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Sunday 31 July 2016

Sunday - a much needed day of rest.

So you may remember some time ago I told you I was attending my best friend's son's wedding, well that was yesterday.  I managed, eventually, to find two dresses for this occasion, so I figured I could wear one dress (see below) and save the other one for a future event, then this little beauty could be ready, willing and able to furnish me with a suitable outfit, will post photo in the future.

This fuchsia pink lace dress, my favourite colour, was purchased from Jacques Vert, and what I really like that is was in the sale at quite a discounted price!  A bargain for £39, therefore making it so much easier to purchase another dress from this fabulously elegant and classic brand, to which I promptly did.

So without further ado here's my beautiful dress:

Love a bit of lace,  as soon as I put this on I knew it would be the dress I purchased, and knew even more that my hubby would love it. 
The fuchsia pink prom style dress has a lace overlay, which sits perfectly over the grey silk liner and both compliment each other beautifully.  It has a pink waist ribbon, which I chose to wear tied in a bow at the back, it could either be worn at the front, or look equally as good just tied in a knot and left hanging.
Having a v neck line both at the back and front meant wearing my pear necklace would be seen and would sit upon my neck freely without any neckline material hindering it.
The grey suede wedges were a last minute purchase from Debenhams  I wanted either a block heel or a wedge because the wedding venue was in a marquee in the gardens of a local stately home and with past experience of parties on grass I wasn't going to risk my heels sinking into the turf!  Although it has to be said there was some coconut matting on the floor inside the white marquee, but not outside where the ceremony took place.
That's one little tip I'd pass onto ladies of any age.
These wedges were soooo comfortable, I wore them all day and night, not feeling any pinching, blisters or rubbing so a great big thumbs up for them.  They have a cut out heel detail which ties at the front, and a strap across the toe base.  Very pleased with how they look.  I also think they suited the jeans I wore when I bought them - brilliant I can wear them casual as well.
Umpteen glasses of prosecco were consumed, a wonderful afternoon tea and a yummy hog roast in the evening made for a tremendous afternoon wedding - oh and not forgetting some great mummy dancing - the band were amazing and had everyone up dancing.
What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, with great family, friends, food and fizz!  Made even more special because all our children attended and they all get on so well.  Can't wait to do it all again very soon.

Tutti - frutti gel nails - love, love, love this colour. makes even short nails look great.

So hope you're all enjoying the little spell of warm weather,  although don't want to alarm you, and mention the A word - but autumnal clothing is starting to seep into the shops - opps sorry quickly slapped my hand over my mouth!

Bye for today..X

                                  Jacqui B.

Monday 25 July 2016

Another week of sunshine hopefully.

Hello, welcome to another week - hopefully of sunshine.

Well, I'm sure some oh you are very excited it's the summer holidays,  It doesn't really affect me now, all my children are at work, and my granddaughter is not old enough to be at school, so every day is a holiday - lol.

Driving along today I realise I love this time of the year.  Remembering fondly exciting end of term presentations, sports days and leaving school parties.  When school was finished for the year and 6 weeks of enjoyment with the children at home followed.  Visits to the beach, leisurely afternoons in the garden, planning our family holiday to Spain.  We always took our holidays to Spain in the last week of August, first week of September - nearly always encountered a couple of days of rain!

We'd spend the next few weeks trailing round the shops to gather our much needed summer holiday clothes, excitedly returning home with bags of tops, bottoms, bikinis, swimsuits, beach towels and sandals and a rather enthusiastic fashion show ensued showing off all our goodies - for both me and the kids!  Really was a fun and exciting time whilst bringing up my five children. 
Remembering one year I meticulously planned, wrote endless lists, packed and re-packed cases and bags only to get half way to the Channel Tunnel when it dawned on me I'd not packed a single bikini or swimsuit, and especially not packed all the matching sarongs, skirts or cover-ups!  I was so mad, but there wasn't enough time to return for them, so I had to borrow my friends bikini (which was too big) and buy another one in the resort!!  Ohhh happy memories.

