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Thursday 30 June 2016

How can It be the end of the month already?

Hello, how are you?

How can it be the end of June already?  Been and gone so quick and without having had any summer here really, and there's really only  two months left!  Seems summer came and left one day in May! If you live in the UK you might remember that day ;-p

Opted for a summery outfit today, to try and bring a little summer into my day.

This Matalan pencil skirt in a soft jersey is so comfortable to wear, and being just the right length on me it finishes a bit below my knees - always a good thing given my knees! Very flattering in a pale blue with white kind of embossed pattern all over.  With an elasticated waist, it's just so easy to pull on and as it expands with me throughout the day I can wear it for any occasion, especially when visiting a restaurant for a dinner or lunch out ;-)   Thick enough not to be see through so no half slip needed, therefore staying cooler to wear if it ever gets hot and sticky out!
This skirt I've owned for a couple of years, purchased from Matalan was about £14.  They've always got some great pencil skirts in this store, and I've got quite a few different colours hanging in my wardrobe.
Only a plain white t-shirt was needed to compliment this skirt, but I did wear a white fitted cardigan as it was a little windy today.  Deichmann blue suede espadrille wedges finished off this summer ensemble, adding more texture to the look.

Picked my gold watch and earrings to wear today.   My Rotary large dialled watch was a birthday present last year, I wanted one with a large face and this stunning beauty is actually a mans watch - although it's rather slender so don't think many men would wear it.  Having got the date above the six, but without glasses on I can't see it,  for all I know it could say the wrong date or could say 'put your glasses on'. Ha! it has got the wrong date on it!

Please pop over to check out this cool blog  Here  with Debonita!

So long all..X

             Jacqui B.


Wednesday 29 June 2016

Wednesday and everthing is broken!

Hello, well not everything, just the computer and now the washing machine.....eekkkk yes THE WASHING MACHINE!!!!!
How the bloomin' hell does that happen?  I'm so annoyed, it's the end of the world, life stops - I know I'm being a bit dramatic, but I'm the one who's got to trudge all the washing to my mums, my daughters or oh hell no THE LAUNDRETTE!  Calm down, calm down I can do this.  I'll ring the service company first thing and hopefully they can get an engineer out 'toute suite', then I'll be able to tackle my washing pile that resembles Mt Vesuvius!

One the plus side no washing machine = no ironing pile! Brilliant more time for blogging.

Just had to style this beautiful pencil skirt I bought yesterday in Florence and Fred.
Paired with a plain tan Tshirt, and tan sandals from M & S, The only other item needed my default pearl necklace and two pearl bracelets. Simple, elegant and stylish. Do you agree?

So is it wine o'clock yet?  I'm so needing a little aperitif - OK a large one. It's been a busy day, cutting not only the front, but the back grass too!

Check out this fab blog by The Style-splash Here an engaging read, very thought provoking!

Until tomorrow byee..x

                                        Jacqui B.


Tuesday 28 June 2016

Twenty facts about me!


Here's 20 facts about me you may be interested to know!

  1. I'm on the brink of knocking my house down to re-build a bigger/better one.
  2. I love being a brunette - OK a colour enhanced brunette now!
  3. I've got a belly piercing.
  4. Like walking the dogs.
  5. Still have four grown up children living at home.
  6. Take ballet and tap lessons. (one of each a week)
  7. Live 5 mins drive from the sea side.
  8. Would love to scuba dive.
  9. Go on a skiing holiday every year.
  10. Once jumped off a cliff (about 20 feet high) into the sea - ending with a gigantic bruise on my leg. (god it hurt)
  11. Prosecco is my downfall.
  12. Love watching Disney films - yes any!
  13. Met hubby at college, yes young love.
  14. Favourite colour is pink!
  15. Love a scarf and a handbag, do you?
  16. Love, love, love a G&T - preferably in our fav little hotel in L'escala!
  17. Can't wait to party in Ibiza one day!
  18. Love a bargain - who doesn't?
  19. Ran the 100m in 13.9 seconds once - a long time ago!
  20. I'm a very, very loyal person. (hubby suggested this one)
Maybe you could leave a comment and an interesting fact about yourself?
Just back from Tesco, quick shop for dinner ingredients - spicy prawns I might add, nearly everyone's favourite! 
Like you do, I popped into Florence and Fred section where the sale is on, picked up a gorgeous cream, lace pencil skirt, and I can't wait to wear it. With a delicate lace overlay this skirt is fully lined with a split at the back and zip fastening, this is sure to be worn on plenty of occasions in the coming months.  I've just slipped it on to make sure it fits properly before my text runs away with my thoughts - lol it fits perfectly.  Here's a few photos, and I'll post some of how I style it in the next weeks.


