I wrote this post it’s still in the oven (not on) so maybe by today it’ll be ready to eat!! Having cooked it before in a ‘switched off oven’ I’m not sure it’ll work but will keep you posted!

Todays outfit is stolen from an Instagram’er I follow and was quite taken by the combo - don’t leopard print and grey pair well together?


Thursday 16 November 2023

Black & White Stripes with Ecru Jeans -Chic & Stylish #LINKUP

Hi there everyone. 
Is your week going well?

Just normal stuff for me with Max’s birthday yesterday which was the highlight!  He’s 2 and I can’t believe how quickly the past two years have gone. He’s living with me, along with his mum and dad as their house is still being extended. Therefore, yes it was a mad house with all the family and a few friends calling in on the afternoon. We had easy to prepare hotdogs, chips and onion rings washed down with beers (for the boys) and Prosecco … for me and my daughters. We had a chocolate and kinder cake which was so tasty and made by my daughter … Little Berry Bakes … you’ve seen her cakes but in case you haven’t here’s a link to her IG account. 

I’ve started to think about Christmas now and am seriously considering putting the decorations up this weekend - too early? Nah not for me I love to see them covering the house and making everything festive. I also want to do some table scaping - is that a word? I think so. I understand it’s making the dinning table all pretty and Christmassy, any pointers or ideas greatly appreciated. When do you put your decs up? 

Are you a fan of stripes?
I rather enjoy adding them to an outfit and feel a Parisian vibe whenever I don them. I was excited to receive this striking knitted jumper the other week and could not wait to style it because stripes always look fashionable eh? Do let me know your thoughts on my banded beauty. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own comments. 


Monday 13 November 2023

Cobalt blue maxi with matchy matchy accessories.

Morning all!
What’s happening in your world?

Mine is going well thanks for asking (I’m assuming you did) lol! I’ve been having fun getting back into the blogging and Instagram game recently and again as you might remember the main reason is photos. I’ve been taking full advantage of nice weather outside or my dressing room to get some super shots - todays included. So do let me know what you think. 

Todays outfit has been in the pipeline for a couple of weeks & I’ve been telling you it’s “on its way” for a while and hooray it’s here …. finally. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own comments. 


Thursday 9 November 2023

Mansur Gavriel - Chic & Stylish #LINKUP

Good morning my friends.
How's your first week of November going?

Mine has been okay so far, although last weekend I finally caught the bug I thought I'd evaded.  I spent all day Sunday in bed and haven't felt 100% since!  I did manage to go shopping on Tuesday and came home with a really lovely Crombie style coat.  I'd seen a fellow IG'er wearing one from a selection in Primark so hot footed it down there to find my own.  I tried three on and ended up with the lighter one that didn't have any additional details.  I'm really pleased with my choice especially when one of the coats weighed so much, it was really heavy.  I don't need any extra weight to carry about lol!  I went for black as I realised the other day I haven't got a nice black coat.  I've got a shorter sort of jacket style that's yonks old and is really starting to look it and a nice full length rain coat complete with hood - perfect for wet weather, but is quite casual.

I'm still working on the post for my mum's 90th birthday, I had to take some extra photos of my stunning blue dress and promise to share it with you next week!  It features matching sparkly shoes and clutch bag and I'm excited to hear what you think, so please do look out for it!

Whilst tidying my dressing room last week I started looking at my bags.  I have lots and lots in all different places and I've neglected to sort through them for ages - there's quite a few I need to get rid of because some are old and damaged and many were quite cheap and haven't lasted well.  
In recent years I've taken to paying a little more for any sort of purse realising quality comes before quantity.  Today's post is all about stylish handbags and how to keep them looking pristine and in tip top condition.

This is a sponsored post. 


Monday 6 November 2023

October Review

Morning my friends.
Hope you are okay.

Has anyone else noticed the adverts have arrived for Christmas?  They started appearing the day after Halloween! Crazy isn't it, why can't the advertisers just let us enjoy some down time before a new festivity is shoved in our faces!  Don't get me wrong I love anything to do with Christmas, being adverts, shopping, putting the decorations up and Christmas day it'self.  Maybe it's a gentle reminder to get my bum into gear and get everything sorted by at least the beginning of December, stay tuned to see if that happens! 

We've been a 'sicky' house over the past couple of days, but so far I seem to have evaded the bug, although I may have to edit this before it's published on Monday, I do hope not as this is something I definitely don't want to join in with ... lol!  (Late edit I went down with the bug on Sunday and stayed in bed all day!  Feeling better now though so obviously just a 24hr bug!)

It's the first Monday of November, so it's time to have a look back over the previous posts for the ...

October Review.