Back to the here and now, and more importantly back to my outfit today.........

Love the dark colour of these Next cigarette style jeans, they have quite a slimming effect, that works well for me!
This H & M tunic style sleeveless top is from a couple of seasons ago.  A cream chiffon neck line with a band of chiffon across the bottom, the print across the fabric reminds me being in school years ago, in the art class screen printing on a fabric t shirt. 
The blue and mustard yellow pattern looks fab with the denim jeans.  My Deichmann espadrilles are a perfect addition for this laid back summer look.  I do seem to wear a lot of these two colours together, and they compliment each other really well.

You may recall I mentioned a few days ago I'd purchased a new camera, well I say new but in reality a pre-owned model.  Still like a minefield for me, I'm trying to figure out what everything means and what all the dials do.  I may have to enrol on a course to try and fathom it all out.

Has anyone else had this problem? 
What did you do?
I'd love to produce some breath taking photos like I'm seeing on some blogs.

So stay tuned to see how I get on with taking these photos, lets see if I can improve a little each week.

Bye Bye .... X

                                Jacqui B.

Thursday 21 July 2016

Team Red for the day!

Hello everyone, sorry been off the radar for a while, you see I've been rather pre-occupied with a fabulous event in London that my eldest son was involved in.

Have you heard of the Doggetts Coat and Badge Race?  No well read on........

The Doggett's race is held in the summer on the Thames between London Bridge and Cadogan Pier (Chelsea) up to six young watermen row under the eleven bridges on the 4 mile course, equivalent  to 7,400 metres.  Throughout its 300 year history the race remains relatively unchanged.
Now-a-days modern sculling boats have replaced passenger wherries and are rowed with the tide.

It takes between 25 - 30 minutes to complete the course, however the fastest record is some 23 mins, 22 seconds!

Arriving at Festival Pier, London, South Bank for 10 am departure.  With the help of family and friends we arranged the buffet I'd had been buying and cooking over the past few days - it all looked amazing.  My buffet table looked mouth-watering and inviting, offering a selection of sandwiches, an Indian selection and traditional British snacks such as cocktail sausages, pork pies and scotch eggs.
I also had made some cakes such as cup cakes, rocky road as previously blogged about Here, some chocolate chip muffins.  However I did cheat and buy the millionaires shortbread from my local store!  Couldn't of made that the same it's so tasty.

The year of hard training, special diet, no drinking and sore hands came to the fantastic finale for my son, the atmosphere was electric and very emotional for many of our guests, I can honestly say I had one of the best days I'd had in a long while.

My son's pre-selected colour was red, so we all donned something red to support him,  I chose a red blouse from Florence and Fred sale, with a zip front fastening in gold it was a great contrast with the red.  The sleeves have a lovely frill effect, which is very flattering on the arms, whilst still keeping me cool.  I wore the blouse hanging over my white 3/4 crop jeans - I felt it a great look perfect for a splendid morning and buffet lunch on the river.  I opted to wear my new Dorothy Perkins wide fit, peep toe sandals.  Because they have a cork wedge they were a suitable choice for aboard the boat, and comfy to wear - so much so a little dancing may have occurred during the day *:p

After a short presentation at Fishmongers Hall, we departed for the coach home, oh yes via the pub - be rude not to - happy with the 3rd place gained by my son,  and more determination for next years attempt and another boat party to enjoy!

How are you getting on with your sale shopping - much to report on?  I'd love to hear.

Happy and proud to say today I've been featured on Instagram @midlifestyletips  I'd love it if you could please take a look at my 'midlife style tip' on this Instagram site.

So until next time - thanks for stopping by.  X

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                                                             Jacqui B.


Saturday 16 July 2016

Glad it's saturday - Kimon-o-over.