           Jacqui B.

Monday 27 June 2016

Monday - you here already?

Hello all, that was a pretty quick weekend, It flew by.  Did you get up to much?

As I mentioned yesterday first roast dinner in what seems like ages, so much beef left though, will be making a Chilli with the remaining piece.  I've got a great Delia recipe which is so easy and great for a Monday night when I don't really want to do much cooking.  I usually add some peppers into this recipe, to add colour and a bit of extra flavour into the pot.
There are so many other ingredients you can add to a basic Chilli blueprint, anything from peppers, cheese and various beans to chocolate or even vinegar!  What's your secret ingredient?  Please share with me!

Just popped over the Rachel the Hat Here She has got some amazing styles to show you all and It's given me a couple of ideas of items I 'need' OK, OK would like.he he...
Firstly I need some coloured jeans.  Rachel is sporting a gorgeous pair of coral coloured jeans, I have been thinking for ages of getting me some yellow jeans maybe, however seeing how stylish the coral looks I think I want them!  Oh I've had a great idea - maybe I could get both - lol!!!

Today's look neutral colours, just knocking about today, nothing in particular to do - that makes a change.
Matalan patterned ankle grazer trousers, look great with heels as well as flats, so I've picked these F & F bejewelled white flats, two seasons old and still going strong.  I've chosen this beautiful swing top, with crochet detailing on the arms and across the top.  Obviously picked out the cream in the trousers for a great match.  Nice and cool to wear - it's been a lovely bargain from Zara Basics last year, it's a dress up top for drinks at the local or casual shopping on a week day.  Hope you like this style, please let me know what you think.

Bye bye for today..X

                                   Jacqui B.


Sunday 26 June 2016

How I styled my Weekend!

Morning all.

How's you weekend going?
So far this week the camera has let me down and now the computer wont let me upload photos for the blog!  I'm not a very patient person either, I want everything done yesterday!  Hopefully my nephew will be able to sort this problem out for me, if not maybe a new computer is needed.

Wow problem sorted, all in good working order now - phew!  I shall still be seeking out a new camera, so would appreciate any ideas on the best options. :-)

Today after many Sundays without a roast dinner - the roast dinner of all roast dinners was cooked and presented with much love to our family members that were around, plus a very old friend, his partner and their twin boys!  Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes cooked in goose fat and all manor of vegetables, supported by horseradish and  plenty of red wine gravy!  Oh yummy! It was indeed worth the wait!  Pavlova or (pamalova as the kids call it) with strawberries and huge sweet blueberries scattered all over the whipped cream and creme fraiche was served for dessert with optional cream - like anyone really needed any more calories!
Nice to catch up with this old friend, re-living old stories and events from the past had the children intrigued as to what we got away with - especially dad! Lol hope they don't get any ideas!

Jean shorts (sorry you can't see the full photo - bad knees!) Flowers cotton vest top, great for a relaxing dress down Sunday attire.

Until tomorrow - have a great evening.X

                                Jacqui B.


Saturday 25 June 2016

Flowers in the garden.

Hello there, what you up to?