The first post of October seems so long ago and hard to believe we were enjoying warmer temperatures and sunshine.  I spotted these grey trousers whilst shopping in my local supermarket and couldn't help myself and bought them.  They'll go with so much and so far I've liked wearing them with this candy stripe shirt, a white jumper and a black Tee shirt, do stop by to see the first fashionable look here.


Thursday 2 November 2023

How to wear Loafers - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends. 
Hope you’re well. 

Wow November, you seem to have arrived way too early. 
It seems only last week I was wishing for Summer to arrive, well that didn’t really happen did it!

I'm still working on the post from my mum's 90th birthday festivities, so for today I thought I'd share an outfit I wore earlier this week.  It's based around my gifted loafers and I'd love to know what you think of it.

I wanted to show off the shoes to their full potential so picked these peg style trousers rather than my favourites ... my black wide leg trousers.  I've had these for a while and have a love - hate relationship with them.  One time I enjoy putting them on and love the way they look, other times I think they look awful - what do you think?

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comment.


Monday 30 October 2023

Style Not Age Wear Jeans & Jewels.

Morning everyone. 
How’s you month …. gone?
Yes nearly November, isn’t it scary how fast the months go by!

I’ve had a few days of celebrations with a friends Afternoon Tea on Friday, followed by dancing where I finished off learning the Tango and very proud of myself I must say! I’ll pop a story up on IG so you can see the result - SCD here I come. 😂

Saturday was a lazy day, well after the grandkids left it was (I had three of them at home whilst my daughter took one of the boys to his football match, proud to say they won 2 -1 and both goals were scored by Freddie). I actually relaxed in front of the telly in the afternoon prior to getting ready for my evening out.  Do you remember me saying it’s my mum’s birthday dinner tonight? It’s her birthday today and she’s 90! Yes what a milestone that is! She really doesn’t look her age and for that matter doesn’t act her age either. She’s up-to-date with all the latest technology, has Facebook and Instagram and still drives! I’m so proud of everything she’s achieved in her lifetime from travelling around the world in her 20’s, living in Australia, returning home to get married, bringing up my sister and I alone after divorcing my father and managing a home and family whilst working a full time job. She found happiness in my step-father who took us on and gave us a wonderful life where upon moving to a new house and area I eventually met and married my husband. So I’m a firm believer that most things happen for a reason. Mum’s are very special people and mine is always there to help and support, give guidance and love whenever I or any of the family need it. So tonight will be a VERY special occasion and I’m excited to see how it pans out. I’ll share in the next week or so the full events and what I wore (yes the blue dress arrived, fitted and looked great on).

Sunday was another busy day with a a get together for my daughter’s birthday meal. We all decided on tapas and all prepared a dish to celebrate at my house. She’s out on her actual birthday (today) so it was good to enjoy most of the family having fun and tucking into some seriously delicious food. 
It’s starting to get exciting as we nearer the Christmas period isn’t it and I’m already thinking of my decorations and tree, I’ll be adding to them for sure as the weeks go by and am wanting some outside decorations this year, any ideas that aren’t too big and costly? Anyway back to the matter in hand today - the end of the month can only mean one thing. 

It’s time to say hello to my friends from Style Not Age for October’s challenge!

Anna stepped up to the plate and gave us the title …
Jeans and Jewels


Thursday 26 October 2023

Slip Skirt with Trainers - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
How are you?

All good with me, I'm off shopping this morning. I’ve not been for a while, but don’t anticipate coming home with anything as quite honestly the shops are naff locally. I long for the old days when there was an abundance of stores to joyfully spend the day exploring every part of them. I remember saving birthday, Christmas and chore money and have a day spending it all, those days seem long gone and most shopping is done online, somewhat takes the excitement out of the whole experience doesn’t it!  Do you prefer to shop personally or do it all online?
What are your local stores and boutiques like? 
I’m really enjoying gym classes atm, and really feel I’m moving up a level. My legs having been killing me over the past few classes, I think I’m probably working harder so I’m bound to feel achy eh! It seems my body is gradually getting used to it though and slowly changing shape. Something I’m after is some new gym wear, I’ve got a couple of old favourites that I rotate and need to add to them, let’s hope I return with some cute bits. 
I’ve got a busy few days with a friends birthday Afternoon Tea, a celebratory meal with all the family for my mum’s 90th birthday and on Sunday we’re celebrating my daughters birthday with a big tapas style dinner (everyone brings something they’ve cooked so we can all dig in)! I’m all over this kind of meal and get to enjoy all the tasty offerings everyone brings. 
I’ve got a dress on order for the dinner on Saturday night and I’m praying it will not only fit but look alright too … it’s got a big split up the front leg, so will have to see what it looks like.  It’s a sultry shade of blue and my favourite midi length. I’ve got some pretty shoes and matching bag to wear with it, so all being well I’ll let you see it next week!