He ya what's going on?
It's all about my kimono - read further for details.

Seems I had such a hectic week and now time to chill - fabulous.

Girls night out yesterday evening, actually not out out, just out!  Dinner out at a friends house, plenty of bubbles, good company, a few laughs and a little Fondue! yes I did say Fondue. 
Have only sampled chocolate fondue in the past so to have both cheese with bread and crudities along with hot oil to cook strips of beef and tiny meatballs was super.  A chocolate fondue followed with the token gesture of fruit to take care of my hmmm 'diet' lol!

Here's last night's outfit.  Matalan white skinny jeans, Clarks suede sandals, Matalan from the sale , this tunic top, love these colours together, but still going to try and match with either lime green or pale blue Capri style jeans/trousers, that's if I can find any ha ha!

Home by midnight, so I was fine this morning.  A little light shopping followed breakfast cooked by middle daughter, and then a quick visit to see my princess, with cuddles, chocolate kisses, sandpits and playing in the garden - what better way to spend the afternoon?

Quiet night in this evening, hopefully with some sort of takeaway - heaven.

What are you up to this evening?  Please share, I'd love to hear.

While looking through some of your lovely blogs I came across so many kimonos, so just had to dig mine out yesterday. I bought this one from TK Maxx about two years ago, worn a handful of times, but sometimes it just fits the bill.  If I remember correctly it only cost just under £20, they are everywhere at the moment, being a fab accessory for daytime, nigh- time not forgetting beach time too.
I paired this gorgeous blue kimono that has orange, lilac and cream flowers over it, with an orange vest top and white shorts.  I just love the amazing blue tassel fringe, it has a nice swing to it and I felt like I should be lounging on a chaise longue, drinking a champagne cocktail! ( Well maybe not with the shorts to be fair!)

Have you got a Kimono and do you wear it often?  Have you got a 1920's dress?  Both would be great to see if you do.

Well bye for now, see you tomorrow. X

                                                             Jacqui B.


Thursday 14 July 2016

Special Date Night!

How you all doing?
Hope you are all fine and dandy!

Has your week gone well so far?
Tuesdaywas a special day for me and my hubby - our 30th Wedding Anniversary, yes I know child bride lol!

You might remember I showed you earlier in the week a rather cloudy photo of my beautiful pearl earrings hubby gave me for our 30th Anniversary, and here is a photo of me wearing them out on Tuesday night.

We had a lovely evening dining in our favourite restaurant - Reads is a fabulous restaurant with rooms, set in tranquil grounds this stunning Georgian manor house boasts a Michelin starred chef and owner, favouring French classics with European, American and New world cuisine.
The four course meal was superbly cooked, presented and as you would expect nothing was too much trouble and everything tasted amazing.  We toasted our Pearl wedding anniversary, our good health and our absent friends and family.  Our carriage to and from the restaurant taken care of by two of our children, meaning we could both share the bottle of Laurent Perrier rose Champagne.  See I knew there was a reason to have 5 kids!

So this beautifully stunning pleated dress cobalt blue - one of my favourite colours, I so often choose it.
Has wide should detail with cross-over pleated neck line, bought this Jacques Vert creation from a local outlet store. So pleased with the style very classic and I'll wear for many more occasions I'm sure.
I wore these black suede ankle strap sandals from Zara a year or so ago, they are rather high but as I was only walking car-to-bar as they say I felt they would be acceptable to my feet and legs!
Black patent clutch bag for my lipstick and phone, a girl must have her lippy!  Just in case it turned really cold I took my over sized black scarf, but actually didn't need it, which probably makes a change for me, this was from Primark, maybe costing as much as £4!!  Bargain.
A black bead necklace finished off my look. 
Wanted to include photo of hubby, looking very gorgeous in his Lacoste shirt, came all the way from our holiday in Spain and I think is a lovely bright colour.
Can you spot his poorly finger?  Chopped the top off with an electric saw, looks very painful and I think he may have said something like 'ouch that hurt'!!!