I wanted to share this with you all - a few weeks ago I mentioned a trip to the garden centre Here.
Popping along to my local B & Q I picked up a few plants for potting and here's what I ended up bringing home.  Along with a couple of big bags of potting compost I came away with various fuschias, petunias, two acers, lavender and some bedding plants to name but a few.  Because we are eventually going to build a new house on this site I've not got any boarders as such so have to be happy with just pots.  They are starting to look great and I can't wait for the flowers to fully show their faces!

Always wanted an Acer!

Previous season Fuschia.
Lavender - always great in the garden.

A beautiful Minature Rose..

Have to say I've had a bit of a nightmare these past few days, firstly camera been playing up and now can't upload photos to my computer!!! So annoyed I can't do much blogging!!  Hopefully will be able to fix asap.  New camera is hovering on the horizon, just need to do some homework - any suggestions for a DSLR Virgin???

Hey lovelies, don't forget Clarks have up to 50% off selected lines in store and on line!  Also Florence and Fred have a fab sale on now, so tempting!

See you all soon..X

                Jacqui B.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Half Way through what seems a long week!


Yes half way through what seems like a very long week since my weekend away.
Today I'd like to share with you some of my recent holiday purchases.
I do love a bit of airport shopping don't you?  Although with so much security checking these days It does cut into shopping time!  Proud to say I still managed it - lol!

I picked up something that was on my wish list, i've been waiting to buy this treasure since last time I flew from Gatwick.  The stunningly beautiful Eau de Parfam from Valentino named Donna smells Divine, with a capital D!  With aromas of bergamot and strong notes of patchouli and vanilla it promises to be a feminine and sensuous perfume for classic, dainty women.  I have to add I've worn it every day since buying it, and I'm totally besotted with it, also turning into that feminine and classic woman I hope... haha!
Opting for the larger 100ml bottle this was the much better bargain because It also came with a 50ml bottle of body lotion and 50ml shower gel.  I may not use these and will probably look to ebay to pass on to someone else who will! Win win in my eyes.

Another purchase from Accessorize, some beautiful toe post bejewelled sandals.  With a fastening below the ankle.  A padded sole made the sandal so much more wearable than my previous flats, and a bit more comfort can never be shunned! Coming in at £29, so pleased with them and they look fantastic.

So whilst wandering the shops in L'Escala I came across this beautiful little cerise and white short sleeve blouse.  A delicate material with an all over pattern, small mother-of-pearl buttons half way down the front and tiny little pleats on both shoulders.  I can either wear it tucked in or just hanging loose, both equally pleasing to the eye. It's such a beautiful colour, just right for sunny days and cool to the skin for when it's hot.  This is so going to be styled with either my slim leg jeans, skinny jeans or 3/4 lengths - all white, all stunning!  What would you wear it with?  I'd love to hear form you

I'd love you to press the little subscription button, so I can let you have any new info immediately - go on give it a try. X

Until next time bye bye..X

                                               Jacqui B.

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Back Home..

Hello there, all OK?

Back home now after a weekend away, isn't it nice to come home, to your own bed, to your own tea!
However not nice to come back to the washing and ironing!   My house resembles a laundrette at the moment and I don't seem to be getting anywhere!

A rather relaxed look today with shorts and matching t shirt, my comfy causal velour short suit is actually one of the oldest outfits I own, I've had it for nearly 30 years and to be honest you couldn't tell it is that old!  Got this when they were the height of fashion, everyone was wearing them and I had quite a few, sadly, all but this have fallen by the wayside, either outgrown them or they have drastically dated.  This one, however is still rather classic and great to pop on for gardening and housework.
Do you have something that's been around for years and you can still wear? Or rather can and want to wear - lol.

I've decided to bring some Catalonia cuisine onto the menu tonight and I'm preparing roasted chicken with patatas bravas,  having brought some aioli home with me I'll be buying a crusty baguette to complete the meal.  Hoping I don't have to share the Cresta Rosa I carefully packed, I only managed to fit one bottle in!!! Cresta Rosa my favourite wine from this region, a rose with a slight sparkle to it and only about 3 euros I really wanted to bring a case load home.

