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Monday 29 June 2020

Style not Age - Check Me Out!

Morning all.
I hope I find you all well and good.
As I'm preparing this post over the weekend I still don't have a clue just what I'm going to blog about.
I know It's the end of June which means the collective of ladies better known as Style not Age group are in full swing tackling their latest challenge ...
Check me Out.
Pondering just what I would style has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks, so finally on Monday I took a look at some websites and found a fabulous dress (well three in fact) on the Next site and had me clicking the button on said dresses - but guess what!  Delivery for 6th July, which I thought might have been earlier - silly me!  So with no outfits to wear, I'm studying my wardrobe for a willing and able candidate!

The challenge has been set by my lovely blogging friend Anna - Anna's Island Style and how well she's done - do 'Check out' her outfit!! 🤣
Finally made a decision on this one, and rather pleased I am with it too!


Thursday 25 June 2020

Throwback Thursday - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my lovelies,
Many thanks for stopping by today. I love having you here and value your support!
We are heading into what has to be my favourite season.  Warm sunny days followed by balmy nights.  Wearing minimum clothing in bright colours that make me feel alive!  Celebrating the relaxing warm weather that makes me feel alive and happy.  I so wish we could all be back to normal, sharing drinks with friends with much laughter and plenty of good food - I bet your wishing for the same too!

I've come to realise I like wearing dresses, in fact I LOVE wearing dresses and prefer to see me wearing them too.  When I see photos of me in trousers and jeans I look at a short, frumpy lady trying to copy the slender, leggy models that spring out of my IG stories.  Never happy are we?
Anyway to alleviate that I've just ordered three dresses on the Next website and am looking forward to seeing how they look.  I've also ordered a pair of nude court shoes that were too cheap not to buy - let's hope they are as good as they sound.
So until they arrive I'm sharing a previously seen Marks and Spencer dress in soft summer shades. I'd still love you to join my #Chicandstylish #LINKUP  Just click the link below and I'll be checking what wonderful outfits you're all wearing and I can't wait!


Thursday 18 June 2020

Double Denim - Don't Care! - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my lovely friends.
Apologies for no post last Monday! Busy family times, and not one iota of inspiration is my defence your honor - lol
How are you all?
How scary to think it's nearly the longest day.  Being shut away these past couple of months has been very weird!  It's affected everyone in different ways I can't wait for it to be over.  With the reopening of a variety of non-essential shops and services I feeling quite positive about the next few weeks and what changes I can take advantage of.  Fashion shops will be open which makes me feel very happy, I can not wait to get shopping, and after all we need the economy to get up and running don't we!
I've got some birthday money to spend and have a long list of necessities.  Well to me they are much needed. 
You know I've taken up running so need some new leggings as mine are too big and start falling down when I jog, so I spend most of the run trying to pull them up - not a pretty sight!  I've seen a couple of pairs in my local Matalan, but online were sold out, I'll be popping in to see what they have and hope they might have gone in the sale! 😉
Back to my outfit today, these are very much available online.
You might recall I wore them last week when I shared these brilliant sandals from Vandal Shoes.  I hummed and arrhed whether to shorten them or not - I decided to go-for-it so chopped a good five inches off the bottom.  I pulled at the hem to make them fray which made them look older!  I'm really pleased with the outcome & having worn them two more times since their last outing they've become a firm favourite for the foreseeable future.  Now having said that I love to wear dresses!  But they just aren't all that practical are they, especially when picking up the grand-kids and crawling about on the floor with them. ha ha 🤣
Today I've gone down the double denim route.  How often do you hear "you shouldn't wear double denim" ?  Well I for one don't care!  It looks okay don't you think and it saves having to look for a suitable alternative jacket eh?  I like the fact it's not actually matching denim, the colours are different so It's not a complete suit is it.


Thursday 11 June 2020

Bonmarche Jersey/Linen Dress - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi my friends.
How are you all doing?
All good here in the land of 'What day is it ... err Thursday of course!'
Anyone else wondering just what day, month or year it is?
Just getting a tad fed up of the whole bloody situation now, and just want things to get back to normal.
I want to be able to shop, spend half the day getting ready to go out, enjoy an evening with my hubby in a restaurant or party with friends, go to the beauty salon and HUG MY FAMILY - as if writing it in capitals will make it happen - lol.

