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Thursday 28 January 2021

Pleats, Reels and Running - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
How have you been?
I've been thoroughly enjoying my dressing room recently.  It's proved invaluable, I'm so pleased I did it!  Along with the Roman Originals jacket and jumper my kids got me for Christmas they also bought me a ring light on a tripod.  It's been a marvellous addition - I've even managed a couple of Reels on Instagram - did you see them?  They are quite hard to master & a learning curve, but I've had fun doing them.  I'm trying to post more often too - which has been helpful to my figures, I'm happy to have reached over 2k followers!!!  You can catch some different daily styles on there, so do pop over to join me if you have a spare couple of minutes. X
It's all becoming a bit "groundhog day" isn't it.  How are you filling your days?  I can't wait for the better weather to come so I can get in the garden and start the annual hedge cutting and general tidy up.
Plenty of walks happening, I'm lucky enough to have woodland walks 10 mins away as well as the beach the same in the other direction, so my wellies have been working hard, & I still haven't got any new ones.  Mine must be nearly 30 years old and a bit tight!!

I've also started running again.  Having not done any exercise since last Summer I'm taking it easy and using a 'Couch to 5 K' app on my phone - I've done two sessions so far, surprisingly seems it okay.  I'm usually quite an active person, but the Covid lock-down has knocked my positivity making it so much harder to get started - with so much choice I just don't know where to start!  I know I can run, but just need to get my fitness back up and let the rest fall in place.  I very much need motivation as I like being in a class with other people, there lies the problem.  Small steps will be the help I need, once running is going well, I might do online classes and maybe the gym will open in the not-too-distant-future. ✌
Another thing I've been enjoying recently .... pleated skirts!


Monday 25 January 2021

Style not Age are Lounging at Home

Morning all.
How are you?
Welcome to the first Style not Age collective of 2021 - the first on many and we're off to a comfy start with the prompt from Gail .....

Lounging at Home.
Seeing as we are all stuck at home in lock-down we might as well be comfortable doing it eh & we all love wearing lounge wear don't we!  I've acquired several cute sets over the past few months and hubby has bought me a couple too.  Now the only down side to wearing nice baggy elasticated waisted trousers is when reverting to wearing jeans, skirts or trousers they all feel tight on!  Best advice is to wear something fitted a couple of times a week - which I've been doing!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 21 January 2021

Black with Mauve and Lilac - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning lovelies.
How is our world treating you?
At the beginning of the week I was having a bit of a negative time - feeling down-in-the-dumps with everything.  I'm sure it's a knock-on effect of Covid, & Blue Monday certainly lived up to it's name!
I was cheered up in the middle of the week by receiving a lovely package c/o Bonmarche.  I'm looking forward to styling some Spring outfits with the pieces and hope you'll join me and let me know what you think.
I've also been spending Christmas money, I've bought a few pieces from H & M - including a fantastic pair of faux leather jeans (be still my beating heart) ... you know the flattering mom style that's popular now.  They look just amazing on, so I took full advantage of my new dressing room & had a play about with different tops, boots and shoes I'm simply loving them.  I also picked up a fabulous flirty pleated skirt, it will be just spot on for Spring, I found a cute pair of check trousers in Tu, but how annoying when the size on the hanger was wrong.  I was trying to squeeze into a pair that was completely the wrong size - guess I'm going back to change them soon!!  I'll be keeping the pleated skirt that's navy blue and white - watch out for that beauty. x
If you saw my IG post yesterday you'll have noticed I've been wearing my wide leg trousers.  Paired with trainers it's a look I'm really going for at the moment ... plus flat shoes are so much more comfortable especially when dodging the rain puddles on the way to the supermarket!  Here's where my Vionic trainers in pale lilac came up trumps.  It's not a shade I usually wear, but rather like it paired with black and this floral blouse that has mauve, lilac and pink in it. 💗


Monday 18 January 2021

Fashion with a Fedora & Fur Gilet.