No photo today due to having the relaxed look.

Bye for now. X

                            Jacqui B.


Monday 20 June 2016

Monday - back from being AWOL!

Good evening to you all, wherever you are and whatever you're doing hope it's fun!

Happy to be back in the saddle so to speak, but back to blogging now.

A cheeky weekend away in Spain or as some may say Catalonia...why not?
Bring together a group of 8 people, blend some good food, plenty of drinks, a sprinkle of sunshine, a pinch of rain, a light wind (OK, it was very windy) loads of laughter, a few tears and a bit of banter, there you've got the ingredients for a perfect weekend away.

Staying in a beautiful little fishing village on the north - east coastline. L'Escala is a stunning little retreat my hubby's father found some forty odd years ago.  Having visited the idyllic town for our very first holiday together in 1984, I fell in love with this gem and fell even more in love with my husband to be, strolling through the narrow streets, drinking sangria and eating the likes of Pigs Cheeks ( if you've not tried them you so have to, they are amazing!) and take away Roast Chicken, with Potato's Bravas.  Having spent many family holidays there over the past 28 years, you can imagine I've got hundreds of wonderful memories of summer holidays there.

This weekend away bought back those memories of lazy beach days, fishing in the lake, meals out, take aways, 'looky looky' stalls and so much more!

Again I let myself down with the packing situation!  However my defence 'your honour'  the weather was not playing fair!  I expected a hot, sunny climate - well it is June!  But no it was very windy, which in turn made it feel rather cold at times.  Needing more to wear than my shorts/boob tubes and little cotton dresses.  Feeling out of place when everyone else was wearing jeans, boots and thick jumpers!
I did carry on the brilliant idea of wearing one pieces for the three evenings I was there, which I think is a fab idea and did make packing easier, but need to get more organised in future for the daytime attire.
I took previously posted White Broderie Shift Dress See Here, a gorgeous new M & S white/black vertical striped dress. A last minute Crew dress from the local Designer Outlet, in turquoise with white strips was the third dress I took.  Just so comfy, the right length - below the knee and a navy blue waist tie belt, It was the perfect addition and looked just right.
Here's a couple of photos, but not very good piccys!

Bye for today...X
                Jacqui B.


Sunday 12 June 2016

Besties Birthday.

Yes today is my Besties Birthday.

First a little shopping trip to our local outlet centre,  a few bargains and a few more for hubby and one cute little dress for me!

Pushing our way, yes nearly fighting our way through Polo Ralph Lauren outlet store and some great bargains were had, such a queue I couldn't believe it!  Still managed to bag a discount of 20% in Ralph Lauren, always a plus to get a discount!

I found a cute little dress in the M & S outlet store, white with a black vertical fine strip, just finishing on the knee and a subtle little tie belt to cinch the waist in perfectly.  Will post tomorrow the full details.

Anyhow back to today's outfit,  Here's Next white jeans ensemble, with Primark pale blue cotton shirt, red sling back low heel shoes, and pulled together with red belt.  I would have worn this all day, however upon departing the outlet store in the rain, I ended up with black spots up the back of the legs of the jeans from the puddles, how bloomin' annoying I'd planned on wearing them to the party!

Tomorrow I'll show you what I changed into to wear to the Birthday Party.  Yes actually it was the new dress from M & S!!  Doesn't everyone what to wear the new dress they've just bought?

Hope you've all had a super weekend, and until tomorrow. Bye..X

                                                                  Jacqui B.


Saturday 11 June 2016

Favourite Recipes - Spanish Style Chicken and Chorizo.

Hello everyone on this wonderful Saturday.
Camera problems therefore I can't post any photos, also been working on our other property so it's just as well because I'm looking rather messy!

Sitting here smelling the dinner my daughter has re-heated and I thought I'd like to share some favourite, easy recipes with you...So what do you think?  Good idea, bad idea sharing them????
I like one pot style dishes to make life easier, however I don't often cook dishes like this, they are 'go to meals' when I'm lost for ideas....