I have to admit to being a little disappointed with myself and a skirt I recently purchased.  It’s part of my capsule wardrobe and looked okay in the shop, however I put it on the other day and am really not convinced it’s me!  It’s not a style I feel confident wearing so I’m going to try and exchange it today, although it’s past the date on the receipt so I’ll have to see … I’ll let you know how I get on, but you can see for yourself and let me know what you think about the bias cut slip skirt I bought. X


Monday 23 October 2023

Layering over a Summer Dress.

Hello and thanks for joining me today. 
What did your weekend bring?

The rain on Saturday curtailed any outings for me. I’d wanted to visit a couple of stores for an upcoming event next week, but the horrible rain put me off so I stayed indoors all day! I actually watched a film before watching the rugby (that was a shame as England lost to RSA 15 - 16), the film was called Hidden Figures. It was about 3 African-American mathematicians who were pivotal in the Astronaut John Glenn’s launch into space! They had to deal with racial and female discrimination too! Such an interesting film and all the more poignant because it’s based on real life events - love a film like that. 
Sunday was quite the opposite weather-wise and was brilliant sunshine, I still spent the day on the sofa when not preparing and cooking dinner - roast beef for me and yes it was very tasty!

I wore this outfit last week when it wasn’t raining! I wanted to show you how you can still enjoy Summer dresses when the weather is cooler and damper!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Thursday 19 October 2023

Tan Neutrals and a Swirly Tonal Top - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
Hope you are having a lovely week.
You doing anything nice?

A night out with old work colleagues last night.  I must admit to not wanting to venture out last night as the rain has arrived here and it been really cold, anyone else want to hibernate when it gets like that? We went to a local restaurant that I’ve only been to for lunch.  I wasn’t overly impressed on the first visit, but last night was a different story, maybe it’s because I went for dinner rather than lunch. We shared some smaller dishes … namely olives, prawns, buratta and hot bread. My second course was fish, I enjoyed the sea bream with prawns cannellini beans in a lobster bisque sauce. It was amazing, such tasty food that was devoured as if we’d never eaten before lol. - I’m pleased I went out in the end & had a really nice evening despite the rain! The venue was called Land And Sea so if you’re ever in the area, do give them a look!

I was going to wear this ensemble, but changed my mind last minute.  With the awful weather coming into play I needed something warmer and darker, didn’t want any splashes or dirty marks on these trousers. I thought you’d like to see it anyway

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Monday 16 October 2023

Black and White looking like Grey.

Hello, how are you?
All good with me, although another hectic weekend with the family, doing nothing! 😁

With the weather becoming rather chilly I even doned a jacket on Saturday when I went out. The midi dress looked right at home with my faux leather biker jacket over the top and it was like welcoming an old friend when I slipped it on. 

I’ve actually had those why-am-I-doing-this thoughts recently, comparing myself to everyone on social media and basically losing confidence by the day. Do you have those times when you feel everyone else is doing better, getting more and generally feeling deflated about the whole thing, so much so I’ve often thought shall I give it all up!  Deep down I really don’t want to and know I’m doing it for myself and no-one else, but it’s so easy to get drawn in to the negative thoughts I’ve been having! Fortunately it’s  taken one Instagram’er?/bloer to re-ignite my passion for blogging and producing content for the gram so I’m excited to get back into taking photos and reels and get myself back into the game. 

Todays outfit is what I wore on Saturday. After a busy morning with some of the kids and grandkids here I showered and styled my hair and picked this jersey dress for a relaxing afternoon watching tv (after tidying the toys and doing some ironing). 


Thursday 12 October 2023

Khaki Shirt Dress - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning my friends. 
How are you?

Had a busy day yesterday! Two gym classes and home to get ready for an afternoon out with my mum. She’s been sorting her big birthday celebration so we visited the venue to get everything confirmed. I’m excited for the night out with my hubby, kids plus partners and my sister and her family - I’ll be sharing all the details nearer the time and you’ll be the first to know, I promise!
We had lunch out too and I enjoyed a warm goats cheese and fig salad followed by a big piece of Victoria sponge … oh I forgot to add a glass or two of Prosecco too! 🤭

I turned to my capsule wardrobe as the temperatures were cooler than it has been, and wore my khaki shirt dress from Primark. 


Monday 9 October 2023

Capsule Wardrobe Featuring Khaki.

Morning my friends. 
How are you all doing?

Today's blog post is one I started to write last month and never got round to publishing it!

I’d been posting an Instagram reel and came across an absolute banging tune, one that means an awful lot to me. I like quite a mixed bag really, my music genres are all over the place & you’d find a real mix of tracks on my favourites list - ranging from classic songs, to musical tunes, with everything from the 50’s to now mixed in. I could never really pin down what’s at the top of my list but Club Tropicana would be up there as would many of the soul tunes from the 80’s and I’m partial to Cornfield Chase too. But let’s get back to the songs that stole my heart in 1982, the year I passed my driving test!

