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Thursday 28 April 2016

Smile in the's Thursday..x

Happy to report that Coffee and walnut cake went down very well!  Hubby loved it and there's some left win win!  Yesterdays blouse also had a couple of comments from friends, it's one of those items I really like one day and don't know why I bought it another time.  However today it proved to be a winner..Thumbs up for Matalan again.
Another family members Birthday today, that's first set of Birthdays finished for a couple of weeks, so time for a little break away, Boating on the Thames this weekend to be exact and I've finally settled on the outfits for my bag, will post these soon.  Shopping for essentials this afternoon, you know the ones, fizzy and bubbly and it makes you merry!  Added to this some 'lady crisps' so named after a recent holiday to Italy, drinks always accompanied by crisps and always eaten by the ladies in the group, hence lady crisps!

OK on to today's outfit - Bluebells are prevalent here and being such a beautiful colour I wanted to add this into today's outfit, this jumper rather old but the nearest piece In my wardrobe to the beautiful, bright blue shade of bluebells. So black and white check trousers along with black patent courts completed todays look.  What do you think of the necklace?  I'm thinking its a chic addidtion, but can't take credit for it because It's middle daughters - thanks Hun..xx

Off now to do that shopping - see you tomorrow and have a fab evening..X

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Wednesday - Hubby's Birthday!

Hello and welcome to you on this sunny/cloudy Wednesday.  Husband has a Birthday today, and I'm looking forward to a couple of drinks tonight with family and friends.  Just finished Birthday cake, and now have a pate to prepare and cook.
Opted for a Coffee and walnut sponge cake but couldn't help licking the spoon,  just to check the taste - honestly!!!  A garlic chicken liver pate, with a little port, blended to a fine paste texture, actually very similar looking to the coffee butter icing on the cake.  Wouldn't want to mix those two up now would I? Yuck!

I've taken advantage of the beautiful sunshine today and taken it outside for some photos, great to feel the sun on my face. Here's my OOTD, hope you like it...
Old faithful next slim jeans today, with suede cream tassels - yep still love em!  Matalan blouse which has a mink background with cream, black and raspberry scattered leaf pattern, I've worn a beige cami 'T' underneath for extra layering , keeping with the beige my vintage? OK old corduroy blazer fitted the bill perfectly.  So all in all my comfy, stylish attire fits the bill perfectly.

Linking up with the lovely ladies at sydney fashion hunter check out this and other fab blogs - a great selection of fashion/lifestyle blogs.
Ok I'm off to sample the Prosecco!! See you in the morning..X

Tuesday 26 April 2016


Happy to see you today Ladies... what's going on in your lives today?  A bit of abs class earlier, and I honestly say I feel every little bit of it now - that nice warm achy feeling, needing a rest until it's time to cook dinner, perfect blogging here I come!

Sharing a little purchase of recent with you.  I feel these fabulous white jeans from Next will be a great Mummabstylish wardrobe staple for the next few months - with endless choices of outfit styles around said jeans I hope the weather stays amicable!  Next have a fab selection of jeans with styles to suit everyone.  I've opted for the slim fit regular length White Jean,  I've already got last years skinny jeans from Matalan, but wanted to go for a bit more of a classic style this year, but no doubt the skinnies will come out to play at some stage over the coming months.

Want to find more blogs from like minded ladies of a certain age?  why not take a look at the link here where there's loads of beautiful women with interesting blogs for you to muse at your hearts content.  I'm still getting through them but you'll see great style to inspire you, beauty to savour and endless information to gather and refer to. Sadly some of these blogs either didn't have a comment button or I couldn't find it!

Oh forgot to add had a luxurious pedicure from youngest daughter last night and I'm pleased to say my toes are a delightful shade of pink Tutti Frutti to be exact.  Ok before anyone says, I know I need some colour on my skin!  Soon to be remedied off to Greece in a couple of weeks!

Have a chilled evening and see you tomorrow, hubby's birthday tomorrow so busy day I'm sure.X

Sunday 24 April 2016

Anyone for Culottes?

Morning to you all.. Keeping it simple today as I've a couple of jobs to do and a quick vist to the shops.  My OOTD good old Levis jeans, comfy and reliable, fashioned with H & M patterned blouse, and Clarks Suede taupe boots...great for running around in but still with a fashionable edge.