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Bye bye for now. X

                                          Jacqui B.


Tuesday 12 July 2016

Wow - where did they go?

Hello there,

Years, where did 30 years go?
Yes my Wedding Anniversary today - Pearl actually and I ask myself where did 30 years go?  Four houses, 5 children, 2 dogs, countless holidays, many family birthdays and of course one little princess.  Also never forgetting my little sleeping princess with the angels .X

It's been a wonderful day, receiving cards, flowers, lovely messages, champagne, money and a beautiful set of pearls earrings from my dearest husband.  Sorry photo doesn't really do these beautiful earring justice.  But take my word they are stunning!

We are off out to dinner tonight to our favourite restaurant and I can't actually wait.  I've yet to pick what dress I'm donning for our meal out. Maybe one with loads of room, because the food is excellent!  I'll post a photo up later.

Another very important event happened today, wait for it....... I bought a new camera eekk!!  It's not arrived yet, but I'm really chomping at the bit and I can't wait to try it out, although  I won't know what to do with it when it does get here other than point and press haha.  I'll be working my way through the manual for the next few weeks I reckon, so wish me luck peeps!

Today turned out to be rather a wet afternoon, rain is so awful at times, especially when I'm all dressed up in cool summer clothes with sandals, ending up with wet toes and cold shoulders,( not the top variety!)  So here's today outfit.
Next cigarette style jeans, rolled to create the cropped effect, my recent sale purchase from Matalan, by way of the stripy blue and white shirt.  Such a delightful shirt to wear, cool to touch and soft to the skin, it's been a joy to wear.  Opted for my suede espadrille style sling back sandals, which once the rain started my toes got cold and the heels got wet - how annoying I hope they won't stain.

Hope you like today's casual style, hope you can stop by tomorrow too!  If you like what you see please, please click the subscribe button and you can check out everything I post - cheers!

Until tomorrow. X

                                                Jacqui B.

Sunday 10 July 2016

Today I'm looking forward to a shower.


No not looking forward to a rain shower, a wedding shower!
Not been to one before, so I gather it's a fairly new idea??!!  Have you heard of them or been to one?

My best friend's son is getting married at the end of this month, I'll be attending her future daughter-in-law's wedding shower.  The invite mentioned bringing a small gift for the Hen, by way of something along the lines of pegs, rubber gloves or wooden spoons.  So between me and middle daughter we've come up with the following:

Homemade frilly apron
Washing net bags
Rubber gloves
Oven mitts
Washing up liquid

All gathered in a silver box with a mauve bow - perfect.

Fancy a sweet treat?
Why not try this.......
Rocky Road
For those who've never heard of it read on, read on...

Break up
200g Digestive Biscuits

135g Butter
2 - 3 tbsp. Golden Syrup
200g Dark Chocolate

Crushed Digestive Biscuits
anything else you wish to add

Melted Chocolate mixture

place in shallow lined dish
put in fridge for about 2 hours

cut into fingers/squares
dust with icing sugar


I'm wearing my Lace pencil skirt from the Florence and Fred sale, See previous post Here they may have a few odd sizes left on line, but nothing in my local store now. Well it was such a bargain!
I've worn with a Matalan silky short sleeve top and my nude sling back shoes.  Happy with my look, do you like?

Off to play now, so see you tomorrow.. X

                                 Jacqui B.

Saturday 9 July 2016

Saturday is Sales day!

Yes sales day today.