I remember having my sister’s little mini for a few months (until someone turned in front of me and wrote the car off).  The excitement of having four wheels at my convenience and being able to drive where I wanted to and when was amazing.   I lived right out in the sticks where there were only two buses a day! One in the morning and one about lunch time, the return buses were lunch time and early evening - so there was no thought of getting a bus out and home for a night out. I had to rely on my mum or dad, although very good, weren’t very appreciative of being a taxi in the middle or the night let alone the early hours of the morning! So as you can imagine as soon as I was old enough I learnt to drive. I passed the test first time and used whatever car I could until I bought my own (my sisters old car and had to pay back each month)!
The freedom of driving along on my own listening to a tape player playing the only cassette I had - Earth Wind and Fire was thrilling.  My favourite tracks were played on repeat every time I went out. September, Boogie Wonderland, Let’s Groove, Shining Star and Fantasy to name but a few, all mean the world to me.  I can remember the feeling of the world being my oyster, filled with the wonder of what lie ahead of me, feeling I could do anything and go anywhere. I how I loved that feeling. Do you recall that too?  I could never have imagined my life now, a wonderful husband, five amazing children who now have some clever and supportive partners and my awesome grand-kids, 7 🤍 of them so far!  I’ve been to some amazing places and done some extraordinary things so far and I reckon there’s a few more lots more adventures to come. 

Well for me a court shoes never really went out of style, how about you?  Is it a look you like to wear?

Today I’m going to share this snippet from my capsule wardrobe.  Khaki colours are perfect for Autumn and I can't wait to delve into putting together some imaginative outfits this season. 


Thursday 5 October 2023

Styling Tailored Trousers with a Stripey Shirt - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning everyone. 
How’s your week going?

Don’t the weeks seem to fly by now? It’ll be Christmas before I know it so I might be starting my gift buying soon! As always I’m excited to get my tree up and the house decorated, but I’ll hold fire on that for a few weeks more! Lol. 
Today I thought this cool outfit needed some love. 
I’m all over the wide leg trousers so when I saw these in my local F & F I had to go back and buy them! They sit nicely with my elegant candy stripe shirt. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 2 October 2023

September Review.

Hi there,
How are you?

Another month has passed and we edge ever nearer to Christmas, the shops have festive bits in them already.
The weather has played fair and been fairly dry over the past few days, which means it's been easier to take photos.  I'm trying to summon up lots of confidence so I can go further afield to take shots in some different places - I don't want you to get bored of my usual surroundings.  I have about three basic areas, plus the garden (which isn't very pretty) to take them, so can you all send me heaps of conviction to take the plunge.  How do you get on taking your pictures?  Do you have a helper or are you blatant and take them when strangers are around and not give a second thought?

So as it's the beginning of October my post today is reminiscing last months looks for the ....

September Review.


Thursday 28 September 2023

Reviewing the Current Body Skin Radio Frequency Device - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning everyone,
So pleased you joined me today.

I've got something very special to share with you.

Are you looking for natural ways to improve your facial appearance?  Then take a peak below as I'm sharing the Current Body RF Skin Tightening Device recommended by the likes of Lisa Snowdon and Kim Kardashian & is Loved by Marie Claire and Hello Magazine!

My week has been fairly quiet with not much to report. My usual gym classes have gone well, although yesterday my normal BLT workout was cancelled just as we finished the warm up. A class member took a tumble and badly injured herself - needing an ambulance and trip to hospital. I fear she may have broken something as she went down with a big thud. We were ushered out of the studio and offer a substitute class which was Body Jam. 
It’s quite a dance-y one which I loved, I didn’t do too bad to be fair considering I didn’t know any of the routines! 
I might try it again as it certainly pushed me in a different direction and I felt exhausted, but in a nice way!

Did I tell you I bought two new pairs of trousers? One from Primark which are khaki green ( they look fab on and I’ll share them next week), the second are grey peg style (bang on style for this season) and look super on - they are tailored pair and the fabric is very expensive looking much more so than the £22.50 they cost!! Do stop by next week for full details. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me & this is a sponsored post. 


Monday 25 September 2023

Style Not Age do Power Dressing.

Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by the blog today. 

I've had a really nice weekend.  On Saturday after a couple of hours working at my daughter's house I came home to get ready for an enjoyable afternoon with my sister and brother-in-law who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.  This was held in their local pub, which was a nice setting with a pretty beer garden that had a fish pond and secluded areas, along with a big function room.  They'd arranged a lovely buffet and free bar so the afternoon run really smoothly.   Unfortunately I drove so only had one drink, but certainly made up for it scoffing the party food - yes I love party food!