How you feeling these culottes ladies?  They seem to be everywhere and I'm liking them a lot!  I have worn them in the 80's when they were very popular and loved them then.  What do you think,are you going to give them a try?  How about these from Next?  I think the cream/ white ones are great and would make an endless amount of outfit choices - here's what I'd wear them with:

Cream Culottes £35
Apricot crochet top £22
Wear with Nude sling backs and matching bag for pure sophistication

White Frilled Blouse
H & M
Black Printed Culottes £36 Next
Wide Fit Red  Suedett Pointed Ghillie Pumps
Now £8.00 in New Look Sale.

Chocolate Culottes £35 Next
Sleeveless chiffon blouse £7.99 H & M

Catch up tomorrow, have a great Monday..X


Good Morning Sunday..

Hi to all, Sunday already? 

How are we all on this London Marathon Sunday?  Given me more inspiration to run again, although never going to do a marathon maybe a 5k Race for Life again! I know I keep saying it!!!!
Busy weekend so far, but a little more chilled now, just a Roast dinner to cook and a little ironing!  A lovely evening with our Princess last night.  Babysitting for her was great fun, sitting on the floor eating Pizza, and Garlic Bread, not sure we could hide that from Mummy and Daddy so we snapchatted them a photo!

Busy week to look forward to, two birthdays and Boating weekend away so I'll be running around making sure I've got everything. Still need to buy birthday present for hubby, any ideas what to buy him???

Casual day today with my Next jeans, Matalan overshirt.  Have added photo of coat I'd wear with this outfit if I was to pop out.  Also added Low heeled black patent pumps with bow, these from Debenhams but not this season and if i'm honest not the most comfortable to wear.  Anyhow what do you think?

Just to add Apricot Seasonal Reductions are available online now, check out their site for some great reductions on spring/summer styles now.

Bye bye till tomorrow..X

Friday 22 April 2016

Letter to me aged 41 from me aged 51..

Morning on this wonderful Friday...Are we all looking forward to the weekend? I bet if you're not working you are.  I've got a special weekend to look forward to, my eldest daughter has a birthday - therefore there will be lots of laughs, loudness, banter and merriment to the full.  Perfect. Attempting to make her a cake, but shss! Don't tell her.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have received a letter from your future self?
Here's the letter I would write to myself aged 41 from myself aged 51.

Dear Me - you are now aged 41...

God you are thin!, enjoy it go with it, don't stress that you are too fat! I want those arms now - sleek, toned and not blotchy.  Try and be a little more experimental, just a little, jump out of that box, try the fitted dress on, the skinny trousers, the tight jumper, they will look super on you and you'll be surprised at how slim they make you look.  Baggy does not make you look thin it makes you look way bigger!  Take time out for keeping fit - whatever you prefer but just do something.  Dancing, gym classes, running, netball - a hobby you'll enjoy doing and therefore you'll do it.
 Don't worry about your hair, it's perfect - the quality and feel of your hair is stunning, shiny glossy and lustrous.  Make the most of your skin and always, always use plenty of moisturiser and then some more, all over, and more, buy another bottle, and more! Please don't forget your neck.
Savour your family, your father, you mother - they might not always be around!  Make time for your partner, nights out ( date nights they are called now!) Weekends away, holidays if you can - make it happen even if you're too tired to go out or don't have the money, somehow make it happen.
But above all and listen very carefully - make the most of your children, enjoy being with them, driving them, listening to them, playing with them, watching them, that time goes so quickly, blink and it's gone - they'll grow up into very capable, caring, confident and clever adults and that's when you know you've done your job right!

So to me now I say....

Enjoy being 51, make the most of what you do now, your time, your health and you family because who knows what your life will be like in the next 10 years.

So if you could give yourself one piece of advice ten years ago, what would it be? I'd love to hear from you.

Returning to the here and now, today's OOTD.............This outfit was inspired by my Silver Heart necklace, gratefully received for Christmas from hubby after I pointed it out one Christmas Eve, he nipped out of the restaurant and bought if for me..x  Silver tarnishes really easily so haven't worn it much lately, remedy... Silver polish cloth cheap at £2.50!! Why didn't I buy one earlier??  OK matched this with grey skirt from Matalan, mustard jumper from H & M, grey/mustard scarf from Primark with my black long flat Jones boots. Great outfit styled around a beautiful necklace...

Happy Friday Ladies..Woo hoo it's nearly the weekend...X


Thursday 21 April 2016

Thoughts for Thursday..

Morning all....

Love this blogging I'm doing, hope you like it too...bit by bit it's falling into place and It's just so good to meet and chat to like-minded ladies.  We've all got our own individual styles, but getting ideas and inspiration from others is like a breath of fresh air.