Spanish Style Chicken and Chorizo.

Chicken Thighs  x 12
1 1/2 - 2 Chorizo Rings ( de-skinned is my choice)
1 Red Onion
2 Oranges
Olive Oil
Bag of New Potatoes
Salt and Pepper
Splash of Sherry

Splash some Olive oil in an oven proof dish, lay chicken thighs, sliced chorizo, large chunks of onion, halved new potatoes.
Throw over some oregano, pinch of salt and pepper, splash of sherry and large glug of olive oil.

Finally zest of the two oranges over the top.

Bake in a medium oven for about 45 mins.

Serve with your choice of vegetables.

Fabulous easy one dish meal....Enjoy..

So what's your favourite Recipe?  I 'd love you to share it with me....X


                                                   Jacqui B.

Friday 10 June 2016

Friday - Dress Day..

Hello  how's Friday fairing?
Ok, answers please in the comments box for the following questions:

What you all doing today?
What you all wearing?
What you all eating?
What you all saying?

No reason just being nosey and also getting some ideas what to wear the blogs next week and what to prepare for next weeks dinners, inspiration and suggestions great appreciated!  Many thanks, surely I'll have some fab meals and sassy outfits.

Here's my answers:

Taking Princess to Baby Gym


Granola/Greek Yogurt

CAH Cute as Hell.

Just thought I'm adding What can you smell?

I've been hankering after Valentino Donna Perfume since I last flew from Gatwick Airport last month, had a stroll around sniffing all the new and old perfumes when the sales assistant asked if I wanted to try it, like they do, so I took the little card and off I went to buy my sunnies see Here.  I kept smelling the gorgeous aroma whenever I found the card, sad to say that eventually it wore off, so I kept seeking said perfume whilst out shopping and yes I still love it.  I've got another little card in my bedroom that I sniff occasionally and now I know I need a whole big bottle to douse and spray to my hearts content!  Stanstead Airport, Valentino Perfume here I come next week!  Just look at the bottle, even that screams "Gorgeousness"!

No #ootd today - having a few issues - back tomorrow peeps!

I'd love you to click the subscribe button - we can be good friends then.X

Bye bye..

                   Jacqui B.


Thursday 9 June 2016

Thursday - do you talk Dog?


Isn't the first cup of tea the best?  You probably won't agree if your a coffee drinker.
Yes the first cup of tea is the definately best!  Coffee funnily enough I always fancy at 11 o'clock - normally with a biscuit or three!!!  Hold on someone's whining at me - my little dog always likes a little drop of tea, I know it's not good for her, but it's literally a dribble.

Have I mentioned I've got two little dogs?  Candy, I've had her for 15 years, bought locally a little bundle of fur snuggled in my coat and totally loved and spoilt from then on.  Although I always said I never wanted animals, hubby thought it was a great idea to introduce a canine into our loving family and once she'd arrived she was my 'sixth' as the children got older so the walking, playing and caring became my job!  Some 11 years ago Candy had puppies, aww how cute and playful they were and with renewed interest the children became involved again! They all wanted to keep one of the puppies, yep you know what came next, we kept one...Roxy.  Having seen her arrive into this world, with the help of hubby I might add, she is totally besotted with me, follows me about and is always next to me in the evenings when I'm chillaxing on the sofa. Having a dog is a bit of a tie I know, but there joys to be had, they greet me with excitement, love and vigour every time I see them, they give un-conditional love, and only need feeding, watering and loving.

Moving on from my Dogs to my Duds...

Here's what they are today...
Keeping it simple in Jeans, skinnies infact, along with the sandals I wore yesterday from Deichmann, topped off with (get it?) Matalan stripy bold coloured silky T shirt top. Fab mix-up of blue, cream, rust and amber different size stripes.  A real statement if ever I saw one.  You like yes or no??

Well enough for today, have a great one and see you tomorrow..X

                                                                    Jacqui B.

'Be Bold, Be Brave Enough to be Your True Self'..Queen Latifah

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