Having had only the one drink I didn't suffer any ill effects the next morning, so after a nice lie in I had fun entertaining my youngest grandkids .. Max and Kimberley (I looked after them whilst their mum's and dad's were busy - one set were with my other grand-daughter who was playing football). They are so funny to watch play together and take it in turns to lead the antics.  As you can imagine the toddlers love to do anything that they shouldn't, so I was forever telling them to get down from the window (our sofa sits in front of it), stop throwing the toys, leave the cupboards alone and stop running around.  It's lovely to see them together and they seem to have their own little language and chat to each without making any sense .. lol. A big roast dinner followed so the evening was basically lounging on the sofa, totally stuffed!
I've got a busy week too, with gym classes, helping my mum with some bits and probably looking after Max again - what have you got planned this week? 

As it’s the last Monday of the month the blog shares posts for my four friends who make up the Style not Age collective. 

This month the prompt fell into the hands of Emma and she picked the topical subject of ...
Power Dressing.

This year power dressing looks a little different and you'll be inspired to find over sized jackets, edgy pinstripes and anything that's well tailored high on the list of 'must haves' - like the jacket I'm styling for the challenge. I'm excited to include some of these ideas into my everyday looks, and reckon I can strut them as well as the next executive whilst shopping for dinner ingredients in the supermarket! 😛


Thursday 21 September 2023

Well Hello Jean Season - Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning my friends. 
How are you all doing?

Still been a busy bee, but have to admit to enjoying the cooler weather here in the South East but with that being said it’s still humid at times which makes me so miserable. I just get so hot! My hair sticks to my head and looks an absolute nightmare, I put 'weather suitable' clothes on and have to change halfway through the day into something warmer/cooler. Well that is Autumn I suppose!

I’m really enjoying my gym classes now and feel I’m improving with each visit. I’d like to do more classes but they become so time consuming as travelling to and from the gym, home to shower and wash my hair makes it almost a half day event! Two of my daughters have started couch to 5k so I’m contemplating trying that again, at least I can do that at my leisure. Do you regularly visit the gym or do home workouts? To be fair anything that we do involving exercise has to be a good thing, doesn’t it. 

Are you excited it's jean season?  I am!  I adore wearing my jeans and have a few waiting to be worn again.  I do need to sort through them and get rid of some that are probably too small or unflattering, so that’s a job on my to do list. Wide leg styles are prominent at the moment which I'm pleased about as it's a style I find compliments my shape.  So today's look is based around my light wash jeans.  Are you embracing jeans yet?


Monday 18 September 2023

Autumnal colours with Cream Jeans.

Morning everyone. 
How’s your month going?

The weather is definitely heading into Autumn isn’t it!
Dewy mornings, and cooler evenings with the nights drawing in are major signs. I’m usually a big fan of the new season arriving, however the fact that we’ve not had a very good Summer gives me mixed feelings - I’ve not embraced all my Summery clothes and have certainly not used the garden to full advantage, I feel very short changed this year to be totally honest!  How’s you year been?

I’m building on my autumnal capsule wardrobe, which is based around khaki green.  I’ll be sharing some looks over the next few weeks and today my outfit is based around a borrowed tunic top. 
One of the advantages of having my daughter live with me is being able to rummage through her wardrobe (my old dress rail that I sorted a few weeks ago) and find any little gems I can style.  Do let me know what you think of this season inspired look. 

This is a sponsored post, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 14 September 2023

White with Pale Blue Accents - Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
How you doing?

Well we're really holding onto the dregs of Summer here in the UK aren't we ... isn't it hot!  As I write today's post I'm anticipating a big storm, well that's what it feels like anyway. This heat has made me feel SO tired.  I'm not sure I'm sleeping well with it either (our room is like a sauna) so even going to bed early I still wake up shattered!  Sorry I'm going to stop moaning now, because I know once the weather changes it will be so cold and miserable, just like me ... ha ha ha.

I've had a real few days of it to be honest.  My blog/computer have had problems.  I've not been able to comment on certain blogs and after being sent to GoDaddy who said they couldn't help, then onto Blogger who helped with another problem (I didn't know I had) couldn't help with this one.  Anyone know about having "access denied GoDaddy website firewall" ?  Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated!
So my afternoon on Monday was filled with trying to sort this out but still haven't got anywhere!  I've also got a problem with my RSS feed on Mailchimp, that's not recongnising me so won't send any automated emails out!  I'm having to do a new one each time I post and it's very time consuming.
** Late edit, both issues fixed now**

I've just read this back and all I've done is moan, thanks for staying with me, I'm going to change my tune and share a nice Summer outfit with you, just before I start packing everything away - say hello to my white trousers again. 🤍


Monday 11 September 2023

Denim Skirt with Black & White Cold Shoulder Top.