Busy day today to this will be short and hopefully sweet!
I'm wearing Next slim jeans, with  V neck jumper, much loved leopard print oversize scarf along with F & F cream tassel boots - a basic outfit for a busy day - managed to put a Bacon and Onion pudding together which is boiling on the stove as we speak, sorry meant blog.  I can smell it now and can't wait to dive in!

Maybe a little retail therapy tomorrow and a lovely weekend to look forward to,so will catch up tomorrow.
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Wednesday 20 April 2016


Morning all,

Wednesday already!

Last night was spent at my eldest daughter's house for dinner, I'm proud to say she's a great cook and obviously gets that from her father who's also a great cook!  I'm more of a commis chef with a bit of chief cook and bottle washer thrown in!

Anyway back to today, little trip to the beauty salon to have my eyebrows waxed, this for me is about a yearly occurrence! Yes I'm not a very hirsute person so apart from the very odd stray hairs I really don't need waxing done very often.  Lucky or not? Not - because I have the pleasure of very thin eyebrows and need to fill them in with powder, therefore they look different everyday! A nuisance especially when you see perfectly coiffured eyebrows in all the glossy mags!  Maybe need to think about something permanent??!!

So without any more a-do and beautiful eyebrows to boot, here's my OOTD.  Going down the snakeskin route today with my Jumpsuit - a few seasons ago from TK Maxx with a long sleeve cream T shirt under it, sporting my Florence and Fred cream tassel boots a CAH outfit (cute as hell).  What do you think of a cardigan/jacket? Is it yes or no???

Have a wonderful day, and see you tomorrow. X

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Hello Lovely Ladies..x

Hope everyone's all well and good on this lovely Tuesday morning.

Gym class for me today, although not sure I'm feeling it at the moment, do you have those days when you really don't want to go?  I'm a little like that now so maybe it's time for a change!  What are you all doing today? Any gym classes?

Have got a couple of holidays coming up next month, along with birthdays either side I'm thinking it's going to be a busy few weeks.  Have a weekend boating with four friends that will be fun filled and Prosecco fuelled for sure.  Won't be needing many clothes as It's only a couple of days but here's what I'm planning on taking;

  • New Baseball trainers,
  • Two pairs of jeans.
  • Two jumpers cream and red
  • Plain scarf
  • Old faithful Uggs, yes Uggs apologies for this.
  • Two T shirts
  • PJ's Fluffy Jumper
  • Smart Blouse 
  • Waterproof Jacket
Only changes I may need to make is if the weather decides to get really hot, and you never know in good old England it could happen!

OOTD  today is casual Leggings, Black long line T shirt Chiffon flower patterned long length blouse, all from TK Max and are old season.  Hope you've enjoyed some sunshine today - It's been glorious here today and started me a-thinking about summer and another holiday to sort clothes for. Yippee!

Until tomorrow Ladies..Bye Bye..X

Monday 18 April 2016

What to buy a fifty year old???

Hi all, hope you are all OK.
Today I thought I'd talk about 'What to buy your fifty ish year old Mum'
Have you ever wondered what to buy someone who's fifty for a present?  Here's some ideas from a 50 ish year old of what I'd like to have.
Firstly It's lovely to get a beautiful card especially with lovely heartfelt written words.
Flowers are always going to be a wonderful gift for any lady.  They don't have to be a huge bunch of roses or mixed flowers, a single stem with a ribbon is just as meaningful. Along with the flower theme, a gift voucher for a garden centre is a fab idea for some.

Now there's the usual presents that are always gratefully accepted, jewellery (earring, watches, necklace, bracelets and the like) you can never go wrong with any of these gifts.

This selection may be a little more difficult as choosing a specific item is very personal unless you've been dropped great big hints or you know the person very well.  Scarfs, handbags, perfume, make -up or clothes, but as I always say keep the receipt in case it needs to be exchanged or returned.

Weekend breaks away, holidays, pamper days or watching a show are always great options, and some you might be able to go too...winner to both of you!

However above all of these wonderful ideas the most important presents that women, especially Mums, want is spending time together.  Yes take them for coffee and cakes, go for a walk, treat them to lunch or just a plain visit for a cup of tea!
I was racking my brains what to buy my mum for Mothers Day a couple of years ago, my mum who has everything and if not she buys it herself.  Eventually I realised she just wanted to spend time with me, so I surprised her in church at the Mothers Day service and boy was she pleased, and so I was pleased, that cost me nothing and meant everything to her. I might add she did come to ours for dinner and I had a little gift for her too! (obviously my mum is a different age, but you get the jist).