Hiya to everyone, Yes I've been to the sales today - well one shop actually Matalan have there sale on right now both online and in store  ... super!
Came home with a few bargains, however two will have to go back maybe for bigger sizes - not sure until I get there.
Firstly I'll share what my #ootd is.
Jeans again today, my next slim leg options, still love these, and with endless tops to pair with them I'm never short of choices.  Today my Falmers lace peplum top came out to play - opted to wear a pale blue cami style t shirt underneath to compliment the blue jeans.  Short sleeves and a lovely gathered peplum hem, it just sits at the right level below my jeans waistband.  Only down side to this top, I've had it quite a few years and it's developed a hole.  Its where the fine lace mesh has pulled, and in a rather obvious place, I'm really quite miffed about this as I love wearing it with a different coloured t shirt underneath which makes it a very versatile top to wear  Will have to see if I can somehow fix it??!!
Wore my Next shimmer baseball trainers as I was just popping to the shops, in a hope I would look trendy.  Not sure if I succeeded with this - you'll have to let me know ;-)

Back to today's sales items:
This shirt I just love the feel of it - is that a reason to buy a shirt, hell yes indeed!
It feels soft, cool and smooth, a great cover up if I've overdone the sun in the warmer summer months. I say this a bit tongue in cheek for British weather. ha ha!
A masculine looking shirt but with a loose, baggy style to it.  Two breast pockets and a lovely long length enabling me to either wear hanging loose or tucked in.  A subtle blue and white stripe that will look equally at home with jeans or for a more classic look tucked into a tailored skirt.  This as previously mentioned from Matalan and a great bargain at £8!!

I also returned home with a cold shoulder style top.  I thought this pretty red and white top would look fab with white jeans or wide leg linen trousers. At only £5 be rude not to have bought it home with me. Although not sure if the fit is right for me, I'm going to try a larger size and see, if not I'll refund or exchange it for something else.

Also bagged this.  Long line sleeveless top, in a heavy chiffon type material,  I was drawn to the colours, striking lime green, olive green, dark and light blue on a black background. In the sale begging me to buy it, and for only £7 I think I got a bargain for sure.  This will be amazing for the summer maybe over pale blue or lime green Capri trousers.  Thinking ahead for the cooler Autumnal months paired over black leggings or trousers.

Hope you can get out to the sales, take advantage of a few bargains, and share with me your cheeky finds.  I'll look forward to it!

So until the next time people...bye bye. X

                                                                  Jacqui B.

Friday 8 July 2016

Friday - crop jeans day.

Hello all.

Hope the end of the week finds you, excited, relaxed and triumphant - yay you reached the weekend!

Today boring shopping trip to Tesco, youngest son took me as he wanted to scoot around and grab a couple of bits, therefore I was on a short leash!  No snooping in the sale section for me, just a very quick wiz round grabbing all I needed (hopefully) for the forthcoming weekend and week.

As I mentioned yesterday I've had to wear my recent purchase from Next.  These fantastic cigarette style jeans that I've turned the hem over a couple of times to turn them into Capri style crop jeans.  Would of wanted them slightly baggier, however the larger size proved very baggy indeed, so It had to be the smaller size, but I think they look great.  Click Here to check them out.
Next have such a wonderful selection of jeans and with their generous sizes everything is a brilliant fit, no skimping on the material so you can rest assured you'll be supported in them with no lumps and bumps! These I'm wearing are a size 12  regular 29" length and only £26, which I think is a fab price for something that will get so much wear, especially in these summer months.

I've team my Capri's with an old favourite of mine, this Wallis silky front, jersey back is one of those fall back on tops - you know the ones that go with most things, keep their shape, don't need ironing and feels great on the skin.  On a blue background, with red, yellow, mustard, cream and navy, there's so much choice to what it can be worn with.

The blue suede espadrilles  from Deichmann complimented today's look.  Upon looking for these on line I believe they've sold out!  However I've spotted these similar Here for £19.99.
Hope you like todays style - let me know what you think.  Do you like Capri style?


Thursday 7 July 2016

Ladies at lunch.

Hello there, fab day for lunch with a friend.