So whilst I can't do any of that, what shall I do then? - share a cute little linen dress that can be worn casually in the daytime, or for a cheeky dinner with hubby & even shopping with my bestie (when I can).
When Bonmarche asked me to review this printed jersey dress that has a linen blend trim I was excited to see just what it was like.  I was pleasantly surprised at the feel and look of the navy polka dot dress.  It felt soft to touch.  Bonmarche state it's a lightweight and breathable material which will keep you cool on warm days, which is just spot on! I can vouch for that when I wore it recently.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 8 June 2020

Vandal Sandals & Mango Jeans.

Hi there my friends.
How's it going?
We are still in lock-down, and I'm wondering just when this will end!  Days are the same, with weekends feeling no different to mid-week.  The high-light of the day is working out what to have for dinner, my saving grace is having my grand-kids with me, they really do keep me on-the-ball - playing games, taking walks and now even taking photos, yes my little grand-daughter took today's photos for me!  Once their new house is ready I know I'm going to miss them so much and hope it's not before lock-down finishes as I've told them they won't be able to move out - lol.

While you'll still find me wearing jeans most days, I've been trying to dress them up a bit by adding a pretty top, some jewellery and a fancy pair of shoes or sandals.  So today I thought I'd share these new additions to my wardrobe - some denim culottes and some delicious sandals.  I've had my eye on the culottes for a while now, spotting them on a Facebook advert from Mango.  The light-wash jean is a heavy denim - the kind that has no stretch and therefore gives a nice structured hold, everything is kept in place seamlessly.
My sandals are from an exciting selection from Vandal Shoes.*   They offer a stylish assortment of wide fitting shoes, sandals  & slippers and some are available up to a triple E fit!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 4 June 2020

Giraffe Midi Dress - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hiya my lovely friends.
A very big Happy Birthday to my youngest son today.  Another lock-down birthday to celebrate.  Things are very slowly starting to unlock here, & normalcy can't come quick enough.  I'm pleased we can see more family and friends now, but still don't feel at ease with the situation.  I literally cannot wait to hug, kiss and cuddle my daughter, son, grandson and my mum.  My daughter, who's been at home shielding, can now venture out once a day and has been enjoying her freedom with excitement - she's visited us twice now & we've chatted over drinks (socially distanced) which has felt a little like old times. 
Another thing I'd really like to do is go shopping - clothes shopping.  Now I know I don't need any new bits, but everyone needs new bits don't they!  I've never been a fan of buying online.  I like to see clothes for real, touch them, hold them up to me and try before I buy.  I'm fearing more high street stores will close down as a result of Covid and the ongoing situation - some shops just won't be able to survive.  Let's hope this doesn't happen and we can get our high streets back. 🤞
Therefore with the lack of new pieces in my wardrobe here's a dress I borrowed from Emily as a possibility for my Style not Age outfit.


Monday 1 June 2020

May Review.

Welcome my friends, how can it be the first day of June already!
With lock-down starting to ease slightly I can't help but feel anxious about it all.  With so many questions & everybody's interpretation slightly different. Who knows what's the best thing to do.  I'll carry on the same as I have been doing - trying to use the home delivery service, keeping shop visits to a minimum and seeing my family and friends using the 2m social distance rule.  I'm hearing my daughter might be able to start easing off shielding which will be both exciting and worrying too - it's a bitter-sweet experience for everyone isn't it!
June was supposed to be my son's wedding month - that has now been postponed to October.  I'm keeping everything crossed that this will go ahead, which begs the question what to wear?  I've got an idea in mind, and will be on the look-out!  Bearing in mind the season will have changed so the style and shade might have to change.  I'll be sharing a gorgeous outfit from JJ's House this month which could be a contender. 👍

So along with June arriving it's also time to share what I wore over the past month for my
May Review. 
If you missed any of my posts, here's how you can see them again.

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