Hi there everyone.
How are you?

We're still enjoying the hot sunny weather we've been experiencing here in the UK, how about you?  I wasn't expecting this and have been wanting to get my season appropriate clothes on and enjoy a bit of cooler temperatures - I know I'm outnumbered - especially by the family who are all over the hotter weather, it's hard to know what to put on though isn't it!
Today's look is a bit of both. Denim skirts are making quite a statement for Autumn, so I thought I'd pop mine on with a thinner, lighter top.  The cold shoulder style isn't really on trend now, but you know me, I'm not a fashion follower, so donned it anyway - what do you think?

I don't really want to be talking about the 'C' word but have you seen any Christmas bits in the shops yet?  I have in quite a few and although I don't want to be thinking about it or doing any shopping I feel I should as every year I leave it to the last minute and end up panicking!  Tell me, have you bought any presents yet? Well having said all of that, I do have a little Christmas list up and running .... for me ... lol. There's only a couple of things on it so far, do you want to know what they are, if so I’ll give you a few days Grace and share them with you next week!


Thursday 7 September 2023

Caramel, Blue and Grey - Chicandstylish #LINKUP

A big warm welcome to you all.
Thanks for stopping by today.

Typical Mother Nature in the UK.  We're now having a heatwave just as the kids have gone back to school!  Anyone else struggling with it?  Well I'm not struggling with the heat, it's just I've gotten my head-space into Autumn and have recently been buying and thinking of a new capsule wardrobe (something I've never done before).  I've been and bought a few new bits in khaki green and aim to utilize some clothes I already have to build upon.  Khaki or olive green go with quite a few colours and I've already got lots of cream which will work well, but also black, blue, gold and tan could pair beautifully with it too.
Have you got any other suggestions for me to try, my wardrobe is a riot of shades, so I'm sure to have something else that will work.

So with the temperatures in the high 20's I've been cooling off in shorts and tee shirts, with the odd dress thrown in, but I've still been melting in it and not enjoying it very much.  I like to be on holiday sitting by a pool with a large drink in hand, not cutting grass and going to the gym lol!

Today I thought I spare the horrendous shorts photo and share an outfit I wore the other day when it wasn't quite so hot, in fact the weather was quite stormy as you can see my the photos, we did have a sprinkling of rain, but nothing to write home about which was good.  The outfit came from being inspired on Instagram and it just so happened to emulate my surroundings that were a mixture of grey's, blues & caramel - let me know what you think of my typical 'Jacqui' look.


Monday 4 September 2023

August Review

Hi there. 
How are you all doing?

Wow, welcome September. How on earth did that happen? I’m still waiting for Summer to arrive and Autumn has rocked up instead. Maybe Mother Nature will be nice and friendly and share some good weather for the new season - I’m talking warm temperatures, nothing too hot and any rain to be had at nighttime please 🙏. Then I can wear suitable outfits for the odd hot flush that I’m still getting (it’s getting boring now)!

With that being said I’ve been wearing my favourite 'go to' styles over the past few days, wide leg trousers and blazers have a certain flair and it’s a style I feel so at home in. 

It’s been a busy weekend for sure. Friday I went to my usual dance class, we learnt some Foxtrot steps, adding to my repertoire nicely. I just need an occasion to show them off now! 
Saturday I spent the morning working at my daughters house. I’m very hands on and love to get involved with the labouring side of the build. They were stripping the roof of tiles and wood as it’s all got to come off in order for the extra building to make it a house! I was loading the wheelbarrow and unloading it into the skip. I have to admit to feeling great in the afternoon and didn’t even suffer the next day either. 
I popped into town in the afternoon to return the broken sandals, alas they didn’t have any in store so I got a refund. I might look at some chunky trainers as I think they’ll be more worthy come the Autumn. I did come home with a few new pieces though. I’m planning on trying a capsule wardrobe and khaki is my preferred colour, so far I’ve got a new slinky skirt, a skinny jumper, a roll neck stretchy chiffon top that’s snakeskin and a khaki shirt dress - I’ve a gorgeous pair of green loafers that will team beautifully with them all. 🥰

As it’s the first Monday of the month this post is dedicated to last months styles, so welcome to the …

August Review.


Thursday 31 August 2023

Barbie Pink meets Midnight Black - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello there,
How are you doing?

Are you looking forward to the new month and season? I’m in two minds as usual, half of me wants to keep my Summer dresses and sandals out and enjoy some sunshine, as we’ve not had much nice in the UK and as I’ve not been abroad on a Summer holiday since my hen weekend in Majorca, I’ve missed out on soaking up the Sun and getting a tan! It’s a shame I’ve not enjoyed the sun on my skin or worn some of my pretty Summer dresses and I’ve definitely not got a nice tan to show off!
The other half wants cooler Autumnal days to arrive so I can put to god use all my blazers and long sleeve shirts, I’ve got so many patiently waiting and lots of ideas how to wear them. I’ve also had my head turned by loads of clothes in the shops - I recently visited H & M and fell for some of the offerings that were khaki green. It’s going to be a fashionable colour next season and one I think will suit my colouring so I’ll be buying lots in this shade for sure. 