Isn't it nice to catch up with a friend for lunch?  I love doing it but unfortunately not often enough.
When I meet this friend in particular we always seem to fall into the same routine, I drive, we chat about everything that's happened since we last met up and on auto pilot we end up at the same restaurant, at the same table.  Curious creatures of habit!  Said table was in Pizza Express - was the same meal chosen?  Funnily enough I would usually say yes to that question, but no I opted for a different pizza, one with fiery, hot chillies and I must say it was good, washed down with a lovely cold white wine spritzer - well it was lunch time.  So nice to find out what each other has been up to, what the children are doing and where our next holidays are planned for.
Do you like catching up with friends?  Where is your favourite eatery?

So with the sales in full swing, I've taken advantage of these fully on my latest little shopping spree.
There's so much to choose from and I want it all!  Actually I'm rather proud to say I only purchased two sale items, although I could have found loads more.  I did buy one non-sale item, some much needed crop jeans.  I've wanted some for a while now and upon seeing the gorgeous Tania from 50isnotold sporting some in her latest blog  - I went on a mission to find some.  Success - so pleased with these from Next, I can't wait to style and wear them (probably tomorrow ;-p)

Also I came home with these fabulous white wedge peep toe beauties from Dorothy Perkins and only £20.  I do love a wedge they're much more suitable when I'm running here and popping there - I feel safer in them that tottering around on heels.  Don't get me wrong I do love wearing heels at times, but they do make my feet ache!!
In store they had both white and tan, with a cork style wedge that is just the right height to be stylish but equally comfortable.  I hadn't seen before in DP's they had wide fit with spongy insoles - fab!  I choose white as I recently bought a pair of tan sandals and don't need two I???

How do you like them?
Last but not least, this super stunning necklace from Dotty P's, an absolute steel at £5! Did I tell you I love a bargain? lol.  A super cute flower detail in white with a diamante in-between. It's stunning, just the right length to cover my next and being a neutral colour will suit many of my ideas for forthcoming outfits.  Watch out for it in the next few weeks.

Linking up with these two fab blogs theredclosetdiary and twentiesgirlstyle for great inspo - go check em' out!!
OK have a super rest of the day/night...see you tomorrow.. X

                                                                      Jacqui B.


Tuesday 5 July 2016

My acknowledgement to 4th July!

Morning all,

Today I thought I'd show support you all the lovely bloggers over in America.
Yesterday being the 4th July I had to attend a funeral, never very nice to go to, however nice see some family members not seen for a while.
Therefore today I'm going to wear an outfit in acknowledgement of Americas Birthday.

White jeans from M & Co, a few seasons ago, 3 quarter length are great for the summer season, especially when British weather can be so changeable.  These red sling back, low block heal are a favourite recent purchase.  Being a lower heel they are more suitable for running around doing errands in and being such a bright colour they give a lovely pop to any outfit.  I'm wearing me T K Maxx double cuff shirt.  Its actually made from cotton with a pinch of elastan in it, so having a bit of stretch in the garment it's fitting in the right places.  My necktie is my nod to the flag - forgive me that I've not got any stars in it.  Hope you still like my efforts regardless!  I've chosen to wear silver jewellery as I do like to change things up a bit.

You may have noticed in post Twenty facts about me! I've re-kindled my love of dancing namely tap dancing.  I take classes once a week locally with about 8 others similar aged ladies.  This under the guidance of a lovely professional dance teacher, and I have to say I absolutely adore going.  It may have been many years since last attending a dance class other then the keep fit/gym classes I've always been to, but it seems to be gradually coming back to me and boy is it a great work out.  Either that or I'm really getting old!
I'm so pleased I joined this class not only keeping fit, I've meet some fantastic ladies who also enjoy doing what I love.  I have to say I'm one of the younger ladies in the class and would like to encourage anyone who's thinking of re-visiting something you did in your youth or starting a new hobby, to just 'go for it' you're never to old to start again.  Have you got an old or new hobby that you love?  I'd love to hear from you......

.....and how is your sale shopping doing?  Any bargains to speak of?