So don't fret and worry about gifts for us, any of the above are gratefully accepted. Have you got any other ideas to add to What to buy a Fifty ish year old???  would love to hear..x

My OOTD is standard wear for me Jeans from Primark, Matalan stripy T shirt, H & M Jacquard -weave Jacket, Next Pumps and Primark faithful scarf. Going with pattern on stripes today, what do you think?  Hope my blog has inspired you for present buying...See you tomorrow. X


Sunday 17 April 2016

Five Things that made me happy.

Five things that made me happy this week.
Hi quite straight forward, so here goes with five things I've relished this week:

My Next Shimmer Baseball Trainers
I've never really bought anything like this and have been a bit wary as to how they would look on me, but hey what-do-ya-know they're cool.  Yes a fifty something can wear them! Lace up with a great shimmer to them in sizes 3 1/2 to 9, some half sizes in-between which meant I could get a comfy 6 1/2.  Upon styling them in the week, I've totally fall in love, wanting to wear them the very next day I bought them but it was raining and didn't want to end up with dirty wet trainers!

Bottle of Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum
I don't know about you but I've got about half a dozen different perfumes in my collection all suitable for different events.  Smells can instantly take me back to a time and a place, evoking the same memories, feelings and emotions that happened when I first smelt the scent.  This particular perfume was a belated Christmas present forgotten to be wrapped and so I received it just before going on a skiing holiday.  Jimmy Choo takes me straight back to all the fun had skiing and all the people that were there - including first holiday with Princess. What a lovely memory.

Saturday Night in with a Curry.
As much as I love going out on a Saturday Night I also love staying in with a Curry - a delivered Curry that is - no cooking for me on a Saturday night!  Don't get me wrong I still like to have a good old boogie occasionally, but with the legs suffering the next day it's not something I want to do often, besides I'm normally ready for bed when the girls are upstairs drinking and giggling before they even get out the door!  I can hear my hubby now "are they really going out now I'll be going to bed soon".
So back to Curry night - my choices are Chicken Patia, Chicken Dhansak, Chicken Tikka Masalla or a King Prawn Patia - oh I'm salivating now at the thought! Obviously included with this an alcoholic beverage or two would be consumed!

This H & M Jacquard-weave Jacket.
This was a must have jacket I purchased a couple of weeks ago, in the sale at H & M I couldn't believe it was only £15 and in my size! I find H & M tend to come up a bit small so sometimes sizing up is a good option.  I however found the size 14 fitted a treat.  Its cream with grey zig zag, strip detail is makes it a fab little jacket that looks elegant at the same time.  I've so far worn over jeans a few times, also a good option for a more dressier outfit with a skirt.  This is going to get so much wear over the coming months and I'm so pleased it 'found' it's way into my wardrobe!

Last but not least!
M & S White Sandals.
I bought these last year in M & S toyed with another couple of styles but I opted for these and I'm glad I did because this style seems to be a great option for Summer.  I keep getting them out and trying them on but it's way to cold for me to even think about bare legs yet...not to mention my legs are way to pale to expose them yet!  I spotted a similar pair on line at M & S for £49.50! Two colour ways Tan and Navy and I reckon they'd make a great addition to anyone's shoe collection - especially mine!

M & S now in £49.50!

So there you have it Five things that made me happy this week.  Hope you liked them.  What are your Five things that made You happy this week?
- I'd love to hear. X

Just to add Wallis has 24% off everything until Midnight - Hurry shop for bargains right now online..


Saturday 16 April 2016

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

So what's everyone up to this week end? This weather is true to form for April - plenty of showers around!  Having to dodge them is no fun!
Yesterday spent a lovely hour in a local Restaurant having afternoon coffee and cake with my princess, eldest and youngest daughters.  Oh wow the cakes were amazing - it's okay we only had two pieces and three forks!  Lemon drizzle and huge piece of chocolate yummy scrummy cake were definitely worth dodging the rain for. Princess as usual entertaining everyone, dancing in the aisle, playing peek-a-boo with other customers and generally being centre of attention. Love her.
So back to Saturday, expecting eldest son home from Italy today, reckon a bag full of dirty laundry will be the only present he brings me!  He'll have plenty of stories and photos/videos to show off, that'll keep me busy for a couple of hours when he does get back.  Just baked a really easy Banana cake for aforementioned eldest son, he's trying to avoid processed food therefore this is good for his training diet, if also uses up older less appealing bananas and it's really tasty!
Not much going on today so a rather casual attire today.

Next Slim jeans See Here £22, Matalan Falmers blouse £5!!! in the sale. Clarks boots (previous season) Choker to add a little glamour is my middle daughters. Have put up one photo with choker and one without - what do you prefer?

   Well, have a super day today - catch you tomorrow..X
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