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Monday 29 July 2019

Style not Age - Steal her Style.

Hi there.
How you all doing?
Another whirlwind weekend for Mummab with a beach day after the gym on Friday, followed by my weekly Ballroom dancing class in which we finished off our Waltz - a magical dance that makes me imagine I'm Ginger Rogers in a wonderfully elegant ostrich-feather covered ballgown.  Oh I can dream can't I?  Saturday, after making two dozen chocolate eclairs for my mum (church hall fund afternoon tea) I returned home to prepare for my youngest daughters' birthday gathering.  I only had to make a couple of dishes so It didn't take long.  I then enjoyed the evening celebrating with family, friends and all of her friends too!  Yes that was a late night, so the morning arrived way too early!  We eventually got sorted for a big family birthday breakfast, all the children were there except my youngest son who was at work.  Lazy Sunday afternoon - with a cheeky curry to complete a busy, but exciting weekend. X
Welcome my friends - today you've arrived at the latest challenge for the Style not Age collective.
This has landed in the hands of Hilda, she's taken on a challenge that I usually set myself each month -  to see if she can nail it herself.  I'm feeling quite happy about this task as I'm very familiar with it, so let's see how it goes and how my friends tackle it!
Steal her Style


Thursday 25 July 2019

A dress For All Seasons - #Chicandstylish #linkup

Morning, thanks for joining me today.
Hope you'll be adding to the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP my friends.
Well it seems all the holiday weather has come at the same time!  I really feel like I want to be on holiday - you know when all your want to wear are flat sandals, shorts, thin strap tee shirts/cool dresses and drag your hair in a top knot all sans makeup!!!  Yep that's been me for the past few days - I certainly look a picture. 😒
Fortunately, last week Esther Ruby & I had a day taking photos when it was a tad cooler, so I might not have to struggle in the heat to get some more that I need, that's unless we get lucky and the hot weather decides to stay!
Here's the other dress I bought in H & M last week.  I picked this up in the sale, but after donning it last week and again the next day I can confirm I would have bought this even if it hadn't been in the sale.

What are your thoughts on my latest addition?  I'm thinking ahead to wearing it not only in Autumn, but in Winter too.  Layering, boots and chunky knitwear come to my mind.


Monday 22 July 2019

Lotus Sandals and H & M Sun Dress.

Hi all.
Thanks for stopping by my little blog today.
My blog is aimed at ladies over 50, however I love to have all age groups stop by and join me.
Come on over - you're all welcome. *waves welcoming hand*
With the summer weather more or less playing nicely lately, I thought it would be a good idea to share a sunny beach dress with you.  You all know I love wearing dresses as they are so easy to wear.  There's no matching separates to contend with, the hardest thing is matching accessories.  Here's where my recent acquisition from Lotus Shoes came up trumps!

 Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 18 July 2019

A dress that works in my 40's and 50's! #chicandstylish #linkup

Happy Thursday my friends.
How are you all - is Over 50's blogging land good for you this week?
I've been having a really good one so far, with one evening out for our anniversary meal (see more below) and another with some of the children round for dinner.  With a quiet weekend to look forward to I hope the weather stays nice and warm so I can enjoy the garden.

Last Friday hubby and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.  We left booking a table until the last minute so were unable to get booked at our favourite restaurant.  We toyed with the idea of going somewhere else but both had our hearts set on Read's so decided to book for last Tuesday.  We had a lovely evening anyway with him going to the pub with the boys and me going ballroom dancing with my bestie!  We did meet for drinks after so it was all in all it was a great evening.

When you see our meals you'll understand why we waited to go there and not 'make do' with somewhere less exciting for a special occasion!


Monday 15 July 2019

Citrus summer outfit - Style Steal

Morning my lovely friends.
Hope you've had a super weekend and are looking forward to the forthcoming week.
Another busy weekend for Mumma B.  Starting with Friday my wedding anniversary.  Thirty three years married to my soul mate.  We normally celebrate with a meal in our favourite restaurant, but sadly we weren't able to get a reservation, so not wanting to go anywhere different we decided to book for next week and do what we normally do - hubby went to the pub and I went ballroom dancing. Romantic eh?  We did meet for a drink afterwards which was still lovely.
Saturday the usual cutting grass, food shop and housework followed by an evening with my girls as the fellas we out for a drink in town.
Sunday was wonderful, a lazy morning making way for birthday celebrations for a good friends birthday.  BBQ weather, so relaxing in the eclectic garden with old and new friends was good.  The Greek meat was cooked on a spit with various Greek salads adding variety to the tasty meal.  There was pavlova and cupcakes for desert along with a few glasses of Prosecco to wash it down.  There was even time for a little boogie before cabs were called!