Until tomorrow .Bye X

                   Jacqui B.


Sunday 3 July 2016

The wider the better!

My palazzo pants - obviously!!

Hiya to you all, weekend nearly over - and starting to think of the week ahead. 
The sales have started here and I'm contemplating having a sale shopping spree within the next couple of weeks!  How about you?  Any sales offerings to shout about?  Let me know what you've found I'd love to hear from you.

Today rather a relaxed style. Sunday is  family roast day, entertaining mother-in-law, and nearly all the children plus one partner.  A lovely roast chicken with all the trimmings served up today and now sitting here stuffed after finishing off with ice cream, something we've haven't picked in ages.  Some arguing and fighting over who has the last portion! lol.

So with a relaxed feeling to the day, I chose my flowery palazzo pants with plain t shirt and a bit of bling thrown in by way of wearing my gorgeous toe post diamante flats. 
These pants were a gift from the children, many years ago on Mothers Day - I feel I've had them so long they've come back in fashion. Ha ha.  Matalan, as I always say have great T shirts to offer and this bright orange example is proof.  Again many years old but still great quality for the price paid.  They've always got these in store, so why not pop by to get some wardrobe staples.  I'm wearing a gold ball design necklace that was a present for my birthday - worn many times, a great fall-back on item, bringing an ok outfit to a fabulous finish!

So pleased with the photos today, thanks to middle daughter, who took these on her iPhone 6.  Possibly would get this phone when I update, however someone else would still have to take the pictures so I'd still be in the same position as needing a photographer! I need to pull my finger out and purchase a DSLR camera - just need to find the 'right one' for me.

Thanks for stopping by and should you wish to find out more from me why not subscribe for email updates, I'd really be happy if you could...X

Until tomorrow - cheerio.X

                      Jacqui B.

Saturday 2 July 2016

Black and White for me.

Hello to everyone on this a sunny but windy Saturday.

Want to catch up on washing machine saga?  Yes well stay tuned.

Firstly today I'm black and white.
Wearing my Florence and Fred Palazzo trousers.  I think a real statement to wear these fabulous stripy trousers they make me feel tall and strangely important!  I opted for my years old New Look frilly blouse - very sheer, see through blouse with buttons fastening and short sleeves.  I choose to wear a cami T shirt underneath because it is very see through and I'm still a bit prudish at times!  Black Clarks sling back sandal completed today's look.  I love wearing these particular shoes, being a great fit they make a comfortable piece of footwear, and look very stylish as well.  Soft suede and a great size and width heel, I actually wish they still had this style in store.  It would be a wonderful addition to my small shoe collection, and even better if it came in brighter colours.  You never know I may come across something similar whilst out shopping for something else - I'll keep you all posted.

Okay so back to update you all on Washing-Machine-Gate!  Repair men - yes two of them! arrived late afternoon yesterday.  In and out to the van, chatter, chatter, coffee, squash, talk, talk now it's fixed.  Great I though, can I use it now?  Yes indeed - how pleased was I?  100% happy!  Off said repair men went, and I hurried back to load, fill and turn on machine.  Sometime later I thought I'd check on how the wash was doing......Noooooo!!!!! Machine had stopped working and light sequence was flashing, like warning lights always do. I actually felt they were laughing at me.. Argh I was so mad, went straight to the phone and rang engineer department .....
"The office is now closed opening hours are 9 - 5 Monday to Friday ............Slamming the phone down it was just gone 5!!!!!!!! 
Had to ring today at 9, on the phone for about 3 quarters of an hour and repair man coming next Tuesday.  After lots of moaning and then discussions hubby and I went out and purchased new machine which is now running through the primary wash to clear out anything that shouldn't be there!  Is it sad that I'm a happy little bunny now I got a washing machine that's working??

So let's hope that's the final edition to the washing machine saga, my nerves can't stand any more.

Until the next long. X

                                                       Jacqui B.

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