Today’s outfit features a mix of Summery and Autumnal shades. Barbie pink meets midnight black in this classic ensemble. 


Monday 28 August 2023

Style Not Age are Craving Crochet this Month.

Hi there my friends. 
How’s you week been?

A busy one for me with my daughter and her family moving in last Thursday. 
If you read last week’s blog you’ll have seen I had to clear out the bedroom where I keep all my dresses. I’ve put nearly all of them for sale in Vinted and so far I’ve sold about £60’s worth. Lots of the items have been, quite frankly, worn to death, so it’ll be nice to put the money to good use and get some pieces for Autumn. I’ve seen plenty of khaki green bits in H & M so will be checking out the website and adding to my basket. 
After a busy weekend, it’s been nice to chill today, although I’m cooking a roast so I’m not sure how ‘quiet’ it’ll be!  
On Sunday David and I went out to have dinner with some friends, we had a delicious roast beef dinner in the local restaurant RockLodge which is done out just like a ski lodge in the middle of a Winter season. It brought back lots of memories of skiing and will be top of my list come Winter when there’ll be a difference in the weather - it’ll be even more like I’m on a ski break .. lol

It’s the last Monday of the month so time to make way for the ladies of the Style not Age collective and checkout our outfits for latest challenge ….

Craving Crochet.


Thursday 24 August 2023

Showing Off on Repeat - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning my friends.
Hoping you are enjoying the week.

Has it turned Autumnal where you are?
Rain today after a few nice days that were quite hot!
Yesterday after the usual gym sessions I came home to tackle to bedroom. My second eldest daughter her husband and son are moving in whilst their bungalow's extended and made into a house, so her old bedroom (my room for my dresses) had to be sorted and found new homes for everything in it! 😱 Yes that’s been very hard to do. With the help of two of my daughters we went through the rail of dresses, separating them into piles keep, charity. Vinted and ditch. It was actually rather therapeutic and I returned from the charity bin feeling like a weight had been lifted off my chest! I’ve already added the pieces to Vinted and within an hour had sold three items! 
It’s been really good to go through the dresses, remembering when I wore them, how many times and would I ever get into some of them again! Lol. 
So the room is almost empty now, I've got parcels to post and a run to the tip but I’m exciting see it filled mainly with Max ❤️

So you can imagine I’ve not had much time to get blogging, hence this late post and the dress I’m sharing today is a ‘just for fun’ look.  You might have seen this last year when I was debating wearing it for Christmas and since then haven’t had the opportunity to don it. It’s waiting patiently for its outing and I’ll be sure to let you know when I do. But just for now let’s enjoy the colours. 💕💙

Items marked with * were gifted to me, these are my own honest comments. 


Monday 21 August 2023

A visit to the Rare Breeds Center in Ashford.

Hello my friends.
Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

Another busy one for me.  Saturday was spent with the kids at the Rare Breeds Centre in Ashford, Kent. Since going for my grand-daughter's birthday back in March I'd suggested all the family go as it was such good fun, Saturday was the first opportunity for us to get it sorted and go.  Read below to find out how the day went. X

Saturday night I went out out!  David and I had a fun evening with four friends in Canterbury having a few drinks and a wonderful meal.  We ate the the restaurant that has become our Christmas Eve haunt.  El Sol is a tapas style restaurant with delicious plates of food such as garlic prawns, albondigas, potato bravas and chorizo with tomatoes - all very tasty and very mouth-watering.  We had lots of bread to 'mop up' (who else does this)?  We left in plenty of time to catch last orders in a local pub - the singer who was there before we ate had finished his set, which was a shame as we'd have liked to have a bit of a boogie too!  Taxi's home to bed were very late and suffice to say I had a long lay-in on Sunday morning!

Sunday was fairly quiet, after the busy previous day, David and I went to our eldest daughters for an impromptu BBQ, just a few sausages and burgers whilst enjoying the sun, but we could clearly see it's the end of the season as the sun set earlier and the night got a bit chilly!


Thursday 17 August 2023

A walk in the woods - #Chicandstylish #Linkup

Hi there my friends. 
How’s your world turning?

I’ve been enjoying the last few days of sunny weather, doesn’t it make such a lovely change. Everything is so much rosier. I was walking to the gym yesterday and was delighted to have to warm morning sun on my skin whilst listening to the birds chirp and gazing at the flowers as I passed by. Isn’t it such a special time when there’s not many people about! I love early mornings in the sun. What’s your best thing you like about Summer?