This month's Style Steal is due today.  I fancied copying this one for a while.  I knew I had the same clothes already - so it wasn't a hard one at all.  Can you guess who my copy is from?


Thursday 11 July 2019

Cropped Jeans & my Holiday Top #chicandstylish #linkup

Hiya my lovelies.
All good in your life I hope!
Everything fabulous for Mummabstylish, I'm an excited girl today as I'll be having photos taken with Esther Ruby later and I love the fact I will have something to work with.  I've got loads of outfits that are fighting to be seen, so will be working hard to get posts ready to share with you.

Today's outfit came about because I'm reminiscing about my recent holiday.  Are you like me & have certain clothes just for holidays?  Well this little top is said piece!  I've decided to get it back into circulation throughout summer and thought I'd start now!
This is the top that gets packed every trip and never seems to make first base, always succeeding as my "coming home" edit.  I think the reason is that I like to wear something white to show off any tan I might have got - do you do this?


Monday 8 July 2019

Yay - I've got this in a smaller size!

Morning my friends.
How are you all today?
Been hunting through the wardrobe recently and found one of my most favourite pieces hiding at the back, well it got pushed there basically because it was too big!  So guess what I did, I searched and searched to find a smaller size on the web and hey presto found one!  What joy to find the item I'd been longing for in the right size.  So happy with it I've worn it twice over the past week!
You can catch when I featured it on the blog for the first Five over 50 "Something old, something new....... challenge.

We headed into town on Saturday to have a few drinks with my brother-in-law for his birthday.  We actually caught the bus over which made a real change - what a bumpy, fast journey that was, and isn't it funny sitting on public transport without wearing a seat-belt???  I found myself reaching for the non-existent belt and trying not to touch the sticky side panels! Needless to say we got a taxi home! 🤣
So on to Sunday, we attended a christening for our great-nephew!  We had brilliant weather and lots of catching up with family and friends.  The kids loved the freedom of the enclosed garden, enjoying the bouncy castles and running around chasing each other.  We also enjoyed the free flowing drinks and the funky music - lol. x

This is the New Look jumpsuit I wore into town.  The white background is covered with pink, blue, orange and black palm leafs.  It has a deep v neckline that needed a tiny pin at the bust line - I may just put a little stitch on it instead - just to keep my decency.  It also has a zip at the back with a tie belt in matching material. The wide leg culottes are so flattering and give a breezy laid back feel.


Thursday 4 July 2019

Pale Blue & Off White - #chicandstylish #linkup

Hi there my friends.
Happy 4th July to my blogging friends in the USA. X
How is over fifty blogging going?
Finally enjoying some warm weather here in the UK, which means I can also enjoy being in the garden - both working and relaxing.  Having cut both front and back lawns today, the garden is looking really nice now, although there's still lots of things I'd like to add to it, but it's a work in progress!

We have a christening on Sunday, so I tried on the dress I wanted to wear, but annoyingly found that it's too big and doesn't really look any good on.  So earlier this week I went shopping to buy another (whilst picking up a gorgeous pair of mules I'd bought after seeing Laurie - Vanity and Me Style wearing her's) I perused the rails in Debenhams picking out four dresses to try.  I ended up buying two - both from Principles and both utterly stunning.  I'll get photos for a post hopefully in the next week or so.

I'm still having big problems with photos taking, bribing family to take shots for me whenever then can.  I'm starting to think about doing an online course, so if any of you have already tried this, please do spill the beans and share your information - pretty please. 🙏 *flutters eylashes*

Anyhow, back to today's look.  How about an off white blouse paired with an embossed pencil skirt?
Yes thought you'd like it .... me too!


Monday 1 July 2019

Lime Green & a Floral Skirt

Welcome by on this glorious Monday. 
Well fingers crossed it's a glorious day, as we've had wonderful weather over the weekend which has put everyone in a good mood I'm sure.
My weekend has been super, this over fifty blogger has been spending time with the family enjoying a morning at the local open air pool, followed by two BBQ's on Saturday and Sunday.
We had roughly a half hour wait to be admitted to the pool, waiting for people to leave was a by product of wanting to swim and play in the open-air pool.  Kids loved the rapids and small slides but it wasn't big enough for the revellers on the hottest day of the year, because space for towels was cramped and queues were long.  We should have gone to the beach but not sure the kids would have liked the pebbles, sand and seaweedy water. We all had a really lovely time it almost felt like I was on holiday, just couldn't find the bar serving cocktails and the all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant - ha ha ha!

In-between playing with the kids, enjoying the sunshine and getting BBQ food ready I managed to sneak a few photos for my #ootd.

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