Hi my friends, how are you?
I'm feeling fine now after my dealings with Coronavirus, but it's lingered a little longer for hubby who now has a chest infection off the back of it, it's called long Covid apparently.  He's got antibiotics for it and I am keeping an eye on him - it's such a worry though.  
I was due a hair appointment this week, but that's not allowed, so I've resorted to buying some thinning scissors to sort out my fringe.  It's not perfect, but doesn't look too bad - anyone else seem to get a headache with a long fringe?
I've been busy sorting my new wardrobes out, now there's room for my jackets, it's nice to be able to see them not bunched up and in good light.  Hoping the weather improves so I can really get them working to full potential.  
For Christmas I got a lovely casual cream padded jacket from the kids along with a stunning colour-block jumper that is trending atm - will share them with you soon. 

It's so hard to stay motivated with a long stretch of lock-down ahead of me, but I've got more outfits to sort out for future photo shoots so that'll keep me busy for a few days.  I'm going to be making full use of my new vintage clothes stand as I can hang the outfits on it complete with shoes or boots.
What have you got planned for the week - do tell!
Here's what I had hanging on the stand the other day - you may have seen this fashionable look on IG.
Block with a blast of fur topped off with a hat.👌


Thursday 14 January 2021

Pattern Clashing Again - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there, how you doing?
What have you been up to?
Not much to report here, a few walks and a couple of trips to the supermarket, living the high life eh?
Hubby and I have little conversations asking where we might be going - our replies are usually of the fashion getting dressed up to go out, have a couple of drinks before hitting a fancy restaurant for a delicious meal with friends or on our own, followed by drinks and cocktails in a quiet & relaxing little bar before heading home - oh we can dream can't we!

I hope you saw my post sharing my recent experience with Coronavirus, but if you missed it you can catch up here my friends. 

Anyway back to my blog post, do you remember seeing my first proper attempt at pattern mixing?  I shared this black and white co-ordinated outfit last year and go so many lovely comments and feedback I vowed my aim for 2021 is to do more pattern blends.  It's a hard one to get right and some people can just 'do it' but I find it stressful, but do let me know your thoughts.


Monday 11 January 2021

My Experience with Coronavirus.

Hi there.
How's it going?
The Dressing room is coming on nicely now, and I've been able to free up some space in my bedroom that's been crying out for a clear up!  It's looking a bit bigger and it's been nice to re-arrange things there too. I've got a big bag of shoes and am working my way through my wardrobes getting rid of pieces that are too small, out-of-date or I don't want - it's quite therapeutic isn't it!  It's keeping me entertained until there's a chance of actually going out!  Until then I urge you to heed the advice of the higher powers and stay safe indoors, I from my own personal experience can say Coronavirus isn't very nice and we need to eradicate it ... soon! 
My post might be a bit daunting, but I'm happy to say I'm feeling so much better now, and most definitely am over it!

It started with a cough! .....


Thursday 7 January 2021

My new Dressing Room - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
How are you all?
Been a strange couple of weeks since Christmas, it's always an odd time of the year without having a lock-down on ours hands!  I hate this time of the year and usually have a skiing holiday to look forward to, alas this year our plans are in the hands of Covid.  So I've something up my sleeve to pass the time and get excited about - my new dressing room.
Since blogging I've seen many a stunning room full of clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery and have a big one planned for our new build.  I don't know when that will happen so decided once my daughter and her family moved out to turn the spare room into my own little space and fill it with my outfits.


Monday 4 January 2021

December Review.

Well good morning!
Wishing you all a Happy New Year - and welcome to 2021!
Is it a good morning for you?
I'm over the worst of Covid and couldn't be happier.
What an awful virus to have, I plan to share my experience in a future post.
But first let's have a look back over the past month for my ...
December Review.

It's been a month of new boots for me, which unfortunately I've not been able to wear any since not being able to go out.  Once my isolating is over I plan on trying them all out again with different outfits!

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