On Tuesday I went with some of the kids & grandkids to a local woodland, Oare Gunpowder Mill is about a half hours drive from me and is an idyllic walk in woodland with lakes surrounding it, it’s about an hours circular walk and let’s the kids explore all the little nooks and crannies, learn about what it was used for & let off some steam.  As you can imagine they loved it all. We saw fish, squirrels, various dragon flies, picked and ate blackberries and fed the ducks (some oats) we even made friends with a three legged dog! I took some sweets, but to be fair they were too interested in their surroundings so didn’t have many … yeah shocked! 😳 


Monday 14 August 2023

What to wear with Tan Sliders

Hello dear friends and thanks for joining me today. 
How’s your weekend been?

A busy one for me and it seems I shut my eyes on Friday evening and opened them again last night and seemed like I blinked! The weekend just flew past and the reason being I was out both Saturday and Sunday so don’t feel like I’ve had a proper weekend!

So on Saturday David and I went with his brother, sister and their partners to a friends Summer party. We had a good old dance to the singer who was there and had bbq’d food and lots of drinks.  We ended up catching the bus, yes the bus into town to meet up with my son and son-in-laws who had been out for a boys day out go-karting and having a few drinks. It wasn’t a late night for me, but I did suffer the next day after broken sleep and a big headache! No more drinking for me …. Until the next time!

On Sunday I went with the family to my sisters for a bite to eat and a few drinks. No I didn’t have anything alcoholic and opted to drive. I felt shattered all day and couldn’t wait to get into bed last night. It was lovely to see the family and extended family at my sister’s house as it’s been a while since we did it. I picked this outfit which was based around some new sandals, so let me know what you think of it!


Thursday 10 August 2023

Strive Sandals with Beige Dress - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there everyone.
How are you all today?

Rather tired to say the least.  I went to the gym yesterday and came home to cut the grass.  Well I wanted to take advantage of the dry warm weather before the grass had a chance to get any longer!  I mean!  It's been the ideal conditions for it to grow, rain and a bit of sunshine makes the perfect conditions, but not only for the grass, for the weeds and the hedges!  Urgh, yes I'm knackered after working all afternoon yesterday!

On a brighter note, Tuesday evening I went, with David, to my daughters for dinner.  Her husband is a really good cook and produced a delicious & tasty dinner featuring scallops, fish cakes and king prawns with mash, pea puree and a delicious sauce that I couldn't even begin to tell you what was in it!  Suffice to say it all went down rather well as did the bottle of Prosecco and the red wine (drunk by hubby and SIL).  I can't wait to be invited again. X

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen I managed to find the pair of black sandals I've been searching for, will share them on the blog soon, but today I want to show off another stunning pair with you, they are from the Strive range and have been a joy to wear as they incorporate podiatrist designed 'Biochemical Footbed Technology' which re-designs the classic flat footbed to the natural contours of the feet.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 7 August 2023

July review.

Good morning everyone.
Hope August started well for you!

The weather has been bloody awful here in the UK, so there's been no enjoyment of Summer outfits - I've resorted to wearing jeans recently and even wore a jacket out the other day!  What is the world coming to!

I managed to get dancing on Friday evening, the new dance was the Rumba and I grasped the basic steps okay but just struggled with the technique - it'll take much more than the one hour a week I practice, sadly I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon, I really don't have the time.

I've not much to report about Saturday and Sunday, I looked after Max for a couple of hours and had a tasty curry takeout on Saturday night whilst watching a mediocre film featuring Denzel Washington.  Most of his films are bangers but Fallen didn't really hit the spot for me or David, so it's not one I recommend!  I have bought a book to read though.  I can't remember the last time I bought a book, not that I've even started it yet.  It's the sequel to The boy in the Striped Pyjamas.  All the Broken Pieces is about secrets and atonement after Auschwitz and is narrated by Gretel, Bruno's guilt ridden sister!  I'll let you know what I think of it, but have any of you read it yet?

As it's the first Monday of August, I'd like to share with you my recent posts from July for the ...
July Review.

I started the month with a warmer outfit because the weather was cooler than it should have been, and to be fair it didn't get much warmer as the month went on as my outfits will show.
I wanted to join the waistcoat crusade, but shamefully I still haven't got myself on the trend and am still looking - maybe I'll find one in the sale and keep it for the Indian summer we may probably wont have - Lol! Catch my similar look featuring a knitted vest top and wide leg trousers here.


Thursday 3 August 2023

Not Much to Report - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
Thanks for joining me today.

I've had a busy couple of days, so not had a chance to arrange today's blog post!
I did get to see Barbie at the cinema on Tuesday evening.  Loved the film!

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